File Title
1 Scientists Construct Synthetic Proteins That Sustain Life
2 Lice DNA Study Shows Humans First Wore Clothes 170,000 Years Ago
3 Gulf Oil Spill: Methane Gas Concentrations in Gulf of Mexico Quickly Returned to Near-Normal Levels, Surprising Researchers
4 Longstanding Mystery of Sun's Hot Outer Atmosphere Solved
5 Emotional Signals Are Chemically Encoded in Tears, Researchers Find
6 Border Collie Comprehends Over 1,000 Object Names as Verbal Referents
7 Major Advance in MRI Allows Much Faster Brain Scans
8 Newly Developed Cloak Hides Underwater Objects from Sonar
9 Widespread, Persistent Oxygen-Poor Conditions in Earth's Ancient Oceans Impacted Early Evolution of Animals
10 Is the Hornet Our Key to Renewable Energy? Physicist Discovers That Hornet's Outer Shell Can Harvest Solar Power
11 High Dietary Fat, Cholesterol Linked to Increased Risk of Breast Cancer
12 Andromeda's Once and Future Stars
13 IVF Breakthrough to Hit the World Market
14 Health Chip Gives Instant Diagnoses
15 Regional Dialects Are Alive and Well on Twitter: Slang Terms Like Y'all, Yinz, Koo, Coo and Suttin Predict Location of Tweet Authors
16 Stem Cell Discovery Could Lead to Improved Bone Marrow Transplants
17 Tablet Splitting Is a Highly Inaccurate and Potentially Dangerous Practice, Says Drug Study
18 Routine Blood Test May Identify People With Pre-Diabetes, Cutting Later Treatment Costs
19 Deaths from Anesthesia During Childbirth Plummet; Better Monitoring, New Techniques Have Reduced Mortality Rates
20 Why Some Cancers Become Malignant and Others Don't
21 Blood Test for Alzheimer's Disease?
22 Perception of Our Heartbeat Influences Our Body Image
23 Standing Tall Is Key for Success: 'Powerful Postures' May Trump Title and Rank
24 Young People Say Sex, Paychecks Come in Second to Self-Esteem
25 Neural Stem Cells Maintain High Levels of Reactive Oxygen Species, Study Finds
26 Secondhand Television Exposure Linked to Eating Disorders
27 How to Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery
28 Protective Properties of Green Tea Uncovered
29 Consumers Prefer Products With Few, and Mostly Matching, Colors
30 Mothers Key to College-Age Women Receiving HPV Vaccine, Study Suggests
31 Tomatoes Found to Contain Nutrient Which Prevents Vascular Diseases
32 Pain Therapy for Piglets
33 New Method to Quantify Protein Changes Could Advance Study, Treatment of Various Diseases Including Cancer
34 Using Cassava to Address Vitamin A Deficiency
35 Where MRSA Colonizes on the Human Body: Study Identifies Quantity and Locations of MRSA Colonization
36 Co-Management Holds Promise of Sustainable Fisheries Worldwide
37 Elevated Rates of 'Sarcoid-Like' Granulomatous Pulmonary Disease in World Trade Center Responders
38 Atlantic Sturgeon Recovery Efforts May Benefit from New Study Tracking Oceanic Migrations
39 Household Sewage: Not Waste, but a Vast New Energy Resource
40 Hidden Literary References Discovered in the Mona Lisa
41 Hidden Literary References Discovered in the Mona Lisa
42 Time Running out to Save Climate Record Held in Unique Eastern European Alps Glacier
43 Prehistoric Bird Used Club-Like Wings as Weapon
44 A Toast to History: 500 Years of Wine-Drinking Cups Mark Social Shifts in Ancient Greece
45 Not So Bird-Brained: 3D X-Rays Piece Together the Evolution of Flight from Fossils
46 Solar Research Instrument 'Fills the Gap,' Views Sun's Innermost Corona
47 Identity Parade Clears Cosmic Collisions of the Suspicion of Promoting Black Hole Growth
48 Global Network of New-Generation Telescopes Will Track Astrophysical Events as They Happen
49 Demise of Large Satellite May Have Led to the Formation of Saturn's Rings and Inner Moons
50 Light Dawns on Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts
51 Sulfur Proves Important in the Formation of Gold Mines
52 Carbon Swap Bank to Beat Climate Change, Australian Researchers Propose
53 Is Your Convertible Damaging Your Hearing?
54 Telescope Calibration May Help Explain Mystery of Universe's Expansion
55 Functionally Graded Shape Memory Polymers Developed
56 Digital Reminiscence Systems: Life-Logging Assists Dementia Sufferers, Research Finds
57 New System for Analyzing Information on WikiLeaks, Social Media
58 Type 1 Diabetes Computer Model's Predictive Success Validated Through Lab Testing
59 Technique Turns Computer Chip Defects Into an Advantage
60 New Cognitive Robotics Lab Tests Theories of Human Thought
61 Ammonites' last meal: New light on past marine food chains
62 Ammonites dined on plankton
63 School-based interventions for obesity
64 When it's cool, female butterflies chase males in sex role reversal
65 Cancer in a single catastrophe
66 A blood test for Alzheimer's disease?
67 When less is more: How mitochondrial signals extend lifespan
68 Researchers visualize herpes virus' tactical maneuver
69 Stem cell discovery could lead to improved bone marrow transplants
70 Steering cancer inflammation to inhibit tumor growth and spread
71 'Timing is everything' in ensuring healthy brain development
72 Punctuated evolution in cancer genomes
73 New study reveals impact of eating disorders on Native-Americans
74 Scripps Research scientists develop groundbreaking technology to detect Alzheimer's disease
75 Neural stem cells maintain high levels of reactive oxygen species, UCLA study finds
76 Study finds energy limits global economic growth
77 Statistical Analysis Can Estimate Crop Performance
78 College students lack scientific literacy, study finds
79 For Ever and Ever: When the Wedding Flight Never Ends
80 VIB-K.U. Leuven scientists clear the way to alternative anti-angiogenic cancer therapy
81 A pesky bacterial slime reveals its survival secrets
82 Most consumers want predictive tests to learn if a disease is in their future
83 Grape ingredient resveratrol increases beneficial fat hormone
84 Scientists shed light on what causes brain cell death in Parkinson's patients
85 Blame the "chaperone": Jackson Laboratory researchers find mutation in "chaperone" proteins that lead to major developmental abnormalities
86 Spinning the unspinnable: Using biscrolling technology invented at UT Dallas
87 Plasma jets are prime suspect in solar mystery
88 Weizmann Institute scientists discover: A chemical signal in human tears
89 The hunt for the lunar core
90 Iowa State, Ames Lab researcher developing bio-based polymers that heal cracks
91 Extracting cellular 'engines' may aid in understanding mitochondrial diseases
92 NIST telescope calibration may help explain mystery of universe's expansion
93 Princeton scientists construct synthetic proteins that sustain life
94 Drinking recycled water?
95 Fermi's Large Area Telescope Sees Surprising Flares in Crab Nebula
96 UCSB, Texas A&M scientists find methane gas concentrations have returned to near-normal levels
97 How do data exclusivity periods affect pharmaceutical innovation?
98 Biofuel grasslands better for birds than ethanol staple corn
99 Hotspots in Fountains on the Sun's Surface May Help Explain Coronal Heating Mystery
100 'Long-shot' discovery may lead to advances in treating anxiety, memory disorders
101 Lessons learnt from oil rig disaster
102 Bendy tubes get around
103 Link between signaling molecules could point way to therapies for epilepsy, stroke, other diseases
104 It's complicated: Despite the challenges, collaboration is key in kidney disease care
105 Evidence lacking for widespread use of costly antipsychotic drugs, says Stanford researcher
106 Quality of life measures in breast cancer clinical trials
107 Clinical waste management needs specialized regulation
108 Researchers Pinpoint Origin of Deadly Brain Tumor
109 Liver disease a possible predictor of stroke: Study
110 More than 3,000 survivors of the WTC attacks experience long-term post-traumatic stress disorder
111 MicroRNA-TP53 circuit connected to chronic lymphocytic leukemia
112 Study Shows Promise for New Drug to Treat Fragile X
113 Nanoscoops Could Spark New Generation of Electric Automobile Batteries
114 Graphene grains make atom-thick patchwork 'quilts'
115 Filtering kitchen wastewater for plants
116 Is the Hornet Our Key to Renewable Energy?
117 Different sources, same result
118 Team develops functionally graded shape memory polymers
119 Newly developed cloak hides underwater objects from sonar
120 Major advance in MRI allows much faster brain scans
121 Carbon swap bank to beat climate change
122 IPv6 guide provides path to secure deployment of next-generation Internet protocol
123 2 publications recommend organization-wide IT security risk management
124 CMU research finds regional dialects are alive and well on Twitter