File Title
1 Babies process language in a grown-up way
2 Light therapy promising for treating major depression
3 Extending Moore's Law: Expitaxial graphene shows promise for replacing silicon in electronics
4 Study of lice DNA shows humans first wore clothes 170,000 years ago
5 Fermi's Large Area Telescope sees surprising flares in Crab Nebula
6 Scientists construct synthetic proteins that sustain life
7 Graphene electrodes for organic solar cells
8 Sex and space? Houston, we have a problem
9 Freshwater methane release changes greenhouse gas equation
10 The interior of asteroid Vesta
11 Plasma jets are prime suspect in solar mystery
12 The 'mad' Egyptian scholar who proved Aristotle wrong
13 Sulphur proves important in the formation of gold mines
14 When it's cool, female butterflies chase males in sex role reversal
15 60-second review: Auto-vacuuming robots
16 Microsoft's answer to the iPad is still in pieces
17 Electrifying new way to clean dirty water
18 The hunt for the lunar core: Deep interior of moon resembles Earth's core
19 Gulf of Mexico methane gas concentrations have returned to near-normal levels
20 'Timing is everything' in ensuring healthy brain development
21 Border collie comprehends over 1,000 object names
22 Professor discovers hidden literary references in the Mona Lisa
23 Skype buys smartphone video star Qik
24 Spinning the unspinnable: Using biscrolling technology invented at UT Dallas
25 Ammonites' last meal: New light on past marine food chains
26 NEC's 'Earth simulator' succeeds in prediction of photochemical reactions inside carbon nanotubes
27 Researchers will test nanoparticles against pancreatic cancer
28 Japan nano-tech team creates palladium-like alloy: report
29 Voyage of the DNA Treader
30 Extracting cellular 'engines' may aid in understanding mitochondrial diseases
31 Scientists make holograms of atoms using electrons
32 Lessons learned from oil rig disaster
33 Clinical waste management needs specialized regulation
34 Further delay for final Discovery launch
35 Researchers measure atmosphere's self-cleaning capacity
36 Did GD61 eat a Planetessimal?
37 NIST telescope calibration may help explain mystery of universe's expansion
38 Drinking recycled water?
39 Viking landers did detect organics on Mars
40 Auroral rocket observed flow of heat, particles and electromagnetic energy
41 New propulsion system for robotic lander prototype tested by NASA
42 Sun, Moon and Earth line up for Proba-2
43 Panel: Gulf oil spill could happen again
44 Commission won't be last word on Gulf oil spill
45 Carbon swap bank to beat climate change
46 La Nina blamed for weather upset, but climate link unclear (Update)
47 Tablet-mania at Las Vegas gadget show
48 Dell unveils Android tablet, smartphone
49 Japan deep-sea robots to seek minerals: report
50 World's fastest high-capacity CompactFlash card announced by SanDisk
51 Motorola unveils tablet computer, the Xoom
52 New Intel chip a coup for Hollywood
53 Lenovo 'LePad' combines tablet and laptop
54 Gadget charger harnesses walking power
55 TV makers to put out 3-D sets with cheaper glasses
56 Consumer Electronics Show to tout Web-connected TVs
57 Review: Watching live TV on the go, for free
58 The way of the Droid is near
59 Parrot makes 'smart' car radio for Internet Age
60 Asus bets on variety of forms to win tablet fans
61 Remotes coming to Netflix-streaming devices
62 New computer chips help PCs compete with tablets
63 Nintendo 3DS could be hazardous for children under 6, company says
64 World's fastest solar car smashed Guinness World Record (w/ Video)
65 Twitter sets record as Japan rang in New Year
66 SEC rule likely to trigger Facebook IPO in 2012
67 Greenpeace ranks 'greenest' electronics
68 Apple launches app store for Mac computer software
69 Visa claims new software catches more fraud
70 IPv6 guide provides path to secure deployment of next-generation Internet protocol
71 EU extends deadline for Intel's McAfee deal
72 Probe may push Facebook to early stock offering
73 2 NIST publications recommend organization-wide IT security risk management
74 Affordable solar technology
75 Using 30nm class technology, Samsung develops industry's first DDR4DRAM
76 Japan backs firms' green city projects abroad
77 Google's Android 3.0, Honeycomb designed for tablets (w/ Video)
78 GM to do away with charging cords
79 Hacked iTunes accounts for sale online in China
80 Yahoo! adding interaction to Connected TV
81 Microsoft sold 8 mln Kinects in first two months
82 Researchers developing bio-based polymers that heal cracks
83 Packaging that knows when food is going off
84 Chemist devises new method to quantify protein changes
85 From molecule to object: Largest synthetic structure with molecular precision
86 Exotic discovery made in soft polymer
87 Jet lag uncovered by mould
88 Impregnating plastics with carbon dioxide
89 Eating low-fat, thanks to lupin proteins
90 Breathalyzers coming to a doctor near you?
91 High water uptake capacity of mesoporous material ideal for use in heat transformation applications
92 New dyes improve solar technologies for generating clean electricity and hydrogen fuel
93 Color-changing bacterium inside the pea aphid
94 Revised floral formula, inflorescence terms
95 A pesky bacterial slime reveals its survival secrets
96 When less is more: How mitochondrial signals extend lifespan
97 Stem cell discovery could lead to improved bone marrow transplants
98 Neural stem cells maintain high levels of reactive oxygen species, study finds
99 FACT CHECK: Mass bird, fish deaths occur regularly
100 Moths tell us how organisms use resources
101 Researchers visualize herpes virus' tactical maneuver
102 Mass bird and fish deaths stoke curiosity
103 Biofuel grasslands better for birds than ethanol staple corn, researchers find
104 Genetic abnormalities identified in pluripotent stem cell lines
105 Bacteria and fungi keep some ancient Australian rock art colors vivid
106 Getting dust mites to leave homes on their own
107 New app to report sudden oak death on smartphones
108 US scientists sound alarm over animal research
109 Cute! White lioness bears 3 cubs in Argentina
110 Carrots' antioxidant value boosted by ultraviolet light
111 Bloody urine after injury in children not always cause for alarm
112 When 'senior moments' become something to worry about
113 Parents fear sex advice will fall on deaf ears
114 Researchers pinpoint origin of deadly brain tumor
115 UK pays people to slim down, stop smoking
116 UK's surge in flu could stretch across Europe
117 US says too much fluoride in water
118 Most consumers want predictive tests to learn if a disease is in their future
119 Liver disease a possible predictor of stroke: study
120 Evidence lacking for widespread use of costly antipsychotic drugs
121 Long-shot' discovery may lead to advances in treating anxiety, memory disorders
122 China smoking deaths could triple by 2030, report warns
123 New study reveals impact of eating disorders on Native-Americans
124 Sales from 4,700 German farms halted over dioxins
125 On the road: Bike riding helps Parkinson's diagnosis
126 Scientists clear the way to alternative anti-angiogenic cancer therapy
127 Nigeria: Lead poisoning outbreak remains a threat
128 Groundbreaking study on the progression of Alzheimer's disease needs participants
129 Bike lanes inspire more cycling, says study
130 Scientists discover a chemical signal in human tears
131 Do synthetic food colors cause hyperactivity?
132 A blood test for Alzheimer's disease?
133 Protective properties of green tea uncovered
134 Researchers print solar cells on toilet paper, other delicate materials (w/ Video)
135 Skeletons in the pre-Cambrian closet
136 Researchers show Starbucks' logo redesign could prove beneficial to company
137 NASA's silly sci-fi film list--2012 the most flawed (w/ Video)
138 Regional dialects are alive and well on Twitter, research finds
139 Author finds being inundated with data is centuries-old phenomenon
140 Economic game theory studied by Haas professor
141 In 'God's almost chosen peoples,' UA historian explores religion in Civil War
142 Prehistoric bird used club-like wings as weapon
143 Consumers prefer products with few, and mostly matching, colors
144 3D X-rays piece together the evolution of flight from fossils
145 Children in formal child care have better language skills
146 'Bad' science still rampant in US justice system
147 In Brief: Human evolution and big babies
148 Endangered language opens window on to past (w/ Video)
149 US does not have infrastructure to consume more ethanol
150 Mathematical model shows how groups split into factions
151 CEOs rewarded for wrong kind of growth, study finds