File Title
1 Investments place value of Facebook at $50 billion
2 Virginia tobacco maker seeks new FDA designation
3 Death toll from Philippine rains rises to 12: gov
4 US lets some companies resume Gulf drilling
5 Five crazy and new genetically modified foods
6 Why We Love Sci-Fi: It Boldly Goes Where Other Stories Can't
7 China's CNPC 'to invest in city hit by oil spill'
8 US shark fin restrictions carry little weight in HK
9 Malaysia delays GM mosquito trial after protests
10 Israel focuses its energy on clean technologies
11 BP shares hit 6-month high after Shell bid report
12 Deadly Bacterial Infections Rising Among Hospitalized Kids
13 Cretan tools point to 130,000-year-old sea travel
14 Pa. allows dumping of tainted waters from gas boom
15 4 and 20 blackbirds, and 3,000, dead in the sky
16 Martian Odyssey: Rovers Set to Celebrate 7 Years on Red Planet
17 Study Delves into Mysteries of Anesthesia and Coma
18 Healthy Cats Act Sick When Upset
19 Vegas gets snow while storm strands Calif. drivers
20 Japan, US 'discussed measures against anti-whalers'
21 Upon entering office, Brown's tone is toned down
22 FDA approves second Advanced Cell stem cell trial
23 Ombudsman probes 'outdated' Hong Kong pollution rules
24 Blood test to spot cancer gets big boost from J&J
25 New Year's resolutions? Brain can sabotage success
26 Average child may get 7 radiation scans by age 18
27 Estrogen May Play Role in Rising Rates of Head, Neck Cancer
28 Blood test for cancer gets US boost
29 Scientists Aim for Test That Could Spot Single Cancer Cell in Blood
30 Judge: Attorneys for Fla. mother violated order
31 Medicare Makes Way for Baby Boomers
32 Jackson doc faces hearing on manslaughter charge
33 Restaurants Uploading Menus on iPads for Diners
34 In 24 States, Don't Call Your Old Computer 'Trash'
35 Were They Right? Great Thinkers of 1931 Predict What 2011 Will Bring
36 Science, Bugs Team up to Fight Hemlock-Eating Pest
37 Analyst: Tablet Sales Poised to Accelerate
38 Motorola Formally Splits; Companies Begin Trading
39 The Top 10 Singles and Albums on iTunes
40 Remotes Coming to Netflix-Streaming Devices
41 Review: Gorillaz's iPad-Produced 'Fall' Is Fun
42 4 and 20 Blackbirds, and 3,000, Dead in the Sky
43 Interclick Says It Will Fight Privacy Lawsuit
44 Researchers Find "Alarming" Decline in Bumblebees
45 China Boasts Breakthrough in Nuclear Technology
46 Obesity Epidemic Spurs Demand for Oversized Caskets
47 Christmas Communion at a NY Church May Have Infected Hundreds with Hepatitis A
48 Simple Blood Test to Detect Cancer? Not So Fast
49 'Social Jet Lag' Causes Lag in Post-Holiday Wakefulness
50 Salvia Studies Hold Promise for Addiction
51 Food Labels Deceptive on Trans Fats, Says Researcher
52 Did Florida Woman's New Year's Resolution Costs Her Life?
53 Seattle Woman's Trees 'Poisoned for a View'
54 Are Prostate Cancer Tests Worth the Trauma?
55 Eating Healthy Cuts Cancer Risk, Too
56 Seattle's Proposed Tree Rules Prompt Opposition
57 Do Your Homework Before Planting Trees
58 New England Loses a Big Tree, and a Little History
59 Birth and death within Andromeda
60 Hair colour predicted from genes
61 Canadian girl 'youngest to discover supernova'
62 10-year-old becomes youngest to discover supernova
63 Girl, 10, becomes youngest to discover supernova
64 Canadian girl youngest ever to spot supernova
65 10-year-old youngest person to discover supernova
66 Blood-sucking fish feed on whales
67 Sabretooth cats threatened most ancient human ancestor
68 Fireworks may have caused Arkansas bird deaths
69 'Charmed' pythons tie the knot in Cambodia
70 Historic hotels of Colorado
71 Facebook investment 'values firm at $50bn'
72 New year mobile bug strikes French texters
73 Oestrogen 'may fuel oral cancer' in young women
74 Teen heart risks 'can be tackled,' a study suggests
75 Post-mortem rates in England and Wales 'should be cut'
76 Is working with your hands better than just with your head?
77 Cancer trials: 'It was definitely a good thing to do'
78 Push for more progress on organ donation
79 Finding of Oldest Sea Expedition Ever
80 Ancient Israeli Fortress Yields Surprise: A Greek Vase
81 Israel Strives to Be Alternative Energy Leader
82 Report: Microsoft to Debut 'Windows TV' at CES
83 Bumblebees on the Decline in North America
84 Shell's Arctic Drilling on Hold Pending Review
85 Fierce Competition To iPad Expected at CES
86 New Laws Mean Old PCs No Longer 'Trash'
87 Tech to Help You Keep Those Resolutions
88 Deadly Landslides Hit Philippines
89 A 4-Foot, 26-Pound Fox Caught and Killed in U.K.
90 Unemployment Rises in Two-Thirds of Metro Areas
91 Ambulance That Carried JFK's Body Up for Auction
92 Second Chance for "Golden Voiced" Homeless Man?
93 Nazi-era Cemetery for Mentally Ill to be Dug Up
94 National Debt Tops $14 Trillion
95 First Falling Birds, Now Dead Fish in Arkansas
96 Ex-Lebanon Leader: Christians Target of Genocide
97 New year, new science
98 Why dire climate warnings boost scepticism
99 US science faces big chill
100 Chavez squeezes scientific freedom
101 Going out on a high
102 Human remains spark spat