File Title
1 Online report card shows S.F. health disparities
2 School meals study provides food for thought
3 BrightSource Energy gets OK for 370-megawatt solar plant in Mojave Desert
4 FCC opens up unused TV signals for broadband
5 FDA restricts use of controversial diabetes pill
6 Lawmaker questions Kuwait's nuclear energy plans
7 European Researchers Find Genes Tied to Asthma
8 Lightning on Venus Strikingly Similar to Earth's
9 European nations reject ban on deep-sea drilling
10 Two new horned dinosaurs discovered in western US
11 Launch set for US satellite to monitor space junk
12 China top in world seafood consumption: study
13 What's Witchcraft? 6 Misconceptions about Wiccans
14 Genetically altered salmon? It doesn't stop there
15 Opponents blast Caltrans proposal for Niles Canyon Road
16 Disney launches website for user-generated content
17 7 Ways Federal Law Changes Health Care
18 Gentler surgery for hay fever shows promise
19 Herbs to Avoid with Diabetic Medicines
20 Obama heckled on AIDS, gay rights at fundraiser
21 Health Tip: Help Prevent Bed Wetting
22 Novo says cancer risk with insulin drops over time
23 Sex After Breast Cancer: Most Survivors Find It Difficult
24 Elderly Malaysian rhino enlisted in breeding attempt
25 National Prescription Drug Take Back Initiative
26 Study backs new heart valve without cracking chest
27 Some families win under new health care provisions
28 Number of fat people in US to grow, report says
29 Study: 1 in 5 urban gay and bisexual men got HIV
30 US restricts, EU bans controversial diabetes pill
31 Abbott recalls infant formula on bug contamination
32 How the First Nine Months Shape the Rest of Your Life
33 Study finds mammograms offer modest benefit
34 Three squares may beat mini-meals for weight loss
35 Brain-protecting enzyme may fight Alzheimer's
36 Experimental Leukemia Drug Proves a Slam Dunk
37 Can Samsung's Tablet Hold Its Own?
38 Better Bugs to Make Plastics
39 Artificial Ovary Could Help Infertile Women
40 Why Google Went Instant
41 Sequencing Tested as Infection Early Warning
42 Sensors Use Building's Electrical Wiring as Antenna
43 Rethinking Apps for the iPad
44 Personal Exoskeletons for Paraplegics
45 An Ultrasensitive Explosives Detector
46 Brain Coprocessors
47 New Defense Against Denial of Service Attacks: "Bring 'em On!"
48 Turning Thoughts into Words
49 A Second Life for Old Vehicle Batteries
50 Primordial Magnetic Fields Discovered Across The Universe
51 Mars Methane Lasts Less Than A Year
52 Spring On Titan Brings Sunshine And Patchy Cloud
53 Avoid Swimming In Interplanetary Lakes
54 Departure Preps And Handover Activities For ISS Crew
55 China Launches New Satellite
56 A Change Of Pace For EIT
57 Breaking Waves In The Stellar Lagoon
58 ESA Emergency Telemedicine System Soars To Commercial Success
59 Solar Storms Can Change Directions, Surprising Forecasters
60 Thales Alenia Space To Supply Components For Russian Satellites
61 Soyuz Spacecraft Upgrade Ups Payload By 70 Kg
62 An Elegant Galaxy In An Unusual Light
63 Space-Age Device To Deliver More Efficient Health Care On Earth And Above
64 Mercury Found To Have Comet-Like Appearance By Satellites Looking At Sun
65 Martian Moon Phobos May Have Formed by Catastrophic Blast
66 Watch Out For The Super Harvest Moon
67 Boeing Wins DARPA Vulture II Program
68 Reaper joins British air force in combat
69 Water on Moon is bad news for China's lunar telescope
70 New Insights Into The Moon's Rich Geologic Complexity
71 Desert RATS In The Field
72 Data Clippers Set Sail To Enhance Future Planetary Missions
73 Relativity comes down to Earth
74 Daisy family shows its roots
75 Nobel-winning brain researcher retracts two papers
76 Gladstone scientists identify strategy to reduce toxic proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease
77 Ocean cooling contributed to mid-20th century global warming hiatus
78 Just 2 drinks slow reactions in older people
79 Discovery may pave way for new approaches to prevent infections in the womb
80 Cell division typically associated with cancer may also protect the liver from injury
81 Smoking during pregnancy may harm the child's motor control and coordination
82 Researchers crack cuckoo egg mystery
83 Largest genetic study of asthma points towards better treatments
84 Acute pain is eased with the touch of a hand
85 Imaging study provides new view of multiple sclerosis
86 Researchers discover less expensive low-temperature catalyst for hydrogen purification
87 New findings on multiple sclerosis--immune cells also attack neurons directly
88 UCLA cancer researchers discover new signaling pathway that controls cell development and cancer
89 A drug against AIDS could be effective against the herpesvirus
90 City living helped humans evolve immunity to TB
91 New map offers a global view of health-sapping air pollution
92 Genetic switch underlies noisy cell division
93 Iowa State, Ames Lab researchers identify structure that allows bacteria to resist drugs
94 Why are there no hyenas in Europe?
95 New Species of Multi-horned Dinosaurs Unearthed in Utah
96 More Predators Doesn't Equal More Danger for Urban Bird Nests
97 Vitamin C rapidly improves emotional state of acutely hospitalized patients, say LDI researchers
98 Arctic soil study turns up surprising results
99 New technique uncovers hidden insecticide resistance
100 University of Nevada, Reno demonstrates successful sludge-to-power research
101 MIT neuroscientists reveal how the brain learns to recognize objects
102 Scientists reveal structure of dangerous bacteria's powerful multidrug resistance pump
103 New computer-tomography method visualizes nano-structure of bones
104 An Elegant Galaxy in an Unusual Light
105 Breaking Waves in the Stellar Lagoon
106 Searching in the Microbial World for Efficient Ways to Produce Biofuel
107 Mercury found to have comet-like appearance by satellites looking at sun
108 Mayo Clinic finds inflammation causes some postsurgical neuropathies
109 Toward the first nose drops to treat brain cancer
110 Ingredient in soap points toward new drugs for infection that affects 2 billion
111 'Dry water' could make a big splash commercially
112 NIST pair of aluminum atomic clocks reveal Einstein's relativity at a personal scale
113 Study affirms Gulf oil spill's vastness
114 Magnetic Power Offers Energy-Saving Alternative
115 Dust Models Paint Alien's View of Solar System
116 Scientists recreate extreme conditions deep in Earth's interior
117 Nonstick coating of a protein found in semen reduces HIV infection
118 Rensselaer Researchers Provide Insight Into the Impacts of Too Much Communication
119 Caltech researchers design a new nanomesh material
120 Salmonella creates environment in human intestines to foster its own growth
121 Physical limitations of breast cancer survivors
122 70 percent of women likely to experience sexual problems after breast cancer
123 New TB Vaccine Enters Clinical Testing
124 Study reveals stress hormone impacts on alcohol recovery
125 Anger amplifies clinical pain in women with and without fibromyalgia
126 Patients with cancer who stop hospice care boost health-care costs
127 Molecular 'Playbook' for Halting Heart Failure Risk Factor Uncovered
128 Study finds high rate of c-sections after pelvic fractures
129 Cancer-associated long non-coding RNA regulates pre-mRNA splicing
130 The Achilles' heel of tendons
131 Dancing robot swan triggers emotions
132 New luggage inspection methods identify liquid explosives
133 Titanium foams replace injured bones
134 Fruit flies help Yale scientists sniff out new insect repellents
135 Human-powered ornithopter becomes first ever to achieve sustained flight
136 Humanized mice may provide clues to better prevent and treat typhoid fever
137 Experience, privacy guide how people choose online news
138 NOAA: Coral Bleaching Likely in Caribbean This Year
139 Ocean cold snap paused warming in 70s: study
140 Horny find uncovers Triceratops' ancestors
141 Malaria crossed to humans from gorillas
142 Gulf oil spill volume estimated from video
143 Oceans divide over 1970s warming
144 Novel X-ray machine is unveiled
145 David Willetts warned over science cuts by universities
146 Fossils of new species of horned dinos found in Utah
147 Stuxnet worm 'targeted high-value Iranian assets'
148 Spies 'infiltrate US power grid'
149 Gamers shun stores for downloads
150 Gates stays top of US rich list with $54bn fortune
151 Tech Brief: Google watches government censorship, et al.
152 Tech Brief: Inception for gamers, et al.
153 Belfast: Signs of a tech heartbeat
154 Mobile misery: My need for speed
155 'Angelgate': A tech conspiracy?
156 An unhappy birthday for net neutrality
157 Call to 'suspend' diabetes drug
158 Drugs 'could target asthma genes'
159 Rabies spread by vampire bats kills fifth child in Peru
160 UN launches $40bn woman and child health plan
161 England's West Country: Still the apple of our eye
162 Montana woman fights bear with courgette
163 US jails Pakistani scientist for 86 years
164 Handyman jailed for planting porn on boss's computer