File Title
1 Gulf Oil Spill: After It Hit Beaches, Where Did It Go?
2 Rights Group Says Syria Detained Teen Blogger
3 Google Adds Extra Security Step to E-Mail, Apps
4 125 YouTube Videos Shortlisted for Guggenheims
5 Russia to Boost Arctic Research Efforts
6 Google Defends Shrinking China Market Share
7 The Next Front for Murdoch's Journal: the Weekend
8 Add It up: Crowd-Fundraising Can Mean Big Bucks
9 US-Born Panda Gives Birth to Her 8th Cub in China
10 Television's Older Actors: Still Working and at the Top of Their Game
11 Obese Unlikely to Get Heart Transplants
12 Australia birthplace of astronomy: study
13 Gene sweeps nets female cancer clues
14 Global plant inventory cuts 600,000 species records
15 Stone tools 'change migration story'
16 BP finally seals leaking Gulf of Mexico oil well
17 Lost tiger population discovered in Bhutan mountains
18 Space-age mapping of the world's forests
19 Germany opposes Google Street View switch-on
20 Activists target recording industry websites
21 Facebook phone plans are denied after internet report
22 Fake website 'takes seconds' to set up
23 Mobile chips battle for processing power
24 Tech Brief: Mixing pop and politics, et al.
25 F1 designer Gordon Murray unveils lightweight city car
26 Wary Germans say no to Google cameras
27 Virus 'link' to childhood obesity
28 'One-off' prostate cancer tests backed for 60-year-olds
29 Uneven progress of UN Millennium Development Goals
30 Swiss movement
31 Finding solitude in US national parks
32 Can you be too tall?
33 Restaurant dishcloths 'full of bacteria'
34 Modified Salmon: Miracle Food or "Frankenfish"?
35 Google Goes on Chinese Hiring Spree
36 For Deaf, Texting Offers New Portal to World
37 Japan Urges Calm after China Severs Contacts
38 UN World Summit Spotlights Global Poverty
39 Wild Horses Face Dim Future in North Carolina
40 Great Recession Ended in June 2009, Panel Says
41 Why Birth Control Isn't Taught in Some Sex Ed
42 T-Mobile Sued, Pot-Related Texts Allegedly Blocked, Medical Marijuana Targeted?
43 Armless, Legless Man Swims English Channel: How Did Philippe Croizon Do It?
44 Understanding, Overcoming School Phobia
45 Football Helmets under Scrutiny for Brain Damage
46 Every Phone Must be a Facebook Phone
47 Apple Approves Two Google Voice Apps For iPhone
48 App Store Welcomes Back Google Voice
49 The Good, Bad and Ugly of Custom-Built Mobile Apps
50 Google Voice App Returns to Apple's App Store
51 Google Apps Adds Two-Step Verification
52 Google Apps Taps Phone for Two-Layer Security
53 Google Apps Is Making Microsoft Poorer, Adding 1 Million Users Per Month
54 Google Apps Boosts Security with Two-Factor Authentication
55 Google Apps Locks Down Cloud With Two-Factor Authentication
56 Google Apps Now Used By 30 Million Employees
57 Apple to open 2 new stores in China, start selling iPhone 4 this week
58 Apple to Starting Selling iPhone 4 in China Sept. 25
59 Hewlett-Packard Unveils New Printer With Integrated Tablet
60 HP Shows off Tablet Device for Printer
61 HP just blew up Android tablet pricing (with a printer)
62 Analyst: iPad not main reason for weak laptop sales
63 Second-Generation iPad: 7" Display, Dual Cameras?
64 Survey: Teens think drunk driving more risky than texting
65 One in Six Highway Deaths Tied to Distracted Driving
66 Distracted-Driving Deaths Fall 6%, Remain at 'Epidemic' Level, U.S. Says
67 Greater enforcement is key for distracted-driver laws, recent crackdowns show
68 Magazines, newspapers still in talks over iPad newsstand
69 Apple Coaxes Publishers to Join It on iPad Subscriptions
70 Motion-Tracking Casio Camera Goes Beyond GPS
71 The Casio EXILIM EX-H20G Will Geotag Your Snaps Inside And Out
72 Piracy Activists Attack Entertainment Industry Sites
73 4chan takes down RIAA, MPAA sites
74 Music and film industry websites targeted in cyber attacks
75 Apple acquires Swedish facial recognition company--rumor
76 Apple acquiring Swedish company Polar Rose, facial recognition coming to iOS? (UPDATED)
77 Apple Buying Facial Recognition Company Polar Rose
78 Apple buys Polar Rose for a rumoured $22 million
79 Steve Jobs to Student: 'Leave Us Alone'
80 Apple's Steve Jobs Spars with College Journalist Over iPad Inquiry
81 Steve Jobs chops student hack down to size
82 'Leave us alone,' Apple chief Jobs tells journalism student
83 IE9 Beta Download: Problems Reported With Internet Explorer 9
84 Interest In Internet Explorer 9 Rises Significantly
85 Google Demos Editing of Google Docs in Microsoft Office
86 Google Docs Editing Coming to iPad and Android
87 Cops: Woman Crashes Car While Shaving Her Privates
88 FDA Advisers Weigh Approval of Genetically Modified Salmon
89 Does 'super' salmon pass the sniff test?
90 FDA to Review Safety of GE Salmon
91 Kids Exposed to Strain of Cold Virus More Likely to Be Obese
92 Childhood Obesity Might Be Linked to Strain of Cold Virus
93 Obesity in children linked to common cold virus
94 Daily Diet: Childhood Obesity Linked to Strain of Virus
95 Obesity In Children Could Be Due To Viral Infection, Study
96 Flu shot linked to reduced heart attack risk
97 Flu Shots May Lower Odds of MI
98 Flu Vaccine could Prevent First Heart Attack
99 Seasonal Flu Vaccine Lowers Heart Attack Risk in Adults, U.K. Study Finds
100 Flu vaccine cuts MI risk by 20%
101 Seasonal flu vaccine lowers risk of first heart attack
102 Preliminary Evidence Links Diabetes Drug Actos to Bladder Cancer
103 FDA Studying Possible Link Between Pioglitazone and Bladder Cancer
104 FDA Says It Will Review Pioglitazone Safety
105 Investigational Drug Dapagliflozin For Diabetes Meets Study Goals After 24-Week Phase 3 Study
106 Bristol-Myers says diabetes drug meets study goal
107 Diabetes Drug From Astra, Bristol Meets Main Targets In Study
108 AZ, BMS tout new batch of PhIII diabetes data for dapagliflozin
109 Target Cancer
110 PLX4032 inspires fierce debate over cancer trial designs
111 PRO2000 Vaginal Gel And HIV-1 IN Africa; Does It Work?
112 PRO2000 Vaginal Gel Does Not Protect African Women From HIV Infection
113 South Africa Fights AIDS
114 Cambodia awarded MDG prize for AIDS response excellence
115 DEA: Throwing out unused prescriptions can stop drug abuse
116 Trash old medicines properly on Saturday
117 National Take-back day is Saturday
118 Venture Firms Look Beyond Embryonic Stem Cells
119 Venture Firms See Several Strategies For Regenerative Medicine Investing
120 Adult stem-cell research is the world's best-kept secret
121 UCF Research Featured on Stem Cell Journal Cover
122 Washington Week: Stem Cells and Diet Pills, et al.
123 NIH resumes stem cell funding after court lifts injunction
124 Medicare Proposes New Anti-Fraud Measures
125 Feds gain power over billions in Medicare fraud
126 Medicare agency unveils new fraud prevention measures
127 CMS To Unveil Proposed Regulations To Combat Health Program Fraud
128 Reform law to raise health spending a bit, CMS reports
129 Spiriva is an alternative for adult asthmatics, researchers say
130 Will Boehringer's Spiriva challenge Serevent?
131 Boston May Ban Drink Sales in City Buildings
132 Boston Considers Sweet Drink Ban in City Buildings
133 Boston mulls 'sugary' beverage ban