File Title
1 96-year-old man's chanting is a Rosh Hashana tradition at San Jose synagogue
2 Google unveils 'Google Instant' to speed up Internet search
3 Apple publishes guidelines for app approval
4 CDC: Adults eating less fruit, not enough veggies
5 Rural Pennsylvania town fights big gas
6 Quasimodo dino leaves experts grappling for a hunch
7 Dogs cast DC mayoral vote by munching on treats
8 US court lifts ban on state-funding for stem cell research
9 Space Shuttle Discovery Leaves Hangar for Final Spaceflight
10 Chevron to explore for oil in Liberia
11 Feds plan more sea turtle releases in Gulf
12 Size Matters: A Bird Uses Illusion to Wow a Mate
13 Turtle egg rescue at space center billed success
14 Study: Flamboyant male dancing attracts women best
15 Husband in Vallejo case freed on bail
16 British MPs to grill BP CEO Hayward
17 Weird Celestial Spiral Photo Explained
18 Strengthening La Nina could mean more hurricanes
19 A's hire architect for proposed San Jose stadium
20 Fremont police show 'solidarity' in court
21 US highway deaths fall to lowest level since 1950
22 Report says obesity surgery can save health costs
23 Immune System Genes Show Links to Type 1 Diabetes
24 India not treating AIDS patients early: Global Fund
25 Study Finds Bariatric Surgery Lowers Gestational Diabetes Risk
26 Developers of cancer pill tout biopsy/tweak method
27 Merck schizophrenia drug approved for 2 new uses
28 In Elderly, Risks Differ for Indoor Versus Outdoor Falls
29 Smoking Could Harm Sperm, Study Finds
30 Doctors alarmed by HIV risk for European gays
31 Obesity May Up Death Risk in Older Women With Colon Cancer
32 CVS Caremark to give away up to $5M in flu shots
33 Group backs mandatory flu shots for health workers
34 Doctors see eye hazard in powerful laser pointers
35 FDA warns of deadly side effect with imaging drugs
36 Researchers uncover dance moves to impress
37 Hunchbacked dino strengthens bird link
38 Alien oceans could be detected by telescopes
39 'Five-minute scan' to check child's brain development
40 Alien 'killer' shrimp found in UK
41 Bid to save whale off Shetland 'could take weeks'
42 Astronomers find evidence for unusual class of black holes
43 Squirrel 'stowaway' on wildlife holiday cruise
44 Boxing game to aid health fight
45 Apple lays App Store rules bare for developers
46 Nokia appoints Microsoft business manager as new head
47 Intel and ARM to battle for the hearts of smartphones
48 The PlayStation powered super-computer
49 Remote control crisis management
50 Cost of ageing population 'needs re-calculating'
51 'Sponge checks' for oesophageal cancer risk
52 Prostate cancer screening backed for 'at risk' men
53 Vitamin B 'puts off Alzheimer's'
54 Vitamin 'may help prevent' spina bifida
55 Nokia Hires Microsoft Exec Stephen Elop as New CEO
56 Apple Publishes Guidelines for App Approval
57 U.S. Court Allows Stem Cell Research to Continue
58 Fearless Honey Badger Escapes from Prague Zoo
59 Burger and Tweets With a Side of Social Media
60 Former Heads of Bipartisan Group Say U.S. "Stumbling Blindly" in Policy to Counter Domestic Radicalization
61 Gay Military Service Ban Ruled Unconstitutional
62 Adobe resurrects Flash-to-iPhone app tool
63 Apple Offers App-Making Guidance, But No DIY Tool
64 Why the App Store isn't suddenly a free-for-all
65 Apple Gives App Developers Its Review Guidelines
66 Apple Answers Questions About App Rejections, Raises Others
67 Apple lifts shroud of secrecry from its apps approval process
68 Apple lightens up on app rules
69 Google Instant Search: what it means for SEO
70 Google Instant Search Could Kill Microsoft Bing: 10 Reasons Why
71 Opera support for Google Instant: 'Shortly'
72 Google Instant Prototype Looks a Bit Like Bing
73 AT&T boasts of billions spent on network improvements
74 No Verizon, not antenna, is iPhone 4's big problem
75 iPhone 4 sales hurt more by carriers than antennas
76 'Here You Have' Virus E-Mail Spreads Online
77 'Here you Have' Virus Tries to Delete Your Security Software
78 Beware of Link: E-Mail Virus Plays Havoc With Internet
79 Collapse of the ice titans
80 Why some memories stick
81 Bowerbirds trick mates with optical illusions
82 NASA thinks long term in Chile
83 Crested dinosaur pushes back dawn of feathers
84 Fault maps could aid earthquake forecasts
85 Researchers Give Robots the Capability for Deceptive Behavior
86 'Tractor Beam' One Step Closer to Reality: Laser Moves Small Particles
87 Quantum Dice: Simple Device Measures Quantum Noise of Vacuum Fluctuations and Generates True Random Numbers
88 The Making of a Queen: Road to Royalty Begins Early in Paper Wasps
89 Scientists Observe Single Ions Moving Through Tiny Carbon-Nanotube Channel
90 Phoenix Mars Lander Finds Surprises About Red Planet's Watery Past
91 When Species Are About to Become Extinct: New Research May Help Predict Tipping Point
92 Extreme X-Ray Source Suggests New Class of Black Hole
93 Laws of Physics Vary Throughout the Universe, New Study Suggests
94 Most Penguin Populations Continue to Decline, Biologists Warn
95 Frog Skin May Provide Antimicrobial Peptides Effective Against Multidrug-Resistant Infections
96 Researchers Expand Yeast's Sugary Diet to Include Plant Fiber
97 Keeping Stem Cells from Changing Fates
98 Gene Discovery Holds Key to Growing Crops in Cold Climates
99 Brain Needs to Remember Faces in Three Dimensions
100 New Dual Recognition Mechanism Discovered in Tuberculosis
101 Basic Physical Capability Can Predict Mortality in Later Life
102 Promising Treatment for Metastatic Melanoma 'Fast Tracked' by FDA
103 Diagnostic Errors 'Greatest Threat to Patient Safety in Hospitals,' Claims Senior UK Doctor
104 Simplified Heart-Risk Guideline May Miscalculate Risk for Millions
105 Critical 'Traffic Engineer' of the Nervous System Identified
106 Biofeedback for Your Brain?
107 New Hot Spot for Genesis of Signaling Neurons in Adult Brain
108 High Stress Hormone Levels Linked to Increased Cardiovascular Mortality
109 Scope-Severity Paradox: Inflicting Greater Harm Judged to Be Less Harmful, Study Finds
110 Consumers Will Pay More for Goods They Can Touch
111 Brain Cells--Not Lack of Willpower--Determine Obesity, Study Finds
112 Personality Predicts Cheating More Than Academic Struggles, Study Shows
113 Compounds in Non-Stick Cookware May Be Associated With Elevated Cholesterol in Children and Teens
114 What Are Babies Made Of? Research Shows for Some It Is Sugar, Salt and Not All Things Nice
115 Limiting Harmful Acrylamide: Lactic Acid Bacteria to Lower Risk of Cancer
116 Chopping and Changing in the Microbial World: How Mycoplasmas--The Simplest Bacterial Pathogens--Stay Alive
117 How Mycobacteria Avoid Destruction Inside Human Cells
118 Corn Bred to Contain Beta-Carotene Is a Good Source of Vitamin A, Study Finds
119 Self-Administered Vaccine Patch May Protect Against Potentially Pandemic Flu Viruses
120 Main Climate Threat from Carbon Dioxide Sources Yet to Be Built
121 In Order to Save Biodiversity, Society's Behavior Must Change, Leading Conservationists Warn
122 NASA Satellites Reveal Surprising Connection Between Beetle Attacks, Wildfire
123 Tectonic Zip: Predictable Events of the February 2010 Earthquake in Chile
124 Is Organic Farming Good for Wildlife? It Depends on the Alternative
125 Oldest Roman Baths in Asia Minor Discovered in Sagalassos
126 Woolly Mammoth, Woolly Rhinoceros and Reindeer Lived on Iberian Peninsula 150,000 Years Ago, Findings Show
127 Experts Question Claim That Alexander the Great's Half-Brother Is Buried at Vergina
128 New Clue to How Last Ice Age Ended
129 Role of Key Genetic Catalyst for Human Diversity Discovered
130 Opportunity Rover Reaches Halfway Point of Long Trek to Mars Crater
131 Big Bang Was Followed by Chaos, Mathematical Analysis Shows
132 Can We Spot Volcanoes on Alien Worlds? Astronomers Say Yes
133 Colorful Mix of Asteroids Discovered, May Aid Future Space Travel
134 New Mission to Skim the Sun: NASA Selects Science Investigations for Solar Probe Plus
135 Chemical Engineer's Work Could Lead to Improved DNA Analysis
136 Energy Technologies Not Enough to Sufficiently Reduce Carbon Emissions, Expert Concludes
137 Portable Laser Backpack Revolutionizes 3-D Mapping
138 Deepwater Horizon Oil Remains Below Surface, Will Come Ashore in Pulses, Expert Says
139 Structure for Three Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Determined
140 New Method Helps Computer Vision Systems Decipher Outdoor Scenes
141 Bionic Speech Recognition
142 Most Influential Tweeters of All? Depends on the Topic
143 Researchers Hear Puzzling New Physics from Graphene Quartet's Quantum Harmonies
144 Computer-Based Video Analysis Boosts Data Gathering in Behavioral Studies