File Title
1 Kids swap DNA for fairground rides
2 Ecologists fear Antarctic krill crisis
3 Superfast TB test slashes waiting time
4 Supersolidity flows back
5 'Lost years' end for backyard supernova
6 What lies beneath Antarctic ice
7 Canada sees shock salmon glut
8 Making climate data free for all
9 Aquatic conservation efforts pay off
10 Climate change not linked to African wars
11 Column: Muse. The price of happiness
12 Teams battle for neuron prize
13 Big emitters team up
14 US stem-cell chaos felt abroad
15 Rare victory in fight against melanoma
16 Troubled geneticist rebuffed by US patent office
17 Questions over ghostwriting in drug industry
18 News Feature: Geology: A trip to dinosaur time
19 News Feature: Neuroscience: In their nurture
20 NASA panel weighs asteroid danger
21 'Climate wars' claims disputed
22 Extinction 'Tipping Points' Possibly Predictable
23 Cockroach Brains Help Fight Deadly Human Superbugs
24 Male Menopause: Reality or Myth?
25 Mysterious Livestock Attacks in Mexico Blamed on Chupacabra
26 NASA Team to Trapped Miners: No Alcohol or Cigarettes
27 Huge Windstorm Spawns New Classification: 'Super Derecho'
28 New Details on How the Brain Responds to Fear
29 Money Buys Happiness Only Up to a Point
30 Men More Susceptible to Memory Decline
31 2 Asteroids to Pass Close to Earth
32 More Parents 'Redshirting' Kindergartners
33 Monkeys Caught Monkeying Around During Full Moon
34 Religion Related to Poverty, Except in US
35 Dogs' Hip Dysplasia Risk Often Missed
36 Engineer Predicted Deepwater Horizon's Oil Slick Spread
37 Oily Sheen Spotted Near Burning Gulf Oil Platform
38 Ants Defeat Elephants to Save a Tree
39 ScienceLives: Nature Offers Template for Solar Energy Materials
40 Mystery of the Floating Octopus Solved
41 Mercury Keeps Invasive Pythons Off the Menu
42 Most Fragile Eggs Belonged to Huge Flightless Birds
43 Study of Men Dancing Reveals Moves Ladies Love
44 Humpback Dinosaur Surprises and Puzzles Experts
45 On the Migratory Trail, Leaders and Followers
46 A Regenerative Feat for Solar Cells
47 To Go Where Compact Fluorescents Cannot
48 Interviews on Water Use Are Thirsty Work
49 Readers' Questions on Deep-Ocean Biology
50 Taming the Wild Tuna
51 Computers as Invisible as the Air
52 Words Cannot Express
53 Germany Extends Nuclear Plants' Life
54 The Boss Is Robotic, and Rolling Up Behind You
55 Really? The Claim: The Day's Events are Incorporated Into That Night's Dreams.
56 Weight Problems May Begin in the Womb
57 Tasty Vegan Food? Cupcakes Show It Can Be Done
58 Nostrums: A Bit of Marijuana Is Found to Ease Pain
59 Prevention: Surgery Sharply Reduces Risk of 2 Cancers
60 Risks: Asleep, and Helping to Keep the Weight Off
61 Tuberculosis: Automated Test for Drug-Resistant TB Gives Results in Hours, Not Weeks
62 Topical Gel Catches Up With Pills for Relief
63 Learning to Talk the Talk in a Hospital
64 Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits
65 Researchers Create Nanostructures, and Whip Up a Recipe, Too
66 Surviving by Disguising: Nature's Game of Charades
67 Desert Roads Lead to Discovery in Egypt
68 Many Kinds of Universes, and None Require God
69 Q & A: The Hair of My Chin
70 On Birds of Many Colors, Lice Dress the Part
71 Clues to Human Thought Found in Worm's Brain
72 In a Fight for a Tree, Ants Thwart Elephants
73 In Feast of Data on BPA Plastic, No Final Answer
74 Judge Keeps Ban on Stem Cell Funds
75 7 Tips for Overcoming E-Mail Overload
76 Duck! Two Asteroids Pass Closer than Moon
77 Google Search Accelerates With 'Instant' Results
78 Review: Ping a Handy iTunes Add-on With Promise
79 Hack Attack Hits Home for AP Writer
80 Would You Like 1 Hump or 2 With Your Dinosaur?
81 Water Main Break at Space Center Stalls Shuttle
82 Amazon Buys Online Music Retailer Amie Street
83 Protect Corals With Reef Networks, U.N. Study Says
84 Trapped Chilean Miners Showing Signs of Cabin Fever
85 Judge Leaves Stem Cell Ban in Place
86 Morning Sickness: No Reliable Relief for Mommys-To-Be
87 Comedian Robert Schimmel's Crash May Devastate Teen Daughter
88 MRSA-Killing Drugs From Cockroach, Locust Brains?
89 Parent-Teacher Conferences: Often Not About the Student
90 Who Is Terry Jones? Pastor Behind 'Burn a Koran Day'
91 Politics of Pot: Marijuana on Four Ballots Energizes Political Debate
92 Poker Face Reveals Lady Gaga's Food, Weight, Psychological Issues
93 Fossil find points to earliest life
94 Weight loss may be toxic: study
95 Vince Cable reveals a strategy to cut science funding
96 Hump-backed dinosaur may yield clues to origin of birds
97 Dinosaur's oldest relative found
98 Dino feathers 'were for display'
99 T. rex 'little cousin' discovered
100 Bird-like dinosaur forces rethink
101 Good dancing may be sign of male health, scientists say
102 Emerging fungal threat to historical film archives
103 Heat pumps 'need tighter regulations'
104 EU tightens rules on welfare of lab animals
105 BP spreads blame over oil spill
106 Four admit Huntingdon Life Sciences hate campaign
107 Statins may cut arthritis risk, study suggests
108 More 'needs to be done' to combat morning sickness
109 More obesity surgery 'could save millions of pounds'
110 One in four gives fake net names
111 European police in pirate raids
112 Free rice game gets social boost