File Title
1 Zero One techno-art festival takes off in San Jose
2 Taiwan's HTC: iPhone's 'quiet' challenger
3 Expert warns of complacency after swine flu fizzle
4 Wanted For Long Space Missions: Flexible Astronaut, Works Well With Others
5 Diverse water sources key to food security: report
6 After 20 years of protection, owl declining but forests remain
7 Focus of Gulf oil disaster shifts to finding the culprit
8 Greenpeace activists given suspended jail term
9 Labor Day Is No Vacation for a Growing Number of Workers
10 Variations in fine-structure constant suggest laws of physics not the same everywhere
11 Researchers create new self-assembling photovoltaic technology that repairs itself
12 'Slow light' on a chip holds promise for optical communications
13 Rolling the dice with evolution: Massive extinction will have unpredictable consequences
14 New study suggests researchers can now test the 'theory of everything'
15 White LEDs with super-high luminous efficacy could satisfy all general lighting needs
16 Radioactive decay rates vary with the sun's rotation: research
17 Dramatic climate change is unpredictable
18 Study suggests dinosaurs killed off by more than one asteroid
19 Cheaper, better solar cell is full of holes
20 Start-up company aims to harness the full potential of producing electricity from waste heat
21 Most new farmland comes from cutting tropical forest: researcher
22 Magnetism's subatomic roots: Study of high-tech materials helps explain everyday phenomenon
23 Missing piece inspires new look at Mars puzzle
24 Engineers achieve world record with high-speed graphene transistors
25 NIST researchers create 'quantum cats' made of light
26 Technical glitch grounds homemade Danish rocket
27 Busted BP well no longer 'threat' to Gulf: US official
28 French science vessel to start second leg of climate voyage
29 Earth from space: Giant iceberg enters Nares Strait
30 Setting sail in the sun
31 Death of the 'Doughnut': How quaggas are casting a pall on the Lake Michigan fishery
32 Water mission reveals insight into Amazon plume
33 Indonesian volcano spews new burst of ash
34 Image: A chameleon sky
35 Breathe easy--no 'nasty surprises' in Australian air study
36 New scenery at Earth's core-mantle boundary found
37 1 'censored' bar won't stop online prostitution
38 Internet an equalizer for people with disabilities
39 Texas opens inquiry into Google search rankings (Update)
40 Video lambasting Google on privacy hits Times Square
41 Review: mTrip iPhone app uses augmented reality
42 YouTube to turn profit this year: NY Times
43 German court rules against YouTube over copyright
44 Google to pay 8.5 million dollars to settle Buzz case
45 Texting on the rise among US adults: Pew survey
46 GPS keeps track of school bus riders
47 Recording companies eager for Google to launch music service
48 HP finds partner to build memristors into chips
49 Twitter tops 145 million registered users: CEO
50 Taking the 'search' out of search and rescue
51 Dubai police chief calls BlackBerry a spy tool
52 Transition metal catalysts could be key to origin of life, scientists report
53 Moving toward greener chemistry
54 Scientist engineers E. coli to produce biodiesel
55 Listening to ancient colors
56 Scientific breakthrough to pave the way for human stem cell factories
57 New pump created for microneedle drug-delivery patch
58 Edible gas storage: Porous metal-organic framework made from food-grade natural products
59 Researchers demonstrate new MEMS dynamic rheometer (w/ Video)
60 New infrared light may open new frontier in fighting cancer, Tay Sachs
61 Backstabbing bacteria: A new treatment for infection?
62 Fears of a decline in bee pollination confirmed
63 US mulls approval of genetically engineered salmon
64 Rare hibiscus color is achieved after four years
65 Playboy males live fast, die young
66 Researchers demonstrate relationship between predation and extinction in small populations
67 Satellite data reveal why migrating birds have a small window to spread bird flu
68 Timing of vaccinations critical to protect horses from encephalitis
69 Corn lines resist fungal toxins
70 Increase in Cambodia's vultures gives hope to imperiled scavengers
71 Afla-Guard also protects corn crops
72 University of Arizona-led group awarded $9.9 million to develop 'super rice'
73 Research: Climate change affecting mussel survival
74 'Jailbreak' bacteria can trigger heart disease
75 DNA fingerprinting pioneer discovers role of key genetic catalyst for human diversity
76 Expert warns of complacency after swine flu fizzle
77 Researchers identify genes associated with asthma
78 Americans struggle with long-term weight loss
79 Non-invasive therapy significantly improves depression, researchers say
80 What's causing life-threatening blood clots in brain surgery patients?
81 Canada, US immigrants have less health care access than natives: study
82 Study exposes cognitive effects of Parkinson's disease
83 Israeli researchers develop promising new HIV treatment
84 Verbal snippets offer insights on well-being amid separation, divorce
85 Hair provides proof of the link between chronic stress and heart attack
86 Race, insurance status cited in uneven death rates among pedestrians hit by cars
87 International effort to improve muscular dystrophy treatment
88 New animal model for hemophilia A developed
89 Researchers identify how bone-marrow stem cells hold their 'breath' in low-oxygen environments
90 US neurologists agree on protocols for treatment of infantile spasms
91 Risk of marijuana's 'gateway effect' overblown, research shows
92 Study finds students in standalone middle schools lag behind K-8 peers
93 God did not create Universe: Hawking
94 Social networks influence health behaviors: study (w/ Video)
95 Study recommends changes to emergency seed aid
96 Score the Best Fashion Deals on the Social Web
97 Not 'Adult Services,' But Apparent Prostitution Ads Still on Craigslist
98 Betting the Farm: FarmVille Soars in Popularity
99 Japanese Stem Cell Researcher Wins Balzan Prize
100 Summary Box: Entrepreneur Building Fans of Shorts
101 Entrepreneur Finds Audience for Short Filmmakers
102 Mozambican Radio: 9 Who Call for Protests Arrested
103 2 Activists Convicted of Whale Meat Theft in Japan
104 Employees Pay More and Get Less from Medical Coverage
105 Investigation Raises More Questions About Avandia
106 More Americans Taking Prescription Drugs
107 Garden Variety Illness? Man Survives Freak Legionnaires' Infection
108 NZ quake reveals unknown fault
109 Ancient Nubians drank antibiotic beer
110 Meaning of life changes across cosmos
111 Tony Blair: 'Heavy price' for climate inaction
112 Mars may not be lifeless, say scientists
113 NASA's Phoenix Mars lander 'broken by ice'
114 Europe's Mars missions get final go-ahead
115 Agencies outline Mars initiative
116 Insect brains 'are source of antibiotics' to fight MRSA
117 Tiny solar cells fix themselves
118 St. Kilda's 'super-sized' field mice studied
119 Latest Pakistan floods prompt fresh exodus from towns
120 Barack Obama announces $50bn infrastructure plan
121 New Zealand earthquake 'damaged 100,000 homes'
122 Chinese pilots lied about flying records
123 Viewpoint: Religious freedom is not tolerance
124 Mad Men and the 60s--the decade is in the detail
125 Colombian declared world's shortest man
126 ELO's Mike Edwards killed by hay bale in freak crash
127 Former head teacher jailed for sexually abusing pupils
128 Murder accused 'had gymnastic sex with other women'
129 Travolta extortion case dismissed
130 Hubble telescope re-shoots 1987 supernova
131 How the 'LHC in space' lost its British 'engine'
132 Talking and looking: Iridium's 'next' big idea
133 Bugs and humans will team up to explore space
134 Orange and T-Mobile merge networks
135 Google to pay $8.5m to settle Buzz lawsuit
136 Google admits Buzz social network testing flaws
137 Battling with networks
138 Challenging Apple's ambitions
139 Key reason 'found' for gum and heart disease link
140 Medieval diet aids healthy eating message