File Title
1 Solar Probe Plus To Plunge Directly Into Sun's Atmosphere
2 India To Build World's Largest Solar Telescope
3 Canadian to command space station in 2013
4 Three More GLONASS Satellites Put Into Orbit
5 ISRO To Conduct Key Test For GSLV Mk III Rocket Next Week
6 Russian Cosmonauts Long For Hot Showers On ISS
7 God did not create Universe: Hawking
8 Extreme Effects: Seven Things You Didn't Know About Mercury
9 Module To Get A Home In Space
10 The Superwind Galaxy NGC 4666
11 Dawn Throttles Down
12 UF Astronomers Find Potassium In Giant Planet's Atmosphere
13 China Publishes Official Chinese Names For Places On The Moon
14 A Dusty, Cloudy Exoplanet
15 500,000 Solar Snapshots And Counting
16 Kepler Discovers Multiple Planets Transiting A Single Star
17 Bacteria could make self-healing concrete
18 Scientists create 'smarter' materials
19 Satellite Navigation Steers Unmanned Micro-Planes
20 First Boeing-Built GPS IIF Satellite Enters Service With USAF
21 China Finishes Construction Of First Unmanned Space Module
22 Herschel Finds Water In Cosmic Desert
23 Tracing The Big Picture Of Mars' Atmosphere
24 Orcus Patera--Mars's Mysterious Elongated Crater
25 High-res camera snaps water ice on Mars
26 Ants Take on Goliath Role in Protecting Trees in the Savanna from Elephants
27 Miniature Auto Differential Helps Tiny Aerial Robots Stay Aloft
28 Chemists Develop Simple Technique to Visualize Atomic-Scale Structures
29 Molecules Involved in 'Touch' Identified: Could Lead to New Treatments for Pain, Deafness and Cardiac Function
30 Model for Implantable Artificial Kidney to Replace Dialysis Unveiled
31 Edible Nanostructures: Compounds Made from Renewable Materials Could Be Used for Gas Storage, Food Technologies
32 Water in Earth's Mantle Key to Survival of Oldest Continents
33 Hubble Observations of Supernova Reveal Composition of 'Star Guts' Pouring out
34 Ancient Brew Masters Tapped Antibiotic Secrets
35 Mechanisms and Function of a Type of Mysterious Immune Cell Discovered
36 Giant Greenland Iceberg--Largest in the Northern Hemisphere--Enters Nares Strait
37 How Bone-Marrow Stem Cells Hold Their 'Breath' in Low-Oxygen Environments
38 Chemists, Engineers Achieve World Record With High-Speed Graphene Transistors
39 Low Grades in Adolescence Linked to Dopamine Genes, Says Biosocial Criminologist
40 Cancer-Causing Gene Crucial in Stem Cell Development, Study Finds
41 Children Who Eat Vended Snack Foods Face Chronic Health Problems, Poor Diet, Study Finds
42 Increased Risk for Lupus in Men With Certain Form of Immune Receptor
43 Problem of Fake Medicines in Developing Countries Could Be Solved, Experts Say
44 Value of Oxygen Therapy in End-of-Life Care Challenged in New Study
45 Social Networks Influence Health Behaviors
46 Head Start for Migraine Sufferers
47 Link Between Everyday Stress and Obesity Strenthened With Study Using an Animal Model
48 Protecting the Lungs Against 'Collateral Damage' from the Immune System
49 Risk of Marijuana's 'Gateway Effect' Overblown, New Research Shows
50 Insight Offered Into Superstitious Behavior
51 'You Kick Like a Girl': Men and Women Use Different Leg and Hip Muscles During Soccer Kick
52 Airline Passengers in Developing Countries Face 13 Times Crash Risk as US
53 Capacity for Exercise Can Be Inherited: Finding Suggests Pharmaceutical Drugs Can Be Used to Alter Activity Levels in Humans
54 Children Raised by Gay Couples Show Good Progress Through School, Study Finds
55 Capsaicin Can Act as Co-Carcinogen, Study Finds; Chili Pepper Component Linked to Skin Cancer
56 Cranberry Juice Shows Promise Blocking Staph Infections
57 Serendipity Contributes to MRSA Susceptibility Findings
58 How Do Organisms Make Dietary Choices?
59 New Type of Anti-Malarial Compound Discovered
60 Science's Policy Clout Diminished, but Oil Risk Looms Large, Study Finds
61 Cigarette Smoke May Contribute to Lung Inflammation Through a New Chemical Pathway
62 'Green Wall' Technology Could Double the Plant Diversity of the River Thames Through London
63 Natural Disasters Do Not Necessarily Create Peace, Research Finds
64 Ozone Depletion: Paving the Way for Identification of Rogue CFC Release
65 Evolution Rewritten, Again and Again
66 Girls' Early Puberty Linked to Unstable Environment Via Insecure Attachment in Infancy
67 Lima Beans Domesticated Twice
68 Extensive Relict Coral Reef Found in Southern Pacific
69 Human Activity May Have Boosted Shellfish Size, Archaeological Study Shows
70 Recipe for Water: Just Add Starlight
71 New Solar Prediction System Gives Time to Prepare for the Storms Ahead
72 Navigation Satellites Contend With Stormy Sun
73 Ultraviolet Source Helps NASA Spacecraft Measure the Origins of Space Weather
74 Astronomers Find Potassium in Giant Planet's Atmosphere
75 Experiment Records Ultrafast Chemical Reaction With Vibrational Echoes
76 Laser-Based Missile Defense for Helicopters Being Developed
77 Scientists Listen to Faint Sounds Inside Insects Using Atomic Force Microscopy
78 Researchers Discover Proton Diode: Water Is an Active Element in Proteins
79 The Perfect Nanocube: Precise Control of Size, Shape and Composition
80 Computer Technique Could Help Partially Sighted 'See' Better
81 Strain-Gating Piezotronics: New Class of Piezoelectric Logic Devices Created Using Zinc Oxide Nanowires
82 Microsoft Excel-Based Algorithm Predicts Cancer Prognosis
83 New App Shows 2-D Structure of Thousands of RNA Molecules
84 Computer Scientists Leverage Dark Silicon to Improve Smartphone Battery Life
85 Leaving water in desert not litter, court says
86 Texas opens inquiry into Google search rankings
87 Can home cooking be hazardous to your health?
88 Government says no leaking oil at Mariner platform
89 Chinese Satellites Bump During Secret Maneuvers
90 BP raises blowout preventer, key evidence in probe
91 Mass Extinction Threat: Earth on Verge of Huge Reset Button?
92 Sacramento eatery takes 'dancing shrimp' off menu
93 Biotech salmon safe for eating: FDA
94 'Top Chef's' Short Ribs Get NASA Twist for Spaceflight
95 What now for Gulf? Fire complicates drill debate
96 BP replaces failed blowout preventer on Gulf well
97 Monkeys Caught Monkeying Around During Full Moon
98 Clams befouling Tahoe invade Adirondack lake in NY
99 Sunnyvale residents split over medical marijuana
100 State appeals court blocks school drug tests
101 DEA schedules day to turn in unwanted prescription drugs
102 Abbott diet drug study renews calls for U.S. ban
103 Antihistamine use linked to extra pounds
104 Mouse Study May Help Explain Fish Oil's Benefits
105 Air Force: Sergeant may have exposed others to HIV
106 Diabetes Drug Metformin Linked to Lower Lung Cancer Rate in Mice
107 Bone drugs may raise risk of throat cancer
108 Seniors Get Boost From Bad News About the Young
109 Tiny Needles to Fight Cancer
110 Counting Down to Commercial Space Launches
111 Transplanting Gut Microbes to Treat Disease
112 Robotic Storm Tracker Gets a Big Test with Earl
113 How Websites Make You Spill Your Secrets
114 Video App Offers Guidance While You Shoot
115 New Court Ruling Could Cripple Stem-Cell Research
116 Nano Switches that Store More Data Head to Market
117 A Simple Filter Could Make LCDs More Efficient
118 Down the Tubes
119 How to Remake Life
120 Review: Digital Pen Gives Boring Note-Taking a Modern Kick
121 Review: Hot Helping of Rapid Wi-Fi Anywhere You Go? Yes, Please
122 In Defense of Google, Or Why Consumer Watchdog is Full of It
123 Hands-On With HDR Photos in the Next iPhone Update
124 Glint of Starlight Could Reveal Liquid Oceans on Exoplanets
125 'Earth-like' Exoplanet Could Have a Comet's Tail
126 NASA Flies First Drone Over Hurricane