File Title
1 Research on resting brains finds there's a lot going on even when 'idle'
2 Review: mTrip iPhone app uses augmented reality
3 Scientists investigate how ice melts below freezing due to nanowire's pressure
4 Engineers achieve world record with high-speed graphene transistors
5 God did not create Universe: Hawking
6 Hubble observations of supernova reveal composition of 'star guts' pouring out
7 Cheaper, better solar cell is full of holes
8 Non-invasive therapy significantly improves depression, researchers say
9 Physicists find fractal boundaries in crystals
10 Why fish oils work swimmingly against diabetes
11 Researchers develop simple technique to visualize atomic-scale structures
12 Acting selfish? Blame your mother
13 Ants take on Goliath role in protecting trees in the savanna from elephants
14 Promising new one-dose malaria drug discovered
15 Water in Earth's mantle key to survival of oldest continents
16 Chemists discover method to create high-value chemicals from biomass
17 Serendipity contributes to MRSA susceptibility findings
18 Spitzer Finds a Flavorful Mix of Asteroids
19 Scientists improve biomarker detection technique
20 Social networks influence health behaviors: study (w/ Video)
21 Protecting the lungs against 'collateral damage' from the immune system
22 Scientists identify molecules involved in touch and other mechanically activated systems
23 Scientists discover the mechanisms and function of a type of mysterious immune cell
24 High-speed filter uses electrified nanostructures to purify water at low cost
25 Silicon oxide circuits break barrier: Nanocrystal conductors could lead to massive, robust 3-D storage
26 Developments in nanobiotechnology point to medical applications
27 Tiny rulers to measure nanoscale structures
28 Hong Kong researchers break new ground in nanotechnology
29 Designer optoelectronics--quantum mechanics for new materials
30 Ultralow-power memory uses orders of magnitude less power than other devices
31 A versatile, clean and efficient way to enhance widespread application of carbon nanotubes
32 Trouble with sputter? Blame giant nanoparticles
33 'Greening' your flat screen TV
34 Microneedle, quantum dot study opens door to new clinical cancer tools
35 Nanomagnets purify blood
36 Smallest U-M logo demonstrates advanced display technology
37 New architectures for nano brushes: Bitty structures can be tailored in many shapes
38 Small Size--Huge Potential
39 Magnetism's subatomic roots: Study of high-tech materials helps explain everyday phenomenon
40 Physicists propose quantum refrigerator
41 New material may reveal inner workings of hi-temp superconductors
42 A model system for group behavior of nanomachines
43 Radioactive decay rates vary with the sun's rotation: research
44 IceCube neutrino observatory nears completion
45 LEDs illuminate eye for ocular disease screening
46 First direct observation of unusual magnetic structure could lead to novel electronic, magnetic memory devices
47 Better light measurement through quantum cloning
48 Probing spin liquids with a new pulsed-magnet system
49 Producing isolated laser pulses in attoseconds made easier using two-color laser field
50 Vulnerability in commercial quantum cryptography
51 Location determines social network influence, study finds
52 Discovery could challenge established theory of the nucleus
53 Prediction of intrinsic magnetism at silicon surfaces could lead to single-spin magnetoelectronics
54 Creating light sources for nanochips
55 Setting sail in the sun
56 Indonesian volcano spews new burst of ash
57 Breathe easy--no 'nasty surprises' in Australian air study
58 Solar Probe Plus mission to plunge directly into Sun's atmosphere
59 New method successfully predicted how oil from Deepwater Horizon spill would spread
60 New discovery could pave the way for identification of rogue CFC release
61 BP removes cap from plugged well in Gulf of Mexico
62 New NASA HD app for iPad with expanded content available free
63 Idaho farmers growing vegetables with geothermal energy
64 Samsung, Toshiba take on Apple with 'iPad killers'
65 Samsung unveils iPad competitor Galaxy Tab
66 Toshiba to Launch the World's Fastest SDHC Memory Card
67 Apple CEO Jobs announces iPhone software update
68 Touch screen, price hike to cheapest Sony e-reader
69 Canon develops world's largest CMOS image sensor, with ultra-high sensitivity
70 Staples to sell Amazon's Kindle
71 Apple iPad supply catching up to demand
72 E-reader faceoff: Kindle or Nook? Here's a comparison
73 China Unicom to sell Apple iPad next month: report
74 Computer server shipments surge in second quarter: Gartner
75 Canon develops world's first 120 megapixels APS-H-size CMOS image sensor
76 Review: Dell Streak is awkward phone, so-so tablet
77 Amazon says new Kindle a best seller
78 GPS keeps track of school bus riders
79 Taking the 'search' out of search and rescue
80 Video lambasting Google on privacy hits Times Square
81 Twitter launches iPad application
82 Dell's enterprise challenge remains after 3Par
83 Facebook's new security feature: remote logouts
84 Tire-pressure monitors vulnerable, researchers say
85 Cisco buying smart grid specialty firm Arch Rock
86 Verizon to sell smart phones for prepaid service
87 Online education expands, but is it effective?
88 Chrome update marks Web browser's second birthday
89 Melding Wi-Fi with digital TV 'white space'
90 Start-up company aims to harness the full potential of producing electricity from waste heat
91 Adaptive headlamp system introduced
92 Microrobots: Miniature auto differential helps tiny aerial robots stay aloft
93 Elpida and Spansion develop 4-Gigabit NAND flash memory
94 Judge punishes Michigan juror for Facebook post
95 Scientist engineers E. coli to produce biodiesel
96 The future of drug development
97 New pump created for microneedle drug-delivery patch
98 Edible gas storage: Porous metal-organic framework made from food-grade natural products
99 Researchers demonstrate new MEMS dynamic rheometer (w/ Video)
100 New infrared light may open new frontier in fighting cancer, Tay Sachs
101 China's monopoly on 17 key elements sets stage for supply crisis
102 COPASI systems biology software package now open source for all users
103 Ancient brew masters tapped drug secrets
104 Listen up! New experiment records ultrafast chemical reaction with vibrational echoes
105 Glass magic--a film that changes what glass can do
106 Test finds E. coli in beef faster, could better trace outbreaks
107 Dutch researchers develop smart biomaterial that triggers bone growth
108 nanoDESI: New technique provides sensitive analysis of atmospheric particles
109 Robot with frog egg smell sensor (w/ Video)
110 Fox spit helped Forest Service confirm rare find
111 Researchers demonstrate relationship between predation and extinction in small populations
112 Afla-Guard also protects corn crops
113 Playboy males live fast, die young
114 University of Arizona-led group awarded $9.9 million to develop 'super rice'
115 Study finds that cancer-causing gene crucial in stem cell development
116 Research: Climate change affecting mussel survival
117 Brainy worms: Evolution of the cerebral cortex
118 Scientists unwrap DNA packaging to gain insight into cells
119 Models suggest treatments for fractures that won't heal
120 Metal-mining bacteria are green chemists
121 Test-tube calf embryos more likely to survive Texas summers
122 Hip dysplasia susceptibility in dogs may be underreported, according to comparative study
123 Cornell leads fight against invasive emerald ash borer
124 New insights into antibiotic resistance: Researchers find charitable behavior in bacteria
125 Researchers identify genes associated with asthma
126 Canada, US immigrants have less health care access than natives: study
127 Race, insurance status cited in uneven death rates among pedestrians hit by cars
128 International effort to improve muscular dystrophy treatment
129 Israeli researchers develop promising new HIV treatment
130 New animal model for hemophilia A developed
131 Hair provides proof of the link between chronic stress and heart attack
132 Researchers identify how bone-marrow stem cells hold their 'breath' in low-oxygen environments
133 US neurologists agree on protocols for treatment of infantile spasms
134 Low grades in adolescence linked to dopamine genes
135 Study challenges value of oxygen therapy in end-of-life care
136 Double hand transplant patient shows new hands
137 Study finds students in standalone middle schools lag behind K-8 peers
138 Social networks influence health behaviors: study (w/ Video)
139 Study recommends changes to emergency seed aid
140 Gentle bilby had 'killer' ancestor
141 Taking fantasy football strategy to the next level
142 Airline passengers in developing countries face 13 times crash risk as US: study
143 Northern Lights in the classroom
144 Turning to the 'Big Bad Wolf' to break down barriers to math
145 Keeping faith--schools must balance ethos with equality
146 UK youth justice system treats ethnic groups differently
147 Providing body armor to all US police officers is worth the cost, study finds
148 Archaeological study shows human activity may have boosted shellfish size
149 Children raised by gay couples show good progress through school: study
150 Hourly workforce carries burden during recession
151 New study suggests migration does not bring happiness
152 The impact of new media and technology on customer relationships