File Title
1 Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky Are Bad Match, Says Dating Site
2 You Are Sexually Attracted to Your Parents, and Yourself
3 River Jordan Baptismal Site Closes Over Pollution Scare
4 Slovene Police, FBI Hail Ties in Cyber Crime Probe
5 Samsung Says 2Q Net Profit Surges 83 Percent
6 Hitachi Climbs to Profits on Asian Demand
7 Expo Shows Illegal Pet Trade Rampant in Indonesia
8 Attacking the Edges of Secure Internet Traffic
9 Judge: FWS Plan Excluded Possible Lynx Habitat
10 False Alarm: Google Search Still Working in China
11 Dengue Fever 101
12 Dengue Fever Hits Key West
13 Researchers Trying To Track Third World Infections In U.S.
14 From Plague to Leprosy: 7 Diseases We'd Forgotten About
15 Travel Sick: 5 Travel-Related Infections
16 How Women United to Stop HIV-Positive Man
17 Company Tables Medical Marijuana for Swine Flu
18 Win the War on Germs
19 10 Germy Surfaces You Touch Every Day
20 Calcium linked to higher heart attack risk
21 Maths solves sperm movement mystery
22 Greenland ice drilling hits rock bottom
23 Mars site may hold 'buried life'
24 NASA rides 'bucking bronco' to Mars
25 Ancient rocks 'built by microbes'
26 Galapagos Islands taken off Unesco danger list
27 X Prize for oil spill solutions
28 Canadian team finds 19th Century HMS Investigator wreck
29 New prehistoric shrimp colonies found at Caerlaverock
30 UK soldiers use iPad app to train for Afghan operations
31 Porsche 918 Spyder hybrid supercar to go on sale
32 Calcium pills 'increase' risk of heart attack
33 Churchill's false teeth sold in Norfolk for 15,200 pounds
34 Lost 19th Century Ship Found in Arctic Waters
35 Former NSA Chief: We Need Rules for Cyberwar
36 Analysis: Assessing the New Kindle and the E-Reader Fallout
37 Zedonk! (It's A Donkey-Zebra Hybrid Baby)
38 Google Triggers False Alarm Over China Outage
39 Microsoft's Ballmer: We're Planning a Rival to the iPad
40 U.S. Ability to Probe Nuclear Blasts Said Fading
41 Digital Seven Tasked With Securing the Net in Case of Emergency
42 YouTube Bumps Video Limit to 15 Minutes
43 Security Expert Shows How Hackers Could Get ATMs to Spit Out Cash
44 House Panel Approves Legalizing Online Gambling
45 Zero Containment in Fast-Moving California Blaze
46 Prosecutor: Military Secrets Sold For HI Mansion
47 White House Touts Detroit "Success Story"
48 Moms Keep Up Fight To Free 3 Held In Iran
49 America's Most Disgusting Stadium Food: Are You Eating It?
50 Photons meet with three-way split
51 Mouse pain study stirs debate
52 Consumer gene testing in the hotseat
53 Galapagos Islands Kicked Off International Endangered List
54 Antarctica Experiment Discovers Puzzling Space Ray Pattern
55 Prostate Cancer 'Cell of Origin' Identified
56 Daydream Distractions Depend on How Far Mind Wanders
57 Use of Expert Testimony Questioned in Malpractice
58 Undersea Mics Listen for Gulf Whales Threatened by Oil Spill
59 New Discovery Irons Out Physics of Wrinkles
60 Mushrooms Turned into Green Packaging
61 Sex Boosts Brain Growth, Study Suggests
62 Want to Live Longer? Get Some Friends
63 U.S. a Leader in Tension Between Adults and Their Parents
64 3-D Models Promise Better Bone Healing
65 Scientists Look to Spiders for Hi-Tech Fibers
66 Internet 'Key Holders' Are Insurance Against Cyber Attack
67 Social Media: Huge, and Here to Stay
68 How Facebook Complicates Romance
69 Marsupials Not From Down Under After All
70 Donkey's Wild Ass Ancestor Confirmed
71 Google says it may have overestimated blockage of services in China
72 Google overestimated China blockage
73 2nd UPDATE:Google Says Its Web Search Service In China Operating Normally
74 Google overestimates blockage in China, blames system error
75 Another ugly reminder to check your Facebook settings--NOW!
76 Searchable Facebook user data posted to Pirate Bay
77 X Prize Foundation Announces Oil Cleanup Challenge
78 Million-dollar contest launched for oil clean-up ideas
79 X Prize offers $1.4 million for Gulf of Mexico oil-removal solution
80 Million dollar contest launched in US to clean oil spill
81 Mossberg stands by early iPhone 4 review
82 Apple Looking Into iOS 4 Performance Problems on 3G Phones
83 Apple's iOS 4 Issues Take Center Stage
84 Apple probes complaints after iPhone upgrade
85 Global Warming "Undeniable," U.S. Government Report Says
86 NOAA: Last decade was warmest, global warming "undeniable"
87 Scientists: New Study Affirms Climate Change Is 'Undeniable'-AP
88 YouTube ups video time limit
89 YouTube Gives Users 15 Minutes of Upload Time
90 Secrets to Maximizing Your 15 Minutes on YouTube
91 Regulator Defends Yahoo Japan Deal
92 Magic Trackpad or tragic Mac pad? A review
93 Magic Trackpad Gets Magic Teardown
94 Apple Magic Trackpad
95 Important Lessons to Learn from the Black Hat ATM Hack
96 ATM hack gives cash on demand
97 Black Hat: Cyberspace is the new military domain
98 Are smartphones like the Dell Streak too big?
99 Google cleared of wi-fi 'snooping' by UK body
100 Google in the clear over UK WiFi snooping
101 Calcium supplements boost myocardial infarction risk
102 Study: Calcium May Increase Heart Attack Risk
103 Compression CPR Found Effective
104 Studies: CPR Without Rescue Breathing OK
105 1-in-5 Californians without health insurance
106 2007 data show state had 6.5 million uninsured
107 Health insurance rates: California plans to crack down, but how hard?
108 One in five Californians say they need mental health care
109 Survey: One out of Five Californians Report Need for Mental Health Help
110 People more likely to seek mental health care when insured
111 Mercury News editorial: California should better care for the mentally ill
112 A Different Path to Medical School
113 Mt. Sinai Program Lets Some Pre-Meds Swap Orgo for Shakespeare
114 Students with Humanities Background Equally Successful in Medical School as Traditional Students
115 Health care law reaches voters on Tuesday
116 Poll Shows Decline In Healthcare Overhaul Opposition
117 Poll shows opposition to health care overhaul declining
118 Poll Finds Opposition to Health Care Reform Law Has Declined in July
119 Woman catches dengue fever while visiting Key West
120 Woman catches dengue fever while visiting Key West
121 GOP-backed health care amendment removed from Florida ballot
122 Fla. judge strikes proposed health care amendment
123 Florida Judge Blocks State Constitutional Amendment On Federal Health Law
124 Health amendment is tossed off ballot; state will appeal
125 Watch Out Mosquitoes--Here Comes The Briquet
126 BPA found in cash register and ATM receipts
127 BPA Concern At Wal-Mart, Whole Foods And Others
128 Prostate cancer 'cell of origin' identified
129 N/A
130 Report: "Cell Of Origin" Discovered For Prostate Cancer
131 UCLA researchers discover the unexpected cell that causes prostate cancer
132 Prostate cancer 'cell' identified
133 Research sheds light on prostate cancer
134 Cell of Origin for Prostate Cancer Identified