File Title
1 Nanoscale DNA Sequencing Could Spur Revolution in Personal Health Care
2 Drought Drives Decade-Long Decline in Plant Growth
3 Autism Linked to Multisensory Integration
4 Is the Ice in the Arctic Ocean Getting Thinner?
5 Galactic 'Super-Volcano' in Action
6 Widespread Floating Plastic Debris Found in the Western North Atlantic Ocean
7 NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Reveals 'Incredible Shrinking Moon'
8 Brain Gene Expression Changes When Honey Bees Go the Distance
9 Human Neural Stem Cells Restore Motor Function in Mice With Chronic Spinal Cord Injury
10 Scientists Map and Confirm Origin of Large, Underwater Hydrocarbon Plume in Gulf
11 Virus May Act as 'Evolution-Proof' Biopesticide Against Malaria
12 Big Quakes More Frequent Than Thought on San Andreas Fault, Research Shows
13 Newly Identified RNA Sequence Is Key in microRNA Processing
14 Lowering Daisy's Emissions: Battle Against Agricultural Climate Offenders
15 Today's Superheroes Send Wrong Image to Boys, Say Researchers
16 Researchers Identify Two FDA Approved Drugs That May Fight HIV
17 New Targets for Anti-Angiogenesis Drugs Revealed
18 Frozen Flies May Yield Secrets for Human Organ Transplants
19 Innovative Imaging System May Boost Speed and Accuracy in Treatment of Heart Rhythm Disorder
20 Cigarette Smoke Causes Harmful Changes in the Lungs Even at the Lowest Levels, Study Finds
21 Disturbances in Certain Genes Play a Role in Autism
22 Drug Addicts Get Hooked Via Prescriptions, Keep Using 'to Feel Like a Better Person,' Research Shows
23 Victims of Bullying Suffer Academically as Well, Psychologists Report
24 Homework Wars: How Can Parents Improve the Odds of Winning?
25 Secrets of 'Magic' Antidepressant Revealed
26 Male Menopause Affects More Than Five Million Men
27 Italian Youths Who Drink With Meals Are Less Often Adult Problem-Drinkers
28 Link Between Walking, Cycling and Health
29 Prenatal Exposure to Pesticides Linked to Attention Problems in Children
30 Dogs' Family Status Depends on Family's Locale
31 Smart Fungus Disarms Plant, Animal and Human Immunity
32 Mapping out Pathways to Better Soybeans
33 How Flies Set Their Cruising Altitude
34 AIDS Virus Changes in Semen Make It Different Than in Blood
35 Old Drug Holds Promise Against Opportunistic Lung Bug
36 Deep Plumes of Oil Could Cause Dead Zones in the Gulf
37 New Genetic Tool Helps Improve Rice
38 Slowing Urban Sprawl, Adding Forests Curb Floods and Help Rivers
39 Too Hot to Handle: Impacts of Climate Change on Mussels
40 Creation of the First Frozen Repository for Hawaiian Coral
41 Geologists Revisit Earth's Great Oxygenation Event: More Like the 'Great Redox Evolution'
42 New Ways to Chart Our Maritime Past
43 Ancient 'Terror Bird' Used Powerful Beak to Jab Like an Agile Boxer
44 Can Anthropology Solve an Economic Crisis?
45 Fossil Reveals 48-Million-Year History of Zombie Ants
46 Astronomers Use Galactic Magnifying Lens to Probe Elusive Dark Energy
47 How Much Mass Makes a Black Hole? Astronomers Challenge Current Theories
48 Cosmic Accelerators Discovered in Our Galaxy
49 Eclipsing Pulsar Promises Clues to Crushed Matter
50 Astronaut Muscles Waste in Space: Safety for Future Mars Missions Questioned
51 Hydrogen Causes Metal to Break
52 Scientist IDs Genes That Promise to Make Biofuel Production More Efficient, Economical
53 Brightness on Fluorescent Probes Used to Monitor Biological Activities of Individual Proteins Increased
54 Extreme Darkness: Carbon Nanotube Forest Covers Ultra-Dark Detector
55 HVAC Ducts Can Be Used for Wireless Monitoring Technology
56 Nanoscale Inhomogeneities in Superconductors Explained
57 Input-Output Trade-Offs Found in Human Information Processing
58 Internet Access at Home Increases the Likelihood That Adults Will Be in Relationships, Study Finds
59 New Computer Model Advances Climate Change Research
60 Scientists Closer to Finding What Causes the Birth of a Fat Cell
61 Mud Volcanoes On Mars
62 NASA Sensors To Guide Spacecraft To Safe, Distant Landings
63 Cosmic Lens Used To Probe Dark Energy For First Time
64 China Finishes Construction Of First Unmanned Space Module
65 Working Like A Dog In Outer Space
66 Cosmic Accelerators Discovered In Our Galaxy
67 Sailing Among The Stars
68 LRO Reveals Incredible Shrinking Moon
69 Mini-VSAT Broadband Capacity Boosted In North American Waters
70 We Are Not Alone, And This Is How Life Begins
71 Top Indonesian Telecommunication Companies To Team Up In Satellite Service
72 Life360 Launches Real-Time Family Tracking App For iPhone
73 How Much Mass Makes A Black Hole
74 Eclipsing Pulsar Promises Clues To Crushed Matter
75 A Hop, Skip And A Jump On The Moon--And Beyond
76 Galaxies' Glory Days Revealed
77 IBEX Maps The Boundaries
78 End-to-End Ballistic Missile Defense System Simulation Completed
79 US Senate panel votes to extend space shuttle program
80 United Space Alliance To Slash Workforce As Shuttle Ends
81 China's Lunar Twins
82 Opportunity Drives Five Times This Week
83 ISS Reboosted And Cooling System Fully Operational
84 ISS Could Last Another Decade--Roscosmos
85 Who Visits the Emergency Room? 20 Percent of Americans, Insured or Not
86 Steep Drop Seen in Circumcisions in U.S.
87 Doubt on Tactic in Alzheimer's Battle
88 High in the Andes, Keeping an Incan Mystery Alive
89 Questions Linger as Shrimp Season Opens in Gulf
90 Drilling Permits for Deep Waters Face New Review
91 Q & A: A Calcium Quandary
92 A Reason for Diversity of Ants May Not Hold
93 Looking This Way and That, and Learning to Adapt to the World
94 Wide Variety of Breeds Born of Few Genes
95 Well to Be Sealed After Labor Day
96 Oil Plume Is Not Breaking Down Fast, Study Says
97 Dust Bowl Haunts Wheat Farmers
98 In Atlantic Debris, Good News and Bad
99 Over a Billion Years, Scientists Find, the Moon Went Through a Shrinking Phase
100 Reanimated 'Junk' DNA Is Found to Cause Disease
101 Looking for Trouble on 'Highway' for Manatees
102 Harvard Finds Scientist Guilty of Misconduct
103 A Republic of Letters
104 In New Approach to Titanic, an Exhibitor Aids Scientists
105 Fixing a World That Fosters Fat
106 India Tries Using Cash Bonuses to Slow Birthrates
107 Birth Control Doesn't Have to Mean the Pill
108 A 'Night Owl' With Insomnia
109 Really? The Claim: More Sugar Leads to More Cavities
110 Why Teenagers Can't Hear You