File Title
1 Celeb Searches: Top 10 Most Dangerous Stars to Search for Online
2 Intel to Buy McAfee in $7.68 Billion Deal
3 Former Model, MBA Grad Asks Google to Expose Cyberbullies on YouTube
4 Google Bends to German Privacy Concerns
5 SKorea Blocks Access to NKorea's Twitter Account
6 Facebook Checks in, Adding Location-Based Feature
7 China Mobile Says First Half Profit up 4.2 Percent
8 China Electric Car Makers Plan Standards, Research
9 PC Maker Lenovo Turns to Profit on China Sales
10 Music Royalty Talks Consider Cell Phone Mandate
11 New U.S. Pandemic Plan Aims to Speed Products
12 Titanic to Come to 3D Life in Scientific Expedition
13 Scientists Suggest Fresh Look at Psychedelic Drugs
14 Church Fights for Right to Drink Tea
15 Study Finds Benefit in 'Magic Mushrooms
16 Moses Was High on Drugs, Israeli Researcher Says
17 California: Odd Bedfellows in the Pro-Pot Ballot Initiative
18 God Comes Into View: Court OK's Hallucinogenic Tea
19 Buyer Beware of Online Acai Offers
20 Coalition to refocus science programs
21 'Healthy bacon' patents raise questions
22 Samoan tsunami caused by 'double-whammy'
23 'Terror bird' was prize fighter
24 Disease threat to UK garden birds
25 Predictive blood test for TB 'a step closer'
26 Urine could be used as renewable energy source
27 Cancer doctor Howard speaks about Lockerbie bomber
28 Squinters 'refused party invites'
29 Facebook Checks In, Adds Location-based Feature
30 Cyberspace's 10 Most Dangerous Celebrity Search Names
31 Ancient Birds Jabbed at Prey with Axelike Beaks
32 Long Missions Found to Sap Astronauts' Strength
33 Carla Franklin Takes Google to Court over Posts
34 Spanish Judge Summons Google to Court over Wi-Fi Data
35 Star Discovery Confounds Scientists' Theories About Black Holes
36 Dr. Laura Ending Radio Show after N-Word Uproar
37 Muslim Employee: Disney Banned My Head Scarf
38 Muslims Pray Daily at Pentagon's 9/11 Crash Site
39 Egg Recall Expands: How to Tell Good from Bad
40 Egg Recall Brands: Giant Recall Expands as Salmonella Cases Mount
41 Salmonella Symptoms: Are My Kids Safe?
42 Applied Materials swings to profit as sales more than double
43 Tesla engineer's parents sue over plane crash
44 UN to meet on Pakistan as fears mount for survivors
45 US senators hunt possible BP role over Lockerbie
46 Trip to Mars Would Turn Astronauts Into Weaklings
47 NJ gov to sign offshore wind energy bill
48 New U.S. Postage Stamps to Honor Mercury Probe, Alan Shepard
49 Feds: BP's Gulf well to be killed after Labor Day
50 Creation Museum Creates Discomfort For Some Visitors
51 Kids Seem More Likely to Reject Those Whose Eyes Cross
52 Ancient brew may reduce gut damage after chemotherapy
53 Trial Therapy Improves Melanoma Survival
54 China tobacco firms accused of targeting children
55 More mental disorders treated with drugs only
56 Tai chi eases fibromyalgia symptoms, study finds
57 Study shows value of quality-of-life cancer care
58 Facebook Launches 'Check-In' Service to Connect People in Real Space
59 Mississippi Lawyer Drawn Into WikiLeaks Intrigue
60 Drones Surge, Special Ops Strike in Petraeus Campaign Plan
61 Stress Hormones Could Predict Boxing Dominance
62 Giant Terror Birds Used Stabbing Beaks to Kill Prey
63 Court OKs Covert iPhone Audio Recording
64 Photog Probes Secret Sites With Megazoom and Science
65 General Motors Is Going Public
66 Perforated Blobs May Be Earliest Known Animals
67 When Spidey Swings Onto iPad, It's Photoshop to the Rescue
68 Foxconn Rallies Workers, Leaves Suicide Nets in Place (Updated)
69 Spacesuit Thief Pleads Guilty
70 A Theoretical Mission to Jupiter's Icy Moon
71 Apple's App Store Director Sells His Own Fart Apps
72 Stern Korean Culture Stifles Biological Predisposition to Blab
73 Rumor Shootout: Google Tablet Will Be Made by HTC--Or Maybe Motorola
74 Army's TNT Replacement Only Detonates On Command
75 Finding The Science Lab Fundamentals
76 Save the Words!
77 Little Black Book: An Open and Shut Case for iPhone 4
78 For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious
79 Cultured Chimps Invent and Share Back-Scratching Tool
80 Fearful Snail Becomes Better Breeder
81 Age Confirmed for 'Eve,' Mother of All Humans
82 Creation Museum Creates Discomfort For Some Visitors
83 5 Myths About Gay People Debunked
84 Top 10 Crazy Cults
85 Brains of Introverts Reveal Why They Prefer Being Alone
86 Surprise 2nd Quake Discovered Behind Deadly Tsunami
87 'Thirdhand Smoke' Especially Harmful For Asthma Sufferers
88 Can Chewing Gum Give You Gas?
89 For the U.S. Military, Video Games Get Serious
90 Headaches in teens tied to overweight, smoking and lack of exercise
91 Ancient 'terror bird' used powerful beak to jab like an agile boxer
92 Titanium coating with protein 'flower bouquet' nanoclusters strengthens implant attachment
93 Targeting hit-and-run cancer viruses
94 Ancient Chinese herbal recipe eases side effects of chemotherapy
95 Are there too many stem cell journals?
96 A cure for HIV could be all in the 'mix'
97 Dwindling green pastures, not hunting, may have killed off the mammoth
98 Consumers need protection from unrealistic claims of home genetic tests, new report states
99 Surprise in genome structure linked to developmental diseases
100 How flies set their cruising altitude
101 Prenatal exposure to pesticides linked to attention problems
102 With muscle-building treatment, mice live longer even as tumors grow
103 Paper wasps punish peers for misrepresenting their might
104 Less is more for a hungry bat
105 Delaying fat digestion to curb appetite
106 New ways to chart our maritime past
107 New Genetic Tool Helps Improve Rice
108 Rutgers-Camden's Freezable Fruit Fly Could Extend Organ Donor Shelf Life
109 A discovery by Dr. Andre Veillette's team could impact the treatment of autoimmune diseases
110 CCNY Biologists Study Rain Forest Host-Plant Associations
111 Scientist IDs genes that promise to make biofuel production more efficient, economical
112 Slowing urban sprawl, adding forests curb floods and help rivers
113 Researchers discover how the storehouses of plant cells are formed
114 Ancient "Terror Bird" Used Powerful Beak to Jab Like Boxer
115 New screen offers hope for copper deficiency sufferers
116 Pharmaceuticals: A market for producing 'lemons' and serious harm
117 World record data density for ferroelectric recording
118 Major hurdle cleared for organic solar cells
119 Powering Australia with waves
120 New method for estimating cost of small hydropower projects
121 Use of surgically implanted antibiotic sponge does not reduce rate of sternal wound infections
122 Roller coaster superconductivity discovered
123 Researchers 'stretch' a lackluster material into a possible electronics revolution
124 How Much Mass Makes a Black Hole?
125 Cool! Researchers Find Way To Use HVAC Ducts For Wireless Monitoring Technology
126 Early life influences risk for psychiatric disorders
127 LISA gravitational-wave mission strongly endorsed by National Research Council
128 Extreme darkness: Carbon nanotube forest covers NIST's ultra-dark detector
129 Ancient Galaxy Cluster Still Producing Stars
130 Potential HIV drug keeps virus out of cells
131 Discovery may aid search for anti-aging drugs
132 Common hypertension drugs can raise blood pressure in certain patients
133 More light for a better quality of life
134 AMS experiment takes off for Kennedy Space Center
135 Galactic Super-volcano in Action
136 Ancient Chinese medicine may help chemotherapy patients
137 6-year-olds with squint less likely to be invited to birthday parties
138 Moderate drinking, especially wine, associated with better cognitive function
139 Global media campaign finds 'hidden' children with rare, fatal aging disorder
140 Gender bender: Do gender knee implants provide better outcomes?
141 Study identifies factors which predict alcohol use after liver transplantation
142 Novel autoantibodies identified in patients with necrotizing myopathy
143 Hispanics and Asians less likely to receive liver transplants
144 New study finds new connection between yoga and mood
145 Breast cancer survivors don't need to be afraid of air travel: U of A study
146 Branding in a new light
147 New system developed to test and evaluate high-energy laser weapons
148 Survey shows many are still clueless on how to save energy
149 Saving the Brain's White Matter with Mutated Mice
150 Eclipsing Pulsar Promises Clues to Crushed Matter
151 Creation of the first frozen repository for Hawaiian coral
152 Lifeloc Technologies releases new research on the accuracy of personal breathalyzers
153 Making vehicles safer
154 Paving slabs that clean the air
155 Innovative Imaging System May Boost Speed And Accuracy In Treatment Of Heart Rhythm Disorder
156 Study explains why Alzheimer's drug is both safe and effective
157 Rice sociologist finds male scientists regret parenthood decisions more than female counterparts