File Title
1 Extreme Teamwork: Mongoose Moms Synchronize Births
2 Smile! Aerial Images Being Used to Enforce Laws
3 More opencast mine bids 'likely on greenfield sites'
4 Increase in 'warm water' dolphins off North East coast
5 Edinburgh: The origin of a man
6 Scientist will live as an Inuit for one year
7 Will the Pakistan floods strike again?
8 Online "Sextortion" of Teens on Rise, Feds Say
9 Surveillance Cameras and the Right to Privacy
10 Likely Wrong Man Charged in Buffalo Shooting
11 California 200 Off-Road Race Crash Kills 8
12 Pucker Up! Hundreds Kiss to Honor End of WWII
13 Oil Spill Just Latest Wound to La. Coast
14 Recession-Worn Seniors Tap Social Security Early
15 Five-Day Emergency Contraceptive Gets FDA OK
16 Spice Usage Soars, Seasoning U.S. Melting Pot
17 Why Mel Laird is Worried About Afghanistan
18 Oracle's Java lawsuit undermines its open source credibility
19 Lawsuit may signal era of Oracle, Google tensions
20 WSJ: Apple Employee Cited In Alleged Kickback Scheme
21 Apple manager arrested in kickback scheme
22 Apple Manager Paul Shin Devine Busted In $1 Million Kickback Scheme
23 Apple Employee Accused of Accepting Kickbacks
24 Apple Global Supply Manager Accused of Accepting $1 Million in Kickbacks
25 Apple manager charged with leaking secrets for kickbacks
26 PayPal may be added as way to buy Android apps, et al.
27 PayPal payments soon Android-integrated?
28 State's Convicted Drunk Drivers Now Need Ignition Interlocks
29 New state law requires DWI convicts to pass breathalyzer test before driving car
30 All drivers convicted of drunk driving will have to install interlock devices
31 Survey: 29 Percent of Mobile Customers Would Switch to Verizon iPhone
32 ChangeWave: 31% of iPhone owners likely to switch to Verizon
33 Long-Rumored 'Verizon iPhone' Gets a Name
34 Next decade of astronomy research to focus on exoplanets, early Universe
35 Alien worlds? Far-off galaxies? Study sets US space priorities.
36 Astronomical success
37 China: No link between milk powder and infant breast growth
38 'No evidence' China milk powder caused infant breasts
39 China: No Link Between Milk and Complaints
40 Poultry Beef And Leafy Vegetables Most Common Causes Of Food Poisoning, USA
41 Lax Hand Washing Helps Drive Many Foodborne Illnesses
42 FDA Approves Emergency Contraceptive
43 New Morning-After Pill Ella Wins FDA Approval
44 Some States Are Lacking in Health Law Authority
45 Most states can't block insurance rate hikes
46 Congressman Sestak Hosts First Healthy Families Resource Fair
47 Deadly Whooping Cough, Once Wiped Out, Is Back
48 Mich. urges vaccinations as whooping cough rises
49 3 questions: Dr. Susan Fernyak
50 Chronic pain can be 'paralyzing' for women
51 Women Experience More Chronic Pain Than Men, Research Finds
52 Women's Chronic Pain More Intense
53 More college students mentally ill
54 College Campuses See Rise in Cases of Severe Mental Illness
55 UC Berkeley scaling back freshmen DNA testing
56 Tumor turned out to be a pea sprouting in lung
57 Feds offer $100,000 reward in white powder letter case
58 Powder-filled letters sent to Massachusetts, Texas
59 Confining light for use in nanophotonic devices
60 Smile! Aerial images being used to enforce laws
61 Mankind must abandon earth or face extinction: Hawking
62 Robots that develop emotions in interaction with humans
63 Dark matter is held together by 'attractors'
64 The power of graphics processing units may threaten the world's password security system
65 Huge ice island could pose threat to oil, shipping
66 Students' understanding of the equal sign not equal, prof says
67 Unique air shutter helps morph Chevrolet Cruze into 40 MPG leader (w/ Video)
68 Gondwana supercontinent underwent massive shift during Cambrian explosion
69 Study shows behaviors and attitudes towards oral sex are changing
70 100-year-old Scotch pulled from frozen crate
71 Think before you travel, researcher says
72 Study cites abundance of genetically modified canola crops
73 Nvidia chip team gets 25 million dollars from US military
74 Physicists investigate electron fractionalization into not two, but three components
75 'Fused' people eager to die and kill for their group, research shows
76 Building muscle doesn't require lifting heavy weights: study
77 An ancient Earth like ours
78 A 'magnetic' solution to identify and kill tumors
79 Energy storage system deals with sudden draws on the grid
80 Dangerous bacterium hosts genetic remnant of life's distant past
81 In breakthrough, nerve connections are regenerated after spinal cord injury
82 Single neurons can detect sequences
83 Predicting how nanoparticles will react in the human body
84 Study predicts nanoscience will greatly increase efficiency of next-generation solar cells
85 New paper offers breakthrough on blinking molecules phenomena
86 Study of electron orbits in multilayer graphene finds unexpected energy gaps
87 Buried silver nanoparticles improve organic transistors
88 How many nanoparticles heat the tumor?
89 Federal grant invests in nanostructured 'super' materials
90 Turning down the noise in graphene
91 A heart beats to a different drummer (w/ Video)
92 Researchers successfully test new alternative to traditional semiconductors
93 Supercomputer application solves superconductor puzzle
94 Researchers demonstrate highly directional Terahertz laser rays
95 The 'Magic' of Tin
96 Physicists use offshoot of string theory to describe puzzling behavior of superconductors
97 Looking to leap forward on laser and photodetector technologies
98 Advanced military satellite launches into orbit
99 BP well sealed, but relief well still needed to kill it: US official
100 Decadal survey of astronomy and astrophysics
101 NASA Releases New Image of Massive Greenland Iceberg
102 Fermi detects 'shocking' surprise from supernova's little cousin
103 Obama panel urges US backing for clean coal
104 Asteroid found in gravitational 'dead zone'
105 Einstein@Home 'citizen scientists' discover a new pulsar in Arecibo telescope data
106 Sugar battles oil spills
107 How algae 'enslavement' threatens freshwater bodies
108 Apple takes gulp of strong, glossy Liquidmetal
109 Dish to stream live TV on iPad, other devices
110 Europe ready to launch 3-D TV outperforming the competition
111 Study uncovers every possible Rubik's Cube solution
112 Social networking for innovators
113 Innovative approach to teaching forensics helps students track and solve crimes
114 Questions and answers about BlackBerry objections
115 Advertisers flocking to Facebook: eMarketer
116 PayPal hopes to make micropayments easier online
117 Video quality less important when you're enjoying what you're watching
118 Wireless tire pressure monitoring systems in cars may compromise privacy, pose security threat
119 Wide range of plants offer cellulosic biofuel potential, ecological diversity
120 Using bone marrow stem cells to treat critically ill patients on verge of respiratory failure
121 Best way to pour champagne? 'Down the side' wins first scientific test
122 Researchers develop magnetic molecular machines to deliver drugs to unhealthy cells
123 Regrowing lost limbs
124 US museum exhibit to focus on endangered plants
125 Australia corals to light up cancer cure fight
126 Manipulating cells with a micro-suction cup
127 New research suggests orangutans not so solitary
128 ASH recommends cross-disciplinary engagement to advance regenerative medicine
129 Diggin' in: Water trees, shrubs in drought, but let lawn go dormant
130 New research reveals why chimpanzees attack humans
131 Scientists identify DNA that may contribute to each person's uniqueness
132 Common orchid gives scientists hope in face of climate change
133 Lobster dieoffs linked to chemicals in plastics
134 Human cells can copy not only DNA, but also RNA
135 Researchers reveal similarities between fish and humans
136 Neurodegeneration 'clumping proteins' common in aging process
137 Popping cells surprise living circuits creators
138 Discovered gene causes Kabuki syndrome
139 Researchers discover genetic link between immune system, Parkinson's disease
140 A lethal brain tumor's strength may be a weakness as well
141 College student shakes up birth-order research
142 Promising results of gene therapy to treat diseases of the eye
143 South Carolina to cover obesity surgery next year
144 US agency approves 'five-day-after' contraceptive pill
145 Indian doctors warned of new superbug before Lancet study
146 Memory researchers explain latest findings on improving the mind, stopping memory loss
147 Selected cells from blood or bone marrow may provide a route to healing blood vessels
148 Cultural capital is key to preparing for college and getting into a good school
149 Women have friends at work but not the networks to get ahead
150 Outside help for social security
151 Non-Catholics influenced Vatican II liberalization of Catholic church, new study says
152 Scientists discover oldest evidence of stone tool use and meat-eating among human ancestors
153 X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy unveils Da Vinci's astounding sfumato technique
154 Physics student's prefix idea is 'hella' good
155 Research: College undergrads study ineffectively on computers
156 Mosasaur fossil at Natural History Museum of L.A. County re-explores 85-million-year-old sea monster