File Title
1 UCSF study finds big jump in ER visits
2 Review: New choices enliven back-to-school PCs
3 UK doctors: New superbug gene could spread widely
4 BP delays Libyan offshore drilling
5 Part of Space Station Could Carry Crew to an Asteroid, NASA Says
6 Extinction in a Bowl of Shark-Fin Soup
7 Former NASA chief, son survive Alaska plane crash
8 BSkyB wants to take the 'Sky' out of Skype
9 BP to start Libyan drilling this year
10 Tropical depression halts drilling at Gulf well
11 Discovery Pushes Human Tool Use Back 800,000 Years
12 Space station astronauts succeed with repair work
13 'Lucy' species used stone tools, fossil study says
14 Very original features: Is this UK's oldest home?
15 Haiti Quake Caused by Previously Unknown Fault
16 S.F. proposal: Healthier kids meals or no toys
17 At fire in East San Jose home, police find marijuana growing operation
18 San Jose: Man tried to sexually assault woman at hospital, police say
19 David Wolper, producer of 'Roots,' dies at 82
20 Many Parents Fret Over Time Kids Spend on Phones, Computers
21 Breath test may be able to detect common cancers
22 No Significant Esophageal Cancer Risk From Osteoporosis Drug: Study
23 More Seniors Getting Antibiotics With Improved Medicare Drug Coverage
24 Repeated Ear Infections Seem to Plague White Kids, Poor Kids
25 Nurses fear even more ER assaults as programs cut
26 What Would a 'Private' Internet Look Like?
27 Mall Deal Gives Big Boost to Cell-Phone Coupons
28 Summary Box: Apple Takes Gulp of Glossy Material
29 Broadband Adoption Slows Down, but Blacks Catch Up
30 eBay Rolling out Shopping Rewards Program
31 Space Station Astronauts Succeed With Repair Work
32 'Lucy' Species Used Stone Tools, Fossil Study Says
33 Scientists Use Salmonella Bug to Kill Cancer Cells
34 Scientists Find New Superbug Spreading From India
35 Spinal Fluid Proteins Can Help Diagnose Alzheimer's
36 Menstrual Cramps Change the Brain, Study Says
37 Sayonara Swine Flu: The World Is Post-Pandemic, WHO Announces
38 Alzheimer's Test That's 100 Percent Accurate? Not Yet
39 Labor's science policy boosts engagement
40 Brain scan may help autism diagnosis
41 Slime moulds explain irrational humans
42 Tool-making and meat-eating began 3.5 million years ago
43 Arctic rocks may contain oldest remnants of Earth
44 Million dollar maths puzzle sparks row
45 Orangutans mime to get message across
46 Former Senator Ted Stevens dies in Alaska plane crash
47 UK cloned cow probe finds third case of meat being sold
48 Archaeologists discover Britain's 'oldest house'
49 Male pond skaters 'bully females' into having sex
50 Rubik's Cube quest for speedy solution comes to an end
51 UK game developers 'turning to iPhones'
52 Virus writers hit Google Android phones
53 Whiteboard girl hoax fools thousands on net
54 Tech Brief: The tech world debates net neutrality
55 New 'superbug' found in UK hospitals
56 Climate change 'will increase heart deaths'
57 New brain scan to diagnose autism
58 Swine flu pandemic over, says world health body
59 Phil Mickelson coping with psoriatic arthritis
60 Man grows pea plant inside lung
61 Hawking: How Humankind Will Survive the Future
62 Dell's Streak: Will it Sell?
63 11,000-Year-Old House Hailed as Britain's Oldest
64 Latest on the Rumor Mill: An Android Tablet from Amazon
65 Jenny the HOPA, Job-Quitting Girl a Hoax. Duh.
66 How Did the Friendly Skies Get So Unfriendly?
67 Apple Japan to Swap Out Overheating iPod Nanos
68 On Tape: Rage over McNuggets Not Being Served
69 Ted Stevens, Longest-Serving GOP Senator, Dead
70 New Mosques Face Hostility Far from Ground Zero
71 Tiny Town Train Ride Accident Injures 15
72 Study Could Reignite Hormone Therapy Debate
73 Calif., L.A. Prosecutors Probe Bell Salaries
74 N/A
75 Lax Regulation of Yoga May Put You At Risk
76 Ice Cream Disasters: 5 Treats to Leave in the Freezer
77 U.K. Doctors: New Superbug Gene Could Spread
78 Female Infants Growing Breasts in China? Formula Scare Outrages Parents
79 Stay Safe in Your Own Kitchen
80 Doughnut Burger? New Food at State Fairs Sounds Yummy but Deadly
81 Woman Who Had Unnecessary Mastectomy Gets $198K
82 Study: iPhone Users Have More Sex
83 Europe's largest berry bank faces closure
84 Butchering dinner 3.4 million years ago
85 Francis Collins: One year at the helm
86 Oceanography: Dead in the water
87 Supercomputing for the birds
88 Birds flock online
89 Leggy creatures and long branches
90 Million-dollar problem cracked?
91 Power struggle hits Swedish institute
92 Rain Contributes to Cycling Patterns of Clouds: Researchers Demonstrate How Honeycomb Clouds Exhibit Self-Organization
93 Oldest Evidence of Stone Tool Use and Meat-Eating Among Human Ancestors Discovered: Lucy's Species Butchered Meat
94 Dogs' Physical Traits Controlled by Small Number of Genetic Regions, Researcher Finds
95 Indonesian Ice Field May Be Gone in a Few Years, Core May Contain Secrets of Pacific El Nino Events
96 Gondwana Supercontinent Underwent Massive Shift During Cambrian Explosion
97 Evolutionary Surprise: Freedom of Neck Played Major Role in Human Brain Evolution, Research Suggests
98 Common Orchid Gives Scientists Hope in Face of Climate Change
99 Mosasaur Fossil: Life of 85-Million-Year-Old 'Sea Monster' Illuminated
100 Stone Age Remains Are Britain's Earliest House
101 Plastic Computer Memory Device That Utilizes Electron Spin to Read and Write Data: Alternative to Traditional Semiconductors
102 Menstrual Cramps May Alter Brain Structure
103 Advance Toward Earlier Detection of Melanoma
104 Initial Trials on New Ovarian Cancer Tests Exhibit Extremely High Accuracy
105 When Chimpanzees Attack Humans: Loss of Habitat May Lead to Increased Conflict
106 Fixing Technical Problems for a Good Night's Sleep as Kids Start a New School Year
107 Walking to School Could Reduce Stress Reactivity in Children, May Curb Risk of Heart Disease
108 Molecular Imaging Identifies High-Risk Patients With Heart Disease
109 Heart's Sounds Can Help Diagnose Heart Failure, Study Finds
110 Motion-Tracking Technology Reduces Injuries for Older Adults
111 Liability Issues Limiting Recreational Use of Public School Facilities
112 People Who Are Angry Pay More Attention to Rewards Than Threats
113 Scientists Identify New Drug Strategy Against Fragile X Syndrome
114 Better Understanding of Mapmaking in the Brain
115 Adult Autism Diagnosis by Brain Scan
116 Stereotyping Has a Lasting Negative Impact, New Research Finds
117 Brain Rhythm Predicts Ability to Sleep Through a Noisy Night
118 Biochemist Proposes Worldwide Policy Change to Step Up Daily Vitamin D Intake
119 People Think Immoral Behavior Is Funny--But Only If It Also Seems Benign
120 Beautiful Women Face Discrimination in Certain Jobs, Study Finds
121 Tattooing Linked to Higher Risk of Hepatitis C, Study Finds
122 Deathstalker Scorpion Venom Could Improve Gene Therapy for Brain Cancer
123 'New' Human Adenovirus May Not Make for Good Vaccines, After All
124 Drugs to Treat Cocaine Abuse? Effectiveness May Depend on How One Uses Cocaine
125 New Insights Into How Antibodies Are Made Suggests New Approach for Anti-Cancer Drug Targets
126 Vitamin B3 as a Novel Approach to Treat Fungal Infections
127 Deep Ocean Floor Research Yields Promising Results for Microbiologists
128 Dying of Cold: More Heart Attacks in Cooler Weather
129 Deployment of Buoys to Measure Air and Sea Interactions in Typhoons Launched from Taiwan
130 Polar Bears, Glaucous Gulls Most at Risk from Contaminants
131 Millions of Microorganisms Reach Spain from the Sahara Desert and the Sahel Region--By Flying
132 London Guildhall: Cradle of English Literature
133 Insular Evolution: Large and Big-Footed Voles in an Outer Archipelago
134 Secret of Life on Earth May Be as Simple as What Happens Between the Sheets--Mica Sheets, That Is
135 Reading Zip Codes of 3,500-Year-Old Letters: Non-Destructive X-Ray Scanning of Archaeological Finds
136 Genome of Ancient Sponge Reveals Origins of First Animals, Cancer
137 Send in the Clouds: NASA's CloudSat Sees Clouds' Effect on Climate by Studying Them from Space
138 New Sensor Technology to Make It Easier and Safer for Spacecraft to Rendezvous and Dock to International Space Station
139 Fresh Insight Into the Origins of Planet Earth
140 NASA's Great Observatories Witness a Galactic Spectacle
141 Mimicking the Moon's Surface in the Basement
142 Innovation Could Bring Super-Accurate Sensors, Crime Forensics
143 Scientists Show There's Nothing Boring About Watching Paint Dry
144 Bacteria from Hot Springs Reveal Clues to Evolution of Early Life and to Unlock Biofuels' Potential
145 Electron Transport: Study of Electron Orbits in Multilayer Graphene Finds Unexpected Energy Gaps
146 Optical Imaging Technique for Angioplasty
147 Students' Understanding of the Equal Sign Not Equal, Professor Says
148 Better Displays Ahead
149 Neurochip Technology Developed: Advances to Further Brain Research of Diseases Such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's
150 World's Tiniest Mirror
151 College Undergrads Study Ineffectively on Computers, Study Finds: Students Transfer Bad Study Habits from Paper to Screen