File Title
1 Breakthrough Studies: Regenerative Medicine to Repair Broken Hearts
2 NASA Preps Quest for 'Holy Grail of Hurricane Science'
3 Shark Week Finale: The Goblin Shark, Up Close
4 Giant Ice Island Breaks Off From Greenland
5 Asia flooding plunges millions into misery
6 Russian man dies in searing heat at sauna contest
7 Former enemies US, Vietnam now military mates
8 Militants Kill Medical Aid Workers in Afghanistan
9 Is Gulf Seafood Safe to Eat? The Nose Knows
10 Las Vegas Considers Hula-Hoop Ban
11 Smog Over Moscow Worsens as Fires Rage
12 Astronauts Fail to Complete Repairs to Space Station
13 Taliban's Killing of Christian Aid Workers Could Chill U.S. Missionary Impulse
14 Flip-flops aren't always easy on the feet
15 15 Old Wives' Tales Doctors Believe
16 Study Finds Vitamin D May Fight Colds
17 Expert Advice: 10 Best and Worst Things to Say to Someone in Grief
18 New finds hint at Fort Ancient's purpose
19 Ahead of his time: Carausius was a pirate, a rebel and the first ruler of a unified Britain
20 Revelations of an ever-changing past
21 Cross find may be medieval graffiti
22 High-tech methods reveal secrets of antiquity
23 Human Remains Dating to 7th Century Found at Peruvian Fortress
24 Slideshow: Human-Sacrifice Chamber Discovered in Peru
25 Outsiders blamed for Easter Island's historic demise
26 Curious Skeletons Excavated in East Iceland
27 Researchers discover fossil of human older than Tabon Man
28 Ancient Powys site might reveal Saxon hall
29 Finalist dies at World Sauna event in Finland
30 North Korea 'detains fishing boat from South'
31 Smoking in the car is child abuse, GP Steve Field warns
32 What's behind Castro's speech?
33 Honeybees 'cleverer in the morning'
34 Rare Bronze Horned-Bracelet, 3,500 Years Old, Found in Israel
35 Medieval roof finial found beside Thames
36 Archaeologists unearth 67,000-year-old human bone in Philippines
37 Extracts of Cyrus Cylinder found in China
38 Archaeologists rescue development's early history
39 Ancient treasure rises from Berlin rubble
40 Mexico Finds Tunnel, Possible Tombs Under Ruins
41 'Callao Man' Could Redraw Filipino History
42 History of Peru Series--Part 4: TRANSITION--The decline of Chavin and the rise of the Lima Culture: Huallamarca
43 Archaeology: Medieval treasure found in northeastern Bulgaria
44 Prehistoric Cave Paintings Discovered in Dominican Republic
45 Neolithic stone network found on Orkney
46 River Thames gives up its secrets at The Tower
47 Cambodia's Khmer heritage threatened by looting of archeological sites
48 3,000-year-old Canaanite bracelet found in Israel
49 Scientists give Bronze Age Gristhorpe Man a face and voice
50 John the Baptist's Bones Discovered?
51 Maya Funerary Tapestry Restored and Ready for Exhibition
52 Researchers Unveil "Holy Grail" of Audubon Illustration
53 Shipwreck could yield the USS Scorpion from the War of 1812
54 Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Ancient Winery
55 Archaeologists work on Medieval site in Isle of Man
56 Archaeologists find Great Moravian rotunda
57 New findings from ancient tomb in Italy
58 'Fantastic' dig ends at Marden Henge in Wiltshire
59 Britain's Prehistoric Funerals--Six Feet Under, or a Bronze Age Mound?
60 Researchers from Polish Academy of Sciences discovered new archaeological sites in Egypt
61 How Cleopatra Won Her Bet
62 Neanderthal's Cozy Bedroom Unearthed
63 Reading the Zip Codes of 3,500-Year-Old Letters
64 Archaeology and Human Evolution
65 Who Nose What Happened to the Great Sphinx of Giza?
66 A city bigger than Athens?
67 Survey shows up Roman remains near Cockermouth and Papcastle
68 Historians unearth skeletons in surprising find
69 Gene Map to Give Insight into 5,200-year-old Iceman
70 Confederate sub has clues to last mission
71 Seekers of alien life gather for SETIcon
72 Dimmer view of Earth
73 Medicare's private eyes let fraud cases get cold
74 AP source: Ousted HP CEO settles with accuser
75 Ten dead, thousands evacuated in central Europe floods
76 Oil will impact Gulf for years to come
77 Solar Tsunami Revealed in New Photo
78 Allen gives BP mixed grade for oil spill response
79 Climate change sparks 'quickest evolution ever'
80 Ethicists Charge Doctor With Trying to Prevent Homosexuality in the Womb
81 Senate Approves NASA Bill, Extra Space Shuttle Flight
82 Washington vows no slack-off in Gulf oil cleanup
83 US urges focus on clean-up, sea damage after BP spill
84 3rd spacewalk needed to restore cooling system
85 Analysis: Climate talks stumble from Page 1
86 Personality Set for Life By 1st Grade, Study Suggests
87 Medicinal marijuana show in San Jose draws thousands
88 Top managers in Mountain View, Santa Clara earn top dollar compared to peers in larger San Jose
89 Rome to open Colosseum to tourists after dark
90 Damp house linked to kids' risk of nasal allergies
91 Foot Doctors Can Help Diabetics Avoid Amputation: Study
92 Back-to-School Tips on Backpack Safety
93 Depression Linked to Slow Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
94 Disfigured Afghan teen to have surgery in Calif.
95 Gasoline From Thin Air?
96 3-D Future Looks Fuzzy
97 Stubborn Fitting Holds up Space Station Repair Job
98 Interrogation Advice from CIA Docs Unethical
99 Space station repairs 'only partial success'
100 Enola Gay navigator has 'no regrets'
101 Parasite pioneer's worm naming reward
102 Why have the Northern Lights moved south?
103 Gene link to meningitis infection
104 Spinal cord regeneration success in mice
105 Can you really predict a prisoner's death?
106 Why quitting heroin substitute methadone is 'vital'
107 'Production line' heart surgery
108 WikiLeaks to Keep Publishing New Documents
109 iPhone Hardware Exec Leaving Apple
110 La. Turtle Farmers Say 35-Year-Old Ban is Unfair
111 Wrench Thrown Into Repair Work on Spacewalk
112 Same-Sex Marriage Decision: "Far From Over"
113 Allen: Relief Well in Gulf Will Be Finished
114 Scotland Cops Charge U.S. Mom in Kids' Deaths
115 Should Obama Extend Bush Tax Cuts?
116 Colo. Dentist Among 10 Killed in Afghanistan