File Title
1 World's Oldest Dog Debated
2 Ancient Sacrificial Chamber Discovered In Peru
3 Archaeological Tombs Dating Back to Bronze Age discovered In Northern Syria
4 Researchers in Israel Find World's First Steak Knives
5 Ancient Pakistan Civilization Remains Shrouded in Mystery
6 Ancient City of Petra Tombs Reveal 61 Burials and Islamic Gold Medallion
7 Discovered: Stone Age man's morning after the night before
8 Ancient woman suggests diverse migration
9 Remnants of Lost Polar Expedition Sought
10 Dead Sea Scrolls Made Locally, Tests Show
11 Guatemala tomb may hold founder of a Maya dynasty
12 An archaeological window on ancient farming
13 Canadian archeologists revel in 'mind-blowing' dig in Turkey
14 5000 Years Old Archaeological Pottery Craft Unearthed in Syria
15 Ancient wrecks found off Italy' west coast
16 Archaeologists Find Three Ceramic Offerings at Machu Picchu
17 Archaeology: Testing remains provides new insights
18 Bulgarian Archaeologists Discover Wealthy Prehistoric Settlement
19 Klaus Koschmieder--Latest Chachapoyan Discoveries
20 Ancient skull suggests head reshaping practice
21 Archaeology: 7000 year-old village found near Bulgarian town of Shoumen
22 Archaeologists Discover Biggest Rat That Ever Lived: Weight of About 6 Kilograms (Over 13 Lb)
23 Tablet Discovered by Hebrew U Matches Code of Hammurabi
24 Chinese archaeologists' African quest for sunken ship of Ming admiral
25 Bulgarian Archaeologists Carry Out 'Rescue' Digs Close to Greek Border
26 Road built over 3000-year-old tumulus in eastern Turkey
27 World Trade Center Boat Sails into Posterity, Piece by Piece
28 Cleopatra's pearl cocktail recipe revealed
29 Otzi's secrets about to be revealed
30 Roman villa found in Welsh 'military zone'
31 An Ancient Subterranean Secret Complex Discovered in Hamadan Province
32 Was Marden Henge the builder's yard for Stonehenge?
33 Ancient DNA identifies donkey ancestors, people who domesticated them
34 Archaeology: Excavations on St. Ivan island reveal potential relics from John the Baptist
35 1,800-year-old care set found in southern Turkey
36 Dig unearths 5,000-year-old artefact in Sidon
37 Archeologists Discover 4000-Year-Old Tombs
38 Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery Solved?
39 Jade sculpture found at amphitheatre
40 Canadians discover long-lost ship 'fundamental' to Arctic sovereignty
41 Reading the Writing on Pompeii's Walls
42 Experts uncover second Roman fort on city site
43 Philistine Temple Ruins Uncovered in Goliath's Hometown
44 Archaeologists Discover 2,400-Year-Old Weapons and Tools in Valencia
45 Ancient Stone Monument to Napi Discovered on Canadian Prairies
46 X-Rays Reveal Secret of Ancient Mayan Dye
47 USU archaeologists conduct 'prehistoric' research in Wyo
48 150-Year-Old Lost Ship Found in Arctic
49 New Model Help Archaeologists Make Sense of the Past
50 Tobacco tins from Lawrence of Arabia's army discovered
51 Herhold: The closing of the legendary Blue Cube
52 N/A
53 Bay Area's chilly summer not its coldest
54 UC Berkeley astronomer Don Backer dies
55 Biz Break: Forget 3-D; consumers want their Internet TV
56 Last day on the job for dozens of San Jose employees
57 UAE, Saudi to block BlackBerry on security fears
58 Growing debate in SKorea over traditional medicine
59 Land mine swept ashore from NKorea kills SKorean
60 New BP boss off to Russia to mend fences: report
61 Space Station Suffers Cooling System Malfunction
62 Coast Guard allows toxic chemical use on Gulf oil
63 Area of Mars Identified as Good Place to Look for Evidence of Past Life
64 Sri Lanka, Hawaii sites get world heritage status
65 Expo shows illegal pet trade rampant in Indonesia
66 NASA girds for spacewalks to repair station
67 Bated breath in Gulf ahead of oil well 'kill' operation
68 New questions arise on dispersant use in oil spill
69 Adults Struggle with What Used to Be Child's Blood Disorder
70 Feds warned company in Mich. spill about pipeline
71 US inaction on climate troubles global talks
72 Doctors: Transplant advance in windpipe cancer
73 Chicken producers debate 'natural' label
74 Oakland's pot dreams could burst
75 Pregnancy denial syndrome: a case for defence?
76 Lasers Will Soon Zap Vaccines Directly Into Cells
77 1962 Glass Could Be Corning's Next Bonanza Seller
78 Twitter Down for Hours of 'Planned Maintenance'
79 Hacker Builds $1,500 Cell-Phone Tapping Device
80 Motorola Spent $880,000 Lobbying in Second Quarter
81 NASA Girds for Spacewalks to Repair Station
82 U.S.-Canadian Mission Set to Map Arctic Seafloor
83 China Launches New Global Positioning Satellite
84 U.S. Nuclear Front-Runners Begin to Slow Spending
85 Christian Woman Stops Robbery With Faith
86 Lea T, Latest Brazilian Supermodel, Not Like Rest
87 Marketers, Publishers Partner for iPad Promotion
88 Mars Rover: Spirit May Never Phone Home
89 Mars Rover Spirit May Not Have Survived Martian Winter
90 NASA: Mars Rover Spirit Will Rove No More
91 A Geologist Asks for Rocks, Gets Thousands
92 Will Cher's Daughter Be New Face of Transgender Community?
93 Transgendered Oregon Mayor Stu Rasmussen May Soon Get Shot at Reality TV
94 Parents, Students Surprised at Change in Teacher's Gender Identity
95 How to Travel at Warp Speed
96 Hospitals Test Hand-Washing Detectors
97 E.T., Why Don't You Just Call?
98 NFL Steps Up Warnings to Players on Head Injury Risk
99 Search for a Kidney Leads to YouTube
100 Reports Alert FDA to Possible Contamination
101 Evamist Menopause Spray May Harm Children and Pets: FDA
102 Contrave Diet Pill Safe and Effective...So Far
103 Doctors: Transplant Advance in Windpipe Cancer
104 Obesity Rates Rise in Some States, Fatty Food Abounds Everywhere
105 Lusting for Fat: Gainers Come Out of the Closet
106 Does Eating Brown Rice Lower Diabetes Risk?
107 Is Your Sweet Tooth an Addiction?
108 Childhood Obesity: Attacking a Crushing Epidemic
109 Revisiting the Spanish Armada: How Changing Maritime Tech Changed the World
110 Report: Google, CIA Backing Web Startup
111 Astronomers Discover Jupiter-Sized Brown Dwarf
112 Global Climate Talks Troubled by U.S. Inaction
113 NASA May OK Spacewalk to Fix Space Station Power
114 UAE to Suspend BlackBerry Services In October
115 Space Station Malfunction Forces Shutdowns
116 Hacker Builds $1,500 Cell-Phone Tapping Device
117 Cops: 2 Tried to Sell Wooden Blocks as Laptops
118 U.N. Adds Everglades to Endangered Sites List
119 Facebook's On-Again, Off-Again IPO Plans--Off Again?
120 NASA Uncertain Spirit Rover Will Phone Home
121 New York Subway Platforms to Get Wi-Fi, Cell Service
122 Mullen: Afghans Outed by WikiLeaks Are Unsafe
123 Kyl: Illegals' Kids Shouldn't Be U.S. Citizens
124 Is the U.S. Presence in Afghanistan Worth It?
125 Obama Slams GOP's "Do-Nothing Policies"
126 House Rejects Bill to Aid Sick 9/11 Responders
127 12 Strangest Sleep Disorders: Just Reading About Them Could Keep You Up at Night
128 Hands-Only CPR Works Just As Well As Mouth-To-Mouth
129 Zsa Zsa Feeding Tube: Is Gabor Taking Turn for the Worse?
130 Deadly Silicone Injections: One Woman's Final Hours