File Title
1 WWII bombs may be buried at Point Reyes
2 Yvonne Pendleton named head of lunar institute
3 A port at Alviso? Business leaders, public agencies say it's worth a look
4 NASA scientists share analyses of watery moon
5 Apple fiscal 3Q net income jumps 78 percent
6 UN taps big names for HIV prevention panel
7 China flooding kills 701, worst toll in a decade
8 Two killed in 'terror attack' on Russian power plant
9 To Researchers, Space Samples Are Well Worth The Cost of Fetching
10 Growing China oil spill threatens sea life, water
11 BP's altered photo distorts spill center activity
12 Elephant tooth fossil found in Brazil: report
13 Dogs and cats have a voice under new Massachusetts law
14 EPA takes new look at gas drilling, water issues
15 Relief tunnel should reach BP Gulf well by weekend
16 Is Rage a Mental Disorder?
17 Petition seeks to have wolves howl across US
18 Hundreds of dead penguins dot Brazil's beaches
19 Scientists find most massive star ever discovered
20 Music 'Tones the Brain,' Improves Learning
21 Oakland allows industrial-scale marijuana farms
22 Health profile of Santa Clara County shows need for improvement
23 New Study Finds HPV Vaccine Protects Against Genital Warts
24 Flight diverted after 30 hurt in severe turbulence
25 'Get Moving' Can Be Vital Advice for Seniors
26 Risky Behavior, Drug Use Among Some Gay Men Linked to Childhood Abuse
27 Can deciphering your doctor's notes improve care?
28 Ed Roberts, advocate for disabled, gets own day
29 Apple Is the New Microsoft, Part 2 (Updated)
30 Five Things That Could Topple Facebook's Empire
31 Set Up Your Speakers
32 Attack of the Pads: Tablets Take On Apple
33 Honda Discovers Cars With Cords
34 Review: Dell Streak Smears Line Between Phone and Tablet
35 Get Free Design Advice From Not Pixel Perfect Yet
36 Test Your Websites in iPad Peek, Save Yourself $500
37 Classic American Iron Rolls in Tehran
38 Physicists Tame Time Travel by Forbidding You to Kill Your Grandfather
39 How Inception's Astonishing Visuals Came to Life
40 Design for Readability First
41 iPad Sheet-Music Foot-Switch is a Real Page-Turner
42 U.S. Stealth Jets, Carrier Tell Norks: Back The Hell Up
43 Tiny, Cute Pocket Mirror is Wallet-Friendly
44 Here's Why Michael Jordan Could Fly
45 Apple Fiscal 3Q Net Income Jumps 78 Percent
46 Scientists Find Most Massive Star Ever Discovered
47 T-Rays: The Future of Airport Security, the End of Suicide Bombers?
48 Review: Great iPad Games Are Worth the Search
49 Congress Moves to Crack Down on Prison Cell Phones
50 Researchers discover new octopus species
51 Study finds gutful of unknown viruses
52 Southern species 'older than northern'
53 Astronomers detect 'monster star'
54 UK to open Earth observation hub
55 China oil spill after pipe blast 'worse than thought'
56 EU calls time on loss-making coal mines
57 Hundreds of dead penguins washed up in Brazil
58 China 'leapfrogs US to become biggest energy user'
59 Wireless device sends power through armoured doors
60 Cameroon farmers doubt elephant chili ball idea
61 Flying ants stage annual mating ritual
62 Scientists Seek Wolves' Return Across the U.S.
63 Screen Flicker Problem Hits New Droid X
64 Experts Detail Most Massive Star Ever Discovered
65 Wikileaks Denies Receiving Classified State Dept. Cables
66 Beijing: Google Agrees to Obey Censorship Law
67 Fashion Feedback at the Click of a Mouse
68 Antennagate Doesn't Hurt Apple's Earnings
69 Hundreds of Dead Penguins Wash Ashore in Brazil
70 Microsoft Finally Puts Price Tag on Kinect Controller
71 Facebook Customer Satisfaction in the Dumps
72 Amish Teen Led Cops on Horse and Buggy Chase, Say Police
73 FAA: Airlines Must Check Boeing 767s for Cracks
74 Congress Moves to Rein In Prison Cell Phones
75 Scuffle at Meeting over NC School Resegregation
76 Ex-Romanian Dictator Ceausescu Exhumed for Tests
77 Has Wall Street Decided iPhone 4 Issue "Old News" Already?
78 Utah Fires Two over List Targeting Immigrants
79 Tea Party Leader: NAACP Is Playing the Race Card
80 First Lady's "Let's Move" Clinic: Michelle Obama, MLB Battle Childhood Obesity
81 White Baby Shocks Black Parents: Medically Possible?
82 Raw Milk Worth Risks? Enthusiasts Drink Up Despite Warnings from FDA
83 Teen Swaps Cell Phone, Winds Up with Porsche
84 Barter Your Way To Great Deals Online
85 BP Cuts 600 Oil Skimmers from Gulf Cleanup
86 Champagne fizzles out if served with a splash
87 Audit picks a bone with US relics office
88 Success at last for anti-HIV gel
89 UK government warned over 'catastrophic' cuts
90 Amazon drought raises research doubts
91 Animal rights 'terror' law challenged
92 Collider gets yet more exotic 'to-do' list
93 Why music is good for you
94 Amphibians wiped out before they are discovered
95 A speech screen for autism?
96 Long-lived Salamanders Offer Clues to Aging
97 Avoidable Disasters: Major (and Deadly) Human Screw-ups
98 Stone Age Carving: Ancient Dildo?
99 Why We Can't Sit Still
100 Depression May Increase Chances of Getting Alzheimer's
101 Michelangelo Artfully Hid a Brain Stem in God's Throat
102 Depressed People Really Do See a Gray World
103 Music 'Tones the Brain,' Improves Learning
104 Immune to HIV: How Do They Do It?
105 Beach Umbrellas Fail to Block 34 Percent of UV Rays
106 New Thinner MacBook Air Might Hurt iPad Sales
107 How Teens Could Overrun the Earth
108 Cassini Sees Moon Building Giant Snowballs in Saturn Ring
109 Drilling Down to the Nanometer Depths of Leaves for Biofuels
110 First-of-Its-Kind Map Details the Height of the Globe's Forests
111 Rapid Growth in Adolescence Leads to Fewer Offspring, Biologists Find
112 Why Some Plants Flower in Spring, Autumn and Some in Summer
113 How Music Training Primes Nervous System and Boosts Learning
114 Animal Connection: New Hypothesis for Human Evolution and Human Nature
115 Fourth Property of Electrons? Electric Dipole Moment Would Explain Creation of Universe
116 Artificial Cells Communicate and Cooperate Like Biological Cells, Ants
117 Cool Roofs Can Offset Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Mitigate Global Warming, Study Finds
118 Bone Cells' Branches Sense Stimulation, When to Make New Bone
119 By 'Putting a Ring on It,' Microparticles Can Be Captured
120 Children Have a Negative Impact on Physical Activity Among Individuals With Heart Disease, Study Finds
121 Nanotechnology: Scientists Construct Molecular 'Knots'
122 Getting Angry Can Help Negotiations in Some Cultures, Hurt It in Others
123 New Genetic Marker of Ovarian Cancer Risk Discovered
124 HPV Vaccine Gives Prolonged Protection Against Genital Warts and Low-Grade Pre-Cancerous Growths
125 Key Pathway in End-Stage Prostate Cancer Tumor Progression Blocked
126 Cells' Grouping Tactic Points to New Cancer Treatments
127 Scientists Identify Key Molecular Regulator of Cardiac Hypertrophy
128 Practice Makes Perfect? Consumers Overestimate Their Ability to Learn Prior to Purchase
129 Consumers Love Underdogs
130 Healthy Families, Religious Involvement Buffer Youth Against Risk Factors Related to Drug Abuse
131 Brain Training Reverses Age-Related Cognitive Decline
132 Foreign Accents Make Speakers Seem Less Truthful to Listeners, Study Finds
133 No Pain, No Gain? Concrete Thinking Increases Consumer Confidence
134 Children's School Performance Tied to Family 'Type'
135 First Concrete Evidence That Women Are Better Multitaskers Than Men
136 Greater Obesity in Offspring of Nursing Mothers Consuming a High-Fat Diet
137 A High-Fat Diet Alters Crucial Aspects of Brain Dopamine Signaling
138 New Way to Target Viruses Could Make Antiviral Drugs More Effective
139 Probiotics Use in Mothers Limits Eczema in Their Babies, Study Finds
140 Underwater Sponges and Worms May Hold Key to Cure for Malaria
141 Uncovering Behavior of Long-Dead Insects
142 Adaptation in Mole Blood Aids Tunnelling
143 Expedition to Mid-Cayman Rise Identifies Unusual Variety of Deep Sea Vents
144 Rapid Losses of Africa's Native Livestock Threaten Continent's Food Supply, Experts Warn
145 NOAA Ship Fairweather Maps Aid Shipping Through Bering Straits
146 Beach Umbrellas Do Not Block out All Solar Radiation, Study Shows
147 Health Impacts of Deepwater Horizon Disaster on Coastal Louisiana Residents Surveyed
148 Remarkable Fossil Cave Shows How Ancient Marsupials Grew
149 Mayan King's Tomb Discovered in Guatemala
150 Reinventing the Wheel--Naturally
151 What Plant Genes Tell Us About Crop Domestication
152 New Light on Leonardo Da Vinci's Faces
153 Refining a Cosmic Clock: Particle Accelerator Research Helps Narrow Down the Age of Our Galaxy
154 NASA's WISE Mission Completes Extensive Sky Survey
155 See Beautiful Ontario Lacus: Cassini's Guided Tour
156 Quantum Simulations Uncover Hydrogen's Phase Transitions
157 Astronomers Discover an Unusual Cosmic Lens
158 Video Camera Will Show Mars Rover's Touchdown
159 Engineers Work on Rocket Demonstrator for Mars Missions
160 New Method Developed for Synchronizing Clocks
161 Widely Used Chemicals Linked to ADHD in Children
162 Image-Processing Algorithm Reduces CT Radiation Dose by as Much as 95 Percent
163 Computer Program Predicts MRSA Bacteria's Next Move
164 Prolonged Mobile Phone Use May Be Linked to Tinnitus
165 Data Presentation and Consumer Confidence
166 Next Generation Surgical Robots: Where's the Doctor?
167 'The Friend of My Enemy Is My Enemy': Virtual Universe Study Proves 80-Year-Old Theory on How Humans Interact