File Title
1 RIM, Nokia respond to Apple's "Antennagate" press conference
2 Apple says it takes 3 years to get a new cell tower in San Francisco
3 Apple posts videos of press conference, antenna performance, test chambers
4 Jobs calls Bloomberg story 'total bull,' says NYT 'making things up'
5 Apple says software fix for iPhone 4 proximity sensor is coming
6 InfoWorld: Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 is a disaster; tepid knockoff of a 2007-era iPhone
7 RUMOR: Apple's next-gen Mac Pro, iMac models to have USB 3.0, faster FireWire
8 Consumer Reports: Apple's free Bumper case does not earn iPhone 4 our recommendation
9 Schwarz: Steve Jobs did a great job of putting 'antennagate' into proper perspective
10 D.A. withdraws search warrant after deal with Gizmodo's Chen
11 Did Apple get ahead of its iPhone 4 PR problem today?
12 Apple to give users free iPhone 4 bumpers, full refund if requested
13 Notes from Apple's iPhone 4 press conference
14 Apple says it has Verizon cell sites on campus
15 RIM: Apple is trying to draw us into a "self-made debacle"
16 Tour inside Apple's wireless labs reveal elaborate tests
17 Consumer Reports still won't recommend iPhone 4
18 Nokia agrees with Apple but says antenna trumps shape
19 23% of IT managers may already use iPads
20 Verizon believes smartphones could take down Microsoft
21 iPhone 4 antenna song guy makes Jobs love song
22 iPhone 4 production issues causing sales to taper off?
23 HTC chimes in on Jobs' antenna assertions
24 Nokia responds to Apple's antenna claims as well
25 RIM responds to Apple's antenna press conference
26 Consumer Reports hears Steve Jobs' case, still can't recommend the iPhone
27 Skype missing from App Store [Update: It's Back]
28 iChatr (Chatroulette) yanked from App Store, supposedly people 'exposed themselves'
29 Apple posts Antenna Conference and launches Antenna Site
30 Apple shipping redesigned iPhone in October?
31 An iPhone DSLR prototype housing hits snags [see editor's note below]
32 Cut a standard SIM down to iPhone 4/iPad size
33 Consumer Reports still a 'thumbs down' on iPhone 4
34 Sitting for a portrait with FaceTime on iPhone 4
35 Flurry: In-app purchases generating lots more revenue per user
36 Foxconn denies Apple subsidizing wages
37 'Antennagate' press conference video and official pages up
38 Glue: The social network and iPhone app you can get stuck in
39 Medici Family Cold Case Finally Solved
40 Discovery of earliest illuminated manuscript
41 18th-Century Ship Found at Trade Center Site
42 Egypt: Ramesses II temple unearthed in Upper Egypt
43 Ground Zero builders uncover centuries-old hull
44 Archaeological Findings Point to Ancient Indo-Roman Trade
45 900-year-old Byzantine church unearthed in S Turkey
46 Cauldron from rare wreckage will shed light on St. Augustine's colonial heritage
47 Rare Stone Age Find
48 Archaeologists Unearth Warrior Sarcophagus at Ancient City of Parion, Turkey
49 Archaeologists find what could be ancient village near Jerseyville
50 Ancient 'mansio' unearthed in Tuscany
51 Reinventing the Wheel--Naturally
52 Is Holy Land Archaeology Being Hyped by Politics?
53 Cambridgeshire Quarry throws up 4,500-year-old find
54 Archaeologists Discover 1400 Year Old Settlement in Illinois
55 In a London yard, remains of Shakespeare's first theatre emerge from the ground
56 Relic of Harpocrates, the god of secrecy and silence, found at Silchester
57 Mayan King's Tomb Discovered in Guatemala
58 Chronic Illness Sufferers Find Support in Program
59 Hibernating Bears Have Healthy Hearts
60 Pain Med Addiction Up 400 Percent in Last Decade
61 Imperfect Apple apologises
62 Consumer Reports: Still Not Recommending iPhone4
63 RIM Responds to Steve Jobs Over Smartphone Claims: Baloney
64 A Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' on in D.C.
65 BP "Not Seeing Any Problems" With Well Cap
66 Clinton Asia Tour to Refine Goals of Afghan War
67 Guidelines Issued For Antibiotic Use in Animals
68 Chrissy Steltz, Gun Shot Victim, Gets New Face
69 Got Milk? Try Camel Milk Instead
70 FDA: Breast Cancer Drug Does Not Extend Lives
71 Orgasm Just by Thinking: Is it Medically Possible?
72 Hips Don't Lie, But Can't Remember Much Either: Pear-Shaped Women Score Worse on Mental Tests
73 Search Called Off in Collapsed Parking Garage
74 The Intoxicating Scent of Internet Success
75 Scientists Fret Over Oil Well's Low Pressure
76 Why walking flat-footed hurts habitual high-heels wearers
77 The secret to sniffing out a safe supper
78 Scientists discover human sperm gene is 600 million years old
79 The first malaria-proof mosquito
80 Investigators identify gene associated with kidney disease in African-American population
81 Small fish exploits forbidding environment
82 Bright stars of the brain regulate breathing
83 Stanford scientists develop new way to grow adult stem cells in culture
84 Remarkable fossil cave shows how ancient marsupials grew
85 Largest study of genomes and cancer treatments releases first results
86 Tiny marine microbes exert influence on global climate
87 AgriLife Research examines human immune response to virus at the atomic level
88 New role for master regulator in cell metabolism, response to stress
89 Diabetes shouldn't deter young athletes: York U study
90 WSU researchers find way to make cancer cells more mortal
91 Scientists mount a 'sting operation' in Thailand to tackle a devastating pest outbreak
92 Vitamin deficiency after weight loss surgery can cause vision loss in newborns
93 The protective brain hypothesis is confirmed
94 Scientists identify nature's insect repellents
95 Concentration, Timing and Interactions are Key When it Comes to Dietary Compounds
96 Eat Well, But Don't Feed a Cancer Cell
97 Redundant genetic instructions in 'junk DNA' support healthy development
98 Findings overturn old theory of phytoplankton growth, raise concerns for ocean productivity
99 Researchers find mice cages alter brains
100 Novel microfluidic HIV test is quick and cheap
101 New Study Finds Major League Pitchers 34 Percent More Likely to be Injured than Fielders
102 Reports detail global investment and other trends in green energy
103 Caltech scientists measure changing lake depths on Titan
104 New radiation mechanism may ward off cancer, oil spills and terrorism
105 New light on Leonardo Da Vinci's faces
106 Ironing out the causes of wrinkles
107 New Arsenic Nanoparticle Blocks Aggressive Breast Cancer
108 UM Scientists Decipher First Step in the Synthesis of RNA from DNA
109 Researchers cut years from drug development with nanoscopic bead technology
110 'Broken symmetry' discovery in high-temperature superconductors opens new research path
111 Refining a cosmic clock
112 Small wires make big connections for microelectronics
113 More than half the world's population gets insufficient vitamin D, says UCR biochemist
114 Breakthrough Achieved in Explaining Why Tectonic Plates Move the Way They Do
115 Astronomers discover an unusual cosmic lens
116 Herschel: The first science highlights
117 Tecnalia investigates ecological cement that cuts CO2 emissions by up to 100%
118 Chemists grow crystals with a twist--and untwist
119 Licensed Florida Tech research makes lab work easier
120 New research finds major activation themes in denture-stomatitis
121 New discovery brings hope to treatment of incurable blood cancer
122 Insecurities plague electronic health care
123 Simple, Accurate In-Office Tool Predicts Athletes at High-risk for ACL Injury, Study Details
124 More Research Needed to Verify Effectiveness of ACL and Knee Injury Prevention Programs, Study Says
125 Early ACL Surgery in Kids Would Save $30 Million & Prevent Thousands of Secondary Injuries
126 Scientists Urge Formation of Global Collaboration to Avert Global Aging Crisis
127 Key advance in understanding 'pseudogap' phase in high-Tc superconductors
128 A new molecular technique detects Anisakis in all fish
129 Study: Skilled immigrants boost US innovation
130 Advanced Weapon System Helps ONR Respond to Navy Needs