File Title
1 Saratoga mom is producing a TV show...for moms
2 Mercury found in fish from S.F. water supply
3 High times with legalized pot? It all depends
4 Legalizing pot would lower prices, raise use, study says
5 Repeat of SKorea, US cyberattacks does no damage
6 French team performs face transplant with eyelids
7 BP dampens hope of early leak fix
8 Cosmic Clouds Part to Reveal Dazzling Space Fireworks
9 Beach cleaners only skimming oil off surface sand
10 Donated Cambodian elephants to be flown to S. Korea
11 The Tamale Lady talks fillings, kids, Twitter
12 Early humans ventured farther north than thought
13 Aircraft completes first solar-powered night flight
14 Greenpeace activists arrested off Israel coast
15 Tests Predicts Whether Relationships Will Last
16 Japanese spacecraft may have dust from asteroid
17 Anti-whaling group says activist ban 'a strategy'
18 Solar plane lands after completing 24-hour flight
19 Magnitude 5.4 quake hits Southern California
20 Doctor-Patient E-Mails Are a Healthy Addition, Research Shows
21 Health Tip: Help Prevent Choking While Eating
22 Many Docs Deliver Cancer Diagnosis Badly: Study
23 Skilled Healthcare down 75 percent on $671 million verdict
24 Family meals, vegetables may keep kids trim
25 Obesity surgery may curb 'drive to eat'
26 Diabetics eye obesity surgery to tame blood sugar
27 Scalable Quantum Computer Chip Technique Revealed
28 Startup Aims to Bring Useless Farmland Back to Life
29 Biofuels from Saltwater Crops
30 Crops That Shut Down Pests' Genes
31 Retuning Bacteria
32 Multiplying DNA One Drop at a Time
33 Prostate Cancer Results While You Wait
34 Multistep Diagnostics on Paper
35 Solar Plane Lands After Completing 24-Hour Flight
36 Addicted to Love? It's Not You, It's Your Brain
37 The Anatomy of an E-Mail Hack
38 Ridley Scott Helms YouTube Competition for Documentary
39 Proton's measure comes up short
40 Your hair reveals where you've been
41 Debate over industry impact on WA rock art
42 Black hole blows huge gas bubble
43 BP oil spill: relief well drilling 'ahead of schedule'
44 Humans' early arrival in Britain
45 Europe studies new rocket options
46 The cyber Cyrano
47 European Parliament bans illegal timber
48 Solar-powered plane lands safely after 26-hour flight
49 Huge Roman coins find for hobbyist
50 Camel spiders are sticky killers
51 Tags reveal puffin food 'hotspot'
52 Climate data: what's hidden?
53 Climate e-mails review condemns lack of openness
54 BT and TalkTalk challenge Digital Economy Act
55 Information Commission issues privacy code of practice
56 US to access Europeans' bank data in new deal
57 YouTube bids for screen dominance
58 Tech Brief: The movie that won't be advertising on Facebook, et al.
59 Inflatable football screens hit Kenya
60 How influential are you?
61 Link between inactivity and obesity queried
62 DNA bank hits goal of enrolling half a million adults
63 Fast food 'fuelling Asia diabetes boom'
64 UK Treasure Hunter Finds 52,000 Roman Coins
65 Laptop Hell at 30,000 Feet
66 Egypt Unveils 4,300-Year-Old Tombs
67 Dangers of Free Public Wifi
68 Japanese Spacecraft May Have Dust From Asteroid
69 Solar-Powered Plane Makes 24-Hour Test Flight
70 Telescope Sights Celestial Version of Puff, the Magic Dragon
71 Energy Sec. Nano Paper Hailed as Breakthrough
72 AT&T: Glitch Limits iPhone 4 Upload Speed
73 Early Humans Migrated North Earlier than Thought
74 Germany: Facebook Illegally Takes Personal Data
75 Woman Arrested for DUI for Vanilla Extract and Diet Coke Mixer?
76 Big Russia-US Spy Swap Appears To Be in Motion
77 Hope is Fading for Missing Duck Boat Riders
78 Court: UK Can't Extradite Terror Suspects to US
79 Are Men Using Facebook to Hook Up, Break Up? Ask Sandra Bullock
80 Marijuana Prices Would Crater If Legalized
81 Full Face Transplant Claimed by French Doctors
82 Diabetics Obesity Surgery: Stomach Stapling for the Not-So-Fat?
83 Divorce Contagious? Your Social Network Could Bring You Down
84 Lady Gaga Style: Big Eyes, Big Risks?
85 Gaga Lenses (PICTURE): Is Lady Gaga-Inspired Contact Lens Trend Dangerous?
86 Kendra Wilkinson Memoir: Playboy Mom Battled Meth and Won
87 Dilaudid, Ambien, Adderall: Lindsay Lohan's Dangerous Medicine Cabinet?
88 CDC: Cancer Screening Could Save 10,000 Americans a Year
89 Will Donald Berwick Ration Healthcare? Conservatives Pounce on Obama Appointee
90 Duck Boat Company Suspending Tours Nationwide
91 Anna Chapman (PICTURES): Ex-Husband Divulges Accused Russian Spy's Bedroom Secrets in Tabloid
92 Genetic ancestry data improve diagnosis in asthma and lung disease
93 Gladstone scientists establish link between brain activity and Parkinson's disease symptoms
94 Pitt researchers find new proteins that regulate blood pressure, flow
95 High blood levels of vitamin E reduces risk of Alzheimer's
96 Pinpoint precision: Delivering a biochemical payload to 1 cell
97 Genetically reprogrammed HSV given systemically shrinks distant sarcomas
98 Researchers calculate the cost of CO2 emissions, call for carbon tax
99 Rice program takes on protein puzzle
100 Researchers demystifying complex cellular communications hubs found in sensory neurons
101 York U autism-related study discovers how drug interferes with neuronal cell function
102 Fish oil may reduce risk of breast cancer
103 Intercellular communication: From 'cable-phone' to 'cell-phone'?
104 Small molecule boosts production of brain cells, protects new cells from dying
105 Mental decline thwarted in aging rats
106 A chemical to make brain cells grow
107 Housing upgrade shrinks tumors in mice with cancer
108 ESMO publishes updated guidelines on cancer care
109 Gene knockout makes female mice masculine
110 A Simple Massage Is Proven To Relieve Psychological And Physiological State Of Patients With Chronic Tension Headache
111 Scientists describe 2 new species of fish from area engulfed by oil spill
112 New research shows why some communities embrace environmental conservation and others don't
113 Professor discovers way to slow the growth of malignant melanoma
114 DNA discovery opens new door to develop tools, therapies for hereditary cancers
115 Magical Thinking About Islands Is an Illusion
116 Heat waves could be commonplace in the US by 2039, Stanford study finds
117 Black hole blows big bubble
118 New 3-D imaging techniques for improved lung cancer drug development
119 Newborn Stars Discovered in Dark Cosmic Cloud
120 New biofuels processing method for mobile facilities
121 Barrow scientist leads insula research
122 New system to reduce heating costs in cold climates
123 Novel ion trap with optical fiber could link atoms and light in quantum networks
124 JILA team finds new parallel between cold gases and 'hot' superconductors
125 Magnets trump metallics
126 Vitamin B3 as a novel approach to treat fungal infections
127 Stress of an enriched environment might curb cancer growth
128 New surgery improves outcomes for severe flat foot deformity
129 Home care equivalent to hospital care for some patients with cystic fibrosis
130 Simple diagnostic tool predicts Type 2 diabetes in South East Asians
131 Is biopsy avoidable on diagnosis of celiac disease?
132 Functional MRI may predict response of hepatocellular carcinoma to chemoembolization
133 Perfusion CT may be used as a noninvasive tool in detection of hepatic toxicity
134 Surgery linked to Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease
135 Severe angina poses 3 times the coronary artery disease risk for women than men
136 1 in 5 preschoolers in the US demonstrates mental health issues when entering kindergarten
137 SNM cautions that Canada's Chalk River coming back online will not solve long-term isotope shortage
138 Electronic Health Records Prime Clinicians to Provide Progressive Care to Older Adults
139 HPV DNA testing over 50 percent more sensitive than cytology testing
140 Endoscopic ultrasound evaluation is associated with improved outcomes in pancreatic cancer patients
141 TGen finds protein inhibitor revives chemotherapy for ovarian patients
142 Road surface purifies air by removing nitrogen oxides (NOx)
143 Infrared camera provides a better view
144 Reversible watermarking for digital images
145 Multi-Layered Images Projected Onto Water Droplets With New Carnegie Mellon Display Technology
146 Nano-sized light mill drives micro-sized disk
147 Transformation optics make a U-turn for the better
148 Study measures single-molecule machines in action
149 New TGen technology reduces storage needs and costs for genomic data
150 A Pinch of Light
151 Multicolor quantum dots aid in cancer biopsy diagnosis
152 With Magnetic Nanoparticles, Scientists Remotely Control Neurons and Animal Behavior
153 New system helps locate car park spaces
154 The Legend of Good Cop/Bad Cop
155 More Terror Groups Globally, But Fewer Coordinated Attacks, Report Finds
156 Citizen Journalism v. Legacy News: The Battle for News Supremacy