File Title
1 Artifacts dating back to 5000 B.C. found in Rutland Town
2 Excavations link ancient prison to apostle's last days
3 4,000-year-old necklace found in dumpster
4 Irish manuscript found is more important than the Dead Sea Scrolls
5 Ancient voyager's tomb found in E China
6 Council worker stumbles across 3,000-year-old carving
7 Serbian site may have hosted first copper makers
8 Lasers used to map giant burial mounds in 3-D
9 Lost Indian grammar manuscript rediscovered in Italian library
10 Amazonian Indians More Advanced Than We Knew
11 Tales from the Crypt: The Mystery of Germany's Aristocratic Mummies
12 Archaeological excavations of the city of Tigranakert in Artsakh get under way
13 'Strange bones' in Colchester Egyptian Mummy
14 Women in Pharaonic Egypt
15 Russians restore face to 30,000+ year-old Kostenki cave man
16 Incredible find: Record arrowhead discovered in western Kentucky creek
17 Museum of London Archaeology digs Shakespeare's Shoreditch theatre
18 12th century Gethsemane fresco to be displayed in Israel Museum
19 Researchers uncover origin of cannons found on beach at Arch Cape
20 Archeology finds: Ancient town found underground in Kyparissia, Greece
21 Crannog site revealed after lake's level drops
22 Archaeologists: Temple dating back to Hellenistic and Roman eras unearthed in Syria
23 Orkney Venus dig reaches exciting phase, says expert
24 Mitochondrial genome analysis revises view of the initial peopling of North America
25 Bitola, Macedonia: Archaeologists Stumble Upon Ancient Necropolises During Stadium Reconstruction
26 Rock Paintings at La Pintada Archaeological Zone Catalogued
27 Computer automatically deciphers ancient language
28 Colonial Painting Found in Palacio de Bellas Artes Restored
29 CU Researcher Finds 10,000-Year-Old Hunting Weapon in Melting Ice Patch
30 Website maps Welsh archaeological finds
31 Egypt finds evidence of unfinished ancient tomb
32 No secret Burial at end of SETI I Tunnel
33 Archaeology: Roman Shipwreck Discovered Near Aeolian Islands
34 Cleopatra Killed by Drug Cocktail?
35 Remains of oldest palace for emperor's accession ceremony found
36 Archaeologists Unearth 17th Century Horse Burial Site
37 Temple University archaeologists unearth African American historical site
38 Man-made global warming started with ancient hunters
39 Archaeological mystery solved
40 Tibetans adapted to altitude in under 3,000 years: study
41 David Livingstone letter deciphered at last
42 North Dakota archaeological site might be historic Pottery Pit find
43 Ancient site near Nablus 'too problematic' to open
44 First Century Iron Industry Site Found In Jeniang
45 Pillar of Eliseg: Archaeologists dig beneath 9th Century monument
46 Roman Mystery Woman Discovered Near Hereford: Not a Female Gladiator
47 Brendan Cole given new liver, pancreas, small intestine
48 It took expert help to put me right
49 A stride on the road to sanity
50 Court ruling hands native title win to Torres Strait islanders
51 Genes are god when it comes to long life
52 Contaminated crumpets had too much iron
53 Seven years for Jayant Patel fails to ease the anger
54 Fossils found in Gabon rewrite timeline of life on Earth
55 Drug-smuggling sub
56 Otters help their elderly (sometimes)
57 Draft of Declaration of Independence named subjects, not citizens
58 Is calling torture 'torture' political correctness?
59 Deepwater Horizon: New NASA images from space show oil invading Louisiana wetlands
60 New York Times and other papers use deceptive death-notice company
61 Online video patents: an impassable thicket?
62 Funny book: P.S. I Hate It Here, Kids' Letters From Camp
63 Update: SS United States saved from the scrapper (for now)
64 Jaycee Dugard to get $20 million in settlement
65 Birds vs. humans: Balancing needs
66 Cape Cod conditions may draw more great whites
67 Toxin-laden algae closes pond, again
68 Obama offers $1.85b for solar plant effort
69 New US satellite will monitor space debris
70 China investing billions to become a superpower in science
71 Volunteers say offers to clean oil are ignored
72 Tiny birds, big trouble
73 Scientists find oil blotches on Gulf crab larvae
74 Supply ship fails to dock with space station
75 David Livingstone letter deciphered at last
76 Study will look at oil spill's effect on whales
77 By one measure, BP spill now stands as gulf's largest
78 Agency says global carbon dioxide levels stayed flat in '09
79 Russian math whiz rejects $1m prize
80 Pups offer hope for nearly extinct wolf breed
81 Last shuttle trip delayed until 2011
82 Giant predatory whale named for 'Moby-Dick' author
83 Closing in on genes that help people live to 100
84 Test determines whether you'll age like fine wine
85 How 3 billion Crayola crayons are made
86 A modest proposal: Twitter, meet your new mascot
87 Gulf oil spill: BP grants $500 million for independent research
88 Out-of-control Russian robot ship careens past space station
89 Russian spies: Top 5 old-school espionage technologies that still work
90 The US may be the richest nation, but it's not the happiest
91 Motorola Droid X focuses on screen time
92 Wreck Of Andrea Doria bell discovered
93 Hurricane Alex wreaking havoc on BP Gulf oil spill
94 School-bus-sized prehistoric sperm whale actually ate other whales
95 New supersonic plane could hush sonic booms
96 A black hole slingshot?
97 How Russian spies hid secret codes in online photos
98 Flying Car--just like the Jetsons--gets green light from FAA (VIDEO)
99 Archimedes' flaming death ray was probably just a cannon, study finds
100 'Programmable matter' can fold itself into an origami airplane
101 Giant blobs of magma rippling Earth's surface
102 China not invited to party at International Space Station, says NASA