File Title
1 Scientists Find Direct Line from Development to Growth
2 Genetic Signatures of Human Exceptional Longevity Discovered
3 Tibetan Adaptation to High Altitude Occurred in Less Than 3,000 Years
4 Killer Whales and the Mystery of Human Menopause
5 X-Ray Satellite Homes in on a Black Hole's Jets
6 Extinction of Woolly Mammoth, Saber-Toothed Cat May Have Been Caused by Human Predators
7 Man in the Moon Has 'Graphite Whiskers'
8 Complex, Multicellular Life from Over Two Billion Years Ago Discovered
9 'Butterfly Effect' in the Brain Makes the Brain Intrinsically Unreliable
10 Human-Made Global Warming Started With Ancient Hunters
11 Subtle Mutations in Immune Gene May Increase Risk for Asthma
12 Cell Phone Microscope Poised to Begin Trials in Africa
13 Cellular and Molecular Events That Restrict HIV Transmission Identified
14 Molecular Prosthesis Against Gout
15 Looking Back Key to Moving Forward: Counterfactual Reflection Is Critical to Institutional Prosperity, Study Finds
16 High Fructose Diet May Contribute to High Blood Pressure, Study Finds
17 Planned Home Births Associated With Tripling of Neonatal Mortality Rate Vs. Planned Hospital Births
18 UVA Radiation Damages DNA in Human Melanocyte Skin Cells and Can Lead to Melanoma
19 Overweight Women Undertaking ART Twice as Likely to Miscarry as Their Slimmer Counterparts, Study Finds
20 Genetic Regulator Opens New Avenues to AIDS, Immune System Research
21 New Drug Restores Hearing After Noise-Induced Hearing Loss in Rats
22 Can Money Buy Happiness? Gallup Poll Asks, and the World Answers
23 Stroke Complications May Subtract Additional Two Years of Healthy Life
24 Acupuncture Improves Exercise Tolerance in Heart Patients, German Study Finds
25 Work-Life Balance: Brain Stem Cells Need Their Rest, Too
26 Reading the Look of Love
27 Teenage Physical Activity Reduces Risk of Cognitive Impairment in Later Life
28 Experiencing Different Cultures Enhances Creativity
29 Drivers Mistakenly Believe Winter Is Most Dangerous Travel Time, Survey Shows
30 Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure, Research Finds
31 Discovery of a Hepatitis C-Related Virus in Bats May Reduce Outbreaks in Humans
32 Researchers Identify What Makes MRSA Lethal
33 New Heat-Tolerant Beans Released
34 Apples Grow Larger When Cells Don't Divide, Study Shows
35 Some Males React to Competition Like Bonobos, Others Like Chimpanzees
36 Warmer Is Better: Invasive Cane Toads Set to Thrive Under Global Warming
37 Switching Off Your Lights Has a Bigger Impact Than You Might Think, Says New Study
38 Emissions of Greenhouse Gases Methane and Nitrous Oxide Underestimated, Research Suggests
39 Exposure to Secondhand Smoke in the Womb Has Lifelong Impact, Study Finds
40 Better Way to Battle Mosquitoes: Research Could Provide More Effective Treatment Against West Nile Virus
41 Feathered Friends: Ostriches Provide Clues to Dinosaur Movement
42 Hunting Weapon 10,000 Years Old Found in Melting Ice Patch
43 When Two Parts of the Earth's Crust Break Apart, This Does Not Always Cause Massive Volcanic Eruptions
44 Science Uncovers the Hidden Secrets of World-Famous Paintings
45 Outliving the Ice Age: Tale of a Rhinoceros
46 R Coronae Australis: A Cosmic Watercolor
47 Voyager 2 at 12,000 Days: The Super-Marathon Continues
48 More Proof That New Planet and Star Are Moving Together
49 Zapping Titan-Like Atmosphere With UV Rays Creates Life Precursors
50 NASA Instrument Will Identify Clues to Martian Past
51 Three-Legged Dogs Boost Robot Research
52 Scrubbing CO2 from Atmosphere Could Be a Long-Term Commitment
53 World of Lights in the Microcosmos
54 Science of Soccer: Ball Aerodynamics Focus of Research
55 All-Natural Personal Care Products: Chemical Engineer Patents Enzymatic Preparation to Make Natural Ingredients in the Lab
56 System That Controls Sleep May Be Same for Most Mammals
57 Diamonds and the Holy Grail of Quantum Computing
58 Earplug Lets the Message Through
59 Science Historian Cracks the 'Plato Code'
60 Enterprise PCs Work While They Sleep--Saving Energy and Money--With New Software
61 Why you should never arm wrestle a saber-toothed tiger
62 Spy suspects allegedly used regular consumer tech
63 Russian cargo ship fails to dock with ISS (Update)
64 Saturn System Moves Oxygen From Enceladus to Titan
65 Reversal of fortune for Parkinson's disease transplant treatment
66 IBM Hot Water-Cooled Supercomputer Goes Live at ETH Zurich
67 Alex's aftermath brings flash flood watches to Texas
68 Personalized approach to smoking cessation may be reality in 3-5 years
69 Cell signaling classification system gives researchers new tool
70 Large Hadron Collider gains pace: CERN
71 First Experiment to Attempt Prevention of Homosexuality in Womb
72 Science historian cracks the 'Plato code'
73 Search for the bridge to the quantum world
74 How 'spooky' quantum mechanical laws may affect everyday objects (Update)
75 Scientist says nuclear weapons may be best bet for saving Earth from asteroids
76 HIRO III lets you feel what you see on screen (w/ Video)
77 Apple 'stunned' to find iPhones show too many bars
78 Flying car should be available next year (w/ Video)
79 Physicists explain why superconductors fail to produce super currents
80 Arctic climate may be more sensitive to warming than thought, says new study
81 Landing on an asteroid: Not quite like in the movies
82 A butterfly effect in the brain
83 Can money buy happiness? Gallup poll asks, and the world answers
84 An Internet 100 times as fast: A new network design could boost capacity
85 Print your own lasers, lights and TV screens
86 Graphene 2.0: A new approach to making a unique material
87 Nanopores make sterile filtration more reliable
88 Scientists Advance Quantum Computing & Energy Conversion Tech
89 Carbon nanotubes form ultrasensitive biosensor to detect proteins
90 Spaghetti highway for cells: Noodle-shaped string of aligned nanofibers promises better tissue regeneration
91 Supernovae mystery solved
92 Diamonds and the holy grail of quantum computing
93 Scientists report first monolithic terahertz solid-state transceiver
94 Barrier to faster integrated circuits may be mere speed bump, scientists say
95 Fast-tracking the manufacture of glasses
96 Researchers analyze the future of transistor-less magnonic logic circuits
97 Moynihan, as Nixon aide, warned of global warming
98 Geoscientists explain differences between large Sumatran earthquakes
99 Turtle eggs to be rescued from Gulf of Mexico spill
100 US scientist in race to learn from Indonesia's dying glacier
101 Study will look at oil spill's effect on whales
102 Oil spills raise arsenic levels in the ocean, says new research
103 Florida tests inventors' sand-cleaning ideas
104 CryoSat-2 exceeding expectations
105 Indonesia's last glacier will melt within years
106 How fast can microbes break down oil washed onto Gulf beaches?
107 Researchers Shed Light on Birth of the First Stars
108 Sustainability: Will We Recognize It When We See It?
109 Next Mars Rover Sports a Set of New Wheels
110 Man in the Moon has 'Graphite Whiskers'
111 Herschel reveals details of distant galaxies and quasars
112 RXTE Homes in on a Black Hole's Jets
113 Last 2 shuttle flights delayed, final trip in 2011
114 Report: IBM Supercomputers Are Most Energy Efficient in the World
115 Robots vie for World Cup glory in Singapore
116 Sony warns its VAIO laptops may overheat, cause burns
117 Seagate Introduces 3TB External Hard Drive
118 Apple's iPhone 4 on sale in China's grey market
119 Amazon adds video to Kindle e-books on iPad-iPhone
120 Samsung Launches World's First RGB LED Data Projector
121 A picture is worth 1,000 lines of C++ code
122 Japan donates 10 million dollars for Galapagos solar energy
123 Driving while blind? Maybe, with new high-tech car
124 Flash, aaaaagh! Is your school website flashy but safe?
125 US videogame sales slip in May: NPD
126 Farmers defend way of life with Facebook, Twitter
127 Disney acquires iPhone game maker Tapulous
128 Spin-out in cutting-edge light source technology
129 Newsmax out of Newsweek bidding, deadline for bids expires
130 As world first, Finland makes broadband service basic right
131 Microsoft banishes battery bungling
132 Apple hit with lawsuit over iPhone 4 antenna woes
133 IBM endorses Firefox as in-house Web browser
134 Virtual reality you can reach out and touch
135 Google buys travel software company for $700M
136 New rules bring online piracy fight to US campuses
137 How Facebook has changed our idea of 'too much information'
138 Disposable cortisol biosensor developed
139 Mass production of polymer solar cells within reach
140 Beverages leave 'geographic signatures' that can track people's movements
141 Breaking Good: Study examines durability of glass with ties to nuclear waste storage
142 Genetic inspiration could show the way to revolutionise information technology
143 Scientists develop technology to produce sugar from photosynthetic bacteria
144 Wallabies and bats harbor 'fossil' genes from the most deadly family of human viruses
145 Pear pest's chemical 'come hither' identified
146 Killer whales and the mystery of human menopause
147 For female baboons, too, it's good to have friends
148 Benchtop biofuels: Fine-tuning growth conditions helps cyanobacteria flourish
149 'Trophic cascades' of disruption may include loss of woolly mammoth, saber-toothed cat
150 Mountain mice show adaptation to altitude
151 Stanford stem cell scientist leads effort to prevent fraudulent treatment
152 Reprogrammed human blood cells show promise for disease research
153 Nest incest targets males
154 New Study Predicts Yield for Biofuel Jatropha
155 Study suggests more fish than thought may thrive in the ocean's depths
156 Health check for fish
157 New technique improves efficiency of biofuel production
158 Honey as an antibiotic: Scientists identify a secret ingredient in honey that kills bacteria
159 Insect research gives humans six legs up
160 Our brains are more like birds' than we thought
161 Stem-cell work closes a door to AIDS virus
162 Researchers Study Blood Pressure, Physical Ability, Cognition Correlations
163 Antibiotic Use Boosts Risk of Infection with Clostridium Bacteria
164 Consulting 'Dr. Google': Study finds much Internet-based sports medicine information is incorrect or incomplete
165 New research into psychology of alcohol consumption
166 Simpler and cheaper antibiotic prophylaxis with insertion of nutrition catheter in the stomach
167 Patients with treatment-resistant CLL respond positively to stem cell transplants
168 Spanish study: Women live longer but in worse condition
169 Lymphoma patients with cardiovascular disease have increased risk of cardiac hospitalization
170 Researchers identify genetic signatures of human exceptional longevity
171 Study links low national average IQs with infectious diseases
172 Tibetan adaptation to high altitude occurred in less than 3,000 years
173 Millions of vaccine doses to be burned
174 Terrorist de-radicalization shows promise, comprehensive study finds
175 David Livingstone letter deciphered at last
176 Spanish public-sector workers complain most about their work environment
177 Egypt finds evidence of unfinished ancient tomb
178 Giant predatory whale named for 'Moby Dick' author
179 Unusual 17th-century Dutch horse burial site found
180 Sauropods in Argentina kept their eggs warm near geothermal vents
181 Anger drives support for wartime presidents
182 Death of a salesman? Social media debunks views of advertising
183 Do scientists understand the public?
184 Researcher finds 10,000 year-old hunting weapon in melting ice patch (w/ Video)
185 Jabulani ball 'too perfect' to fly straight--scientists
186 Bars, restaurants see no significant employment change under smoking bans in two cities
187 Prehistoric man went to the movies, say researchers
188 Stirring the ocean: Calculating the role of the oceans' swimmers
189 The teeth of cadavers reveal their identity