File Title
1 17th century BC grave excavated in Chitral village
2 Prehistoric burial mounds found in Forest
3 9,000 year old beer recreated
4 Signs of Amelia Earhart's Final Days?
5 Stone Age Color, Glue 'Factory' Found
6 Tusk unearthed: Archaeological team reveals mammoth find **NEW VIDEO**
7 Researchers: Cavemen feasted on lions
8 Highly engineered Inca channel discovered in Cusco
9 Boffins find mystery seafaring ancestor in the Philippines
10 Before the Mississippi, minerals show ancient rivers flowed west
11 Remains of another ancient varsity found
12 Dig reveals 3,500 yr old relics
13 Scars from lion bite suggest headless Romans found in York were gladiators
14 Ancient manuscript found in library cellar
15 A Graveyard For Roman Gladiators--In England?
16 Morven digs up unknown farmers
17 Archaeologists given the rune around
18 Belgian archaeologists unearthed clay pieces and bathtubs in Syria
19 Turkmen capital is 8 thousand years old, archeologists say
20 Ancient bees found in Israel hailed from Turkey
21 Pagan Antiquities Unearthed in Israel
22 Researchers may know identity of ancient town in Xinjiang
23 Ebla Kingdom--Greatest Archaeological Discovery in Middle East
24 Science depends on retesting theories
25 Leather fashionable even in prehistoric times
26 Researchers find world's oldest leather shoe and more
27 Ancient shoe unearths footprints from the past
28 First Direct Evidence of Chalcolithic Footwear from the Near Eastern Highlands
29 Ancient shoe steps out of cave and into limelight
30 The million mummy question: Why are there a million mummies buried near Snefu's Seila pyramid?
31 Prehistoric pet? Dog burial found in O.C.
32 Archaeologists unearthed 99 Greco-roman artefacts in Egypt
33 Creswell Crags exhibition explores 200 years of archaeological excavation
34 Behind the mummy: the real King Tutankhamun
35 A 12,000-year-old find in Keene
36 Apple releases Safari 5 with extensions, expanded HTML5 support
37 Apple readies iTunes 9.2 release alongside iOS 4
38 Apple iAd plans to eat up half the mobile ad market
39 Wall Street expects iPhone 4 to impress, boost sales for Apple
40 Cisco licenses iOS name to Apple, screenshot shows iWork on iPhone
41 Adobe releases 64-bit Lightroom 3 with support for tethered shooting
42 Designer of notification system for Palm's WebOS hired by Apple
43 WWDC 2010 Apple Design Awards name best iPhone, iPad apps
44 Microsoft reveals Office for Mac 2011 will be 32-bit only
45 Chat services take wait-and-see approach to adopting Apple's FaceTime
46 AT&T website hack leaks iPad 3G user emails
47 T-Mobile, not Verizon, most likely to see iPhone first, report claims
48 Shattered iPhone 4 photographed to challenge Apple's durability claims
49 Apple says ambient noise sensors could improve mobile video experience
50 AT&T to offer credit or iPhone 4 trade-up for recent iPhone 3GS buyers
51 Apple creates dev app to monitor App Store sales
52 FBI investigating AT&T security breach that revealed iPad owner emails
53 Adobe releases Flash Player 10.1 for Mac
54 Apple manufacturer Foxconn may relocate some Chinese factories
55 Apple ordering enough components to build 3M iPhone 4s per month
56 Apple's iPhone 4 "Retina" display claims spark controversy
57 Apple relaxes iOS SDK to allow Lua but block Flash
58 Radio Shack to accept pre-orders for iPhone 4 alongside Apple
59 Microsoft store to face off against Apple iPhone 4 launch
60 Adobe ships Flash Player 10.1 with hardware acceleration
61 Safari 5 extensions begin appearing
62 Analysts see Apple gaining more ground with iOS 4, iPhone 4
63 FileMaker helps students get organized with new Bento 3 Student Survival Kit
64 FOX News hands-on with Apple's new iPhone 4: Wow!
65 MacDailyNews releases free MacDailyNews app update for Apple iOS devices
66 Daniel Lyons: The Mac is dead; Steve Jobs: 'Completely wrong. Just wait.'
67 Palm WebOS UI designer signs on at Apple
68 Whoops! Sprint 'erred,' says Evo 4G launch sales much lower than claimed
69 InformationWeek tries to say, but fails to prove, 'iPhone 4's features may be a letdown for users'
70 Jim Cramer: Apple will hit $300 per share (with video)
71 AdMob founder whines about Apple's new iOS developer terms
72 DisplayMate Tech honcho accuses Steve Jobs of 'spec exaggeration' over iPhone 4 Retina display
73 Note to Apple: Safari and QuickTime are not web standards
74 iVdopia launches HTML5 ad-authoring solution for iPhone and iPad ads
75 Lax AT&T security blamed for breach of 114,000 iPad owners email addresses
76 Say hello to the 'Apple Broadcast Network?'
77 Apple's revolutionary iPad muscles into corporate Asia after retail buzz
78 Analyst: The next U.S. iPhone carrier will be T-Mobile, not Verizon
79 Microsoft: Office for Mac 2011 will be 32-bit only
80 Samsung spokesperson: iPhone 4's Retina display no big deal
81 Apple's iPad is eligible for 50% tax rebate in Australia
82 Skype wants to use Apple's new FaceTime open-standard for video calling
83 ARM shares soar on Apple buyout rumor
84 Dozens of Safari 5 Extensions already available
85 Adobe sees Flash on over 250 million 'smartphones' by end of 2012
86 Macintosh Classic converted into iPad stand (with video)
87 White House staff, some congress members, other Washington insiders get Apple iPads
88 Coincident TV unveils authoring tools for building interactive HTML5 video for Apple iOS devices
89 AT&T to offer cash back to recent iPhone 3GS buyers
90 Adobe releases Flash Player version 10.1 without Mac OS X hardware acceleration
91 The Last Pitchman: Steve Jobs; when it comes to channeling desire, no one else comes close
92 Radiohead's Thom York: Music industry on verge of collapse
93 Two million apply for Apple's iTune Festival London 2010 tickets
94 Apple takes back control; revised iOS developer agreement limits abuse of sensitive user data
95 Apple's iPad has blood on its touchscreen: eReader-maker iRex files for bankruptcy
96 Apple iPhone 4's built-in gyroscope will set the tech world spinning
97 The Killer iPhone: How Apple designed iPhone 4 to be sweet to customers and vicious to rivals
98 Trying to lose 30lbs with diet, exercise and an Apple iPhone
99 Five iOS features that could make their way into Macs
100 Apple reportedly rolling iBooks out across iOS 4 devices
101 Apple shares currently the number one company held by ETFs
102 Massachusetts school forces parents who can to pay for students' MacBooks
103 Gawker Media contacted by FBI in probe of AT&T security breach of iPad email addresses
104 Up to one-third of UBS' 18,000 BlackBerries could be upgraded to Apple iPhones
105 Apple tweaks iOS developer agreement to allow use of interpreted code
106 Apple Prepping Magic Trackpad
107 Adobe Warns Hackers are Exploiting Flash Security Flaw
108 Apple Adds Notes, PDF Support to iBooks
109 iPhone 4's Stand-out Features: Camera and Display
110 Pulse News Reader for iPad Available Again Following Steve Jobs Praise & NYT Complaint
111 Safari 5: Faster Engine, Reader, Built in Bing, Interface Enhancements, More
112 Apple Plugs 48 Security Flaws with Safari 5
113 June 9th, 2010 at 1:20 AM--Product News by Bryan Chaffin
114 Apple Hires webOS Interface Designer
115 Newsweek Says the Mac is Dead After WWDC Keynote
116 Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac Won't Include 64-bit Support
117 AdMob Boss Upset Over iAd Rules
118 TMO's Jeff Gamet Discusses Photoshop Alternatives at CoMUG
119 Could Safari Reader Help Sites Become More Profitable? [cf. Sassafras's purpose]
120 Surprise: Some Innovation from Microsoft
121 Report Examines iPad Adoption by International Businesses
122 Flash Player 10.1 Adds Hardware Acceleration Support [Updated]
123 USBCELL: AA Batteries Rechargeable Through USB
124 Apple Allows Developers to Submit iOS 4 Apps to App Store [UPDATE]
125 Apple allows exemptions for interpreted code in iPhone apps
126 Briefly: HD Video Converter giveaway, int'l. iPhone 4
127 Ex-exec says Microsoft should cut up to 40,000 jobs
128 New Apple Stores for Paris, Shanghai
129 Apple orders enough parts to make 3 million iPhone 4s per month
130 iBooks for iPhone begins to issue iBooks for iOS 4
131 iPhone 4's resolution resolved
132 Adobe posts Flash Player 10.1 for Mac
133 Recent MBPs suffering from 'narcolepsy'
134 In defense of Dan: Why Lyons has a strong point about the Mac
135 Don't blame Apple for AT&T's security ineptitude