File Title
1 Crocodile and Hippopotamus Served as 'Brain Food' for Early Human Ancestors
2 World's Largest DNA Scan Reveals Rare Variants That Disrupt Gene Activity in Autistic Children
3 Genetic 'Parts' List Now Available for Hypothalamus--Key Part of the Mammalian Brain
4 Individual Brain Cells Can ID Objects as Dissimilar as Cars and Dogs
5 Dolphins Use Diplomacy in Their Communication, Biologists Find
6 X-Ray Diffraction Microscope Reveals 3-D Internal Structure of Whole Cell
7 Artificial Aurora Created to Help Predict Space Weather
8 Computational Model Sheds Light on How the Brain Recognizes Objects
9 Molecular Link Between Diabetes and Schizophrenia Connects Food and Mood
10 Climate Change Linked to Major Vegetation Shifts Worldwide
11 Mechanism Links Abnormal Blood Clots With Alzheimer's Disease
12 Two Brain Circuits Involved With Habitual Learning
13 Long Sleep Duration Linked to an Increased Risk of Metabolic Syndrome in Older Adults
14 Protecting Privacy: Make the Data 'Fade Away' Like Footsteps in the Sand
15 Sleep Colors Your View of the World: Study Suggests Sleep May Restore Color Perception
16 Drug That Restricts Blood Supply to Prostate Tumors Delays Disease Progression
17 Reducing the Toxicity of Lithium
18 Protein Could Heal Erectile Dysfunction After Cancer Surgery
19 Allowing Body Checking in Youth Hockey May Increase Risk of Injury, Including Severe Concussions
20 In India, One in 25 People Have Gene That Causes Heart Failure
21 Molecular Imaging Prototype Looks Deep Into Soft Tissues of the Brain and Other Organs
22 Mutation Causes Intense Pain
23 Gestational Age at Delivery Has Relationship With the Risk of Special Educational Needs, Study Finds
24 CPAP Therapy Restores Brain Tissue in Adults With Sleep Apnea, Study Finds
25 Prismatic Eyeglasses for Headaches and Dizziness Caused by Traumatic Brain Injury Appears Promising, Study Finds
26 Poor Health? Easier for Some to Blame Bad Genes Than Change Lifestyle
27 Do Creative Work Activities Create Stress?
28 Alcohol Use and Smoking Are Associated With Headaches in High Schoolers
29 Getting Extra Sleep Improves the Athletic Performance of Collegiate Football Players
30 More Adults Report Excessive Sleepiness in the US Than in Europe
31 New Use for Old Drugs in Treating Hepatitis C
32 Harnessing the Immune System's Diagnostic Power
33 Crocodiles Ride Ocean Currents for Ocean Travel
34 New Yeast Can Ferment More Sugar, Make More Cellulosic Ethanol
35 First Radio Tracking of Tropical Orchid Bees
36 Tracking Coral Larvae to Understand Hawai'i Reef Health
37 Subsurface Oil from Deepwater Horizon Spill in Gulf of Mexico, Say Researchers
38 Genetic Secrets That Allow Tibetans to Thrive in Thin Air Discovered
39 Follow the Money: Wealth, Population Are Key Drivers of Invasive Species
40 Polymer-Based Filter Successfully Cleans Water, Recovers Oil in Gulf of Mexico Test
41 Some Like It Hot: Site of Human Evolution Was Scorching
42 Florida Ridges' Mystery Marine Fossils Tied to Rising Land, Not Seas, Geologist Says
43 Yangtze River's Ancient Origins Revealed
44 Drilling Into the Unknown: First Exploration of a Sub-Glacial Antarctic Lake Is a Major Step Closer
45 How Did Higher Life Evolve? Brown Algal Genome Opens New Door to Understanding Multicellularity and Photosynthesis
46 TRAPPIST Telescope to Scout the Sky and Uncover Exoplanets and Comets
47 Earth and Moon Formed Later Than Previously Thought, New Research Suggests
48 NASA Rover Finds Clue to Mars' Past and Environment for Life
49 Life on Titan? New Clues to What's Consuming Hydrogen, Acetylene on Saturn's Moon
50 Could Life Survive on Mars? Yes, Expert Says
51 Walls Falling Faster for Solid-State Memory
52 Detecting Tumors Faster
53 First Images of Sub-Nano Pore Structures Captured
54 Self-Healing Air Mattresses Based on Plant Wound Healing?
55 'Nanocoax' Solves Solar Cell 'Thick and Thin' Dilemma
56 New Software to Measure Emotional Reactions to Web
57 Sleep May Help You Become a 'Guitar Hero'
58 Understanding the Mechanisms of Liver Regeneration Through Computer Simulation
59 Applying Tomographics to the Quantum World
60 No Place to Hide: New 360-Degree Video Surveillance System Uses Image Stitching Technology That Is Perfectly Detailed Edge to Edge
61 Science economics: What science is really worth
62 Ecology: Emergency medicine for frogs
63 US students pay for downturn
64 High hopes for Brazilian science
65 India's tuberculosis genome project under fire
66 How the bubble bursts
67 Mystery of Saturn's midget moons cracked
68 Shockwave reveals star's birthplace
69 Indian Grass: A Weapon Against Antibiotic Resistance
70 Physics Professor Helped Produce First Images from NASA's Newly Deployed Airborne Telescope
71 Researchers Work to Help Mobile Devices Keep Going and Going...
72 Revealing the Ancient Chinese Secret of Sticky Rice Mortar
73 Perceptions of Forestry Students Change through Years of Study
74 Predicting Carbon Sinks, Regionally
75 Researchers Discover Secret of Success For Mysterious Hybridized Caribbean Bats
76 Archeologists Discover "Brain Food" in Early Human Ancestors' Diet
77 Powerful Genome Barcoding System Reveals Large-Scale Variation in Human DNA
78 New 'Doubly Magic' Research Reveals Role of Nuclear Shell
79 Researchers Offer Solutions to Poisonous Well-Water Crisis in Southern Asia
80 Researchers Link Tooth Chipping with Early Humans' Diets
81 PrISUm Solar Car Team Prepares for June 19-26 Race from Tulsa to Chicago
82 UCLA Stem Cell Researcher Uncover Previously Unknown Patterns of DNA Methylation
83 Mutant Gene Link to West Nile Virus in Horses
84 ORNL Sows Seeds with New Agricultural Carbon Accounting Tool
85 Flow in Earth's Mantle Moves Mountains
86 Physicists Reveal How to Cope with Frustration
87 Seals' Bodies Burn Fuel Differently When They Begin Diving
88 Brain Mechanism Controlling Dreaming and Waking Could Be Key to New Stimulants, Anesthetics
89 New Culture Dish Could Advance Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research
90 Trip to Mars: Will Stress & Fatigue Impact Performance?
91 Did Galaxies Form Faster? Adjusting the Details of the Big Bang Theory
92 Hubble Images Suggest Rogue Asteroid Smacked Jupiter
93 Arctic Ice at Low Point Compared to Recent Geologic History
94 Oil Spill Reshapes Sweeping New Study Of Oyster Reefs--Virginia To Florida
95 Ethanol Co-products Boost Nutrition in Asian Flatbread
96 Study Finds Genetic Links Among Jewish People
97 Major Events of the Jewish Diaspora Can be Seen in the Genomes of the Jewish People
98 Ocean Currents Likely to Carry Oil Along Atlantic Coast
99 Researchers Uncover Identity of Spider Originally Discovered by Darwin
100 Reducing Alzheimer's-Related Protein in Young Brains Improves Learning in Down syndrome animal model
101 Could Life Survive on Mars? Yes, Expert Says
102 Will the Gulf Oil Spill Inspire a New Focus on Nuclear Energy in the US?
103 Working Toward the Next Battery Breakthrough
104 New Video Camera Sees It All
105 Seasons Influence Microbial Response to Climate Changes
106 Aiming to Boost Electronics Performance, Researchers Capture Images of Sub-Nano Pore Structures for the First Time
107 Will the New World Cup Soccer Ball Bend?
108 Training Eye Movement May Reduce Driver Distraction: New Studies Reveal Strategies to Help Track Multiple Objects
109 Some Like It Hot: Human Evolution Environment was Scorching
110 TOR, A Key Mediator of the Effects of Dietary Restriction and Its Impact on Aging
111 Scientists Develops Faster, Inexpensive Field Method to Test Paint for Lead
112 Professor's New Textbook Uses the Best Science Writing from the New York Times
113 Brand Preference May be in the Drink, Not in the Head
114 Who Will Paddle Their Way to Concrete Victory?
115 University of Washington Institute to Get as Much as $100 Million to Study Atmosphere, Ocean
116 Neuroscientists Pinpoint Habit Circuits in the Brain
117 'Sound' Science Offers Platform for Brain Treatment and Manipulation
118 Crocodile and Hippopotamus Served as "Brain Food" for Early Human Ancestors
119 Insight into Structure of HIV Protein Could Aid Drug Design
120 Oil from Spill Could Have Powered 38,000 Cars (And More) for a Year
121 NIST/JILA 'Dark Pulse Laser' Produces Bursts of... Almost Nothing
122 Liposome-Hydrogel Hybrids: No Toil, No Trouble for Stronger Bubbles
123 Walls Falling Faster for Solid-State Memory
124 NIST Helps Accelerate the Federal Government's Move to the Cloud
125 'Instant Acid' Method Offers New Insight into Nanoparticle Dispersal in the Environment and the Body
126 Fibertect Absorbent Can Clean Gulf Oil Spill's Crude, Hold Toxic Oil and Mustard Vapors
127 So Far, Fish Appear to be Healthy After Fly Ash Spill
128 Predicting Amount of Oil in Contaminated Soils