File Title
1 Computing, Sudoku-style
2 A different tune: Cellular iPod plays role in prion biology
3 Study Finds Conscientious People Have Better Health
4 CSIRO telescope spots mega-star cradle
5 Researchers COMMAND a Better Class of Liposomes
6 Lost Reflector Found on the Moon
7 NIST Develops 'Dimmer Switch' for Superconducting Quantum Computing
8 More myths busted about electric cars
9 Earth microbes may contaminate the search for life on Mars
10 Hacker scam targets iPad owners: BitDefender
11 Germany's first offshore wind farm begins turning
12 Engineers build giant dome to contain US oil spill
13 Seeing Moire in Graphene
14 Space Station to Receive New Anti-Matter Detector Component
15 Peppers may increase energy expenditure in people trying to lose weight
16 S.Korea completes world's longest seawall
17 Quick new screening exam could save thousands of people from bowel cancer
18 Idaho scientists find fabled worm
19 New Study Helps Explain the Surprising Behavior of Tiny 'Artificial Muscles' (w/ Video)
20 Lollipops and Ice Fishing: Molecular Rulers Used to Probe Nanopores
21 Lensless imaging of whole biological cells with soft X-rays
22 Scientists link ocean acidification to prehistoric mass extinction
23 GOES-15 Opens Its Infrared 'Eyes' for First Image
24 New orchid species is discovered in the UC Botanical Garden collection
25 Merely seeing disease symptoms may promote aggressive immune response
26 New views at the nanoscale
27 Three-Dimensional Cell Culture: Making Cells Feel Right at Home
28 'Molecular glass fibers'
29 Liquid-solid interactions, as never before seen
30 IBM demonstrates nonoscale 3D patterning technique (w/ Video)
31 Nanoparticles Provide a Targeted Version of Photothermal Therapy for Cancer
32 DNA construction kit for nanoengines
33 Crystal defect shown to be key to making hollow nanotubes
34 New carbon composite holds promise for bionics
35 Nanofibers Carry Toxic Peptides Into Cancer Cells
36 Less is more! Nanopatch is 100 times better than needle and syringe
37 Biosensor chip enables high-sensitivity protein analysis for disease diagnosis
38 Magnetic vortex memory shows memory potential of nanodots
39 Radioactive Gold Nanoparticles Destroy Prostate Tumors, Leaving Healthy Tissue Untouched
40 Graphene: Can the Newest Form of Carbon Be Made to Bend, Twist and Roll
41 RNA Interference Delivered Using Nanoparticles Hits Target in Human Patients
42 To Improve Lung Cancer Diagnosis, Good Medicine Is a Polymer Pill
43 New phenomenon found in internal waves
44 How shape-memory materials remember
45 Lessons from the Brain: Toward an Intelligent Molecular Computer
46 How to identify chiral superconductivity in new materials
47 Novel negative-index metamaterial that responds to visible light designed
48 Made to order diamonds hold key to stunning laser discoveries
49 New mechanism for superconductivity discovered in iron-based superconductors
50 Experimental explanation of supercooling: Why water does not freeze in the clouds (w/ Video)
51 Bizarre matter could find use in quantum computers: Odd electron mix has fault-tolerant quantum registry
52 Microfluidic integrated circuit could help enable home diagnostic tests (w/ Video)
53 Caltech researchers create 'sound bullets'
54 INL laser research could help U.S. respond to terror attack
55 Neutrinos: Clues to the Most Energetic Cosmic Rays
56 Toshiba researchers achieve new record bit rate for quantum key distribution
57 Sharing the load: Individual fibrin fibers distribute strain across a network
58 Researchers take a step towards quantum computing
59 Scientists to measure impact of volcanic ash on ocean biology
60 Researchers study effect of yuma desalting plant on Cienega de Santa Clara
61 Image: Oil Slick Spreads off Gulf Coast
62 Policy changes needed to protect southeast Mexico's farmers, forests
63 Japan to launch 'space yacht' propelled by solar particles (Update)
64 ESA's Envisat monitors oil spill
65 VORTEX2 Tornado Scientists Hit the Road Again
66 NASA postpones last shuttle mission to November
67 Picking Planets from Potatoes
68 In the long run, all that ash can be a good thing
69 Soil Microbes Produce Less Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Than Expected With Climate Warming
70 Scientists identify freezing times for Cretaceous dinosaurs
71 NASA official works to save rocket, despite White House wishes
72 PETMAN robot to closely simulate soldiers (w/ Video)
73 Israel reverses iPad ban
74 Rivals moving to take on iPad
75 Can e-readers still compete with the iPad?
76 JooJoo not ready to challenge iPad
77 Low-power version of Bluetooth coming for watches
78 EStar Award recognizes innovative supercomputer cooling
79 Apple's chip plans stir industry speculation
80 AOL sells ICQ instant messaging to Russia's DST
81 Fiber-optic speeds achieved over copper lines
82 3 Questions: Mitchel Resnick, Creator of Scratch programming language
83 Australian youngsters warned over 'sexting'
84 FCC and the Internet
85 Google buys Israeli widget maker
86 New Research Offers Security For Virtualization, Cloud Computing
87 Fake anti-virus software a growing online threat: Google
88 Facebook's expansion triggers political backlash
89 Iowa State, Ames Lab researchers preparing for Blue Waters supercomputer
90 Tech trouble causing Computer Stress Syndrome: study
91 New technology helps visually impaired to 'see' emotions
92 Mice (and possibly humans) make their own morphine
93 New understanding of gating mechanism of CFTR chloride channel
94 Scientists crack code of critical bacterial defense mechanism
95 Lengthening time a drug remains bound to a target may lead to improving diagnostics, therapy
96 Project fruit fly: What accounts for insect taste?
97 Researchers find molecular structure of key fluorescent proteins
98 New Biofuel Technique Could Have Huge Impact on Chemical Industry
99 Water, fair and foul: Scientist demonstrates that UV light can zap unwanted 'life' in drinking water
100 'Ancestral Eve' crystal may explain origin of life's left-handedness
101 Toward a urine test for detecting colon cancer
102 Cow Brain Protein May Hold Alternative Energy Promise
103 Chemists Clarify Protein-Receptor Complex's Role in Iron Uptake to Cells
104 Scientists sever molecular signals that prolific parasite uses to puppeteer cells
105 Designer threads: New insight into protein fiber assembly
106 Scientists discover marker indicating the developmental potential of stem cells
107 Flag has ladies all of a flutter
108 New hydrangea cultivars for landscape gardens
109 Gene discovery may lead to new varieties of soybean plants
110 Elephants ready to rumble at sound of bees (w/ Video)
111 Scientists discover 'traitor' human DNA helps viruses cause cancer
112 Scientists get bird's-eye view of how cuckoos fool their hosts (w/ Video)
113 New monitor lizard discovered in Indonesia
114 How Useful Are Adult Stem Cells, Really?
115 How chimps deal with death: Studies offer rare glimpses
116 Scientists discover final piece in phytate jigsaw
117 Social networking helps hermit crabs find homes (w/ Video)
118 Biologists link gut microbial equilibrium to inflammatory bowel disease
119 The Kiss of Death: Research targets lethal disease spread by insect that bites lips
120 The billions that bug us: A genomic view of humans and their microbes
121 Skeleton key for cancer metastasis
122 Periwinkle plants provide ammunition in the war on citrus greening
123 Vaccines preventing pneumococcal disease protect African children with sickle-cell disease
124 Fibromyalgia affects mental health of those diagnosed and their spouses, study finds
125 Lottery game helps to assess brain damage following stroke
126 Research confirms that hand-clapping songs improve motor and cognitive skills
127 Extracapsular lymph node involvement: A negative prognostic factor for esophageal cancer
128 'Epigenetic' concepts offer new approach to degenerative disease
129 'Arms Race' Targets MRSA
130 Cervical cancer screening method should be changed, research suggests
131 Acellular dermal matrix and short bowel syndrome
132 Tests may predict cause of hospital readmissions in newborns and improve outcomes for asthma patients
133 Causes of death in AIDS patients
134 Innovative digital technologies assist specialists in anatomical reconstruction
135 'Rotten eggs' gas, fat and diabetes
136 Alzheimer's memory problems originate with protein clumps floating in the brain, not amyloid plaques
137 Locating tsunami warning buoys
138 Study: Celebrity endorsements do not help political candidates
139 CEOs who look the part earn more
140 Study: Colleges suffer when endowment values wane
141 State biofuel subsidies costly but effective, MSU research shows
142 Barriers keep vulnerable workers from accessing unemployment insurance
143 Academic finds evidence of data fabrication in Iraqi death toll report
144 WUSTL professor testifies on helium shortage
145 Online goal-setting raises university grades
146 The joy is in the social hunt
147 Megatrends and megashocks: a new view of our future world
148 Bosses behaving badly
149 Poor quality teachers may prevent children from reaching reading potential, study finds