File Title
1 Spacewalking 'Superhero' Untangles Cable on Boom
2 Toxic Living: California Neighbors Sue After Finding Homes Were Built on Oil-Saturated Soil
3 New Site Exposes Embarrassing Facebook Updates
4 'Astronauts' Prepare to Leave for 520-Day 'Mars' Simulation
5 Processed Meats May Pose Heart Health Risk
6 Kidneys Fail, Girl Survives With Spare Parts
7 SKorea's Top Diplomat: 'Obvious' NKorea Sank Ship
8 'Digital genome' to protect dying data formats
9 Space station gets a new room
10 Argonauts 'gulp' air to swim freely
11 New clue to anti-matter mystery
12 US scientists 'hack' India electronic voting machines
13 Waterlily saved from extinction
14 'World's biggest' forest protection deal for Canada
15 Smallest man-made pump revealed
16 Weird science versus the volcano
17 Iran hit by fresh UN nuclear sanctions threat
18 Facebook mulls u-turn on privacy
19 Chipmakers fined by EU for price-fixing
20 Yahoo acquires Associated Content to bolster local news
21 Smartphones take world by storm
22 Britons spend more than 'one day a month online'
23 Google chief Eric Schmidt downplays wi-fi privacy row
24 Flash creator wades into Apple debate
25 The net is not just for the young
26 Tech Brief: Pirate Bay sails again, et al.
27 Just how hard is it to climb Everest?
28 Post-natal depression in fathers 'often undiagnosed'
29 Pledge to stop mother-to-baby HIV spread
30 Military Sees Robots Answering Future SOS
31 Study: Smart Meters Held Back by Dumb Utilities
32 Coast Guard: Fla. Tar Balls not from Gulf Spill
33 Germany Probes Google's User Activity Recordings
34 Where Will Oil Go Next? Scientists Await Signals
35 Internet Gambling Legalization Inching Closer
36 Cracks Within Facebook Over Privacy?
37 Kudzu Spreading Like, Well, Kudzu
38 Heavy Sludge Oozes into Marshes of Louisiana
39 Lisa Rinna on "Sex, Brain, Body" Connection
40 Judge Orders Ex-Nazi in Pa. back to Austria
41 Militants Attack Main U.S. Base in Afghanistan
42 Arizona Threatens to Turn Lights off in L.A.
43 Scientists Clone Fighting Bull in Spain
44 Former Diplomat, Now Author, Takes The E-road
45 Waitress Axed for Bad Tip Rant on Facebook
46 Alzheimer's Staggering Effects
47 Arizona Immigration Law Faces New Legal Fight
48 Letter: Don't Admit Tenn. Flood Insurance Errors
49 Oil cruise finds deep-sea plume
50 Neglected diseases fund touted
51 Space-science hopes rest on rocket test
52 World view: Disaster, unmitigated
53 Hunt for genetic causes of diseases narrows targets
54 Existence of RNA 'dark matter' in doubt
55 Pacific tuna population may crash at any time
56 In Health Law, a Clearer View of Coverage
57 Time to Review Workplace Reviews?
58 The Right Way to Warm Up Is (Your Answer Here)
59 Can an Enemy Be a Child's Friend?
60 Really? The Claim: Caffeine Helps Prevent Nighttime Accidents on the Job
61 From Kind Words, Lessons on Condolences
62 A Patient, a Death, but No One to Grieve
63 Busy Schedule for Rocket Obama Wants Scrapped
64 N/A
65 Review Cites Flaws in U.S. Antimissile Program
66 N/A
67 Far From the Ocean Floor, the Cleanup Starts Here
68 A Marine Chemist Studies How Life Began
69 In an Ancient Mexican Tomb, High Society
70 Doomsayers Beware, a Bright Future Beckons
71 Q & A: Match Making
72 When a Mouse Smells a Rat
73 High-Tech Tour of the Caves of Nottingham
74 Creatures of Cambrian May Have Lived On
75 Why Poodles May Outlive Pit Bulls
76 Reliance on Oil Sands Grows Despite Environmental Risks
77 Fishing Ban Is Expanded as Spill's Impact Becomes More Evident
78 Gulf Oil Again Imperils Sea Turtle
79 The Beauty of Diversity, and Sea Slugs
80 A New Clue to Explain Existence
81 2010 Warmest on Record So Far
82 Ocean's Depth and Volume Revealed
83 True Costs of Gulf Oil Disaster Hinge on Lawsuits
84 Link Between Creativity and Mental Illness Revealed
85 Oldest Soft-Bodied Marine Fossils Discovered
86 Viagra Users at Risk for Hearing Loss, Study Suggests
87 Fish Fear Their Own Reflections
88 Ancient Nursery of Giant, Extinct Sharks Found
89 Dads Get Postpartum Depression, Too
90 'Eureka!' Spot in the Brain Found
91 Warm Mothering May Protect Against Disease
92 Babies Learn Quickly While Sleeping
93 Happiness Comes With Age, Study Reveals
94 Pesky Kudzu Vines Could Increase Ozone Pollution
95 2nd Deepest Lake Now Warmer Than in Past 1,500 Years
96 Pregnant Women Need Dental Checkups, Too
97 New Process Called a Step Toward Breast Cancer Treatements
98 'Drive-thru' Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Soar
99 New ways to tackle neglected tropical diseases
100 Supramolecular architecture explains the incredible strength of fibrin blood clots
101 Preserving memory with age
102 Between the genes--a making sense of genomic 'dark matter'
103 Progress in exploring new avenues for brain repair
104 Garden birds shun organic
105 Progress in Exploring New Avenues for Brain Repair: Astroglia Reprogrammed to Generate Synapse-Forming Neurons
106 Study: Yogurt-like drink DanActive reduced rate of common infections in daycare children
107 Europe's scientists call for more effort in tackling rising ocean acidity
108 New England losing forest cover--scholars call for accelerated conservation
109 New study reveals ways to better inhibit blood clots
110 New technique enables drugs tests via exhaled breath
111 Male antelopes deceive females to increase their chances of mating
112 Researchers achieve to 'reprogram' stem cells with human heart tissue, which might improve treatments for heart disease
113 Particulate air pollution affects heart health
114 New Methods Developed to Detect, Measure Potato Phytonutrients
115 Nutrient-Packed and Pest-Resistant Potatoes From ARS Research
116 Keeping an ear out for kin
117 New climate change reports underscore need for action
118 CIC bioGUNE researchers embark on work to control the prion epidemic affecting deer in the USA
119 UT study finds viruses in untreated East Tennessee drinking water
120 Living wills are poor predictors of actual treatment preferences at the end of life
121 Parallel brainstem circuit discovery suggests new path in Parkinson's research
122 Commonly Used Atrazine Herbicide Adversely Affects Fish Reproduction
123 Detection of potentially deadly atrial fibrillation dramatically improved by new algorithm
124 UGA researchers find daily ginger consumption eases muscle pain
125 UTIs becoming harder to treat
126 Stripes offer clues to superconductivity
127 Protein Power for Jack and the Beanstalk
128 Physicists' findings about helium could lead to more accurate temperature, pressure measurements
129 Caltech researchers find schooling fish offer new ideas for wind farming
130 Argonne scientists reveal secret of nanoparticle crystallization in real time
131 Using a pest's chemical signals to control it
132 PET scanning probes reveal different cell function within the immune system
133 Receptor variant influences dopamine response to alcohol
134 UBC researchers call for 'social offset' to tackle neglected tropical diseases
135 Mysterious ball lightning: Illusion or reality?
136 88 pollutants detected in Madrid's rivers
137 UAB Study Examines Hearing Loss, Viagra Use
138 Greenland rapidly rising as ice melt continues
139 New Nanotech Discovery at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Could Lead to Breakthrough in Infrared Satellite Imaging Technology
140 Unique Eclipsing Binary Star System Discovered by UCSB Astrophysicists
141 An explosive pair
142 Astronomers discover 'defiant' new supernova
143 Possible new class of supernovae puts calcium in your bones
144 New Microneedle Antimicrobial Techniques May Foster Medical Tech Innovation
145 Breaking the logjam: Improving data download from outer space
146 New Method Could Stop Shark Oil Being Used in Cosmetics and Vaccines
147 Formation of plexiform lesions in experimental severe pulmonary arterial hypertension
148 CPAP use reduces incidence of cardiovascular events and hypertension in OSA patients
149 Gene therapy may be effective in treating PAH
150 At-home sleep testing equal to overnight in a sleep lab in treatment results
151 Disease control, not climate change, key to future of malaria
152 Heavy alcohol use, binge drinking, might increase risk of pancreatic cancer, researcher reports
153 Improved management of severe epilepsy may reduce treatment costs
154 Lancet article highlights hope in the tuberculosis
155 Easily blocked signaling protein may help scientists stop parasites
156 Dynamic HIV testing
157 Experts call for urgent action to tackle strong links between impotence and heart disease
158 More than 60 percent of teachers have voice problems
159 Altered brain development found in children with newly diagnosed epilepsy
160 Drug in new class of targeted therapies shows early promise against blood-related cancers
161 Scientists find protein spurs spread of prostate cancer
162 First study examines postpolypectomy bleeding in colonoscopy patients on uninterrupted clopidogrel
163 International Rectal Microbicide Advocates release update on new HIV prevention technology
164 Gene loss causes leukemia
165 A racing motorcycle made by students
166 A new distribution designed which communicates computers so that they can work in parallel
167 Software Tool Helps Tap Into The Power Of Graphics Processing
168 World's biggest study on cell phones and brain cancer inconclusive
169 New 'Tree of Life' established for one of the largest groups of bacteria
170 Scientists use biomedical technique to image marine worm
171 Oncolytic viruses mediating anti-tumor immunity in human cancer patients
172 U of M study finds rising levels of dioxins from common soap ingredient in Mississippi River sediments
173 Finding the Soft Spot
174 New nanoscale electrical phenomenon discovered
175 Advancing the nuclear enterprise through better computing
176 Web- and phone-based counseling work well to quit smoking with Chantix