File Title
1 FDA Wants Snitch on Illegal Drug Ads
2 Huge Oil Plumes Found Under Gulf as BP Struggles
3 US demands oil spill costs 'clarification' from BP
4 Methodist Church launches app for iPhone
5 Dubai--a city of hi-tech contrasts
6 Tech Brief: playing with Twitter et al.
7 Why New Zealand is a lifestyle superpower
8 Adopting from Russia with love...and trepidation
9 Dutch boy who survived Libya crash flies home
10 Atlantis Docks With Space Station
11 I, Robot, Now Pronounce You Man and Wife
12 Steve Jobs on "Freedom from Porn" and other Fine Points
13 Houston Teacher Apologizes for Beating Student
14 Palin: Obama Would Ban Guns if he Could
15 Thousands Flock to Vatican to Back Pope
16 Thai Protesters Demand Army Order Cease-Fire
17 Alzheimer's Disease: Bad News and Good News
18 Being Bad at Relationships Is Good for Survival
19 7 Strange and Sad Facts About the Gulf Oil Spill
20 Urban Pollution Raises Blood Pressure
21 Poor Sleep in Aging Men Linked to Lower Testosterone
22 Mechanism Found That Makes Order From Chaotic Newborn Brain
23 Earth in the Balance: 7 Crucial Tipping Points
24 Research Team Develop Agents That Keep Insulin Working Longer
25 Scientists Identify a New Protein Involved in Longevity
26 Research Shows Chemicals from Seaweed Can Kill Coral
27 Quantum Mechanics Reveals New Details of Deep Earth
28 Hubble Catches Heavyweight Runaway Star Speeding from 30 Doradus
29 Researchers Find Mechanism That May Stop E coli from Developing in Cattle
30 Quantum Move Toward Next Generation Computing
31 Sandia Leads Reliability Workshop for Growing Field of Photovoltaic Systems Integration
32 X-Ray Discovery Points to Location of Missing Matter
33 Team Finds Ancient City of 'Modern' Galaxies
34 D-Day: What Might Have Been
35 Engineers Design Power Structures That Help Keep the Lights On
36 Biofuel Combustion Chemistry More Complex than Petroleum-based Fuels
37 Bones Degrade and Fracture Differently Under Certain Environmental Conditions
38 Discarded Data May be Gateway to New Brain Insights
39 Spiders at the Nanoscale: Molecules That Behave Like Robots
40 Student Researchers Advance Emergency Alert Technology
41 Student Researchers Transform Waste Plastic Into an Alternative Fuel
42 New Analysis Reveals Clearer Picture of Brain's Language Areas
43 Allergy-Triggering Fungal Spores May Increase with Increasing Atmospheric CO2 Concentration
44 NIST Releases Successor to Venerable Handbook of Math Functions
45 Landmark Study Shows How Size of Fire Crew Influences Saving Lives and Property
46 Whole Earth Telescope Watching 'Dancing' Stars
47 How Do Organisms Make Dietary Choices?
48 Low Oxygen Levels Prevent X Chromosome Inactivation in Human Embryonic Stem Cells
49 Scientists Explain The Persistence Of Melanoma Through "Dynamic Stemness"
50 Scientists Listen to Faint Sounds Inside Insects
51 Protected Corals Increase Fishing Profits
52 Untangling Facebook, Decoding Congress: New Mathematical Method May Help Tame Big Data
53 New Research Describes High Lead in New Orleans Prior to Hurricanes Katrina, Rita
54 Experienced Female Lizards Attract Greater Attention from Male Lizards
55 Belly Fat Or Hip Fat--It Really Is All in Your Genes
56 'Hunters' scour South Bay for buried treasures
57 Sgt. Nevis the sea lion makes Six Flags debut
58 Santa Clara County accepts nation's first electronic voting registrations
59 In Hindsight: From Apple, Adobe and Google's Android, more to love
60 Wireless users opt for service without commitment
61 Greek leader considers action against US banks
62 FDA urges docs to report misleading drug ads
63 US tells BP to clarify cleanup intent as Gulf spill gushes on
64 Tibetans' Genes Help Them Thrive at High Altitudes
65 Gulf oil spill: real disaster might be lurking beneath the surface
66 First birds were poor flyers
67 Federal agency agrees to deadline on AZ, NM wolves
68 Asian ivory trade poses danger to African elephant
69 BP intensifies efforts to halt Gulf oil leak
70 Eyes flashing, robot conducts wedding in Tokyo
71 Huge Brazil collection of snakes, spiders burned
72 Shuttle Atlantis arrives at space station
73 Commentary: Local students speak out about the impacts of school stress
74 Gawkers lured by new Lake Ontario lighthouse
75 Aborigines 'have worst rate of child pneumonia'
76 Study: Megadoses of Vitamin D Offer No Benefit
77 Guard Kids' Eyes Against Long-Term Sun Damage
78 Vet says NY dog needs Viagra for heart condition
79 Scientist inspired by Dalai Lama studies happiness
80 Baby Corals Dance Their Way Home
81 Tibetans Developed Genes to Help Them Adapt to Life at High Elevations
82 Spitting Cobras Track First, Predict Later
83 Eureka! Neural Evidence for Sudden Insight
84 Black Holes: Gas Blowers of the Universe
85 Building Organs Block by Block: Tissue Engineers Create a New Way to Assemble Artificial Tissues, Using 'Biological Legos'
86 Aiming to Cure Deafness, Scientists First to Create Functional Inner-Ear Cells
87 Water Was Present During Birth of Earth, Study of Silver Suggests
88 Why a Whiff of Cats or Rats Is Scary: Chemical Signal from Predators Sparks Fear in Mice
89 Fossil Find Fills in Picture of Ancient Marine Life
90 Mechanism Found That Prepares the a Newborn's Brain for Information Processing
91 Optical Quantum Transistor Using Single Atoms
92 Important Mechanism Behind Breast Cancer Metastasis: 'Architectural' Protein Helps Regulate Cell Motility and Migration
93 Impact Sensor Provides Athletic Support: Composite Materials Generate Electricity, Reveal Impact Forces
94 Men With Bigger Wallets Have Bigger Waistlines, Canadian Study Finds
95 Muscle Mass in Elderly Boosted by Combining Resistance Exercise and Blood Flow Restriction
96 3D Skin Cancer Diagnosis
97 Clue to Switch of Bladder Cancer from Locally Contained to Invasive
98 Novel Pouch Could Reduce Mother-to-Infant HIV Infection
99 Concerns Over Radiation Exposure May Overshadow Life-Saving Benefits of Cardiac Imaging Tests
100 Childhood Psychological Problems Create Long-Term Economic Losses, Study Finds
101 Changing Thoughts Key to Battling Even Severe Depression
102 Children With Epilepsy Say Their Quality of Life Is Better Than Their Parents Think
103 Cardiac Procedure Significantly Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease and Stroke, Researchers Find
104 Two Proteins Key for Normal-Sized Brains: Findings Could Shed Light on Evolution of Human Head Size
105 Setting Time Limits for Hunting and Fishing May Help Maintain Wildlife Populations
106 For Comfort, Mom's Voice Works as Well as a Hug
107 Most High Schoolers Cheat--But Don't Always See It as Cheating, Study Finds
108 Caffeine Reduces Mistakes Made by Shift Workers, Study Finds
109 Mozart's Music Does Not Make You Smarter, Study Finds
110 Research May Help Patients With Intestinal Failure, Other Malabsorptive Disorders
111 Cheese--Acting as 'Carrier' for Probiotic Bacteria--Found to Improve Immune Response of Elderly
112 How Microtubules Let Go of Their Attachments During Cell Division
113 Going to the Dogs: What Can Shy Dogs Teach Us About Longevity?
114 How Dangerous Food-Borne Pathogen Evades Body's Defenses
115 Revealing the Metabolic Activity of Microbial Communities: New Method for Tracing Carbon Flux
116 Strategies for Increasing Carbon Stored in Forests and Wood
117 New Research Reveals Hurricane Katrina's Impact on Ecological and Human Health
118 Emergence of Fungal Plant Diseases Linked to Ecological Speciation
119 Scientists Investigate Acoustics in Gulf of Mexico
120 The Joke Is on Us: A New Interpretation of Bared Teeth in Archaeological Artifacts
121 Robin Hood's Prison: Uncovering Nottingham's Hidden Medieval Sandstone Caves
122 New Forensics Research Will Help Identify Remains of Children
123 Easter Island Discovery Sends Archaeologists Back to Drawing Board
124 It Was Brawn Over Beauty in Human Mating Competition, Anthropologist Says
125 Immune System Compromised During Spaceflight, Study Finds
126 Most Distant Galaxy Cluster Revealed by Invisible Light
127 Volcanic Ash in Meridiani Planum
128 NASA's Declining Research Facilities Could Prevent Agency from Meeting Important Mission Goals, Report Finds
129 X-Ray Discovery Points to Location of Missing Matter in Universe
130 Faster Salmonella Detection Now Possible With New Technique
131 New Energy-Efficient Insulation for Electrical Wires
132 New Concerns About Radiation and Breast Cancer Raised in Study
133 Recycling 'Tiny Trash'--Cigarette Butts
134 Chemists Create DNA Assembly Line
135 Virtual Humans Appear to Influence Ethical Decisions in Gender-Specific Ways
136 Tiny Sensors Tucked Into Cell Phones Could Map Airborne Toxins in Real Time
137 Mathematicians Solve 140-Year-Old Boltzmann Equation
138 Sum of Digits of Prime Numbers Is Evenly Distributed: New Mathematical Proof of Hypothesis
139 Stem Cells: In Search of a Master Controller