File Title
1 Steamy discovery: 16th century feudal warlord's sauna unearthed in Kyoto
2 America's architectural heritage: the Navajo hogan
3 Palace recreates wine fountain fit for a king
4 Respect Your Elders, Human!
5 Multiregionalism vs. Out of Africa
6 Evidence shows merchants flouted imperial trade ban
7 Giant Maya Figureheads to be Restored
8 Maya plumbing, first pressurized water feature found in New World
9 A medieval African on English soil?
10 Archaeologists: Graveyards date back to Roman & bronze era unearthed in Syria
11 Headless Statue of Ancient Egyptian King Unearthed
12 Search for Cleopatra yields Ptolemy instead
13 Warmongers pushed 'intellectual' politicians aside
14 Congresswoman wants to expand nation's oldest archaeological preserve
15 Mesolithic cave discovered in Pagaralam
16 University divers plumb new depths in Egypt
17 Egyptian blue found in Romanesque altarpiece
18 1,000 ancient rock paintings found in east-central China
19 Bideford mayor hunts US 'lost colony' clues
20 Stone inscription with Indus signs found in Gujarat
21 Archaeological Finding Confirms Ixcateopan Produced Cotton
22 An empire on the Nile
23 Large ancient Shang Dynasty site discovered in Shijiazhuang
24 Mayan Plumbing More Than a Pipe Dream
25 Archaeologists find 5000 year-old skeletons
26 Archaeological Excavations Department: Roman Tomb Unearthed in Northern Syria
27 Babylon ruins torn between preservation and profit
28 Crete fortifications debunk myth of peaceful Minoan society
29 Megalith menhir with rock engravings found
30 Gulf Arab states unfazed by oil price slump
31 NASA to Go Boldly to the Bottom of the Sea
32 Can You Really Die in Your Nightmares?
33 A bullet in Baghdad, a son's need, a mother's love
34 Mercury high in Japanese town that hunts dolphins
35 What Causes Moms and Kids to Bond?
36 Facebook's Gone Rogue; It's Time for an Open Alternative
37 A 'Legit' Pirate Bay Makes Sense in Theory, If Not Practice
38 D'oh! Volvo Crashes During Crash-Avoidance Demo
39 Coder Journeys From Wall Street to Prison
40 Here's Your Chance to Drive a Chevrolet Volt
41 Better Oil Dispersant Tests Delayed in Gulf
42 Secrets of Iron Man's New Suits
43 5 Things Apple Must Do to Look Less Evil
44 New Global Map of Every Country's Tallest Building
45 The Software Side of Flight-Testing Boeing's New Planes
46 iPad Games: The Good, the Bad and the Fixable
47 Apple iPad 3G
48 Finding the Right Asteroid for Astronauts to Land on
49 Pentagon Turns to Brain Implants to Repair Damaged Minds
50 Top 10 Mothers in Science Fiction and Fantasy
51 A Radical Way To Treat Autism: The Horse Boy on PBS
52 New Bionic Arms Are Strong, Sensitive, Human-Friendly
53 Neanderthal genome yields insights into human evolution and evidence of interbreeding
54 Drinking alcohol during pregnancy could lead to acute myeloid leukemia in children
55 Biologists discover an extra layer of protection for bacterial spores
56 Neandertal genome sequence published in Science
57 Milk and risk of renal cell cancer: Genetic research sheds new light
58 Complete Neanderthal genome sequenced
59 New genes involved in human eye color identified
60 Science closing in on mystery of age-related memory loss, says UAB neurobiologist
61 CSHL team helps Neandertal Genome Project compare differences between Neandertals and modern humans
62 Genome breakthrough allows scientists to identify and profile tumor cells from very small samples
63 Estrogen receptor status of HER2+ breast cancer correlates with response to anti-HER therapies
64 Gender-specific disease risks start in the womb
65 Coffee and soft drinks have little or no association with colon cancer risk
66 Transplanted adult stem cells provide lasting help to injured hearts
67 GOCE satellite determines gravitational force in the Himalayas
68 Algae advances as a 'green' alternative for improving water quality
69 Minilab can quickly identify antibiotic residues in milk, before it leaves the barn
70 Envisat captures renewed volcanic activity
71 Slimming aid from the cell laboratory?
72 UT Southwestern researchers uncover Fragile X syndrome gene's role in shaping brain
73 Jefferson scientists identify a new protein involved in longevity
74 Simple gene test identifies clinically important subtypes of breast cancer
75 Survival in metastatic breast cancer directly linked to circulating tumor cells
76 Experiences to learn from the volcanic eruption
77 World record in current intensity achieved with distribution cables
78 New 'metamaterial' device may lead to see-through cameras and scanners
79 Herschel reveals the hidden side of star birth
80 A "Fat Forward" Research Tool
81 University experts prove British summer is advancing
82 UN report stresses the need to provide access to clean energy to the world's poor
83 How does ice flow?
84 Fatty acid to enhance anticancer drug
85 Unlike CT, standard X-rays don't detect the majority of pelvic injuries, study suggests
86 MRI: Just as effective as MR arthrography in the diagnosis of hip labral tears
87 Older people in assisted-living facilities sleep poorly
88 Nuclear matrix proteins contribute to differentiation of gastric cancer cells
89 A potential therapeutic target for colon cancer
90 Treatment of Helicobacter pylori-negative gastric MALT lymphoma
91 CE 3-D US for differentiating focal liver lesions
92 Sponsoring by the pharmaceutical industry can bias the results of drug studies
93 Survey finds general internists leave practice sooner than subspecialists
94 Assessing the science behind health claims
95 Study Finds Post-Transplant Patients Off Steroids Have Fewer Cardiovascular Events
96 Quality of life reduced in hospitalized vertebral fracture patients
97 Mild-mannered metabolic helper rushes to fight invading viruses, researchers report
98 Mayo-led Research Team Develop Agents That Keep Insulin Working Longer
99 Words to the wise: Experts define wisdom
100 Scientific cooperation shows potential of bioprocessing for improving exploitabiliy of wheat bran
101 Designed biomaterials mimicking biology
102 The European HEALTHGRAIN consortium developed a definition for whole grain
103 Rye and barley products facilitate blood glucose and appetite regulation
104 Evidence for health potential of wheat aleurone as part of ready-to-eat cereals and bread
105 Engineering wheat arabinoxylan for new applications
106 Creating new healthy ingredients by innovative milling techniques and processes for cereal grains
107 New atherosclerosis vaccine gives promising results
108 MU Researchers Create Software for Robot to Improve Rescue Missions
109 Peptides may hold 'missing link' to life
110 Sequencing of first frog genome sheds light on treating disease
111 Feeling Stressed? So is the Poplar--But Hormone Suppression Could Help the Tree
112 Stem cells: In search of a master controller