File Title
1 Road to Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac: A New Hope
2 Developer says iPad downloads are 5% of iPhone share on App Store
3 Kraft Foods adds new support for employees choosing Macs
4 Teardown of iPad 3G shows Apple using LCD frame as an antenna
5 The Steve Jobs Revolution leads us to a new economy
6 Adobe confirms plans to move away from Apple
7 Naval cryptologist with top secret clearance shopped around Apple's secret 4G iPhone prototype
8 Affordable Mac alternatives for Adobe CS5
9 Dvorak: Adobe and Apple square off
10 From Alan Kay's Dynabook to the Apple iPad
11 From Alan Kay's Dynabook to the Apple iPad
12 Drumbeat builds for Nokia CEO to resign over failure to produce iPhone rival
13 Jobs: Ogg Theora may violate patents
14 Adobe denies iPhones to employees; erases 0.01732% of iPhone userbase in Flash revenge ploy
15 Adobe erases 0.01% of iPhone userbase in Flash revenge ploy
16 What's behind Apple's clash with Adobe's Flash?
17 Apple iPad on a five-day business trip: So, how'd it do?
18 On the road with the iPad: Can you leave the laptop home?
19 Ex-Adobe engineers: We raised red flags that went unheeded; Adobe closed mobile department in '07
20 Adobe rewriting Wired iPad app to work around Apple
21 iPad 3G gets teardown, hundreds in launch lines
22 Some apps blocked, throttled on 3G iPad
23 Jobs: Ogg Theora may violate patents
24 Microsoft won't try to bid for Palm, still sees HP as ally
25 Microsoft has official guide to humor
26 Octane Render performs CUDA-accelerated ray tracing
27 Web-based iTunes in works, but not soon after Lala
28 Calls made for Nokia CEO to resign over lack of iPhone rival
29 NHL launches first official iPad app
30 Counter-rumor says HP slate still on track
31 Jobs returns to Time 100 list for 2010
32 Amazon retaliating against Penguin over e-book pricing
33 TV Ditches Paper Scripts for iPad, Saves $2,000 a Month
34 iPad 3G In The House!
35 Indy Driver Uses iPad for Real-Time Race Stats
36 First Look: Freeform vector drawing app for iPad
37 Driving around with Navigon Panorama View 3D for iPhone
38 Was the Siri purchase about search?
39 AP News for iPad a missed opportunity
40 Skype calls not allowed over iPad 3G connections
41 Steve Jobs: 'A patent pool is being assembled to go after Theora and other "open source" codecs'
42 iFixit's 3G iPad teardown reveals 3G and GPS modules
43 AT&T doesn't allow some iPad apps to stream video, others are downscaled
44 iPad jailbreaking video posted
45 Opinion, some notes on Adobe, Apple, the iPhone OS and Flash
46 First Look: iPad Wi-Fi + 3G
47 Printing from your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad
48 The Macalope Weekly: What a letdown!
49 iPad Killer? We can't even get an iPad challenger
50 Review: Kindle
51 Review: iGovernment--News and Politics To Go
52 Five or Six Reasons Why Parity Puzzles Are Fun
53 Flying Car Proposals Sought by Pentagon
54 US oil spill 'threatens way of life,' governor warns
55 Cameroon panic as elephants escape Dja Faunal Reserve
56 'Green' exercise quickly 'boosts mental health'
57 Tech brings remote mountain data to scientists
58 Assam tea estate goes organic
59 Animals need 'right to privacy' from wildlife films
60 Amateurish Bomb Defused in Times Square
61 Police: Video Shows Times Sq. Car Bomb Suspect
62 Gulf Oil Spill: From Bad to Worse
63 Apple vs. Adobe: Is Flash dying?
64 New 3G iPad Reviewed--And Found Superior
65 Which Apple iPad 3G Plan Is Right For You?
66 Apple rolls out iPad 3G today
67 Apple launches 3G iPad, looks to maintain momentum
68 Apple iPad 3G launched
69 Apple Releases 3G iPad Version
70 Out-of-this-world Apple iPad 3G has 5 antennas
71 See Everything Inside An iPad 3G (Teardown)
72 iPad gains dashboard widgets via mobile Safari
73 Macintosh Systems Lose Innovation as Apple Concentrates on Mobile Gadgets.
74 HP Expected to Pursue Tablets with Palm WebOS, sans Microsoft
75 HP drops Windows 7 from Slate tablet
76 HP Reportedly Kills "Slate" Tablet PC; Looking At WebOS Alternative?
77 Report: HP kills Ballmer's Windows 7 tablet
78 America's First Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine
79 FDA Approves First Prostate Cancer Vaccine
80 FDA Approval Of Cancer Vaccine May Spark Medical Revolution
81 FDA approves first cancer treatment jab
82 Dendreon Drug Approval Raises Hopes For Others, Industry
83 Smoking ban effective now in Michigan
84 Michigan Takes Major Stand, Officially Bans Public Smoking
85 Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect Across Michigan
86 $1,000 Personal Genome Coming: Are We Ready?
87 Stanford bioengineer explores own genome
88 Politicos take happy out of meal
89 Medical marijuana ordinance tops Great Falls City Commission agenda
90 Rally to legalize marijuana held in Raleigh
91 Marching for marijuana
92 Kids Suffer When Parents Choose Between Health Care, Bills
93 American Lung Association: Most Americans Exposed to Dangerous Air
94 WHO chief: NKorea needs stronger health system
95 North Korea has plenty of doctors: WHO
96 5 Minutes with Nature Can Boost Mental Health
97 China Child Attacks: Are They Copycat Crimes?
98 Nasal Spray Makes Men More Sensitive, Study Claims
99 Apple Obsession: The Science of iPad Fanaticism
100 The Most Expensive iPad Apps
101 13 Glaring iPad Shortcomings
102 Gulf Oil Spill Fight Turns to Chemicals
103 Supernova's Beginning Blast Shown in 3-D--A First
104 Oil Spill Hits Gulf Coast Habitats
105 Shampoo, Cosmetics May Form Cancer-Causing Substance in Water Supplies
106 Adobe Fires Back at Steve Jobs 'Smokescreen'
107 New 3G iPad Reviewed--And Found Superior
108 Noah's Ark Found in Turkey?
109 Unmasking anthrax for immune destruction
110 Finding cancer 'cold spots' can help minimize radiotherapy side-effects
111 First trial of pemetrexed with radiation and chemo in lung cancer shows promising results
112 Meta-analysis: Radiotherapy variants improve survival in non-metastatic lung cancer
113 4-D software helps adjust for breathing when treating lung cancer with radiotherapy
114 Tool allows precise targeting of radiotherapy for cancer radiation therapy
115 Making personalized lung cancer therapy a reality in Europe
116 Blood test may identify lung cancer patients likely to respond to erlotinib
117 Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico nears the coast
118 Satellites, DNA and dolphins
119 Biochemist unlocks gene's role in breast-tumor growth
120 ARS scientists study effects of grazing on grouse habitat
121 Probiotics help extremely premature infants gain weight
122 Giving DHA supplements to breastfeeding mothers
123 Researchers recommend pregnant women take 4,000 IU vitamin D a day
124 Olive oil could guard against developing ulcerative colitis
125 Fighting fungal infections with bacteria
126 Lung cancer risk particularly high for heart and liver transplant recipients
127 Children living in apartments with nonsmoking adults still exposed
128 Treatment plan for children with autism often includes complementary therapies
129 Study adds to evidence that autism has genetic basis
130 Scripps Research team provides groundbreaking new understanding of stem cells
131 New Stanford tool enables wider analyses of genome 'deep sequencing'
132 Pitt pharmacologists go on a molecular fishing trip and hook prize catch
133 'Junk DNA' drives cancer growth
134 New HIV model suggests killer T cell for vaccine
135 Fluorescent compounds make tumors glow
136 Patient's whole genome reveals risk of diseases and adverse drug responses
137 A roadmap for 'the only practical way to preserve the planet'
138 Berkeley Scientists Discover Inexpensive Metal Catalyst for Generating Hydrogen from Water
139 UCSB scientists look beyond diamond for quantum computing
140 Global glaciation snowballed into giant change in carbon cycle
141 New research by UCR physicists could help develop gamma ray lasers and produce fusion power
142 In the green of health: Just 5 minutes of 'green exercise' optimal for good mental health
143 Teens dangerously uninformed about OTC medication
144 Researchers make advances in understanding causes, treatments and outcomes of liver disease
145 New commentary suggests alternatives to routine use of OTC cold/cough meds in children
146 Children's well-being another casualty of recession
147 Comprehensive asthma care keeps kids out of the hospital
148 Access to primary care may reduce surgeries among children
149 Children with autism frequently receive psychotropic medications
150 Sleep disturbances associated with behavior problems in children with autism
151 GI problems common in children with autism
152 Children living with relatives struggle with physical, mental health issues
153 Families caught in the middle
154 Discrimination is associated with depression among minority children
155 Children may be able to eat before cholesterol test, study shows
156 New free hand ultrasound system improves work flow and reduces scan time
157 New government pay-for-performance policies punish doctors who care for obese patients
158 New studies examine adverse outcomes associated with obesity and more applicable measures of obesity
159 Henry Ford Hospital study: Less prep needed for colonoscopy
160 Older women with diabetes face higher risk for colon cancer
161 Extended hepatitis C treatment after liver transplant may benefit patients
162 Gene find offers hope of screening test for bone disease
163 Military develops multipurpose 'green' decontaminants for terrorist attack sites
164 To improve lung cancer diagnosis, good medicine is a polymer pill
165 New tool helps scientists 'see' molecular signals of eye disease before symptoms arise
166 Physicist finds colder isn't always slower as electron emissions increase at temps down to -452 F
167 Largest atlas of nuclear galactic rings unveiled
168 Purple Pokeberries hold secret to affordable solar power worldwide
169 China's busy blogosphere no harbinger of political freedom, open speech
170 Tiny particles may help surgeons by marking brain tumors
171 Social networking sites may provide clues to teens' sexual intentions
172 Living in a high-crime neighborhood may worsen children's asthma