File Title
1 Apple launching iPad with explicit content in App Store
2 Apple Gets iPad Trademark Just in Time
3 Piano app for iPad proves screen size matters
4 Think Really Different
5 The 'iPad Era' dawns
6 Apple iBookstore More Relaxed About Explicit Content
7 Is Microsoft squaring-up for a tablet battle with Apple's iPad?
8 U.S. set to make $8 billion from bailing out Citi
9 Hubble hits new heights
10 Deaf boys tried to tell of priest's abuse for years
11 Egg donors offered up to $50,000
12 Data theft targets 3.3 million with student loans
13 Rescuers search for sunken S. Korea ship's crew
14 Volunteers amble through olfactory jungle of NYC
15 Skin-whitening creams found in Jackson home
16 America's first legal gigolo leaves rural brothel
17 It's Official: Apple Now Owns iPad Trademark
18 On Leadership: Views on Google's refusal to continue censorship in China
19 Google leaving China: better late than never
20 Google Gets Little U.S. Corporate Support in Internet Fight With China
21 Hacker Gonzalez gets 20 years for Heartland breach
22 UN climate change chief Rajendra Pachauri says sorry--and switches to neutral
23 Maynard says EPA Trying to Destroy WV Coal Miners
24 EPA Proposes Veto of Permit for Major Mountaintop-Removal Coal Mine
25 EPA moves to stop W.Va. coal mine that was issued federal permit
26 Steve Jobs spotted not hating Eric Schmidt
27 Apple's Steve Jobs, Google's Eric Schmidt reconcile over coffee
28 Jobs, Schmidt Seen Talking Business in Public
29 Revised Facebook policy hints at location tagging
30 Facebook Changes Include Location, Partner Sites
31 Calif. nixes rule mandating reflective car windows
32 State reverses rule mandating reflecting car windows
33 Experts debate merits of breast cancer screening
34 Resistance can develop fast with swine flu: report
35 H1N1 Can Develop Resistance to Drugs Quickly: U.S. Researchers
36 Swine Flu Resistance Builds Up Fast, H1N1 Still a Concern
37 States fighting healthcare law don't have precedent on their side
38 No Precedent for States Combating Healthcare
39 States' constitutional challenges don't pass muster
40 Health care reform should survive legal challenges
41 Some States Find Burdens in Health Care Law
42 Tax hike sought to fund children's health coverage
43 Doctors Offer Thoughts on Cutting Health Care Costs
44 Could Hong Kong teach China to quit smoking?
45 Budget 2010: Longer cigarettes to incur higher tax
46 Report: Smokeless tobacco, cigars outpace youth cigarette smoking
47 D.A. on verge of mass drug-case dismissals
48 Obamacare will sting far more than it salves
49 History shows passions may fade in health care debate
50 Health care bill
51 Drop suit, McKenna urged
52 N/A
53 Likely AG candidate Ferguson blasts AG McKenna
54 Lawyers vs. Health Reform
55 Bee-Sniffing Technology More Advanced, Much Cheaper Than Dog-Sniffing
56 NASA green lights April 5 launch of Discovery
57 Research concludes there is no 'simple theory of everything' inside the enigmatic E8
58 Bit of duck DNA might protect poultry from flu, scientists say
59 Experts debate merits of breast cancer screening
60 Playing 'Pong' with the blink of an eye (w/ Video)
61 Physicists Use Underground Lab to Detect Rare Particles, Peek into Earth's Center
62 The sound and the query: Why do questions take the form they do?
63 Report: 'Smart' meters have security holes
64 Slackers and superstars of the microbial workplace
65 Getting families and friends together again, virtually
66 Rapid development of drug-resistant 2009 H1N1 influenza reported in 2 cases
67 US cities vie to win Google's broadband favor
68 Researchers discover new path to antibiotics
69 Study finds flaxseed lowers high cholesterol in men
70 Spoiler alert: TV medical dramas 'rife' with bioethical issues and breaches of professional conduct
71 Probing the magnetic properties of solid oxygen
72 US Congress passes historic health overhaul
73 Mpemba effect: Why hot water can freeze faster than cold
74 'Cold fusion' moves closer to mainstream acceptance
75 The Dawn of a New Epoch?
76 Large Hadron Collider 7 TeV experiment on March 30
77 Magnetic monopole experiment at CERN could rewrite laws of physics
78 Great apes know they could be wrong
79 World's largest particle collider may unlock secrets of universe
80 Revolutionary New Solution for Semiconductor, Nano Materials
81 F is for Fluoresence and Fluorine: New dyes for optical nanoscopy
82 Nanoparticles Cooperate to Detect and Treat Tumors
83 From pollutant to profit--nanoscience turns carbon on its head
84 Physicists create carbon magnetism by removing atoms from graphite
85 Seeing a bionic eye on medicine's horizon
86 Incorporating biofunctionality into nanomaterials for medical, health devices
87 New alloys key to efficient energy and lighting
88 A more sensitive sensor using nano-sized carbon tubes
89 A system that's worth its salt: New approach to water desalination could lead to small, portable units
90 Researchers provide proof in humans of RNA interference using targeted nanoparticles
91 Z-contrast microscope first to resolve, identify individual light atoms
92 Light controls matter, matter controls x-rays
93 Researchers create 'handshaking' particles
94 Shells, silicon & neighbourly atoms
95 NSF grant to IU researcher funds study of 'fundamental length'
96 The world's smallest microlaser
97 New spintronics material could help usher in next generation of microelectronics
98 Taming the wild phonon
99 Iron-nitrogen compound forms strongest magnet known
100 Helium rain on Jupiter explains lack of neon in atmosphere
101 For One Tiny Instant, Physicists May Have Broken a Law of Nature
102 Giant 'microscope' will use neutrons to study glass transition
103 'Seeing' through paint
104 NASA Study Finds Atlantic 'Conveyor Belt' Not Slowing
105 From Beijing to Paris, world to go dark for Earth Hour
106 Futuristic Rocket Lands; 'Bird on Fire' Featured
107 One hour a world of difference to energy awareness
108 NASA pays sky-high $66 a person for seminar snacks
109 Dynamo theory: How small planets can have self-sustaining magnetic fields
110 Death of coral reefs could devastate nations
111 After growth spurt, supermassive black holes spend half their lives veiled in dust
112 Hubble confirms cosmic acceleration with weak lensing (w/ Video)
113 Pollution from Asia Circles Globe at Stratospheric Heights
114 Measuring a Monstrous Supernova
115 Scientists Assess Haiti's Future Earthquake Threats
116 Opportunity Surpasses 20 Kilometers of Total Driving
117 Europa on Earth
118 GOES Satellite Movie Captures Record-Setting February Blizzards in Washington (w/ Video)
119 One word from Jobs can send Mac world into tizzy
120 World's first electronic underpants created Down Under
121 Toshiba Introduces New High Areal Density 2.5-inch 750GB HDDs
122 Amazon unveils application to read Kindle e-books on Macs
123 Gadgets: Desk keeps your computer, lap cool
124 Fujitsu cedes 'iPad' trademark to Apple
125 Faster, cheaper chips from space technology
126 Web browsers and iPhone hacked at contest
127 Beware online knights in shining armor, US Army warns
128 The Times of London to charge for website
129 China eyes 500 million web users
130 HP Demos Rollup Flexible Displays (w/ Video)
131 Wall Street Journal to charge 17.99 dollars a month on iPad
132 Ames Researcher Revolutionizes Air Traffic
133 New world record in energy-efficient data processing
134 UK police asks Internet cafes to monitor customers
135 Research findings could revolutionise industrial catalysts
136 New oxygen producing mechanism proposed
137 Carnegie Mellon's kitchen chemistry makes science palatable
138 On the road to 'sweet' tires made with a more sustainable process
139 Johns Hopkins team finds new way to attack TB (w/ Video)
140 New CO2 'scrubber' from ingredient in hair conditioners
141 Detecting fake wine vintages: It's an (atomic) blast
142 Compound screening for drug development made simpler
143 New technology to assist research and genetic drug delivery
144 Building custom materials using nature's prized secrets
145 New theory of Down syndrome cause may lead to new therapies
146 Superelastic iron alloy could be used for heart and brain surgery
147 Hard plastics decompose in oceans, releasing endocrine disruptor BPA
148 New method could revolutionize dating of ancient treasures
149 A 2-in-1 test for detecting E. coli in ground beef and other foods
150 Room Temperature Liquid Porphyrins
151 Biochip technology reveals 'fingerprints' of biochemical threats
152 Naval research laboratory takes a close look at unique diamonds
153 More Realistic Biomechanics In New Computer Locomotion Model
154 Of mice and memory: 'Working memory' of mice can be improved
155 New population of rare giant-mouse lemurs found in Madagascar
156 Insulin-like signal needed to keep stem cells alive in adult brain
157 Genome mapping technique speeds process of finding specific genes
158 Plants can grow quickly or ward off hungry insects, but not both: research
159 Researchers discover how cells recognize viral toxin
160 Newly identified proteins critical to FA pathway DNA repair function
161 Keeping cattle cool and stress-free is goal of ARS study
162 UN meeting fails to protect marine species
163 The quality of the tomato depends more on temperature than on natural light
164 Japan big winner at UN conservation meeting [cf. 162]
165 Researchers find gene to explain mouse embryonic stem cell immortality
166 Colonies of bacteria fight for resources with lethal protein
167 Guinea pigs not 'dumbed down' by domestication
168 Amphibious caterpillars discovered in Hawaii (w/ Video)
169 Specific lymph node radiotherapy is well-tolerated after surgery in early breast cancer patients
170 Forget your medicine? This device won't let you
171 Stigma Keeps Some Latinos From Depression Treatment
172 US Congress passes 'fixes' to landmark health law
173 Could Hong Kong teach China to quit smoking?
174 Research confirms that some forms of massage help against low-back pain
175 Discovery that PARP protein exists in all breast tumors will help target chemo and predict response
176 Notion of 'group think' questioned
177 Researchers identify secrets to happiness, depression among oldest of old
178 How to Change the World: New Working Paper Analyzes How Leaders Promote Development
179 Fossil feces point to a shark attack 15 million years ago
180 Bilingual family liaisons increasingly important service for schools
181 Study looks at role of private foundations in supporting religion
182 People are living longer and healthier--now what?
183 These grains can be solid, liquid or dust
184 The longevity revolution
185 UAB testing software program to improve safety among older drivers