File Title
1 Network expands to 256 times its original size to bridge the micro and macro worlds
2 'Black box' plankton found to have huge role in ocean carbon fixation
3 Young and getting cooler--the early life of a neutron star
4 Beetles stand out using Avatar tech
5 Einstein's theory fights off challengers (w/ Video)
6 Cat brain: A step toward the electronic equivalent
7 The new T. rex: A leech with an affinity for noses
8 US Library of Congress to archive Twitter messages
9 NIST Detector Counts Photons With 99 Percent Efficiency
10 New gene in hair loss identified
11 Giant natural particle accelerator discovered above thunderclouds
12 Why humans believe that better things come to those who wait
13 Pinning Down a Proton: Researchers Develop Method to Describe Binding of Protons and Neutrons
14 Materialistic people liked less by peers than 'experiential' people, study says
15 Random, but not by chance: A quantum random-number generator for encryption, security
16 Researchers discover ancient urban center in Mexico
17 Treat acne with coconut oil and nano-bombs
18 Japan want 50% of new cars green by 2020
19 Small, Ground-Based Telescope Images Three Exoplanets
20 Have black holes been turning up the volume on the cosmic radio background?
21 Study Confirms DNA Repair Model After 26 Years
22 Anti-cancer Agent Stops Metastasis in its Tracks
23 Why cancer drugs lose their power: Platinum-based cancer drugs destroy tumor cells by binding to DNA strands
24 Major breakthrough offers hope of preventing mitochondrial diseases
25 Mystery object in Starburst Galaxy M82 possible micro-quasar
26 Researchers harness viruses to split water: Crucial step toward turning water into hydrogen fuel
27 Study shows that size affects structure of hollow nanoparticles
28 Ultrasensitive imaging method uses gold-silver 'nanocages'
29 Tiny diamond sparklers may hold the key to big advances in biomedical imaging technology
30 New material is a breakthrough in magnetism
31 New hope for ultimate clean energy: fusion power
32 NJIT physicist sees terahertz imaging as ultimate defense against terrorism
33 Record measurement of extremely small magnetic fields
34 Sound bullets could treat cancers and replace ultrasound (w/ Video)
35 Iceland's volcanic ash halts flights across Europe
36 Link between solar activity and the UK's cold winters
37 Peek Into the Depths of the Universe--With Your iPhone
38 Generation gap: Obama space plan angers old hands
39 Cassini Sees Lightening [sic] on Saturn
40 First detailed look at young dusty discs around ageing stars
41 Used oyster shells collected to help next generation grow
42 Dusty experiments are solving interstellar water mystery
43 Ocean salinities show an intensified water cycle
44 Proba-2 shows solar eruption that touched Earth (w/ Video)
45 ACE measurements and STEREO vision build space weather forecasting system
46 Lost light from the moon may be sent astray by dusty reflectors
47 Gadgets: Seek out 'green' gadgets in celebration of Earth Day
48 Hands on with Microsoft Kin: ain't nothin' like it
49 Samsung Intros AMOLED Beam, Its Latest Beam Projector Mobile Phone
50 German tablet PC sets out to rival Apple's iPad (Update)
51 Next, a Kin: Microsoft to try new consumer phones
52 Study: Young adults do care about online privacy
53 'Pavement power' may light up French city (w/ Video)
54 Decision on Cape Cod wind project due this month
55 Solar energy production has enormous potential in southeastern Ontario: study
56 Global 1Q PC shipments jump more than 20 percent
57 India plans 4G mobile sale: report
58 House moves to stop scams using false caller IDs
59 Microsoft's 'Manual Deskterity' Enhances User Touchscreen Experience (w/ Video)
60 ZAP licenses PNNL's Smart Charger Controller Technology
61 Intel Shares Vision for the Future
62 Developing tiny cave camera and iris recognition technology for military, homeland security
63 OpensAll Tackles Jars and Cans with Ease
64 3 finalists in prize for technology breakthroughs
65 Augmented reality brings movie magic to city visits
66 Dutch semiconductor tech company ASML reports profit
67 Your Next Computer May Know How You Feel
68 Smart career planning
69 Knowing When Poultry Goes Foul
70 Research explores edible film that kills pathogens for meat packaging
71 Research discovery may lead to advances in heart disease and cancer treatment
72 New drug design technique could dramatically speed discovery process
73 Glass helps damaged bone regenerate
74 Scientists discover 'smart' insulin molecule
75 New probe technology illuminates the activation of light-sensing cells
76 When the air turns brown: Scientists discover reactions that create climate-changing brown carbon aerosol
77 The shell makes the difference
78 Key protein aids in DNA repair
79 Study unveils lifeline for 'antibiotic of last resort'
80 Significant findings about protein architecture may aid in drug design, generation of nanomaterials
81 Pull-chain 'polymer' solves puzzle of complex molecular packing
82 New method to study key targets in Alzheimer's disease and prostate cancer
83 Plastic money: Australia's plastic bills make life difficult for counterfeiters
84 New research may revolutionize ceramics manufacturing
85 New agent chokes off energy supply, kills cancer cells
86 Wake Forest earns patent for efficient, inexpensive fiber-based solar cells
87 Lessons from the pond: Clues from green algae on the origin of males and females
88 Team uncovers new functions of mitochondrial fusion
89 High-altitude metabolism lets mice stay slim and healthy on a high-fat diet
90 Controlling Forests Doesn't Have To Be Toxic
91 Researchers make breakthrough in the fight against African sleeping sickness
92 Genetic patterns rise from huge yeast samples
93 Researchers put proteins right where they want them
94 Species distribution models can exaggerate differences in environmental requirements
95 Genetic fingerprinting explains evolution of tree species unique to Avon Gorge
96 Birds of a feather don't always respond together to infection
97 Philosopher brings human values to environmental decisions
98 Locust plague hits eastern Australia
99 ARS researching camelina as a new biofuel crop
100 Lightning really does make mushrooms multiply
101 Illegal trade in whale meat points to Japan: DNA study
102 Perhaps a longer lifespan, certainly a longer 'health span'
103 Cellular channel may open doors to skin conditions, hair growth
104 Rare gene variants linked to high risk of broad range of seizure disorders
105 Quantity may determine quality when choosing romantic partners
106 It takes only 5 minutes to assess disability in patients with depression
107 New research goes against mom's advice that routine lifting is bad for your back
108 New studies reveal that age-related nerve decline is associated with inflammation, differs by gender
109 Neurons growing in line
110 Trying to eradicate a disease is a waste of money: researcher
111 Playing a video game before bedtime has only a mild effect on adolescent sleep
112 The association between sleep disturbances and reduced quality of life varies by race
113 Self-Monitoring Lowers Risks for Patients on Anti-Clotting Drug
114 Slobbery kisses from 'man's best friend' aid cancer research
115 Shelve routine use of costly silver wound dressings, says DTB
116 Slumber aids could improve intensive care outcomes
117 Better patient safety linked to fewer medical malpractice claims in California
118 Study: US needs better-trained math teachers to compete globally
119 Happiness hinges on the lives of others
120 What are the 'Hard Problems' in the social sciences?
121 Math goes to the movies
122 Deciphering the movement of pedestrians in a crowd
123 Creepy crawly cockroach ancestor revealed in new 3-D model
124 Democracy not vital for Internet to flourish in some countries: study
125 Maths model to prevent deadly disease spread
126 Community research guidelines set stage for 'real world' scholarship
127 NRC chairman says SILEX needs a careful look
128 Cultural identity of indigenous society of Patagonia restored
129 Doomsday shelter currently selling bunker space (w/ Video)
130 Study: U.S. church attendance steady, but makeup of churchgoers changes
131 Researchers find link between Latino employment and black urban violence
132 Over half of women in abusive relationships still saw their male partners as dependable
133 Ancient Americans took cold snap in their stride
134 Energy conservation in south could save billions, create jobs
135 First studies of fossil of new human ancestor take place at the European Synchrotron