File Title
1 Discovery Crew Wraps Up Final ISS EVA
2 Obama to outline US space plans in NASA visit
3 India Set For Critical Launch Of Upgrade Rocket System
4 China To Launch Second Lunar Probe This Year
5 Distant planets turn space theory upside down
6 Galaxy Explorer telescope still operating
7 US astronauts end mission's last space walk
8 Honeywell To Supply Inertial Measurement Units For GPS Satellites
9 Soyuz Ready For French Guiana Launch This Year
10 Global Space Economy Grew 40 Percent Over Five Years
11 A Summer Sky Of Methane And Carbon Monoxide Lights Up Triton
12 Ice Mission Delivers First Data
13 Peru glacier collapses, injures 50
14 Helicopter Helps Test Radar For 2012 Mars Landing
15 Udall Bennet Ask President To Re-evaluate Constellation Cuts
16 Did a global ocean save Earth from the cold
17 An Eerie Silence Or The Noise Of Nothing Out There
18 Russia Not Involved With Indian Cryogenic Engine Program
19 India Says Chinese Anti Satellite Program A Global Threat
20 Ukraine abandons uranium at world nuclear summit
21 Northrop Grumman Launches Next Generation of Wheelbarrow Bomb Disposal Vehicle
22 First Lockheed Martin Mission Systems F-35 Enters Flight Test
23 US retiring nuclear Tomahawk missiles
24 Israel unveils defense shield for Merkavas
25 Death toll from contagious disease in China doubles in March
26 Health experts warn against complacency in fighting viruses
27 Biggest Comet Measured to Date: Comet McNaught
28 Small, Ground-Based Telescope Images Three Exoplanets
29 Giant Natural Particle Accelerator Above Thunderclouds
30 New Material Is a Breakthrough in Magnetism; Step Closer to 'Magnetic Monopole'
31 Solar Explosion Tracked All the Way from the Sun to Earth
32 Investigational Immune Intervention Slows Brain Shrinkage in Alzheimer's Patients
33 How the Sea Snake Got Its Stripes
34 Life on Saturn's Moon Titan: Stand Well Back and Hold Your Nose!
35 Cluster Spacecraft Takes First Look at Charged Particles That Drive Brightest Aurora
36 Why the Japanese Can Easily Digest Sushi
37 New Gene in Hair Loss Identified by Columbia-Led Research Team
38 New Super Bacterium Doubles Hydrogen Gas Production
39 Multiple Sclerosis: Teriflunomide Appears Safe and Effective as Part of Combination Therapy, Study Suggests
40 Wildlife Still Exposed to Exxon Valdez Oil 20 Years After Disaster
41 Why Humans Believe That Better Things Come to Those Who Wait
42 Childhood Obesity Linked to Stiff Arteries
43 Gene Identified for Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy
44 Lack of Omega-6 Fatty Acid Linked to Severe Dermatitis
45 Wide Variation Found in Those Infected by H1N1
46 New Tool to Help Study Prostate Cancer Developed
47 Diet Alone Will Not Likely Lead to Significant Weight Loss, Study Suggests
48 Recent Research on Memory, Learning
49 New Understanding of Protein's Role in Brain
50 Depression Affects How Women With PMDD Respond to Stress, Pain
51 Guidelines Issued on When People With Alzheimer's Disease Should Stop Driving
52 Is Cleanliness to Blame for Increasing Allergies?
53 Fear of Getting Fat Seen in Healthy Women's Brain Scans
54 Blinded by Jealousy?
55 DNA Analysis Suggests Whale Meat from Sushi Restaurants in L.A., Seoul Originated from Japan
56 Fats for Health and Beauty: Giving Soybean Oil a New Role in Serving Society
57 Duffy-Negative Blood Types No Longer Protected from P. Vivax Malaria
58 Household Pesticide Labels Lack Details on Safe Use
59 Assessing Antibiotic Breakdown in Manure
60 Impact of Antibiotic Treatments on Bacteria in the Intestines of Animals
61 Traumatized Trees: Bug Them Enough, They Get Fired Up
62 Only Known Living Population of Rare Dwarf Lemur Discovered
63 What Should Goldenrod Do to Avoid an Insect Attack? Duck!
64 Exotic Flowers Help Bees Stay Busy in Winter
65 Measuring Global Water Vapor and Formaldehyde
66 People Living in Communities Near Oil Sands Can Breathe Easy, Study Finds
67 Deepest Core Drilled from Antarctic Peninsula; May Contain Glacial Stage Ice
68 Ice Age Climate Change Did Not Pose Significant Challenges to First Americans, Study Suggests
69 Pre-History of Life: Elegantly Simple Organizing Principles Seen in Ribosomes
70 Clovis Mammoth Hunters: Out With a Whimper or a Bang?
71 Rewiring of Gene Regulation Across 300 Million Years of Evolution
72 LOFAR Opens Up the Low-Frequency Universe--And Starts a New SETI Search
73 Turning Planetary Theory Upside Down: Nine New Exoplanets Found, Some With Retrograde Orbits
74 Baby Stars in the Rosette Cloud
75 Hubble Snaps Heavyweight of the Leo Triplet
76 Hiding out Behind the Milky Way
77 Ultrasensitive Imaging Method Uses Gold-Silver 'Nanocages' to Enable Detecting and Treating Disease
78 Physicist Sees Terahertz Imaging as Ultimate Defense Against Terrorism
79 How Dangerous Are Air Pollutants Really?
80 Wireless Nano Sensors Could Save Bridges, Buildings
81 Ventricular Assist Device Gives Man Chance to Resume an Active Life
82 High-Performance Computing Reveals Missing Genes
83 Harnessing the Web and Supercomputers to Track Pathogens as They Evolve
84 Bringing Better Grapes a Step Closer to Reality
85 Robots With Better Observation
86 Social Networking Utilized by Academic to Improve Student Satisfaction
87 New gene associated with increased risk of Alzheimer's disease
88 Patents block competition, slow innovation in gene testing
89 Decoding tumor genomes reveals clues to spread of deadly breast cancer
90 New gene in hair loss identified by Columbia-led research team
91 The new T. rex: A leech with an affinity for noses
92 Why humans believe that better things come to those who wait
93 BioTorrents: An OA file sharing service and more
94 Patents block competition, slow innovation in gene testing
95 Novel artificial pancreas successfully controls blood sugar more than 24 hours
96 MIT cancer biologists have shown how resistance to cisplatin arises
97 Newly discovered RNA steers brain development
98 Wildlife Still Exposed To Exxon Valdez Oil 20 Years After Disaster
99 Sizing Up the Competition: MU Researchers Compare Measurement Techniques to Better Assess Body Composition
100 The onion, a natural alternative to artificial preservatives
101 Classic Maya history is embedded in commoners' homes
102 Research Center Derives New Stem Cell Lines, Trains Scientists
103 To sleep or not to sleep? Math software to help plan astronaut, shift worker schedules
104 The age of Aquarius? Nope, it's the Anthropocene epoch
105 Little melamine appears in eggs from chickens on highly contaminated feed
106 New method for recovering pricey nanoparticles
107 Ginkgo herbal medicines may increase seizures in people with epilepsy
108 Research discovery may lead to advances in heart disease and cancer treatment
109 Solar energy production has enormous potential in southeastern Ontario: Queen's University studies
110 EVMS researchers identify potential target for treatment of obesity-related diseases
111 Primary cilia formation provides insight into genetic diseases
112 New treatment helps control involuntary crying and laughing--common in MS, ALS patients
113 Gene identified for sudden unexpected death in epilepsy
114 Migraine: Aspirin and an antiemetic is a reasonable option
115 Turning planetary theory upside down
116 Calculating agriculture's phosphorus footprint
117 Stanford researchers find electrical current stemming from plants
118 New nano-tool synthesized at Scripps Research Institute
119 Argonne's CARIBU charge breeder breaks world record for efficiency
120 New Drug Design Technique Could Dramatically Speed Discovery Process
121 Random, but not by chance
122 Printed origami offers new technique for complex structues
123 Einstein's Theory Fights off Challengers
124 Pinning Down a Proton: Researchers Develop Method to Describe Binding of Protons and Neutrons
125 Statins may slow progression of multiple sclerosis, new study finds
126 Berkeley Lab Scientists Create 'Molecular Paper'
127 New data presented at the American Academy of Neurology meeting showed that Neupro (Rotigotine Transdermal System) improved both motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease
128 Greater access to cell phones than toilets in India: UN
129 Mayo Clinic: 2-drug combo twice as effective for Crohn's disease remission
130 Stanford scientists find new marker to identify severe breast cancer cases
131 Hurts so good: Chronic pain changes brain response to acute pain
132 Childhood body size affects future breast cancer chances
133 Slumber aids could improve intensive care outcomes
134 Personalized medicine for cancer patients in a new technology era
135 Shelve routine use of costly silver wound dressings, says DTB
136 'Communicative fathers' help reduce teenage smoking
137 Cultural identity of indigenous society of Patagonia restored
138 ESA's ice mission delivers first data
139 Genetically Engineered Crops Benefit Many Farmers, But The Technology Needs Proper Management to Remain Effective
140 A Lab Rat--Created in the Lab
141 High-performance computing reveals missing genes
142 Multimedia search without detours
143 Smart career planning
144 Plant pathogen genetically tailors attacks to each part of host, say Stanford researchers
145 Cat brain: A step toward the electronic equivalent
146 Treat Acne with Coconut Oil and Nano-Bombs