File Title
1 What, or who, killed the last mammoths?
2 Chile earthquake takes heavy toll on historical sites
3 Leonardo Da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' reveals more secrets
4 New Written Language of Ancient Scotland Discovered
5 Andean mummies afflicted with arsenic
6 River reveals chilling tracks of ancient flood
7 Teotihuacan Lineage at Tikal Studied
8 Digs find Yellowstone 'always has been a destination resort'
9 Archaeologists: Sea relics in Xisha too fragile
10 Sunflower Genes Yield Traces Of Early Native Americans
11 Bulldozers overhaul Luxor, city of pashas and pharaohs
12 Inca cemetery holds brutal glimpses of Spanish violence
13 Serbia to boast heritage as birthplace of 18 Roman emperors (Feature)
14 In the footsteps of the Bronze Men
15 700-year-old cave carvings with links to Knights Templar at risk as worms eat walls
16 UM digs find 10,000-year-old Native oasis
17 Missing link between man and apes found
18 Slightly Used
19 Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus Named as Egyptian Pharaoh on Philae Victory Stele
20 Ancient Roman gluten death seen
21 A New Human Relative from the Siberian Mountains
22 Cows are key to 2,500 years of human progress
23 Nagaon excavations reveal ceramic tradition
24 Digging into Fuji's religious side / Archaeologists searching for clues to history of worship on mountain
25 Archaeologists find clues to the appearance of modern human
26 Oldest Man-Made Structure Found in Greek Cave
27 Ancient Assyrian capital in danger of falling into Tigris river
28 Archeology: When did the First Settlers Come to Iceland?
29 Archaeologists dig up Shakespeare's 'cesspit'
30 South Indians in Roman Egypt?
31 Excavations campaign in Utica reveals details of life of early Phoenicians
32 King Tut Wore Orthopedic Sandals
33 Indus-like inscription on South Indian pottery from Thailand
34 Archaeologists Discover Pre-Historic Tumuli in Central Serbia
35 Archaeology: Hidden treasure
36 Auckland moa bone, Maori adze find a '10'
37 Stele names Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus as Egyptian Pharaoh
38 Moa bone find adds new dimension to urban archaeology
39 Scientists dig for Caravaggio's bones, cause of death
40 IU's Carlson among international team of six scientists announcing new species of prehistoric human
41 Researchers Shed Light on Ancient Assyrian Tablets
42 Archeological survey to resume on massive Roman mosaic in Kemble
43 Partial skeletons may represent new hominid
44 Pre-Stonehenge Megaliths Linked to Death Rituals
45 Scientists Exploring The Origins of Ocean 'Supervolcanoes'
46 'Synagogue' find under Northampton kebab shop
47 British archaeologist: 125,000 years ago first human settlement began in Oman
48 Greece and Bulgaria: Archaeologists Excavate Previously Inaccessible Site in Border Region
49 Colorado State University Archaeologist Discovers Ancient Lost City in Mexico
50 Remote sensing data shows impact of sea level on Gulf
51 Oldest fishing rites in the Arabian Peninsula found in Umm Al Qaiwain
52 Oxford project shut down: Oversight in reporting human remains costs city thousands, delays work
53 Further excavation work at Hadrian's Wall site
54 Nursing mums cut risk of diabetes
55 Opinions divided on a special delivery
56 Debate over Everest reaches its height
57 iPad not life-changing, but media-friendly
58 Apple's much-hyped iPad hits the US market
59 Review: Apple's new iPad
60 iPad review: Is it as magical as Steve Jobs promised?
61 I'm sorry, honey, but all that testosterone stole my brain
62 Tests to prevent seeing-eye dogs going blind
63 Fossil finds give clues to ancestors
64 A new face on our distant past
65 Two million years apart, two boys close the evolutionary gap
66 It's the living end: near-death experiences may be gas-fired
67 No flies on science, just an identity crisis
68 Row over fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster name bugs scientists
69 GPs to ask all patients if they're Aboriginal
70 Ziggy Switkowski calls for 50 nuclear reactors in Australia by 2050
71 Keep Pot Illegal! say Humboldt County dope farmers
72 Saudi Arabia government to behead man for practicing witchcraft
73 USC scientists figure out how to turn t-shirts into body armor
74 Thai man spends extra years in Jakarta prison because of a typo
75 Why you can't work at work
76 Now that Apple is publishing newspapers, can newspapers cover Apple?
77 NYT ethicist: OK to pirate ebooks once you've bought the hardcover
78 Crop Circles, Part Deux: Alien Glyphs, Human Myths, Blogging Bliss
79 German supplier takes steaks from diners' plates
80 Japanese people have special seaweed-digesting bacteria in their guts
81 Beer bottles reblown into drinking glasses in the Boing Boing Bazaar
82 Apple to developers: don't even think in Flash, bucko
83 Science festival builds on kids' curiosity
84 In the search for cancer drugs, mice get new role
85 Astronauts take 2nd spacewalk, overcome stiff bolt
86 US climate bill weak for N.E., critics say
87 Fossil find may link humans with apes
88 School boards reconsider whether to keep funding many aging planetariums
89 US judge says spraying a threat to bears
90 Glacier National Park loses 2 more glaciers
91 Swiss test solar plane; hope soon to circle globe
92 On the hunt of what makes all of us recoil
93 Robot plant powered by polluted water
94 NASA unveils sweeping new programs
95 Buzz Out Loud 1202: Multitasking, iAds...and Folders! (podcast)
96 iPhone OS 4.0: Multitasking arrives (live blog)
97 Air Force's mystery spaceship: X-37 gears up for launch
98 For Templeton Prize, intelligent design opponent Francisco Ayala
99 X Woman: Not human, not Neanderthal, what is she?
100 Global warming? Scientists find methane source in Arctic seas.
101 With no survivors in West Virginia mine blast, focus shifts to responsibility
102 What makes a supernova? Scientists thought they knew.
103 King Tut: The science behind the discovery
104 Family tree research can open "Pandora's Box"
105 Amber yields secrets from dinosaur era
106 Possible new human ancestor revealed
107 New anti-cancer strategy: make tumor cells age
108 It seems we're all more human than average
109 Scientists learning how monkeys fend off "monkey AIDS"
110 Scientists: docs don't feel your pain much--and maybe that's best
111 Brain cells shout in unison to get a message through
112 Artificial leaves could help power machines of future
113 Power prompts less accurate time predictions: study
114 Have a blast: NASA Ames hosts giant space party and concert, 'Yuri's Night'