File Title
1 Fast Food Makes Us Impatient, Study Suggests
2 Asian Monsoons Spread Pollutants
3 Teen Blogging a Good Thing, Study Suggests
4 Quarter of Republicans Think Obama May Be the Anti-Christ
5 Building Airplanes On a Computer
6 Optimism Boosts Immune System
7 By 7 Months, Baby Knows Your Moods
8 Study Reveals Who Stresses Most
9 7 Great Dramas in Congressional History
10 Finding the Cracks in U.S. Water Safety
11 Why Overweight Women Struggle to Slim Down
12 Pregnancy Hormones May Cause Memory Problems
13 Dinosaur Buried Alive By Collapsing Sand Dune
14 Single Women Still Feel Spinster Stigma, Study Finds
15 Moms Spending More Time Prepping Kids for Elite Colleges
16 Motherhood Decreases Risk of Suicide
17 Massive China Sandstorm Seen from Space
18 Portion Sizes in 'Last Supper' Paintings Grew Over Time
19 Solid Find: Natalee Holloway's Body... Or a Rock
20 Declining Organ Donations Causes Widening Need Gap
21 Obesity May Protect Against Repeat Heart Problems
22 Job Loss Takes a Toll on Mental Health
23 Onions Made Pre-Human Ancestors Cry Too, Study Suggests
24 Men Take More Risks When Pretty Women Are Around
25 Happiness Is... Making More Money Than the Next Guy
26 Behind the Scenes: Amidst Earthquake in Haiti, Ecologist Puts Down Roots
27 Why We 'Play Nice' With Strangers
28 Ancient Reptile Dined on Dinosaurs
29 Antarctic Ice Creature Opens Window to Extreme Life
30 The Chilean Temblor: An Earthquake's Radiating Energy
31 Giant Redwood Trees Endured Frequent Fires Centuries Ago
32 Congress to Address U.S. Rare Earth Shortage
33 Kids These Days: Study Exposes 'Generation Me'
34 ScienceLives: What Science and Art Have In Common
35 Media Too Optimistic about Cancer, Scientists Say
36 How to Prevent Low-Back Pain
37 7 Ways to Raise Your Risk of Stroke
38 Babies Are Born to Dance
39 Americans Sneeze More As Allergies Mysteriously Increase
40 Tiny Tyrannosaur Came from the Land Down Under
41 Saturday: Lights Off Worldwide for Earth Hour
42 Cancer genes silenced in humans
43 Purifying the sea one drop at a time
44 Bizarre models for human diseases
45 Worries over electronic waste from the developing world
46 Safety oversight trimmed at US energy labs
47 Bad news for tuna is bad news for CITES
48 Turkish law could cripple bioscience
49 US health bill promises changes for biomedical researchers
50 Teams set for first taste of Antarctic lakes
51 China boosts African research links
52 Nanoparticle kit could diagnose disease early
53 Fixing a grant system in crisis
54 Physics: The Large Human Collider
55 Ageing: Much ado about ageing
56 Soils emitting more carbon dioxide
57 Methane-eating microbes make their own oxygen
58 Fossil finger points to new human species
59 How 1918 flu antibodies fend off swine flu
60 Maths behind Internet encryption wins top award
61 Nobelists defend actions of sacked dean
62 Cheaper catalyst cleans diesel-car fumes
63 Artists Mine Scientific Clues to Paint Intricate Portraits of the Past
64 For Extinct Monsters of the Deep, a Little Respect
65 Are Aquariums Getting Too Lifelike?
66 After Years of War and Abuse, New Hope for Ancient Babylon
67 Moral Lessons, Down Aisle 9
68 Q & A: Downstream Drugs
69 Laser Treatment May Work for Cataracts
70 After Mating, Male Pipefish Get Choosy
71 Taming the Turbulence Inside Pipelines
72 Research Offers Clue Into How Hearts Can Regenerate in Some Species
73 Bone May Reveal a New Human Group
74 Radioactive Leak Is Fixed at Vermont Plant
75 Heat-Toting Ocean Currents Chugging Along
76 Biologist Wins Templeton Prize
77 Audit Finds Vulnerability of EnergyStar Program
78 'Cap and Trade' Loses Its Standing as Energy Policy of Choice
79 States Differ on Marijuana for PTSD
80 A Strange Brew May Be a Good Thing
81 Research Offers Clue Into How Hearts Can Regenerate in Some Species
82 Our Towns: With the Death of a Physician, an Era Fades
83 Legal-Marijuana Advocates Focus on a New Green
84 A Hidden Danger of 'an Aspirin a Day'
85 More Doctors Giving Up Private Practices
86 The Alternative Medicine Cabinet: Cetaphil for Lice
87 It's Done: House Passes Reconciliation Bill
88 Pelosi Signs Reconciliation Bill
89 Hacker Behind Massive Credit Data Theft Gets 20 Years
90 BanditTracker: Have You Seen This Bank Robber?
91 'Mystery Monkey' Remains at Large
92 How Big Is the SEC's Porn Problem?
93 Condition Literally Leaves You Scared Stiff
94 Father Finds Doctor to Help Son Walk Again
95 New Research Hopes to Rid Brain of Anxiety
96 Splitting cyclone reveals Neptune's nature
97 Sex virus causes head, neck cancer: study
98 Scientists unearth Australian T. rex
99 China steams ahead on clean energy
100 Heathrow third runway opponents win court challenge
101 UK beaches swamped by plastic litter, say campaigners
102 Forest loss slows, as China plants and Brazil preserves
103 Sensors turn skin into gadget control pad
104 Southern 'cousin' of T. rex found
105 'Too few' practical experiments in science lessons
106 Cuttlefish seen laying eggs on a seahorse off Spain
107 Russian appeal of 'weather control'
108 New cryptic gecko species is discovered in Cambodia
109 Ban for rogue Jurassic Coastline fossil hunters
110 Times and Sunday Times websites to charge from June
111 US credit card hacker sentenced
112 Research shows party leaders' 'social media reputation'
113 Tech Know: Meeting the makers
114 Beta-blockers 'cut cancer spread'
115 Non-medical staff 'have access to health records'
116 Final vote approves US healthcare bill amendments
117 Women 'more likely to report ill health than men'
118 Chile Shakes From 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake
119 GOP Commentator David Frum Loses Job After Criticizing Party
120 Dennis Hopper Dying, Attorney Says
121 Newborn with Birth Defect Denied Coverage
122 Study: Mastectomy Won't Ensure Longer Life
123 Calif. Pot Vote Draws Strange Bedfellows
124 Primary Care Doctors Ask: Is it Worth It?
125 More economical process for making ethanol from nonfood sources
126 Carnegie Mellon scientists create rainbow of fluorescent probes
127 Carnegie Mellon's kitchen chemistry makes science palatable
128 Tumors hide out from the immune system by mimicking lymph nodes
129 New insights into the 3-D organization of the human genome
130 Newly identified proteins critical to FA pathway DNA repair function
131 McMaster researchers discover how cells recognize viral toxin
132 Pollution from Asia circles globe at stratospheric heights
133 New way discovered to predict which breast cancer patients should be treated with anthracyclines
134 'A-maize-ing' discovery could lead to higher corn yields for food, feed and fuel
135 Finding a potential new target for treating rheumatoid arthritis
136 New research indicates plants can grow quickly or ward off hungry insects, but not both
137 Inflammation in body fat is not only pernicious
138 Pregnant women can receive breast cancer chemotherapy without endangering health of their babies
139 Pregnancy for breast cancer survivors: Meta-analysis reveals it is safe and could improve survival
140 New boreal forest biomass maps produced from radar satellite data
141 Child sexual abuse: a risk factor for pregnancy
142 A new fossil species found in Spain
143 Autism susceptibility genes identified
144 Slowing down immune system's 'brakes' may improve HIV vaccines
145 Discovery that PARP protein exists in all breast tumors will help target chemo and predict response
146 Playing 'Pong' with the blink of an eye
147 The dawn of a new epoch?
148 Rock climber takes on surfer's theory
149 Bird brains? Not when it comes to selecting nutritious food
150 Bathing and showering: Underappreciated sources of water pollution from medicines
151 On the road to 'sweet' tires made with a more sustainable process
152 Contact lenses loaded with vitamin E may treat glaucoma
153 New CO2 'scrubber' from ingredient in hair conditioners
154 Developing a test to save eyesight by detecting glaucoma years earlier
155 NYU researchers create 'handshaking' particles
156 U of A-led experiment at CERN could rewrite laws of physics
157 Compound screening for drug development made simpler
158 Key Enzyme Discovered to Be Master Regulator in Protein-Protein Reactions
159 Light Controls Matter, Matter Controls X-Rays
160 Blueprint for 'artificial leaf' mimics Mother Nature
161 Hubble confirms cosmic acceleration with weak lensing
162 Astronomers confirm Einstein's theory of relativity and accelerating cosmic expansion
163 After growth spurt, supermassive black holes spend half their lives veiled in dust
164 New understanding of protein's role in brain
165 The quality of the tomato depends more on temperature than on natural light
166 Your fat may help you heal
167 New period of brain "plasticity" created with transplanted embryonic cells
168 New test takes guesswork out of diagnosing early stage Alzheimer's disease
169 Safer nuclear reactors could result from Los Alamos research
170 In brain-injured children, early gesturing predicts language delays
171 Most kidney transplant candidates will accept risk of infection
172 Kidney disease hides in people with undiagnosed diabetes
173 Talk to your babies
174 Studies reveal associations between pregnancy, breastfeeding, breast cancer and survival
175 Beta-blockers help reduce metastasis and improve survival in breast cancer patients
176 New studies on surgical options in inherited breast cancer show drastic treatment is not always best
177 Survival in metastatic breast cancer patients is improving: targeted therapies have contributed
178 Safety and diagnosis yield of colonoscopy in Hong Kong Chinese children
179 Research confirms that some forms of massage help against low-back pain
180 Rapid development of drug-resistant 2009 H1N1 influenza reported in 2 cases
181 Chance discovery leads to plant breeding breakthrough
182 Report finds radical change needed for global agriculture
183 Made easy with light
184 Pressure sensors on alert
185 Hugging the heart electronically
186 Flexible electronics could help put off-beat hearts back on rhythm
187 New tissue-hugging implant maps heart electrical activity in unprecedented detail
188 Searching for genes behind a trait