File Title
1 Quakes can lead to more quakes, scientists suggest
2 Test of tsumani system shows wave size is hard to measure
3 Biz Break: Apple reports on suppliers' labor violations
4 Apple suing phone maker HTC over iPhone patents
5 Scientists try to break fat-and-disease link
6 Iraqi minister says oil deal with Japan failed: report
7 Dog DNA Diversity Helps Show How Genes Work
8 Chile Earthquake May Have Shortened Days on Earth
9 Bones, not bamboo, sate wild panda's appetite
10 EU authorises GMO potatoes
11 Clinton visits quake-hit Chile
12 Energy exec: Israel could soon export natural gas
13 Climate scientists quizzed by British lawmakers
14 Queen Ant Will Sacrifice Colony to Retain Throne
15 Polar bears found to descend from brown bears
16 Scientists say tsunami models should be tested
17 Fossils of snake eating dino eggs found in India
18 Drugmakers tied to trips for Medi-Cal officials
19 Global Warming Kicks Up Allergy Storm
20 Having Prediabetes May Not Kick-Start Prevention Efforts
21 A Purposeful Life May Stave Off Alzheimer's
22 Snacks mean U.S. kids moving toward "constant eating"
23 Child Obesity Rates Going Up
24 1 in 4 parents buys unproven vaccine-autism link
25 Striking number of obesity risks hit minority kids
26 Parents say doctors hastened death for dying kids
27 Scans Might Monitor Success of Alzheimer's Drugs
28 Obesity and Depression: A Vicious Circle?
29 67 Million-Year-Old Snake Fossil Found Eating Baby Dinosaurs
30 Millions of Tons of Water Ice Found at Moon's North Pole
31 Cyberwar Hype Intended to Destroy the Open Internet
32 iPhone's LCD Screen Beats Nexus One's OLED Display
33 Print: 6 Elements Every Conspiracy Theory Needs
34 DNA Analysis Shows Polar Bears Have Adapted Quickly in the Past
35 Conde Nast Adds 4 Titles to iPad Initiative
36 500-Horsepower Plug-In Porsche Makes Us Swoon
37 ApocalyPS3: Buggy Clock Drives PlayStation 3 Haywire
38 Stone Age Engravings Found on Ostrich Shells
39 Backpack Hydroelectric Plant Gives You 500 Watts on the Move
40 New Freescale Chip Could Birth a $150 E-Reader
41 Leather Cases Turn iPad into a Book
42 Instapaper Update Adds Pagination, Dictionary and Browser
43 Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!
44 Click & Grow, The Computer-Controlled Pot-Plant
45 The Dog That Fits in Your Pocket
46 Implanted Neurons Let the Brain Rewire Itself Again
47 From Waste Biomass to Jet Fuel
48 Material Traps Light on the Cheap
49 Turning Math into Cash
50 Multipurpose Molecule for Cancer Surgery
51 Putting the Web in a Spreadsheet
52 Personalized Medicine on the Spot
53 What's Wrong with Venture Capital?
54 Androids will Challenge the iPad
55 Loan to Kick-start U.S. Solar Thermal Industry
56 The Power of Plant Clock Computing
57 Google's New Photo Editor
58 Q&A: Bill Gross: Can a veteran dot-com investor make solar power as cheap as coal?
59 Year of the Laser
60 Staying the course: Fruit flies employ stabilizer reflex to recover from midflight stumbles
61 Pesticide atrazine can turn male frogs into females
62 Having greater purpose in life associated with a reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease
63 Physicist writes a better formula to predict baseball success
64 New device for ultrafast optical communications
65 'Biological clock' could be a key to better health, longer life
66 Google buys photo editing site Picnik
67 Panasonic's Si-alloy anode technology to offer 30% increase in battery capacity
68 Mosquitoes--not birds--may have carried West Nile virus across US
69 Darkness increases dishonest behavior
70 Social Stress May Enhance The Immune Response To Influenza Virus
71 Teens with more screen time have lower-quality relationships
72 Infants do not appear to learn words from educational DVDs
73 Antifreeze proteins can stop ice melt, new study finds
74 New technique offers a more detailed view of brain activity
75 Scientists make tiny new magnets from old bugs
76 Template engineering demonstrates possibilities of new superconducting material
77 Researchers make graphene hybrid
78 The Honda 3R-C: Designed For The NOW
79 Archaeologists amend the written history of China's first emperor
80 Skinput turns your arm into a touchscreen (w/ Video)
81 'Anaconda' meets 'Jurassic Park': Study shows ancient snakes ate dinosaur babies (w/ Video)
82 Why you are not thirsty while sleeping
83 Modern man found to be generally monogamous, moderately polygamous
84 Producing graphene layers using crystallization
85 An electrifying discovery: New material to harvest electricity from body movements
86 Scientists Glimpse Nanobubbles on Super Non-Stick Surfaces
87 Study quantifies the electron transport effects of placing metal contacts onto graphene
88 A New Way Forward for Nanocomposite Nanostructures
89 Dartmouth researchers create new nano switch
90 The toxicity of antimicrobial silver in products can be reduced
91 Nanoparticle Developed To Boost Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy
92 Stressed nanomaterials display unexpected movement
93 A Stellar, Metal-Free Way to Make Carbon Nanotubes
94 Quantum measurement precision approaches Heisenberg limit
95 Researchers Rediscover the Structure of Water
96 Evidence of a new phase in liquid hydrogen
97 UCLA 'dark matter' conference highlights new research on mysterious cosmic substance
98 The First T2K Neutrino Event Observed At Super-Kamiokande
99 Basic quantum computing circuit built
100 Scientists find an equation for materials innovation
101 CDF and D0 joint paper puts a further squeeze on the Higgs
102 Researchers move closer to understanding chaotic motion of a solid body in a fluid
103 Photons led astray: Investigating the random motion of quantum particles
104 Brown physicist discovers odd, fluctuating magnetic waves
105 New photonic material may facilitate all-optical switching and computing
106 Life beyond our universe: Physicists explore the possibility of life in universes with laws different from our own
107 Quantum leap for phonon lasers
108 Were short warm periods typical for transitions between interglacial and glacial epochs?
109 Seeing the hidden services of nature
110 Chilean Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days
111 British scientist in climate row admits 'awful' emails
112 Scientists say tsunami models should be tested
113 Study finds dirty air in California causes millions worth of medical care each year
114 Scientists find community involvement, not only enforcement, drives success of marine reserves
115 El Nino and a pathogen killed Costa Rican toad, study finds
116 Chilean Earthquake Triggers Smaller Than Expected Tsunami
117 Astronomically Large Lenses Measure the Age and Size of the Universe (w/ Video)
118 Tiny shelled creatures shed light on extinction and recovery 65 million years ago
119 Mars Express heading for closest flyby of Phobos (w/ Video)
120 Atmospheric Nanoparticles Impact Health, Weather Prof. Says
121 Widening the search for extraterrestrial intelligence
122 Chile quake occurred in zone of 'increased stress'
123 Australian residents urged to flee 18-metre flames
124 New chip to make eReaders cheaper
125 Robot footballers wow crowd in Germany
126 Game on for PS3 users after Sony fixes bug
127 Apple eager to field new iPad tablet computer: CFO
128 256 GB USB flash drive shipping in the US
129 Sorting device for analyzing biological reactions puts the power of a lab in a researcher's pocket (w/ Video)
130 Researchers awarded patent for hydrophobic, corrosion-resistant coating
131 New testing method hints at garlic's cancer-fighting potential
132 New material traps radioactive ions using 'Venus flytrap' method
133 New process yields high-energy-density, plant-based transportation fuel
134 NJIT patent may be able to replace bisphenol A, make consumer products safer
135 Water may not run uphill, but it practically flies off new surface
136 Rapamycin rescues learning, memory in Alzheimer's mouse model
137 Laser surgery technique gets new life in art restoration
138 Using own skin cells to repair hearts on horizon
139 Bringing bison back to North American landscapes
140 Ancient DNA from rare fossil reveals that polar bears evolved recently and adapted quickly
141 Scientists identify wide variety of genetic splicing in embryonic stem cells
142 Predicting the fate of stem cells
143 Video: Rapping biology: 'Oxidate It Or Love It'
144 Shark attacks sharply decline in Florida and the United States last year
145 If bonobo Kanzi can point as humans do, what other similarities can rearing reveal?
146 Connecting science with culture
147 Ancient corals hold new hope for reefs
148 Root or shoot: Power struggle between genetic master switches decides stem cell fate
149 Study: Gene therapy reverses effects of lethal childhood muscle disorder in mice
150 Afghanistan protects newly rediscovered rare bird
151 'Nature' Paper Refigures the Evolution of Altruism
152 Coffee hit by global warming say growers
153 Researchers identify method to help reduce fat in the blood
154 Mother's milk turns on the heat
155 'Stepping up' asthma treatment in children leads to improvement
156 Breaking down barriers to prevent childhood obesity
157 So Whatever Happened to the Flu?
158 Scientists develop more effective method of predicting lead-poisoning risk (w/ Video)
159 Study: People sometimes less trusting when in a good mood
160 Kidney injury linked to greater risk of death among pneumonia patients
161 Neuroscientist steers research into neurological disorders
162 Don't make that face at me!
163 'Mean' girls and boys: the downside of adolescent relationships
164 Study: Climate change one factor in malaria spread
165 Are families physically active together or couch potatoes?
166 How Does Estrogen Feed Breast Cancer Tumors?
167 Prevent sleep deprivation this daylight saving time (w/ Video)
168 Experts call for further research into the relationship between insulin therapy and cancer
169 Small molecule with high impact
170 Keeping clean and healthy with cow dung and urine
171 Anthropologists say fossil was not 'missing link'
172 Only the beautiful need apply
173 Roman era York may have been more diverse than today
174 Could a new UN resolution end doctors' participation in torture?
175 Pieces of rare biblical manuscript reunited
176 Explained: Linear and nonlinear systems
177 Among the Ruins
178 China, Kenya to search for ancient Chinese wrecks
179 Report: To create jobs, streamline tech transfer, entrepreneurship policy
180 The mathematics behind a good night's sleep
181 Can avatars change the way we think and act? (w/ Video)
182 Intelligent people have 'unnatural' preferences and values that are novel in human evolution
183 'Pompeii-like' excavations tell us more about Toba super-eruption
184 We work harder against lesser rivals, new study shows
185 Deluge of scientific data needs to be curated for long-term use