File Title
1 Rain, Flooding, Wind, Tornadoes: Storm Hits East Coast
2 Internet Crime Rises With Economic Downturn
3 Ivory and bluefin tuna top agenda at UN wildlife summit
4 Obama NASA plans 'catastrophic' say Moon astronauts
5 Bang Goes The Theory and the coffee-powered car
6 Obese drinkers face liver 'double whammy'
7 Women on pill 'may live longer'
8 'My lifestyle put me at risk'
9 FT: Google, China at Impasse
10 Fish Supply Crisis Could Trigger Bans
11 All-Black Penguin is One-in-Zillion
12 FCC Chair: Give Kids Internet, Carefully
13 Apple COO Gets $5M Thanks
14 Deep-Sea Sub Lost at Sea
15 Cyber Crime Complaints Soar
16 Internet Fraud Dollars Doubled in '09
17 Dems Confident Health Care Will Pass
18 FDA: Some Patients Cannot Process Plavix
19 Obama Preparing Education Overhaul
20 iPad Pre-Orders: For Idiots Only
21 Pre-orders brisk for Apple's new iPad
22 Apple estimated to have sold 90,000 iPads on first day
23 Apple iPad 3G Options Include a Data Monitor
24 F.C.C. Plan to Widen Internet Access in U.S. Sets Up Battle
25 FCC chairman outlines broadband plan for kids
26 Innovation on display at Games Conference
27 Netflix Cancels Contest After Concerns Are Raised About Privacy
28 Netflix settles privacy lawsuit, ditches $1 million contest
29 Netflix Prize Scrapped Over Privacy Concerns
30 Chatroulette, the new visual cruising
31 Chatroulette is the Web's latest sensation
32 One on One: Andrey Ternovskiy, Creator of Chatroulette
33 Google Local Product Search: Great Idea, Needs Tweaks
34 Twitter Adds Location-Sharing: I'm Eating Tacos...In Texarkana
35 Xpand Promises Universal 3DTV Glasses by June
36 Ford introduces patrol car to replace Crown Victoria
37 Hot pursuit: Competition heats up for police cars
38 2012 Police Interceptor Unveiled by Ford
39 'Vaccines court' rejects mercury-autism link in 3 test cases
40 UPDATE 1--US court rules again against vaccine-autism claims
41 3 Rulings Find No Link to Vaccines and Autism
42 New Plavix Warning: Lack of Effect in Many People
43 Roche's Prostate Cancer Drug Fails in a Trial
44 Genentech says Avastin trial did not meet goal
45 UPDATE 3--Roche's Avastin fails in prostate cancer study
46 Judge pushes S.F. to get moving on drug cases
47 More SF drug cases dropped amid crime lab scrutiny
48 So Far 125 Drug Cases Dropped In Wake Of SFPD Crime Lab Scandal
49 SFPD still making drug arrests despite lab closure
50 Huffing Rates On Rise Among Younger Teens
51 To Arctic animals, time of day really doesn't matter
52 These researchers really can read your mind
53 Conservationists urge treaty panel to reject ivory sale by Tanzania, Zambia
54 Research sheds light on the inner workings of the inflammatory response to Leishmaniasis
55 Molecular basis for Pseudomonas aeruginosa persistent infections in CF patients
56 Effects of lifestyle and exposures are mirrored in blood gene expression
57 Quantum dots spotlight DNA-repair proteins in motion, says Pitt expert
58 More maize ethanol may boost greenhouse gas emissions
59 Body's anticipation of a meal can be a diabetes risk factor
60 Discovery of cellular 'switch' may provide new means of triggering cell death, treating disease
61 Water oxidation advance boosts potential for solar fuel
62 Behavior of single protein observed in unprecedented detail by Stanford chemists
63 Mother knows best--even before birth
64 Preventing gastric cancer with antibiotics
65 The new exercise HIT: do less
66 'Microtentacles' on tumor cells appear to play role in how breast cancer spreads
67 Opposing functions of a key molecule in the development of organisms
68 Vitamin D and calcium interplay explored
69 Phylogenetic analysis of Mexican cave scorpions suggests adaptation to caves is reversable
70 New clues about the basis of muscle wasting disease
71 AgriLife scientists do groundwork for genetic mapping of algae biofuel species
72 A golden bullet for cancer
73 Chinese medicine societies reject tiger bones ahead of CITES conference
74 Look at Mie!
75 Can we detect quantum behavior in viruses?
76 Shocking recipe for making killer electrons
77 New imaging technology brings trace chemicals into focus
78 Back to the future for computers: A return to the 1980s?
79 Aquatic 'dead zones' contributing to climate change
80 Weight-Bearing Exercise Does Not Prevent Increased Bone Turnover During Weight Loss, MU Researchers Find
81 Scavenging energy waste to turn water into hydrogen fuel
82 OHSU team discovers powerful molecule regulator in blood pressure control system
83 Berkeley Scientists Find New Way to Get Physical in the Fight Against Cancer
84 U of Minnesota researcher discovers how electricity moves through cells
85 3 FASTSAT instruments pass tests
86 Lost into space
87 Princeton scientists say Einstein's theory applies beyond the solar system
88 Some older ER patients are getting the wrong medicines, U-M study finds
89 Foiling an Attack on General Relativity
90 Knee replacement in elderly patients shown to improve balance
91 Study: Kidney disease a big risk for younger, low-income minorities
92 A sporting chance for active total knee replacement patients
93 Mayo Clinic researchers find younger, more diverse patients having total knee replacements
94 Improved patient care with telemonitoring
95 Tumor surgery impairs sexuality
96 ATS issues statement on disorder of respiratory and autonomic nervous system regulation
97 New study identifies best treatment for childhood epilepsy
98 Minimally Invasive Sports Hernia Repair May Get Athletes 'Back in the Game' Faster, Study Says
99 New Study Finds 70 Percent of Able-bodied Hockey Players Have Abnormal Hip and Pelvis MRIs
100 15 Years After ACL Knee Reconstruction, 84% of Male Patients Still Highly Active, Study Says
101 Tommy John Elbow Reconstruction 95% Successful with Grown Teen Pitchers, Study Says
102 Repair of Torn Knee Meniscus at the Time of ACL Reconstruction Is Safe and Effective for Children
103 Mathematical model can help communities better evaluate sex offender policies
104 Effort aims to spike breast cancer with new approach
105 Who does what on Wikipedia?
106 Carnegie Mellon research provides insight into brain's decision-making process
107 Hubert's remnants still raining on southern Madagascar
108 Proposed mission would return sample from asteroid 'time capsule'
109 Securities Analysts' Reports Slow Adoption of New Technology, Warns Study in INFORMS Journal
110 A direct hit for thalidomide
111 A tale of two Scandinavian cities
112 Should we be trying to save the dodo?
113 Clock ticking for an Istanbul earthquake