File Title
1 Pentagon shooter was SJSU engineering student, troubled with drug problem
2 Pentagon gunman believed to be from Hollister
3 Pentagon gunman: Local roots, downward spiral
4 Panel OKs Botanical Garden fee for tourists
5 Life's lessons
6 FCC to propose revamping Universal Service Fund
7 3.1M customers face Oscar night without broadcast
8 WHO: over 85M African kids get polio vaccination
9 UN chief tours Chilean damage
10 US stops short of protection for western sage grouse
11 Exotic Antimatter Created on Earth
12 Genes may help identify deadly yeast infections
13 Apple co-founder Wozniak shirks off Prius glitch
14 Experts confirm asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs
15 Swiss TV: Voters reject animal lawyers proposal
16 NASA Uses Fish to Fight Space Sickness
17 Japan, New Mexico collaborate on smart grid tech
18 Years of Exposure to Traffic Pollution Raises Blood Pressure
19 Ancient Mural Portrays Ordinary Mayans
20 Methane seen as growing climate risk
21 Energy groups relieved sage grouse won't be listed
22 Disposal of spilled coal ash a long, winding trip
23 Senators: Lift ban on gays donating blood
24 Cancer society casts more doubt on prostate tests
25 FDA warning for hand sanitizer in Puerto Rico
26 Bugs in the gut can cause obesity: study
27 Protect Your Baby's Smile
28 Prion Disease in Mice May Help Advance Alzheimer's Research
29 Freezing Technique May Stop Breast Cancer
30 Smoking tied to lung cancer in women with HIV
31 Kids born via IVF mostly faring well into adulthood
32 Philippines HIV cases spike to record in January
33 Airport body scanners spreading across US
34 Archaeologists amend the written history of China's first emperor
35 Mind-reading computers turn heads at high-tech fair
36 Spain smashes global 'zombie' computer network: police
37 Modern man found to be generally monogamous, moderately polygamous
38 Study shows link between vitamin D, skin cancer
39 Cyber-terrorism a real and growing threat: FBI
40 It's who you kill that matters, according to new research
41 Toyota secretive on 'black box' data
42 Long-distance quantum communication gets closer as physicists increase light storage efficiency by an order of magnitude
43 'Peepoo' bag offers sanitary human waste disposal for pennies
44 Drinking sugar-sweetened beverages daily linked to diabetes
45 EU: 100 million Microsoft users to choose browser
46 One in four Germans wants microchip under skin: poll
47 Scientists locate apparent hydrothermal vents off Antarctica
48 Dual-core? Quad-core? Future Computers May Have Hundreds of Processors
49 Research team breaks the ice with new estimate of glacier melt
50 G-Speak will make the keyboard and mouse obsolete (w/ Video)
51 Study: Arctic seabed methane stores destabilizing, venting
52 Study proves conclusively that violent video game play makes more aggressive kids
53 Catalyst could power homes on a bottle of water, produce hydrogen on-site (w/ Video)
54 Free will is an illusion, biologist says
55 Nano-foundry technique yields ultra-durable probes from diamond
56 Trapping Sunlight with Silicon Nanowires
57 Vigilance needed in nanotechnology
58 New approach could produce multifunction nanodevices
59 Physicists unlock the mysteries of crack formation
60 From two-trillion-degree heat, researchers create new matter--and new questions
61 Detecting proton collisions at unprecedented levels of energy
62 Antifreeze proteins can stop ice melt, new study finds
63 New device for ultrafast optical communications
64 Greener memory from random motion
65 NPL makes light work of home grooming
66 Mini-cyclone, record floods hit Australia
67 Earth from Space: Icebreaker event
68 Disposal of spilled coal ash a long, winding trip
69 Whetting Singapore's thirst for rice
70 Experts reaffirm asteroid impact caused mass extinction 65 million years ago (w/ Video)
71 Phobos flyby success
72 Oldest measurement of Earth's magnetic field reveals battle between Sun and Earth for our atmosphere
73 Hurricanes' effects on ocean temperature revisited
74 Herschel Finds Possible Life-Enabling Molecules in Space
75 Biggest, Deepest Crater Exposes Hidden, Ancient Moon
76 Lava likely made river-like channel on Mars
77 New evidence hints at global glaciation 716.5 million years ago
78 Bully galaxy rules the neighborhood (w/ Video)
79 Avatar's New Twist on Plants
80 Mars Dunes: On the Move?
81 Study shows woody plant encroachment has increased stream flow in the Edwards Plateau
82 Indian firm launches handset with 'AAA' battery power
83 Cycling a virtual Tour de France on the bike of the future
84 Chatty robots, flying alarm clocks at top high-tech fair
85 Gadgets: Box brings HD programming to your analog TV, computer
86 New chip to make eReaders cheaper
87 Videogame makers racing to develop iPad games
88 Anger as FIFA rejects goal-line technology
89 Bing blocks online sex searches in Middle East: study
90 Cloud to tackle money laundering problem
91 New 'hearing' maps are real conversation starters
92 Context is ev...well, something, anyway
93 Google buys start-up adept at Microsoft Office files
94 Waste watchers? UK group fears trash bin spies
95 Xbox Live lifts taboos on race-sexual preference
96 China Mobile still in talks with Apple over iPhone
97 To save paper, Chinese delegates get free laptop
98 Monuments monitored from a distance
99 First micro-insurance plan uses mobile phones and weather stations to shield Kenya's farmers
100 Former studio heads sue Activision after firing
101 3D graphics, reality fuse on the fly
102 The Key that Fits: New Technique To Trace Disease-Related Agents
103 Mussels--material artists with grip
104 A new energy source from the common pea
105 Supermarket lighting enhances nutrient level of fresh spinach
106 Biochemists take a bead on gene-controlling code
107 Sorting device for analyzing biological reactions puts the power of a lab in a researcher's pocket (w/ Video)
108 Researchers awarded patent for hydrophobic, corrosion-resistant coating
109 Glue, fly, glue: Caddisflies' underwater silk adhesive might suture wounds
110 Researchers determine how ATP, molecule bearing 'the fuel of life,' is broken down in cells
111 New testing method hints at garlic's cancer-fighting potential
112 Preventing or reversing inflammation after heart attack, stroke may require 2-pronged approach
113 Beewolves protect their offspring with antibiotics
114 Paper medical lab the size of a fingerprint (w/ Video)
115 New material traps radioactive ions using 'Venus flytrap' method
116 Deceptive model: Stem cells of humans and mice differ more strongly than suspected
117 A fingerprint for genes
118 Exotic flowers help bees stay busy in winter
119 Lizard moms choose the right genes for the right gender offspring
120 'Extinct' Aussie frog rediscovered
121 Genome sequencing complete on plodding amoeba that flips into free-swimming flagellate (w/ Video)
122 Researchers create atlas of transcription factor combinations
123 Theory of single stem cell for blood components challenged
124 Female dung beetles use horns to fight over manure
125 Bacterial balance that keeps us healthy
126 Most sea lions gone from Ore. coast
127 New way to control disease-spreading mosquitoes: Make them hold their urine
128 'World's Most Useful Tree' Provides Low-Cost Water Purification Method for Developing World
129 Scientists catalog zoo of bacteria inside our guts
130 A convincing mimic: Scientists report octopus imitating flounder in the Atlantic (w/ Video)
131 Glowing Squid Illuminate Immune System Function
132 Oviposition behaviour of pest insects keeps Bt-cotton durably resistant
133 Most early-stage breast cancer patients may not need radiation after mastectomy
134 Electromagnetic pulses provide pain relief for osteoarthritis
135 Study: Shoulder function not fully restored after surgery
136 Hand-held device may prevent migraine
137 Low levels of vitamin D linked to muscle fat, decreased strength in young people
138 Human brains grow, change and can heal themselves
139 Remarkable new images show a 4-D view of the heart
140 Scientists narrow down origins of malaria
141 Overfed rats may distort research results
142 Major depression more than doubles risk of dementia among adults with diabetes
143 Researchers zero in on a way to switch off T-cells that cause leukemia
144 Studies on nutrients, gene expression could lead to tailored diets for disease prevention
145 Stress--don't let it grind you down
146 Scientists find new form of prion disease that damages brain arteries
147 Novel criteria to differentiate fibrosis from steatohepatitis
148 Urologists affirm men should take lead in deciding prostate screening (w/ Video)
149 New study introduces the prospect for concurrent antiangiogenic/antitumorigenic therapy
150 Ex-intelligence officer wins USA Memory Championship
151 Can a formula predict the outcome of a soccer match?
152 'Match' Madness: Picking upsets a losing strategy
153 Who Does What on Wikipedia?
154 For California vintners, it's not easy being green
155 Genealogical tourism redefining leisure travel market, professor says
156 Children Benefit if They Know About Their Relatives, Study Finds
157 Intense war news reduces ability to remember ads
158 'Virtual' head teachers benefit children in care
159 Hella Good: Scientists Petition to Name a Very Large Number
160 Time is money for brainy workers who earn much more over life course
161 Dinosaurs might be older than previously thought
162 Study: Reducing carbon emissions: High gas taxes equal low impact
163 Flexing your marathon muscles at work