File Title
1 Ancient impact hammered Northern Hemisphere
2 News: Briefing: Why Chile fared better than Haiti
3 The labours of Fotis Kafatos
4 Ancient polar-bear fossil yields genome
5 Soil bacteria could yield drug to treat roundworm
6 The snake that swallowed dinosaurs
7 Fat rats skew research results
8 Model response to Chile quake?
9 Weapons labs to thrive as Obama trims nukes
10 Unmanned planes take wing for science
11 Astronomically Large Lenses Measure Age And Size Of Universe
12 NASA announces new satellite initiative
13 World's top high-tech fair goes 3D
14 The Free World Is Losing NASA's Space Leadership
15 Russia launches three new navigation satellites: report
16 Aerovel 'Strolls-Out' Flexrotor Long-Endurance Robotic Aircraft With VTOL
17 US cyber defense strategy details hit the Internet
18 Iceberg Collides With The Edge Of An Ice Shelf In The Antarctic
19 A Glow In The Martian Night
20 NASA's Fermi Probes "Dragons" Of The Gamma-Ray Sky
21 Space agencies find new use for 'Leonardo'
22 Scientists now listen to the solar wind
23 Russian space memorabilia goes to auction
24 Scientists Taking Steps to Defend Work on Climate
25 Quake Finds Tsunami Forecasts Still Limited
26 U.S. to Reveal Rules on Internet Security
27 Being Ready, in Quake Zones or Snow Zones
28 Evolution By the Grassroots
29 Scientists Strive to Map the Shape-Shifting Net
30 Human Culture, an Evolutionary Force
31 How the Men Reacted as the Titanic and Lusitania Went Under
32 For Pennies, a Disposable Toilet That Could Help Grow Crops
33 In Obesity Epidemic, What's One Cookie?
34 Screening May Save Athletes
35 Want a Better Listener? Protect Those Ears
36 Prevention: Older Women Are Not Likely to Benefit From Cervical Cancer Vaccine
37 Really? The Claim: Fruit Juice Can Prevent Kidney Stones
38 In Plants, Yeast Raises Temperatures
39 Move Your Body, Power Your Cellphone
40 Fish Use UV Patterns to Tell Species Apart
41 Q & A: Where There's No Smoke
42 Hopes, and a Stock, Plunge on Failure of Alzheimer's Drug
43 Old Age, From Youth's Narrow Prism
44 Discovering Teenagers' Risky 'Game' Too Late
45 Tuberculosis: North Korea Develops TB Laboratory With Help From American Doctors
46 Anti-Drinking Ads Induce More Drinking in Some People
47 The Real Reason We Dress Pets Like People
48 The Man Behind the Technology of "CSI"
49 Even the Spineless Feel Pain
50 Marijuana Use Linked to Psychosis
51 Dog DNA Diversity Helps Show How Genes Work
52 Air Pollution Slows Down Women Marathoners
53 Titanic vs. Lusitania: Time Determined Who Survived
54 TV Takes Toll on Parent-Teen Relationships
55 Polar Bears Evolved Just 150,000 Years Ago
56 Darkness Begets Dishonesty, Study Finds
57 How Bad Is Second-Hand Smoke?
58 Yellowstone Microbes Hint at Earth's Early Life
59 Giant Snake Ate Baby Dinosaurs
60 Where the Quakes in Chile Struck
61 Dinosaurs Had Wrists Like Birds
62 'Missing Link' Fossil Was Not Human Ancestor as Claimed, Anthropologists Say
63 Mass Loss from Alaskan Glaciers Overestimated? Previous Melt Contributed a Third Less to Sea-Level Rise Than Estimated
64 Baby Monkeys Receive Signals Through Their Mother's Breast Milk That Affect Behavior and Temperament
65 Learning Keeps Brain Healthy: Mental Activity Could Stave Off Age-Related Cognitive and Memory Decline
66 Hangover-Free Booze? Increasing Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in Alcohol May Reduce Negative Side Effects
67 Software Sniffs out Criminals by the Shape of Their Nose
68 NASA Radar Finds Ice Deposits at Moon's North Pole; Additional Evidence of Water Activity on Moon
69 'Anaconda' Meets 'Jurassic Park': Fossil Snake from India Fed on Hatchling Dinosaurs
70 Chilean Quake May Have Shortened Earth Days
71 Ancient Corals Hold New Hope for Reefs
72 Secondhand Smoke Raises Risk of Hardened Arteries Among 13-Year-Olds
73 'Pompeii-Like' Excavations Tell Us More About Toba Super-Eruption
74 Cocaine-Related Deaths Rise in Warm Weather, Study Finds
75 Red Tide: Researchers Issue Outlook for a Significant New England Bloom of a Toxic Alga in 2010
76 Health Care Volunteers and Disasters: First, Be Prepared
77 Pregnancy Weight Gain May Increase a Woman's Risk of Gestational Diabetes
78 Hours Worked by Physicians Have Decreased Steadily in Last Decade
79 Common Osteoporosis Drugs Are Associated With a Decrease in Risk of Breast Cancer, Study Finds
80 Sepsis and Pneumonia Caused by Hospital-Acquired Infections Kill 48,000 Patients, Cost $8.1 Billion to Treat
81 Challenges and Opportunities Facing Stem Cell Scientists
82 Alzheimer's-Associated Protein May Be Part of the Innate Immune System
83 Anterior Cingulate Cortex Activity May Represent a Neurobiological Risk for Alcohol Dependence
84 Offspring of Two Psychiatric Patients Have Increased Risk of Developing Mental Disorders
85 Having Greater Purpose in Life Associated With a Reduced Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
86 Late Baby Teeth May Mean More Orthodontic Visits: Genes Associated With Early Tooth Development Identified
87 Does the Devil Really Wear Prada? The Psychology of Anthropomorphism and Dehumanization
88 Video Games May Help Combat Depression in Older Adults
89 Others May Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves, Study Finds
90 Imaging Studies Reveal Order in Programmed Cell Death
91 More Efficient Methods of Food-Recall Notices Needed, Expert Urges
92 Mosquitoes--Not Birds--May Have Carried West Nile Virus Across U.S.
93 Pandemic Flu, Like Seasonal H1N1, Shows Signs of Resisting Tamiflu
94 Kidney Damage in 12 Percent of Chinese Children Exposed to Melamine-Contaminated Dairy Products
95 Where Will the Next Food Crisis Strike? Extended Geographical Monitoring Using Satellite Observation
96 Strategies to Curb Urban Heat Island
97 Marine Spatial Planning: A More Balanced Approach to Ocean Management
98 El Nino and a Pathogen, Not Global Warming, Killed Costa Rican Toad
99 Genetic Footprint of Natural Selection
100 Giant Stone Head of Ancient Egypt's King Amenhotep III Discovered
101 Tiny Shelled Creatures Shed Light on Extinction and Recovery 65 Million Years Ago
102 Simple Math Explains Dramatic Beak Shape Variation in Darwin's Finches
103 Ancient DNA from Rare Fossil Reveals That Polar Bears Evolved Recently and Adapted Quickly
104 Exotic Magnetar Has Extremely Strong Magnetic Fields
105 Widening the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
106 Astronomically Large Lenses Measure the Age and Size of the Universe
107 New 'Alien Invader' Star Clusters Found in Milky Way
108 Glue, Fly, Glue: Caddisflies' Underwater Silk Adhesive Might Suture Wounds
109 Mars Express Heading for Closest Flyby of Phobos
110 New Energy Harvesting Network Means Batteries Not Included
111 Leaf Veins Inspire a New Model for Distribution Networks
112 Teens With More Screen Time Have Lower-Quality Relationships
113 New Device for Ultrafast Optical Communications
114 Artificial Neural Networks Help Identify Predisposing Factors for Conversion of Mild Cognitive Impairment to Alzheimer's Disease
115 Does High IQ Trump God?
116 Twitter Expected to Allow Ads Soon
117 Professor Suspended After Joke About Killing Students on Facebook
118 Chile's Earthquake: We Can Protect Ourselves
119 Experimental Tech Restores Roger Ebert's Voice
120 Animals Unleashed: Cats, Dogs, Rodents Join Twittering Masses
121 Water, Water Everywhere, on the Moon...
122 Topeka Renames (Unofficially) to 'Google, Kan.'
123 Elliott Yamin, Diabetics Face Medical Danger After Earthquake
124 Pfizer Alzheimer's Disease Drug Fails in Study
125 Foodborne Illness Costs U.S. $152 Billion Annually: Study
126 Light-speed computing one step closer
127 Horny mother beetles fight for dung
128 Weedkiller 'makes boy frogs lay eggs'
129 Chile quake tops Haiti, but less deadly
130 Altruism surfaces on slow-sinking ship
131 Clues to Antarctica space blast
132 Ice deposits found at Moon's pole
133 Low-fat, Mediterranean and low-carb diets 'help heart'
134 Human gut microbes hold 'second genome'
135 Etched ostrich eggs illustrate human sophistication
136 Dinosaur-eating snake discovered
137 Rumbles in the jungle
138 UK eel population on a slippery slope
139 Boat made of trash prepares to set sail
140 Abduction of aboriginal whaling rights
141 Money matters in Eve Online game
142 Did the discovery of cooking make us human?
143 Spanish police arrest masterminds of 'massive' botnet
144 Money sharing comes to Facebook
145 Apple patent case 'could affect all android phones'
146 Microsoft browser ballot criticised for being 'limited'
147 Everyone's head is in the cloud
148 Are we building schools for the future?
149 Is it time to defend our rights?
150 What are your friends worth to you?
151 Keep kids away from detergent capsules, parents warned
152 'Heart risk' at football stadiums
153 Why are we grinding our teeth so much?
154 Sonique describes breast cancer battle