File Title
1 Pearls Before Breakfast
2 Private-Enterprise Astronauts
3 N.Y. Attorney General Alleges Online Retail Fraud
4 Girl's 15 Days in Haiti Rubble Raises Survival Questions
5 Military Weapons That Save Lives?
6 For Women Who Want Kids, 'the Sooner the Better': 90 Percent of Eggs Gone By Age 30
7 Google phases out support for IE6
8 Vaccine 'could cut HIV TB deaths'
9 Turning E. Coli into Road-Ready Diesel
10 Electric Car Maker Tesla Files for IPO
11 NASA Jet to Study Haiti Fault Lines
12 eBay Faces Brewing Revolt
13 UN Climate Chief Plays Down Scandals
14 Distracted Driving Laws Don't Stop Crashes
15 Lottery Winner Found Buried in Backyard
16 Foods to Feed Your Libido
17 Developmental delay may explain behavior of easygoing ape species
18 Seabirds' movement patterns tied to what fishermen toss away
19 With climate change, birds are taking off for migration sooner; not reaching destinations earlier
20 Uncorrelated activity in the brain
21 UCLA cancer researchers perform complete genomic sequencing of brain cancer cell line
22 Blood test can predict rheumatoid arthritis before symptoms arise
23 New 'suicide' molecule halts rheumatoid arthritis
24 'Overweight' adults age 70 or older are less likely to die over a 10-year period
25 Like escape artists, rotifers elude enemies by drying up and--poof!--they are gone with the wind
26 'Squeaker' catfish communicate across generations
27 Using magnetic toys as inspiration, researchers tease out structures of self-assembled clusters
28 Bees recognize human faces using feature configuration
29 University of the Basque Country researchers decode transcriptome for grey mullet
30 Multiple sclerosis risk changes with the season
31 Study recommends better handling of milk in restaurants
32 ARS genetic analysis helps spot sugarcane rusts
33 Natural gas supplies could be augmented with methane hydrate
34 Hospital scanner could curb nuclear waste threat
35 Grandpa's broken hip may mean weaker bones for his grandsons
36 Linheng Li proposes novel theory for mammalian stem cell regulation
37 New computational tool for cancer treatment
38 Most patients gain weight after getting a new knee, UD study finds
39 New paper describes important advance in imaging of cell death
40 CCNY Biologists Identify New Spiny Pocket Mouse Species
41 Biochemical profile may help diagnose, determine aggressiveness of prostate cancer
42 Astronomers Find Rare Beast by New Means
43 Barefoot runners ease into low-impact landings
44 A forensic analysis of Hurricane Katrina's impact: methods and findings
45 How many argon atoms can fit on the surface of a carbon nanotube?
46 Is iron the culprit in algae blooms? Study probes link
47 Stem cell breakthrough: Bone marrow cells are the answer
48 Potential new target for drugs to treat iron deficiency and overload discovered
49 Researchers Find New Way To Study How Enzymes Repair DNA Sun Damage
50 Advances in cancer detection research by Virginia Tech engineer featured in British magazine
51 Research breakthrough could lead to new treatment for malaria
52 Self-healing polymer "starfish" prolong lifetime of automotive oils
53 Optical refrigeration expected to enhance airborne and spaceborne applications
54 'Silent strokes' linked to kidney failure in diabetics
55 Immune cell levels predict skin cancer risk in kidney transplant patients
56 Mortality rates for pediatric rheumatology patients significantly lower than previously reported
57 Symptoms have little value for early detection of ovarian cancer
58 Smokers at risk from their own 'second-hand' smoke
59 Rheumatoid arthritis doesn't hinder computing skills
60 New vaccine effective in preventing TB in African patients with HIV infection
61 Biomarker could help doctors tailor treatment for rheumatoid arthritis
62 Promising new neuroimaging techniques for early detection of Alzheimer's disease
63 Safety in numbers--a cloud-based immune system for computers
64 Research on global 'sun block' needed now
65 Almost half of injured Haitians are likely to be children, pediatric emergency study indicates
66 Innovative technique can spot errors in key technological systems
67 Signing contracts on the telephone
68 Researchers Develop New Tool for Gene Delivery
69 Wireless optical transmission key to secure, safe and rapid indoor communications
70 The roots of food security
71 The fungus among us: An eco-friendly way of decomposing BPA-containing plastic
72 Mismatched alloys are a good match for thermoelectrics
73 2010 Lemelson-MIT Invention Index reveals ways to enhance teens' interest in STEM
74 Breakthrough heart scanner will allow earlier diagnosis
75 New simulation tool could shorten manufacturing design process
76 Olga's track is a puzzle forecasters are putting together
77 AMP releases statement on oversight of laboratory tests
78 Survey Says: Republicans Know More Than Democrats
79 Termite Battles May Explain Evolution of Social Insects
80 Chavez: US 'Tectonic Weapon' Caused Haiti Quake
81 White Roofs Could Reduce Urban Heating
82 New 6-Legged Robot Walks By Taming Chaos
83 Why Men and Women Get Jealous for Different Reasons
84 Airports Could Get Mind-Reading Scanners
85 Distraction Boosts Memory With Age
86 Clawed Dinosaur Most Primitive of its Kind
87 N/A
88 Levitating Magnet Brings Nuclear Fusion Closer to Reality
89 New Theory of Primate Origins Sparks Controversy
90 Peering Into the Sun's Interior
91 Why Ostriches Can't Fly
92 New Tyrannosaur Species Discovered
93 How Much Sleep Do I Need?
94 Mars rover Spirit (2003-10)
95 New Musical "Cell Side Story" Puts Science on Stage
96 How "Random" Lasers Work
97 Illuminating Protein Networks in One Step
98 U.S. Southwest Expected to Dry Further as Climate Warms
99 Study of Shark Virgin Birth Shows Offspring Can Survive Long Term
100 Mayo Clinic and IBM Advance Early Detection of Brain Aneurysms
101 Do We Have Free Will? FSU Philosopher Awarded $4.4M Grant to Find Out
102 Software to Test Cybersecurity Systems for Flaws
103 Plant Evolution Led to Permanent Changes to the Way Rivers Looked and Behaved
104 The Science Behind the Haiti Earthquake
105 New Networking Formula Could Predict Research Success
106 Fluctuating Blood Glucose Levels May Affect Decision Making
107 Breakthrough Could Change Sampling Technology Forever
108 Monitoring Peat from Earth, Space
109 Engineer Works to Develop Better Batteries for Energy Alternatives
110 Device Simulates Deep-Sea Floor Conditions in Lab
111 New, Fast Computing Simulation Tool Nets Best Paper Award
112 Better Computing, Communication for Disaster Response
113 Human Genetic Adaptation Leads to Longer Lives, More Cancer and Heart Disease
114 Sea Level Has Been Rising and Falling Over Last 2,500 Years
115 Study Reports Reaction Rates for Three Greenhouse Gases
116 Environmental Damage on the St. Lawrence River
117 Earthquake Researchers Return to Haiti to Gather Data
118 Preparing for the Worst: Natural Hazard Mitigation Program at Michigan Tech
119 Study Discovers Wide Variation in Calorie Content Among "Low Calorie" Pet Foods
120 Advances in Cancer Detection Featured in Microfluidics Journal
121 Antibiotics Might Team Up to Fight Deadly Staph Infections
122 Federal Grant Funds Production of Stem Cells for Clinical Trials
123 Blood Protein Offers Help Against Anemia
124 Sniffing Out Lung Cancer at Early Stages
125 New Formula Helps Gauge the Winds of Change
126 SDSC, UCSD Pursuing HPC-based Radiation Therapy
127 Music in Speech=Empathy in Heart?
128 Engineered Metamaterials Enable Remarkably Small Antennas
129 Marine Lab Hunts Subtle Clues to Environmental Threats to Blue Crabs
130 Stacking the Deck: Single Photons Observed at Seemingly Faster-than-Light Speeds
131 Manufacturing Competition Challenges University Teams to Stack a Better Pallet
132 Pollen Tube Growth on Camera Illuminates Fertilization
133 Researchers Develop New Tool for Gene Delivery
134 Ascent Scientific Licenses Novel Columbia University Technology for High-Resolution Optical Imaging of Synaptic Activity in the Brain
135 Helpful Yeast Battles Food-Contaminating Aflatoxin
136 Grazinglands Reduce Greenhouse Gases
137 Supercomputing Time Awarded to Design Transformational Lithium Air Battery
138 Trees Retaliate When Their Fig Wasps Don't Service Them
139 Deadly Fish Virus Now Found in All Great Lakes
140 Brain Responses During Anesthesia Mimic Those During Natural Deep Sleep
141 Prenatal Phthalate Exposure May Alter Children's Behavior and Cognitive Function
142 The Almond Tree's Secret Weapon
143 What You Eat After Exercise Matters
144 Engineering Team Explores Power of the Mind; Testing How Mere Thoughts Can Operate Computers and More
145 How Many Argon Atoms Can Fit on the Surface of a Carbon Nanotube?
146 Like Little Escape Artists, Rotifers Elude Their Enemies by Drying Up and--Poof!--They Are Gone with the Wind
147 Michael Griffin Responds to Rumored NASA Cuts
148 New Species of Tyrannosaur Discovered in Southwestern U.S.
149 Researchers Perform Complete Genomic Sequencing on Brain Cancer Cell Line
150 $30M Super Greenhouse to Help Sustain Global Agriculture
151 ARS Genetic Analysis Helps Spot Sugarcane Rusts
152 Engineers Explore Environmental Concerns of Nanotechnology
153 The Endangered Future of the Physician-Scientist
154 Key Milestone Reached on Road to Graphene-Based Electronic Devices
155 Virtual USA
156 R.I.P. 3-1-1
157 Stony Brook University-BNL Research Team Receives DOD Grant to Develop Botulism Antidote