File Title
1 Chatroulette: Talking to Strangers Is Cheap and Often Racy
2 Five Reasons to Love Google Buzz, Five Reasons Not
3 Health Insurers Post Record Profits
4 Tigers evolved with snow leopards, gene study reveals
5 British Lung Foundation offers Valentine's Day sex tips
6 Dog-sled challenge to raise Raynaud's research cash
7 'An unknown baby's cord blood saved my life'
8 Polish scientists say 3 Neanderthal teeth found
9 Putting the moon in the state's orbit
10 Chan Chan's perimetrical wall restored
11 The greatest scientific advances from the Muslim world
12 Mummy mystery GMC geology professor to dig into Chilean burial methods
13 Greece: New Underwater Archaeological Site Designated Off Polyaigos Island
14 Could museum's gold be from ancient Troy?
15 Native Americans First Tamed Turkeys 2,000 Years Ago
16 DNA Testing on 2,000-Year-Old Bones in Italy Reveal East Asian Ancestry
17 Excavation and restoration on the Avenue of Sphinxes
18 The Dawn of Civilization: Writing, Urban Life, and Warfare
19 Achaemenid K'aba of Zoroaster On The Verge Of Collapse
20 Pre-historic findings in Rajasthan district
21 Rewriting History
22 Ancient Mongolian Tomb Holds Skeleton of Western Man
23 Bolivian archaeologists search for ancient DNA in mummies
24 Ancient tribal language becomes extinct as last speaker dies
25 Lost Roman Codex Fragments Found in Book Binding
26 Over 100 objects detected within Nikwasi Mound
27 Extraordinary 1,700 Year Old Sarcophagus Cover on View in Israel
28 Search for Columba's monastery
29 Bronze brooch rises from the ashes
30 University of Arizona's tree ring lab unlocking the past
31 Extinct Ethnic Group Vestiges Discovered in Chihuahua
32 4 Thousand Year Archaeological Cemeteries Discovered in Syria
33 Egypt's Antiquities Chief Unveils Renovations at Oldest Monastery
34 Ancient tooth enamel defects linked with premature death
35 Stonehenge's secret: archaeologist uncovers evidence of encircling hedges
36 Cuneiform tablets, Seals and Tombs Unearthed in Syria
37 Archaeologists stumble on 8,000-year-old skeleton in Kenyir Lake
38 1,500-yr old city gate discovered
39 Wall with Maya Seignior Glyphs Discovered at Archaeological Zone
40 Turkey's top 10 archaeological sites
41 Shackleton's Antarctic spirits saved
42 Sports in the Ancient Egyptian Era
43 Ben Hur in Colchester? Race is on to save UK's only Roman chariot racetrack
44 Bog woman given a face
45 Grand Canyon archaeologists surprised at findings
46 700-km-long Great Wall found in NW China
47 Rush for iron spurred Inuit ancestors to sprint across Arctic, book contends
48 Archaeological Discoveries in Damascus show depth and diversity of civilizations
49 Canoe unearthed at beach
50 Professors make Jurassic discovery
51 A Tree Carving in California: Ancient Astronomers?
52 Steak Dinners Go Back 2.5 Million Years
53 Archaeological findings unveil 1,500-year-old Jerusalem road
54 Mythological love unearthed
55 Ancient DNA points to additional New World migration
56 Should We Clone Neanderthals?
57 Ancient Tree Carving Points to the Stars
58 Urn X-ray picks up Roman remains
59 Mass Extinctions: 'Giant' Fossils Are Revolutionizing Current Thinking
60 Excavation uncovers evidence supporting mosaic Jerusalem map
61 Bones found on Bald Head are from 1800s, anthropologist says
62 Sea levels erratic during latest ice age
63 Stonehenge "Hedge" Found, Shielded Secret Rituals?
64 Apple among top 5 brick-and-mortar, online electronics stores
65 Hulu to make videos available on iPad without Flash--rumor
66 Apple to test $1 TV program price alongside launch of iPad
67 Bill Gates unimpressed by keyboard-less Apple iPad
68 Office for Mac 2011 to feature co-authoring, ribbon interface
69 iTunes soon to reach milestone of 10 billion songs sold
70 Strong Mac, iPhone sales projected to propel Apple stock to $280
71 App Store developer interest nearly triples from Apple iPad hype
72 Amazon may compete with Apple iPad by giving away free Kindles
73 IBM plans Lotus for Apple iPad, e-reader eye strain explored
74 RUMOR: Flash-free version of Hulu could launch on Apple iPad
75 Why Apple won't let the Mac and iPhone succeed in business
76 Emblaze notifies Apple, Microsoft of media streaming patent infringement
77 Opera confident that Apple will approve Opera Mini browser for iPhone
78 Steven Levy: The inevitable extinction of the desktop mouse
79 Beleaguered Sprint misses revenue expectations; sheds 504,000 postpaid customers; shares plummet
80 Mossberg: Parallels zips past VMWare's Fusion in running Windows on Macs
81 Microsoft 'looking at' Office for Apple iPad
82 Only 9.3% of iPhone and iPod touch users have attempted to download Adobe Flash
83 RUMOR: Google paying Apple over $100 million per year for iPhone search
84 Global CIO: Why Apple's iPad will be a great business device
85 Apple targets business sales with partner network
86 Taking their cues from Apple's revolutionary iPhone, smartphone makers jostle for market position
87 South Korean sausage sales up 40% as gloved people use them for iPhone styluses
88 IBM has serious plans for Apple's iPad
89 Apple's iPad IPS screen will offer a superior reading experience
90 Needham ups Apple price target to $280 on strong Mac and iPhone sales, iPad launch, huge cash pile
91 Oops! iPad naysayers slowly awaken from future shock, realize they want iPads, too
92 Office 2011 promises end Microsoft's war on Macintosh
93 BusinessWeek: Microsoft may need an acquisition to avoid losing out in smartphone market
94 Apple iPad triggers record 1,600 new iPhone OS app starts in January
95 Adobe warns of new critical holes in Flash, Reader
96 Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show winners
97 Ahead of iPad's arrival, books soon to pass games in Apple's App Store: 27,301 and counting
98 Dvorak: iPad is not going to be Apple's next runaway best seller
99 Gruber: Apple's 10 biggest problems
100 Apple's Mac is coming back in engineering
101 Engineering: The Mac is coming back
102 Wired Magazine coming to Apple iPad; Editor in Chief Anderson: 'iPad is a game changer'
103 TED 2010: Wired for the iPad to Launch by Summer
104 China takes stock of environment
105 Medical isotope supplies dwindle
106 Are High Speed Elephants Running or Walking?
107 Beyond the Abyss: Deep Sea Creatures Build Their Homes from Materials That Sink from Near the Ocean Surface
108 New Fiber Nanogenerators Could Lead to Electric Clothing
109 Long-Distance Migration Shapes Butterfly Wings
110 Scientists Synthesize Unique Family of Anti-Cancer Compounds
111 Human Gait Adapted for Efficient Walking at the Cost of Efficient Running
112 Toads Anticipate the Timing and Impact of Their Landings
113 Universal DNA Reader Will Advance Faster, Cheaper Sequencing Efforts
114 Chemists Create Synthetic 'Gene-Like' Crystals for Carbon Dioxide Capture
115 Models of Sea Level Change During Ice-Age Cycles Challenged
116 Compound Shows Promise Against Intractable Heart Failure
117 Layers in a Mars Crater Record a History of Changes
118 First Blinded Study of Venous Insufficiency Prevalence in Multiple Sclerosis Shows Promising Results
119 Molecule With Promising Semiconductor Properties Created
120 Six Month Old Babies Can Understand Our Intentions
121 A Potent Suppressor of Endometrial Cancer Is Revealed
122 Diabetes Drug Ups Risk for Bone Fractures in Older Women, Study Suggests
123 Restrictions on Female Plasma May Not Be Warranted
124 Role of Protein Pair in Obesity Regulation
125 How Cholera Bacteria Becomes Infectious
126 Muscle Loss Finding May One Day Save Physiques
127 Male College Students Also Victims of Violence at Girlfriends' Hands
128 Low Levels of Natural Antibodies Behind Stroke
129 Hypnosis Can Relieve Symptoms in Children With Respiratory Diseases
130 Exploring the Limits: Understanding the Challenges Facing Winter Olympic Champions
131 Dietary Formula That Maintains Youthful Function Into Old Age
132 Can Chocolate Lower Your Risk of Stroke?
133 Intense Sweets Taste Especially Good to Some Kids
134 Childhood Obesity: It's Not the Amount of TV, It's the Number of Junk Food Commercials
135 Feeling Blue? You'll Shun the New
136 Genetic Secrets to Jumping the Species Barrier
137 The Biggest Loser: Maternal Obesity Puts a Load on Her Offspring That Lasts a Lifetime
138 Epigenetic Signals Differ Across Alleles
139 Herbal Medicines Can Be Lethal, Pathologist Warns
140 Cholera and Related Diseases: Grasping Bacterial 'Friending' Paves the Way to Disrupt Biofilm Creation
141 Link Between Exploration Well and Lusi Mud Volcano, Strongest Evidence to Date Shows
142 Sustainable Fisheries Needed for Global Food Security
143 Dramatic Changes in Agriculture Needed as World Warms and Grows
144 Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapse Possibly Triggered by Ocean Waves
145 Marshall Islands Research Could Lead to Resettlement After Nuclear Tests
146 New Picture of Ancient Ocean Chemistry Argues for Chemically Layered Water
147 Environmental Disaster in Southern Spain Compared With Cretaceous Mass Extinction
148 Archaeological 'Time Machine' Greatly Improves Accuracy of Early Radiocarbon Dating
149 Mass Extinctions: 'Giant' Fossils Are Revolutionizing Current Thinking
150 Surprising New Branches on Arthropod Family Tree
151 Saturn's Aurora Offer Stunning Double Show
152 NASA Successfully Launches a New Eye on the Sun
153 Home Computers Around the World Unite to Map the Milky Way
154 Orion in a New Light
155 'Ingredients for Life' Present on Saturn's Moon Enceladus, Say Scientists
156 Assistive Technology Helps Dementia Sufferers Get Through the Day
157 Nanoscale Structures With Superior Mechanical Properties Developed
158 New Sensor Exploits Traditional Weakness of Nano Devices
159 Single-Step Technique Produces Both P-Type and N-Type Doping for Future Graphene Devices
160 Breakthrough for Mobile Television
161 High-Tech Applications Envisioned for 'Multiferroic' Crystals
162 Spitzer Goes to the Olympics: Art Professor to Show Space Telescope-Inspired Work at Winter Olympics Digital Art Exhibition
163 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Virtual Reality and Other Technologies Offer Hope
164 New Magnetic Tuning Method Enhances Data Storage