File Title
1 Boat of plastic bottles has trial sail
2 Bad guys beware: Santa Clara County sheriff unveils armored vehicle
3 Macmillan books coming back to Amazon
4 Is the US swine flu epidemic over?
5 Obama, GOP sparring over job creation proposals
6 Apologetic Toyota looking to outside quality input
7 5 new accidents involving Toyota Prius confirmed: report
8 Shark attack victim died from massive blood loss
9 US-born pandas reach new home in China
10 Genome Mapped for Type 2 Diabetes
11 Whaler, activist ship collide again off Antarctica
12 7 Gadgets That Changed the World
13 Protein Supplement Myth Revealed by Body of Work
14 Feds: Status of pika will still need watching
15 FDA concerned dissolvable tobacco appeals to kids
16 Firm to pay $200K after importing lead-laden toys
17 Tests Show Top Tuna Brands Have High Mercury Levels
18 Gov't moving into central role in health care
19 Too Little Vitamin D May Worsen Asthma
20 Healthy baby campaign uses texts to reach mothers
21 Men have key role in ending female circumcision: experts
22 Artificial Pancreas Helps Type 1 Diabetics During Sleep
23 Screening for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Not Cost-Effective: Study
24 US puts locals in charge of AIDS spending
25 Preteen as sexy samba queen stirs Rio controversy
26 5.9 quake rumbles Northern California coast
27 Swine flu cases down, but virus keeps spreading
28 Rescued sea lion heads back out to sea
29 Ultra-Precise Quantum-Logic Clock Puts Old Atomic Clock to Shame
30 Game Changers: How Videogames Trained a Generation of Athletes
31 Electric Charge Can Change Freezing Point of Water
32 Apple iPad's Tiny SIM Is Just There to Mess With You
33 Panacea or Poison Pill: Who Gets to Decide About $10 E-Books?
34 Authors Guild: 'To RIAA or Not to RIAA'
35 Athletes Confused by Olympic Social Media Rules
36 Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal 'Synthetic Organisms,' Molecular Kill-Switch Included
37 Siri Launches Voice-Powered iPhone 'Assistant'
38 Alt Text: Who's Still Excited About the iPad?
39 Germanium Laser Breakthrough Brings Optical Computing Closer
40 Leaves Show Looped Networks May Be Better Than Branched
41 Dinosaur Fossil Reveals True Feather Colors
42 Gesture Cube Responds To Waving Your Hand
43 Study Says Arctic Ice Melt to Cost Global Economy $2.4 Trillion
44 Climate scepticism 'on the rise,' BBC poll shows
45 Auklets and penguins: birds use feathers 'to touch'
46 China dinosaur footprints found in Zhucheng
47 Digital Economy Bill bill could 'breach rights'
48 Premature birth gene clue found
49 Arctic Degrading Faster than First Thought
50 Facebook Redesigns, New Microsoft Deal
51 Algae Use Physics Trick in Photosynthesis
52 FBI wants Records Web Visits
53 Obama Pushes for Small Business Loans
54 Haiti Judge Denies Missionaries Release
55 Is the U.S. Swine Flu Epidemic Over?
56 Jenny Craig Ends Ad Campaign after Lawsuit
57 Why Launch From Florida? Weather Keeps Grounding Space Shuttles
58 Twitter to Major Tom: NASA Lets Public Tweet Astronauts
59 NASA To Study Seeds In Space
60 Resumes Selling Some Macmillan Books on Web Site
61 IPad likely to be popular among business travelers and the middle-aged
62 Steve Jobs hawks Apple iPad in NYC
63 Apple's Hard iPad Sell
64 Eccentric but effective Steve Jobs pitches iPad to NYT execs
65 iPad interest waning? So says one survey
66 Apple CEO Steve Jobs Talks iPad to New York Times Execs, Says Report
67 After China pull-out bluster, will Google backtrack?
68 Apple Bans the Word 'Android' From App Store
69 Monopoly Concerns Put Google Book Search on Shaky Ground
70 5 Facebook E-mail Features I'd Like to See
71 Project Titan: facebook webmail client
72 Facebook to Add E-Mail, Says TechCrunch
73 Siri Inc. Launches 'Do Engine' Application For iPhone
74 For Privacy Advocates, Facebook's 'Next Best Thing' Doesn't Cut It
75 Facebook users, your top and side menus have new functions
76 Feds: Status of pika will still need watching
77 Obama Admin Denies Endangered Species Listing for American Pika
78 Environmental groups blast feds for deciding pika isn't endangered
79 U.S. declines to list the American pika as endangered
80 Hadron Collider Set for Half Power
81 Big Bang machine set for return to work
82 Big Bang Collider May Reveal Mystery Particle
83 Scientists Plan to Skip Mid-Range, Crank LHC up to Full Power
84 CERN scientists ramp up to restart collider
85 Record-breaking collisions
86 World's largest atom smasher to jump straight to maximum energy
87 iPad hype drives away consumers, survey says
88 Patent office to review VoIP patent
89 Mozilla ends Firefox support for Mac OS Tiger
90 Swine flu still out there, officials caution
91 Now there's plenty of H1N1 flu vaccine
92 Many see H1N1 as waning
93 H1N1 Swine Flu Down, Not Out
94 Spread Of H1N1 Flu Slows, But Transmission Continues
95 Health Tech's Naked-Photo Cache Unnerves Ohio Town
96 Medical tech's alleged trove of sexual images taken around Ohio town unnerves residents
97 $750K bond set for accused voyeur
98 Vegas drinks, drives itself to No. 11 drunkest city
99 Bakersfield among "drunkest" cities in nation
100 Billings Ranks "Third Drunkest City"
101 35 Flamingo Lawn Ornaments Stolen From Cancer Patient
102 Flamingos fill cancer patient's lawn, to replace stolen ones
103 Flamingo decorations stolen from cancer patient
104 FBI: Unruly passenger blames medical pot cookies
105 Fed grand jury to get Pa. 'unruly' passenger case
106 Young children need second H1N1 vaccine dose
107 What Is a Life Worth?
108 Microsoft's reality problem
109 Migrating insects fly in the fast lane
110 How sperm get a move on; discovery suggests new target for male contraception
111 Prion leaves lasting mark on memory
112 Yale scientists complete color palette of a dinosaur for the first time
113 Nuclear pore complexes harbor new class of gene regulators
114 Bacteria toxic to wound-treating maggots
115 New research shows genes of pregnant women and their fetuses can increase the risk of preterm labor
116 'Artificial pancreas' a step nearer for children with type 1 diabetes
117 Scientists ID a protein that splices and dices genes
118 Molecular 'firing squad' in mice triggered by overeating destroys metabolism
119 UCSF researchers identify regulator of human sperm cells
120 Yale-developed test can help predict and diagnose preeclampsia
121 Promising results shown for kidney cancer drug
122 Early abuse tied to more depression in children
123 High sensitivity to stress isn't always bad for children
124 For HIV-infected children, quality of caregiver relationship is crucial
125 Screening for short cervix could improve pregnancy outcomes and reduce preterm birth
126 Yale researchers may have uncovered the mechanism by which progesterone prevents preterm birth
127 How the butterflies got their spots
128 Barley protein concentrate could replace fishmeal in aquaculture feeds
129 NTU researchers complete the world's first in-depth study of the malaria parasite genome
130 Carnegie Mellon Physicist the First To Measure Energy Released From a Virus During Infection
131 Sweet!--sugar plays key role in cell division
132 Renewable oil companies
133 Scientists find quantum mechanics at work in photosynthesis
134 Scripps Research and GIS scientists map epigenome of human stem cells during development
135 Craters young and old in Sirenum Fossae
136 Forming the present-day spiral galaxies
137 Habit-learning device will lower energy bills under new clean energy cashback scheme
138 York study maps the effects of acupuncture on the brain
139 Weizmann Institute research reveals that flying bats apply the laws of sonar physics to locate objects in the dark
140 New material absorbs, conserves oil
141 First germanium laser
142 Moss helps chart the conquest of land by plants
143 U of M research finds water movements can shape fish evolution
144 First discovery of the female sex hormone progesterone in a plant
145 Compound created at OSU could become important new antidepressant
146 $32 million CU-Boulder instrument package to study space weather set for NASA launch Feb. 9
147 NIST's second 'quantum logic clock' based on aluminum ion is now world's most precise clock
148 New ORNL system provides hybrid electric autos with power to spare
149 Rice physicists kill cancer with 'nanobubbles'
150 New study finds possible source of beta cell destruction that leads to type 1 diabetes
151 An answer to another of life's big questions
152 Carbonate veins reveal chemistry of ancient seawater
153 Princeton scientist makes a leap in quantum computing
154 Waiting for birth or inducing found equally effective for women with IUGR
155 Genes that regulate maternal inflammatory response, bacterial vaginosis and preterm birth related
156 Link between birth defect gastroschisis and the agricultural chemical atrazine found
157 Study finds screening for spinal muscular atrophy not cost effective
158 News brief: HPV vaccines may reduce a wide range of genital diseases
159 Clinical course of subepithelial lesions
160 Shape of Barrett's epithelium effects prevalence of erosive esophagitis
161 Health stories by experts more credible than blogs
162 Nearly half of Americans believe H1N1 outbreak is over, poll finds
163 Learning "Curves": Bioethics Memory Aid Can Help Assess Patient Decision-making Capacity in Medical Emergencies
164 Blacks with MS Have More Severe Symptoms, Decline Faster than Whites, New Study Shows
165 Youth who self-identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual at higher suicide risk, say Montreal researchers
166 Study finds higher risk of stillbirth in women with fibroids
167 Smart Coating Opens Door To Safer Hip, Knee and Dental Implants
168 Imaging method for eye disease used to eye art forgeries
169 Enlisting a drug discovery technique in the battle against global warming
170 New on-off 'switch' triggers and reverses paralysis in animals with a beam of light
171 Nano imaging takes turn for the better
172 Electronic health records need better monitoring, UT prof reports
173 Soft intelligence for hard decisions
174 Breakthrough by Danish Scientists in Preventing Maternal Malaria
175 MWC 2010: FlashFind--lightning-fast search on mobile devices
176 How Legal Wiretaps Could Let Hackers In
177 From Hope to Reality in Personalized Medicine
178 Biofuels from Saltwater Crops
179 Budget Charts a New Course for NASA
180 Brain Imaging Lets Vegetative Patient Communicate
181 Graphene Transistors that Can Work at Blistering Speeds
182 Melting Drywall Keeps Rooms Cool
183 What's Inside the iPad's Chip?