File Title
1 Coast Guard working on ways to prevent whale-ship collisions
2 Report: A bit more vitamin D is good, not too much
3 China bars US official from American's appeal
4 Harvard University Doctor Turns Back Time on Aging: Will an Anti-Aging Pill Be Available Soon?
5 Climate Negotiators Have Gigatons of Work to Do
6 Genes Influence Vitamin D Levels, But Only in Winter: Study
7 Experts Question Usefulness of Air Force's Robotic X-37B Space Plane
8 BP hails milestone in Canadian oil sands plan
9 Greenpeace urges S. African leadership at Cancun
10 For Women, Belly Fat May Lead to Osteoporosis
11 Mexican chief hopes Republicans change on climate
12 Kaiser Permanente puts millions in Oakland schools
13 Latest Pompeii collapse: Garden wall gives way
14 After the Earthquake: Looming AIDS Crisis in Haiti
15 Arthritis Drug Could Prevent Skin Cancers
16 Celebrex Shows Potential in Preventing Some Skin Cancers: Study
17 Regular Walking May Slow Decline of Alzheimer's
18 Madonna turns hand to fitness with gym launch
19 Prescriptions for Stimulants, Painkillers Soaring Among Youth
20 Diet drug faces U.S. test after rivals fall short
21 Senate passes bill to boost food safety
22 Study suggests that being too clean can make people sick
23 Rainforest collapse drove reptile evolution
24 New genomic technique reveals obesity gene variants
25 Tiny RNA shown to cause multiple types of leukemia
26 Forget Farmville, here's a game that drives genetic research
27 Study shows that blood stem cells are influenced by their offspring
28 Bird-brained? Birds' personalities are correlated with their hormone levels
29 Scientists discover new mechanism for controlling blood sugar level
30 Fire forecast technology could help rescue teams save lives
31 Developed world at risk of forgetting about AIDS pandemic
32 Ancient wind held secret of life and death
33 Please blow!
34 Crucial sex hormones re-routed by missing molecule
35 Scientists develop new DNA technique to aid crops and trees at risk from deadly 'honey fungus'
36 Sporadic breast cancers start with ineffective DNA repair systems, Pitt researchers find
37 Nano-diamond qubits and photonic crystals
38 Study assesses nuclear power assumptions
39 Genomic fault zones come and go
40 Mystery dissolves with calcium pump discovery
41 World's fastest camera takes a new look at biosensing
42 Pioneering study reveals nationally important biodiversity hotspot
43 WATCH: Snakes on a Rope--UC Researchers Take a Unique Look at the Climbing Abilities of Boa Constrictors
44 Study: Ecological effects of biodiversity loss underestimated
45 Biofuels production has unintended consequences on water quality and quantity in Mississippi
46 Arsenic-polluted water toxic to Bangladesh economy
47 New prostate cancer imaging shows real-time tumor metabolism
48 Neurological protein may hold the key to new treatments for depression
49 Shape optimization of curved slots on 3-D surface
50 SOFC micro CHP plants to be climate-friendly power stations in homes
51 Prescriptions for teens and young adults on the rise
52 Color-Changing "Blast Badge" Detects Exposure to Explosive Shock Waves
53 From the Brain of a Locust...
54 Cinnamon can replace harmful chemicals used to create nanoparticles
55 A 'USB' for medical diagnosis?
56 Tempest in a teapot: International team of scientists describes swirling natural phenomena
57 How authentic is your pomegranate juice?
58 Rotating light provides indirect look into the nucleus
59 Measuring the temperature of nanoparticles
60 Hebrew University researchers reveal way in which possible earthquakes can be predicted
61 Manufacturing "made to measure" atomic-scale electrodes
62 Venus holds warning for Earth
63 Emergency departments see substantial increase in CT exams
64 New approach may help dialysis patients fight anemia
65 Broadening the base of publicly funded health care
66 How well is your doctor caring for people with Parkinson's disease? New AAN tool helps measure care
67 New study reports effects of endurance running
68 Light exercise may prevent osteoarthritis
69 Walking slows progression of Alzheimer's
70 Women with personal history of breast cancer should be screened with MRI
71 Vitamin D and calcium--updated dietary reference intakes from IOM
72 People with sleep apnea at higher risk for aggressive heart disease
73 Screening tool may better identify heart disease in African-Americans
74 Researchers use patient's own blood to treat hamstring injury
75 Belly fat puts women at risk for osteoporosis
76 Acupuncture changes brain's perception and processing of pain
77 Despite economic slump, donors give generously to global health, though at a slower rate
78 Are good-looking people more employable? New Ben-Gurion University study
79 People with chronic pain face complex dilemmas and life-changing decisions
80 Doctors give different levels of pain meds for different people, finds CWRU Study
81 Surgeon-physician marriages can place stress on careers, emotional health
82 Public health in the genomic era: A global issue
83 Alternative therapies may leave asthmatics gasping
84 Legalizing child pornography is linked to lower rates of child sex abuse
85 Scoring system is 93 percent accurate for diagnosing Wilson's disease in pediatric patients
86 Study finds anti-microbials a common cause of drug-induced liver injury and failure
87 Whale-inspired ocean turbine blades
88 First-ever covalent irreversible inhibition of a protease central to hepatitis C infection
89 Bridging between Earth and space: technology breakthroughs for scientific progress
90 Fitting a biological nanopore into a man-made one, new ways to analyze DNA
91 Scientists create highly ordered artificial spin ice using nanotechnology
92 Subsurface scattering in point-based rendering
93 How to soften a diamond
94 NC State and IBM Researchers Discover New Way to Patch Holes in The 'Cloud'
95 Chemistry for greenhouse gases
96 Motorcycle simulator gives new clues to road safety
97 Gifting 2.0: Letting the Web Pick Presents for Your Friends
98 Facebook Infidelity: Cheating Spouses Go Online
99 Fake Watches, Fake Websites
100 WikiLeaks Says It Was Under Powerful Cyberattack
101 Google Signs Deal to Translate European Patents
102 Reports Say Google in Talks to Buy Groupon
103 Mexican Chief Hopes Republicans Change on Climate
104 Bush Praises Obama During Facebook Broadcast
105 NC Sweepstakes Ban Largely Upheld by Courts
106 China Announces New Crackdown on Product Piracy
107 Applied Materials Settles Samsung Chip Theft Case
108 Quadriplegic Begs to Die, But Hospital Refuses
109 'The King's Speech' Likely to Break Stuttering Stereotypes
110 Eating Disorders Strike Younger and Younger
111 Aging Reversed in Mice, Say Scientists
112 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Patients Grow Weary of Doubt
113 The world: Four degrees warmer
114 Humans caused megafauna demise: expert
115 World warmer, but trends at odds: report
116 Research uncovers diamond's soft side
117 Growing demand for resources 'threatens EU economy'
118 Rainforest collapse kickstarted reptile evolution
119 US military unveils 'smart gun'
120 Renewable energy strategy under fire from MPs
121 New energy sources vital to tackle climate change
122 Huge study of Breckland habitat reveals rare species
123 Fears over 'widespread' EU fraud involving the Mafia
124 A guide to Miami nightlife
125 EU launches antitrust probe into alleged Google abuses
126 Home Office mulls data law change
127 Attack hits Wikileaks cable site
128 Father of British computing Sir Maurice Wilkes dies
129 Xbox Kinect sets new sales record
130 Tuning in to the background hum of the net
131 Google v Regulators: The battle begins
132 George W Bush's facetime at Facebook
133 Healthy lifestyle role 'for all society'
134 Older people 'miss skin cancer signs'
135 Women 'in the dark' on heart risk
136 Care home turns back the clock on dementia
137 Taking drugs for a living
138 Children with allergies 'being let down'
139 WikiLeaks: Cyberattack Briefly Crippled Site
140 Study: Female Fish Turned On by Pugilistic Mates
141 Apple Squashes Production of Steve Jobs Action Figure
142 Experts: Is Air Force's Secret Robotic Space Plane Still Needed?
143 Stung by WikiLeaks Breach, Feds Look to Tighten Security Systems
144 China: Product Piracy Crackdown is Real
145 Orbital Space Tourism Next for Virgin Galactic?
146 Secretary Chu Calls Global Energy Race a 'Sputnik' Moment
147 New Facebook Scam Exploits User Vanity
148 Coming Soon to a Living Room Near You: Kinect Sex?
149 Sci-Fi No Longer: Scientists Ponder Growing Space Crops
150 Senate Passes Landmark Food Safety Bill
151 Leslie Nielsen: Best "Airplane" Quotes and "Naked Gun" One-Liners