File Title
1 Cannibal Galaxy Eats Its Neighbor to Stay Young
2 Russia Hosts 'Tiger Summit' Aimed at Saving Big Cats
3 Climate Change Puts Tribal Way of Life at Risk
4 Influential Climate Change Skeptic Accused of Plagiarism
5 The World's Lakes Are Heating Up, Study Finds
6 Tainted Razors May Have Been Sent to Researcher
7 Breakthroughs in AIDS Epidemic Are Not a Silver Bullet
8 Dinosaur Die-Off Cleared Way for Gigantic Mammals
9 Hypothermic Sea Turtles Rescued on Cape Cod
10 German Zoo Forces Gay Vultures to Mate With Females
11 Were Boys Rescued in Pacific Chasing a Girl?
12 South Korea Buries Dead, Vows Revenge on North
13 Clean Energy From Muscle Power
14 The End of Cheap Coal?
15 Probe Into Alien Life Forms Picks Up Steam
16 'Dangerous Bubble' Emerging in China
17 'Sophisticated' border tunnel leads to seizure of tons of pot
18 Half of Americans Could Be Diabetic by 2020
19 What Turns Men On? The Smell of Pumpkin Pie, Researchers Say
20 Eating Orange and Dark Green Veggies Linked to Longer Life
21 Bad Habits That Can Boost Your Health
22 Alcohol Abuse: Do You Drink Too Much?
23 How to Find a Psoriasis Treatment That Works
24 A Bright Smile Today: New Dental Procedure Offers One-Day Makeover
25 Ancient Tablets Reveal Mathematical Achievements of Ancient Babylonian Culture
26 Cahokia Mounds & the remnants of a sprawling metropolis
27 Archaeologist Recreates Stone Age Technology
28 Dawson bodies to be ID'd by archeologists
29 History of Peru Series--Part 6: Reading the Past, Righting the Record
30 Dig rewrites history of Tasmania's Aborigines
31 New Explanation for the Origin of High Species Diversity in Amazon
32 China: Enduring empire
33 Aboriginal astronomers observed and recorded a 'supernova-impostor' event: research
34 How ancient Greeks honoured heroes
35 Cumbria pupils to follow Roman soldier on Twitter
36 Archaeologists: 3 Stores Dating back to Second Millennium B.C. Unearthed in Syria
37 Maya pyramids pose acoustic riddle
38 Chinese mine in Afghanistan threatens ancient find
39 Mystery treasure could be in forgotten medieval code
40 World's oldest Copper Age settlement found
41 Ancient Egyptian 'Avenue of Sphinxes' gets twelve Sphinxes longer
42 Slideshow: 12 New Sphinxes Confirm Legendary Egypt Route
43 Acoustic Archaeology Yielding Mind-Tripping Tricks
44 Roman Decadence and Rising Seas
45 Modern Humans Mature More Slowly Than Neanderthals Did, Analysis of Teeth Suggests
46 Italy: Temple of goddess of virgins, wild animals, unearthed
47 Researchers Dispute Report on Early Butchers
48 Spanish police recover relics from Roman necropolis
49 Mediaeval graffiti casts light on everyday workers at nunnery
50 Stonehenge mystery could rest on ball bearings
51 Battle erupts over claims for ancient butchery
52 'Real' Mortimer's Hole uncovered by cave survey
53 First Americans 'reached Europe five centuries before Columbus discoveries'
54 New Archeological Device to Determine Origin of Ancient Samples
55 Prehispanic Decapitated Ballgame Player Sculpture Discovered by Archaeologists in Mexico
56 Vikings brought Amerindian to Iceland 1,000 years ago: study
57 Peru to receive Yale delegation to discuss Machu Picchu artifacts
58 The purpose of Aztec blood rituals part 1
59 How did the Norse really colonize Greenland?
60 Cancer was rare but it DID occur in ancient Egypt, Manchester Uni Egyptologist refutes Nature article
61 'Colonists' offer insights on their diet, work required to eat
62 Ancient trumpets played eerie notes
63 Artifacts unearthed below Supreme Court of Canada
64 Chinese Noodle Dinner Buried for 2,500 Years
65 Northern Arizona petroglyphs scrubbed of graffiti
66 Archaeological Sites Bulldozed for Railroad Construction in Arakan
67 Hi-tech robots search ocean floor for ancient shipwrecks
68 Ancient ruin could date back to Iron Age
69 Peering into Pajaro Valley's past: Native American stone pestles tell tale of advancing technology
70 Burnt City woman's face reconstructed
71 London's National Portrait Gallery Finds Relics of English King Richard II in Its Basement
72 Science devises new method to sort Dead Sea Scrolls (Feature)
73 Anthropologists looking for Roman legion in China
74 Archeologists find 3,000-year-old fruit cellar
75 President Garcia: Yale will return entire Machu Picchu collection
76 Scientists drill into Dead Sea to extract 500,000-year-old treasures within mud and sediment
77 Cave images could indicate overhunted deer led to culture's downfall
78 20,000 years artificially drilled specimen found in Henan
79 Ancient Roman soldiers' bathhouse found in Jerusalem
80 New discoveries from Syria
81 The mystery of a forged coin and money laundering?
82 Ancient Egyptian temple submerged in sewage
83 American Indian Sailed to Europe With Vikings?
84 Ancient Lambayeque civilizations domesticated cats 3500 years ago
85 Archeologists unearth ancient sunken ship in E China's Shandong
86 UCSD professor reveals evidence about King Solomon's mines
87 Researchers Kick-Start Ancient DNA
88 3,000- Year-Old Musical Instrument Unearthed In Vietnam
89 Mrauk U Pagodas Damaged by Railroad Construction
90 Pet-Keeping and Animal Sacrifice as Seen Economically and Archaeologically
91 2,000-year-old intact female skeleton with gray hair unearthed in Hubei
92 1200-yr-old sculpture found
93 Shuttle images reveal Egypt's lost great lake
94 Oldest Salt Mine Known to Date Located in Azerbaijan
95 Archaeologists: Tombs Dating Back to 5th Millennium BC Unearthed in Syria
96 Burial urn dating to Megalithic period unearthed
97 Paupers and the pyramids: 400 "poor" burials unearthed near Giza
98 Lake Tahoe warming rapidly, satellites find
99 Young and fascinated by model trains at Santa Clara depot
100 US briefs allies about next WikiLeaks release
101 Colorado weighs difficulties of pot regulations
102 Andromeda Galaxy Visible to Eagle-Eye Skywatchers
103 Horror summer fails to shift Russia climate scepticism
104 India seeks to resolve climate disputes in Cancun
105 U.S. Postal Service Reveals Designs for 2011 Space Stamps
106 Cancun, climate summit host and example of threats: NGO
107 Fungus-Farming Ants First To Find Natural Pesticides
108 Reserve saves trees but not monarch butterflies
109 Progress made on protecting sharks, groups say
110 Hunters may have delivered fatal blow to mammoths
111 Bluefin tuna gets scant relief at fisheries meet
112 S.F. woman, 23, slain outside Japan Center mall
113 Silicon Valley AIDS center to close
114 Willie Nelson charged with pot possession in Texas
115 Myanmar allows HIV shelter to continue operating
116 Horse-drawn wagon delivers White House Christmas tree
117 Dr. Funshine prescribes laughter yoga for seniors