File Title
1 San Jose shelter's 'computer lab' hopelessly out-of-date
2 Facebook's CEO visits China's top search engine
3 Study maps need for kids' doctors in rural areas
4 Automakers suing EPA over higher ethanol mix gas
5 7 Holiday Marketing Tricks Retailers Use
6 Rash Due to Lung Cancer Drug May Be Linked to Better Survival
7 Toddler Poisoned by Prescriptions
8 Are Breastfed Babies Smarter?
9 Angelina Jolie Joins Fight for Cambodian AIDS Victims
10 The Great Water Challenge
11 Science year in review: 2010
12 Fearless woman helps unlock anxiety puzzle
13 Life's building blocks found in meteorite
14 Researchers plan for deeper cuts to science budget
15 Cryosat ice mission returns first science
16 New mistletoe species discovered by Kew Gardens experts
17 Internet porn block 'not possible' say ISPs
18 Hackers steal English Defence League membership list
19 Google's UK Street View wi-fi data 'deleted'
20 Older teenagers 'unsafe' online
21 Lord Chief Justice allows Twitter in court
22 Four faces of social networking
23 Facebook for farmers: Technology empowers China's rural workers
24 Kenya's ambitions for an outsourced future
25 Changi: The airport of your dreams
26 ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, 'not caused by the XMRV virus,' say researchers
27 Snow adds to NHS winter pressures
28 7 Top Tricks Retailers Use to Tempt Shoppers to Splurge
29 Tech CEOs in Top 5 "Wealth Creators" List
30 Delay Reported in Google TV Debut
31 Food Safety Bill Clears Senate--Again
32 Marilu Henner Remembers Every Day of Her Life
33 Dutch Teen on Solo Sail Reaches St. Maarten
34 Santas Struggle to Find Work in Tough Economy
35 Hexavalent Chromium, Cancer-Causing Toxin, Common in Tap Water: What to Do
36 Pope Blames Child Abuse Scandal on Society
37 Tide turns against corn ethanol
38 Newsmaker of the year: In the eye of the storm
39 Report: Google TV devices delayed as Google tweaks software
40 Sony Optimistic About Google TV Despite Setbacks
41 Google Delays TV-Set Offerings
42 Foursquare Unwraps Updated iPad App
43 Why Google's Chrome notebook will succeed
44 An Industry View of the Google Notebook
45 Facebook Ramps Up Big E-Commerce Drive
46 Facebook Eyes Ecommerce Riches
47 The JCPenney's Facebook Shopping "Experience"
48 Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Visits China's Top Search Engine
49 Facebook's Zuckerberg visits China's top search engine
50 Facebook CEO Visits Baidu China Office
51 Is Facebook preparing to hurdle the Great Firewall?
52 Zuckerberg Negotiating To Bring Facebook To China?
53 Mark Zuckerberg's First Stop in China: Baidu Headquarters
54 No one's neutral about net neutrality
55 FCC appears poised to enact light net neutrality rules
56 The FCC proposes to hand more power to ISPs and mobile telecoms
57 UK Culture Minister proposes banning porn at ISPs
58 'Porn lock' heralds death of WikiLeaks, internet, democracy, universe
59 Lord chief justice approves use of Twitter for court reporting
60 Sam's Club rumored to offer Apple's iPhone 4 at new low price of $147
61 Sam's Club to sell iPhone 4 for $147 until Dec. 25
62 Echinacea and the Common Cold: Still the Patient's Choice
63 Got a cold? Study says echinacea won't help much
64 Echinacea No Good for the Common Cold
65 Echinacea Shows Little Benefit in Treating Colds, Study Finds
66 Echinacea Discredited as a Cold Treatment, Research Finds
67 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Not Caused by XMRV Virus, Study Finds
68 New study dismisses virus link to chronic fatique
69 Probable Carcinogen Found in Tap Water of 31 U.S. Cities
70 Study finds probable carcinogen hexavalent chromium in 31 U.S. cities' tap water
71 Dairy Fat May Lower Diabetes Risk
72 Got milk? Trans fatty acid in dairy foods linked to reduced diabetes risk
73 How drinking milk could protect you from diabetes
74 Component in common dairy foods may cut diabetes risk
75 Stanford Docs Still Accepting Drug Company Cash
76 Stanford docs may be too cozy with drug companies (Morning Read)
77 Connie Culp, Recipient of First U.S. Face Transplant, Meets Donor Family
78 Recipient of face transplant meets for first time with donor's family
79 Combination Works Best
80 Meal Replacements Ineffective For Obese Teens
81 New Study Reveals Low Calorie Diets Beat Weight Loss Shakes
82 Incyte Gives 'Positive' Results For Bone-Marrow Treatment; Shares Up
83 Incyte Jumps on Positive Data on Bone Marrow Drug
84 UPDATE 1--Incyte's blood cancer drug meets late-stage study goal
85 Meat-eating dinosaurs not so carnivorous after all
86 Study identifies cells that give rise to brown fat
87 Young female chimps treat sticks like dolls
88 Brain imaging predicts future reading progress in children with dyslexia
89 Children with autism lack visual skills required for independence
90 Without intervention, Mariana crow to become extinct in 75 years
91 A possible cause--and cure--for genital cancer in horses?
92 Study finds food in early life affects fertility
93 Muscle filaments make mechanical strain visible
94 New research shows virus previously linked to chronic fatigue syndrome is a lab contaminant
95 Reducing emissions from shipping: Commission's Joint Research Centre sets out some options
96 Scientists and physicians use genetic sequencing to identify and treat unknown disease
97 Young female chimpanzees appear to treat sticks as dolls
98 Your genome in minutes: New technology could slash sequencing time
99 CCNY-Led Interdisciplinary Team Recreates Colonial Hydrology
100 Globalization burdens future generations with biological invasions
101 New study upends thinking about how liver disease develops
102 N/A
103 Research shows that environmental factors limit species diversity
104 UCSB scientists demonstrate biomagnification of nanomaterials in simple food chain
105 New imaging advance illuminates immune response in breathing lung
106 New study examines immunity in emerging species of a major mosquito carrer of malaria
107 The orange in your stocking: researchers squeezing out maximum health benefits
108 New study focuses on nitrogen in waterways as cause of nitrous oxide in the atmosphere
109 Boosting supply of key brain chemical reduces fatigue in mice
110 Computer memory takes a spin
111 When the brain knows no fear
112 Science's breakthrough of the year: The first quantum machine
113 Structural distortions emerge from nothing at the nanoscale
114 Light dawns on dark gamma-ray bursts
115 A 'spin ratchet': A new electronic structure for generating spin current
116 Ben-Gurion U. researchers: High resistance rates among acute otitis media pathogens in children
117 550 million years ago rise in oxygen drove evolution of animal life
118 The high price of sleep disorders
119 Electric current moves magnetic vortices
120 Samples of Vital Human Tumor Tissue Irradiated with Ions for the First Time
121 How do you cut a nanotube? Lots of compression
122 Ancient raindrops reveal a wave of mountains sent south by sinking Farallon plate
123 Ion channel responsible for pain identified by UB neuroscientists
124 Scientists take plasmon lasers out of deep freeze
125 Outsmarting the wind
126 Finnish researchers find a compound that prevents the growth of prostate cancer cells
127 How Often do Giant Black Holes Become Hyperactive?
128 Strange New Twist: Berkeley Researchers Discover Mobius Symmetry in Metamaterials
129 Ocean acidification changes nitrogen cycling in world seas
130 New breathing therapy reduces panic and anxiety by reversing hyperventilation
131 Acid suppressive medication may increase risk of pneumonia
132 Strict heart rate control provides no advantage over lenient approach
133 Expansion of HIV screening cost-effective in reducing spread of AIDS, Stanford study shows
134 Neuroimaging at Stanford helps to predict which dyslexics will learn to read
135 Transferring trauma patients may take longer than 2 hours--but not for the most serious injuries
136 Racial disparities evident in early-stage liver cancer survival
137 Features of the metabolic syndrome common in persons with psoriasis
138 About one-fifth of women, less than 7 percent of men report use of indoor tanning
139 Most patients can speak and swallow after combination treatment for head and neck cancer
140 Outcomes after recurrence of oral cancer vary by timing, site
141 Study finds injectable and oral birth control do not adversely affect glucose and insulin levels
142 Factors linked to speech/swallowing problems after treatment for head and neck cancers
143 When the zebra loses its stripes
144 Iowa State, Ames Lab physicist developing, improving designer optical materials
145 Scientists discover powerful biomarker panel for the early detection of breast cancer
146 Films for facades
147 Scientists identify the largest network of protein interactions related to Alzheimer's disease
148 Study: Customers who participate in eBay's 'community' become better buyers and sellers
149 NASA's LRO creating unprecedented topographic map of moon
150 Scientists decipher 3 billion-year-old genomic fossils
151 New software detects piping flaws
152 Syracuse University researchers contribute new ideas to enhance efficiency of wind turbines
153 Motion sickness a reality in the virtual world, too