File Title
1 California's teaching force shrinks, as K-12 population set to grow
2 Nigeria militants claim attacks on oil facilities
3 Iran fuel prices rocket as subsidies cut
4 WikiLeaks Reveals BP's 'Other' Offshore Drilling Disaster
5 Genetic Tests Debate: Is Too Much Info Bad for Your Health?
6 2010's world gone wild: Quakes, floods, blizzards
7 Elemental Shift: Periodic Table Gets Weight Changes
8 Spain rethinks reopening of prehistoric art 'Sistine Chapel'
9 After Australia tour, Winfrey vacations in Fiji
10 Keeping Holiday Drinking in Check May Counter Cancer
11 Cuban-Americans haul goods home on holiday visits
12 When the news breaks the journalist: PTSD
13 For Most, Chronic Heartburn Not a Big Risk for Esophageal Cancer
14 Where Polar Bears Might Go If Climate Change Doesn't Slow
15 Nuremberg Zoo Keepers Let Mother Nature Rule on Cubs' Fate
16 Polar Bear Attacks Woman in Berlin Zoo
17 More Polar Bears Going Hungry
18 Connecting the World, One Song at a Time
19 Culturomics: Mining 'Genome' of Words for Cultural Trends
20 Lose 20 Lbs. in 30 Days? A 15-Min. Orgasm?
21 Kinect Sex Game Offers Interactive Porn
22 First Song in Space
23 The Latest Way to Flirt: Anonymously
24 Music Labels Reach Fans With Multiplatform Apps
25 How to Get to Carnegie Hall? Audition on YouTube
26 Oh, Those Brits: BMJ Offers Holiday Cheer
27 HHS, Walgreens Partner to Give Free Flu Shots
28 HIV 'Cure' Risky and Impractical
29 Breast Cancer: FDA Considers Avastin Withdrawal
30 Gay Activist Dan Choi Hospitalized for Breakdown
31 Are Dance Critic's Remarks en Pointe?
32 Democrats Confident that 9/11 Health Bill Will Pass
33 Gaping Holes in Airline Security: Loaded Gun Slips Past TSA Screeners
34 ROFL at Science? Blog Brings Out Funny Side of Science
35 Do Drinkers Exercise More Than Their Sober Peers?
36 Is Your Bitterness a Medical Condition? 8 Controversial Conditions
37 The News You Missed: Drunken Breathalyzers, Cat Wigs and Bras for Your Face
38 Government Takeover of Health Care Called "Lie of the Year"
39 Assange: We Did Not Conspire With Our Source
40 Google Helps Search the Evolution of Words
41 Europe's Snow Cancels Flights, Lady Gaga
42 Body of U.S. Tourist Found Near Jerusalem
43 Novel Drug Aids CF Kids' Lungs
44 Denufosol helps cystic fibrosis patients, so does vitamin D
45 Denufosol Improves Cystic Fibrosis Lung Function in Clinical Trials
46 FDA Okays Cryoablation Device for Afib
47 FDA approves Medtronic catheter system
48 Walgreens, U.S. join to offer flu shot vouchers to uninsured
49 At-risk 'avoid swine flu vaccine'
50 Scientists Study Woman With No Fears
51 Humans, Like Animals, Are Fearless Without Amygdala
52 Fearless woman's brain reveals key to phobias
53 Brain spot where fear resides found
54 Woman who knows no fear could offer brain clues
55 Haiti: Cholera Vaccine Pilot Program Recommended
56 UN panel to investigate Haiti cholera outbreak
57 Lorillard ordered to pay $81m penalty
58 Tobacco firm to pay $151M to smoker's estate
59 $81M in Punitive Damages for Giving Kids Free Cigs
60 Surge in marrow testing probed
61 Insurance probe eyes how much mall bone marrow booth raked in
62 Hospital hired models in lab coats and heels 'to attract men'
63 Flirty Models Were Hired in Bid to Find Bone Marrow
64 Official: Mass. lab used models to sell bone tests
65 Could "Ground Zero Mosque" Move To St. Vincent's?
66 Report: Proposed Islamic Center May Come To West Village
67 Manhattan Lawyer Proposes New Mosque Move Idea
68 'Plan to move Ground Zero mosque'
69 State won't regulate pot's strength or its quality
70 Tough, proposed marijuana rules posted in Colorado
71 Proponents of medical marijuana law say state rules are too restrictive
72 Wrong target in war on drugs
73 U.S. federal ggents seize 11 tons of marijuana in Chicago area, arrest 7
74 Thirdhand Smoke Lingers
75 Smokers' Former Homes May Retain Tobacco Toxins
76 Toxic chemicals linger long after a smoker moves out
77 Pollutant "Thirdhand Smoke" Lingers in Homes Long After Smokers Move Out
78 Your Apps Are Watching You
79 Android, iOS apps skirt privacy policy to share user data with advertisers
80 Former Yahoo Engineers Shed Light On Why Delicious And Other Acquisitions Failed
81 Delicious Breaking Off from Yahoo, Not Shutting Down
82 Users mourn Yahoo's Delicious bookmark service in advance (update: perhaps unnecessarily)
83 Delicious to jump ship from Yahoo, not shutter
84 Yahoo Claims It's Not Killing Delicious
85 Amelia Earhart's Remains May Have Been Found
86 Bones riddle of Amelia Earhart
87 Google growing through aggressive buying spree
88 Group finds 'Erin Brockovich' chemical in D.C., Bethesda water
89 Probable Carcinogen Present in Many Cities' Water Supplies
90 Database of Google Books shows the half-life of celebrity
91 Google's Ngram Viewer: A time machine for wordplay
92 New Tool Tracks Culture Through the Centuries via Google Books
93 Word Lens (for iPhone)
94 Word Lens: Where Translation and Augmented Reality Meet
95 Piecemeal Energy Policy Will Still cut Greenhouse Emissions
96 What Do You Mean?
97 Tracking Trick Shows the Web Where You Are
98 An Old Head May Not Be Wiser
99 In-Store Signs Get Smart
100 Cell-Seeded Sutures to Repair the Heart
101 Microthreads Help Grow New Muscles
102 Making Heart Muscle
103 Heartbeats at the Speed of Light
104 Biomaterial Stretches Like Muscle
105 Raising a Botnet in Captivity
106 We Are the Words
107 Predictive Modeling Isn't Magic
108 Track Me Not
109 A Cheaper Way to Clean Water
110 Portable Desalination
111 Solar-Powered Desalination
112 Sun-Assisted Desalination
113 A Low-Energy Water Purifier
114 Using Light to Disinfect Water
115 A Two-Pronged Water-Treatment Technology
116 Injecting New Bone
117 Leaving Facebook
118 More Efficient Jet Engine Gets in Gear
119 Cooling Computers with Tiny Jet Engines
120 Cooling Chips with Thermoelectrics