File Title
1 Voyager 1 Heading for Interstellar Overdrive: 5 Facts About the Mission So Far
2 Math Proof Bolsters Theory of Evolution, Researchers Say
3 New mathematics research proves there's plenty of time for evolution
4 Stem Cell Transplant 'Cures' Leukemia Patient of AIDS
5 Best Art in the Universe? Hubble Space Telescope's Amazing Pics From 2010
6 Huge Eruption Rocks the Sun
7 Study: Mom's Voice Has Unique Effect on Baby's Brain
8 EPA Cracks Down on Nano-Filter Manufacturer
9 Pet Stores Agree to Put Warning Labels on Certain Flea Collars
10 Study: Living Near a Highway May Contribute to Autism Risk
11 The Tuberculosis War: Fighting the Spread of TB
12 Top 10 Places to Be Called "Mom!"
13 Where Are My Keys?
14 16 Phrases That Must Go Away by 2011
15 FAA Oversight Program Riddled With Potentially Fatal Lapses
16 Billy the Kid May Get Pardon From Bill the Governor
17 Scent of Danger: Is 'New-Car Smell' Responsible for Accident?
18 Scholar Uncovers Legend of Jesus' Great-Grandmother
19 WikiLeaks: 'Forgotten Man' Could Be Key to US Investigation
20 The Navy's New Super Gun Explained
21 Graveyards at Disneyland? Weird Finds at the 'Happiest Place on Earth'
22 Michelle Obama, Sasha, Malia, Bo to Hawaii; Not Taking the Jumbo Jet
23 Mexico Mom Killed Demanding Justice for Slain Teen
24 N/A
25 Police: Texas Shopkeeper Guns Down 3 Would-Be Robbers
26 Tomb believed to have held 7th-century empress's granddaughter discovered in Nara
27 Ancient secrets of Sir Bani Yas Island unveiled
28 Rare Native American birch bark canoe found in Cornwall
29 2,400-year-old Bone Soup Unearthed in China
30 Maya Ballgame Area Uncovered in Mexico
31 The purpose of Aztec blood rituals part 2
32 Prehistoric Dice Boards Found--Oldest Games in Americas?
33 Slideshow: Are These Prehistoric Game Boards?
34 Turkish officials bury ancient city of Allianoi under sand
35 Archaeologists: Pre-Hellenistic Temple Discovered in Southern Syria
36 Iron Age settlements unearthed in Oman
37 China discovers 30 archaeological shipwreck sites
38 Sasanian Iwan-e Karkheh on the verge of total destruction
39 Newark and Sedgeford Torcs brought together at the British Museum
40 Kanata Beaver Pond supporters see hope in 10,000-year-old tools
41 Gales unearth Roman-era statue on Israel's coast
42 Neanderthals Fashioned Earliest Tool Made From Human Bone
43 Archaeology: 8000 year-old Sun temple found in Bulgaria
44 Roman statue discovered in Ashkelon after storm damage
45 Top 10 Discoveries of 2010
46 Best of Archaeology 2010: Nat Geo News's Ten Most Viewed
47 Noah's Ark Found in Turkey?
48 Dead Sea Scrolls Mystery Solved?
49 King Tut Mysteries Solved: Was Disabled, Malarial, and Inbred
50 Slideshow: "Mythical" Temple Found in Peru
51 Medieval Mystery From The UK
52 Multi-tasking has its origins with our ancestors
53 Russia And Jordan Dive To Find Sodom And Gomorrah
54 Archaeologist to Recover Japanese Soldiers on Iwo Jima
55 Evidence Suggests Ancient Wolf-Dog Crossbreeding
56 New Mary Rose Museum takes shape
57 3,000-year-old statuary fragments depicting Hapi and Amenhotep III found at pharaoh's funerary temple
58 Archeological site on Ingonish Island dates back thousands of years
59 Lost images of 'human exhibits' in Britain discovered
60 Woodhenge: Is this one of the greatest discoveries of archaeology...or a simple farmer's fence?
61 Ancient Maya Temples Were Giant Loudspeakers?
62 Lucky duck! Spanish Bronze Age man suffered broken bone in neck--and lived
63 Conn. company's stuffed germ toys catching on
64 Biogen reports four more Tysabri cases, one death
65 Space Superfund Needed to Clean Mounting Orbital Trash
66 California approves first broad US climate plan
67 Holidays With Clan Ideal for Investigating Family Health History
68 Sun's Gravity Could Be Tapped to Call E.T.
69 Nigeria militants claim attacks on oil facilities
70 Dalai Lama pushed climate change over politics: cable
71 Sperm Whales Show Signs of Toxic Contamination
72 FAA routinely misses airline inspection deadlines
73 Interactions cause seniors to drop antidepressants
74 Dream Act immigration bill blocked in Senate
75 'Chilled Out' People Have Higher Obesity, Depression Risk
76 Lung cancer screen: a license to smoke?
77 Space laser spies for woodpeckers
78 Swarm satellite mission to try to sense ocean magnetism
79 California approves extensive carbon-trading scheme
80 Poisoning drives vulture decline in Masai Mara, Kenya
81 Indian mines company accused of unlawful deforestation
82 Scotland's ever-changing scenery
83 The 10 best places for a royal stag or hen party
84 Bank of America stops handling Wikileaks payments
85 Anti-Berlusconi tweets flood Twitter feed at EU summit
86 'Oldest' Facebooker Lillian Lowe wins new pals
87 A world after Wikileaks
88 The Birches of Bebo: Timing is all
89 A novel experiment
90 Drug helps clear lung mucus in cystic fibrosis patients
91 New guidance on vitamin D recommends midday sunshine
92 AstraZeneca shares hit by US drug approval delay
93 Relaxation techniques
94 Google Speeds Up Quest for Knowledge in Books
95 Gold-Dispensing ATM Makes U.S. Debut in Fla.
96 Amelia Earhart Mystery Solved? Bones Examined
97 Alleged "Bad Santa" Prank Becomes Twitter Sensation
98 Facebook Goes Down as New Features Roll Out
99 How to Survive a Nuclear Attack
100 Can Facebook Tell What You Look Like?
101 Obama Reassures Republicans on START Treaty
102 Emergency Security Council Meeting on N. Korea
103 Bank of America to Block Donations to WikiLeaks
104 DREAM Act Dies in the Senate
105 Iraq: Al Qaeda Planning Holiday Attacks in West
106 Gays Celebrate Repeal Of 'don't Ask, Don't Tell'
107 Obama To Sign Law Ending Military Gay Ban
108 How to Stop a Cold Before It Takes Hold
109 Bill Passed to Reduce Lead in Drinking Water
110 Amygdala Damage Made Woman Fearless, Study Says: What's an Amygdala?
111 Russian Doctor Reveals Hospital Hoax for Putin
112 Caffeine and Kids: Bad Combination?
113 Eating Lunch at Computer Makes You Pig Out Later: Study
114 Pentobarbital, Euthanasia Drug, Used in Oklahoma Execution: Was It Inhumane?
115 Funding cancelled for underground lab
116 From battlefield to bedside
117 Mutation-prediction software rewarded
118 Cultural goldmine lurks in digitized books
119 Oldest research sub Alvin set for rebirth
120 US report sets ground rules for artificial life
121 Impacts of Canada's oil-sands operations 'exaggerated'
122 Polar bears could survive on persisting ice
123 Apple Verizon iPhone Coming in Early 2011: Analyst
124 Verizon iPhone could be announced next month
125 RIM's North American Verizon Share is Shrinking: Concerned?
126 Will Tuesday Be the Darkest Day in 456 Years?
127 First Winter Solstice Meeting With Lunar Eclipse In 456 Years
128 Total lunar eclipse visible Monday night
129 Net Neutrality: Why you should care
130 Mobile Carriers Dream of Charging per Page
131 Republicans Again Try To Block FCC Neutrality Rules
132 Net Neutrality Solution: Christmas Miracle or Pipe Dream?
133 Net Neutrality Supporters Question Genachowski Plan
134 Approval of Internet traffic rules likely: analysts
135 Approval of Internet traffic rules likely-analysts
136 Google set to map a new frontier: The human body
137 Google Maps The Human Body
138 Facebook Apologizes for Outage
139 Facebook Goes Down Amid Rollout of New Brand Pages [UPDATED]
140 Apple bulking up iOS development team with navigation software experts
141 iPhone 5 Could Feature Free GPS Navigation
142 Is Apple Building Its Own Navigation Service For iPhone?
143 Apple's iOS Engineering Jobs Emphasize Navigation Software Experience
144 Yahoo Targets AltaVista, Buzz, Delicious For Elimination
145 Report: Intel-McAfee deal could drag out in EU
146 EU Has Concerns on Big Intel Deal
147 Report: EU may delay Intel's McAfee acquisition
148 Holiday calendar: Amelia Earhart's final resting place?
149 Bones found on island might be Amelia Earhart's
150 Found Bones May Solve Ameila Earhart Mystery
151 Nikumaroro Island: Final Resting Place of Amelia Earhart?
152 Bones found on island may belong to Amelia Earhart
153 Fragments could belong to Earhart
154 Will bone fragment finally solve mystery of what happened to aviator Amelia Earhart?
155 Readers pick Assange as Person of the Year, TIME picks Zuckerberg
156 Typewriter fans gather in Philly for 'Type-In'
157 Typewriter fans descending on Philly for 'Type-In'
158 Typewriter fans gather in Philly for 'Type-In'
159 EA's App Store Tactic: Dirty Trick or Just Business?
160 Microsoft Must Build a Mac App Store Competitor: 10 Reasons Why
161 Apple's Mac App Store starts Jan. 6
162 Apple's Mac App Store leads the way
163 2010's Rockin'est OS X and iOS Audio Gear [Year in Review]