File Title
1 San Jose bans plastic bags
2 FDA: Avastin should not be used for breast cancer
3 Drivers stranded by snowstorms did the right thing
4 US man is HIV-free after stem cell transplant
5 Life's Building Blocks Found on Surprising Meteorite
6 Inter-species mating could doom polar bear: experts
7 Cosmic Dust Blocks Biggest Space Explosions
8 Romania in talks with Japan on trading carbon credits
9 7 Health Woes Brought on by Winter
10 Conviction of disgraced SKorean scientist upheld
11 Indonesian fishermen find old sunken ship
12 Mummified forest provides climate change clues
13 N/A
14 Sunnyvale City Council votes to ban medical marijuana dispensaries
15 Most Young Children Consume Caffeine Each Day
16 Belly Fat May Make Some Breast Cancers More Likely
17 CORRECTION: Can depression influence breast cancer survival?
18 Elderly Patients Who Get on Feet Leave Hospital Sooner
19 US outlaws 'drop-side' baby cribs
20 Too fat? Study fingers one "thrifty gene" suspect
21 Australians have highest rate of skin cancer: study
22 U.S., EU curb Roche's Avastin for breast cancer
23 Thousands on HIV drugs desperate amid budget woes
24 Court: Irish abortion ban violates women's rights
25 Season's Tweetings: The Great Twitter Secret Santa
26 Alleged Thief Showcases His Crime on Facebook
27 The Year in Tweets
28 Spiders, Snakes? Brain-Damaged Woman Knows No Fear
29 New Report Calls for Online Privacy Bill of Rights
30 Nokia Sues Apple Over Patents in iPhone, iPad
31 AOL Buys Online Ad Co. Pictela for Undisclosed Sum
32 New MapQuest Site Shows US Maps for, by the People
33 Conviction of Disgraced SKorean Scientist Upheld
34 Experts: Ancient Mexicans Crossbred Wolf-Dogs
35 Graphic HIV/AIDS Video Horrifies Gay Community
36 Shocking Heroism: Fla. School Board Member Attacks Gunman With Purse
37 New Inventions Help Fight Diseases in the Developing World
38 Wife Says Fla. School Gunman Missed on Purpose, Cops Disagree
39 Daddy Dearest? Thora Birch's Dad Is the Latest Example of a Heavy-Handed Hollywood Father
40 Looking for Love and Finding AIDS
41 When Words Can Kill: 'That's So Gay'
42 Arctic icecap 'safe' from runaway melting
43 Cyclone batters Saturn for five years
44 Ocean science giant Alvin set for upgrade
45 Nuclear fusion finance plan rejected by EU Parliament
46 Iapetus moon's mighty ridge stirs debate
47 Energy firms to get new low-carbon incentives
48 Free will similar in animals, humans--but not so free
49 Closing the world's first commercial nuclear power station
50 Ordnance Survey: Weapons of mass instruction make money
51 Anonymous Wikileaks activists move to analogue tactics
52 Nokia Apple patent row escalates
53 Zuckerberg: Back from the future
54 The world's best secret islands
55 Irish abortion ban 'violated woman's rights'
56 U.S. Pushes Online "Privacy Bill of Rights"
57 Nokia Sues Apple Over Patents in iPhone, iPad
58 Twitter Gets $200M Investment To Stay Private
59 Face Blindness--When Every Face Looks the Same
60 Arriving on the Battle Field: iPhones, Androids
61 Arriving on the Battle Field: iPhones, Androids
62 Scientists ID Head of France's King Henry IV
63 Animals Still Covered in Oil Months after Spill
64 Putin Loves His Puppy, but He Leaves Big Puddles
65 Afghan War Review Cements Withdrawal Plan
66 Was King Henri IV's Skull in Frenchman's Attic?
67 FDA: Some Supplement Makers Spiking Products
68 Staphylococcus Aureus Sickens Donna D'Errico, Reports Say: Where Did Germs Come From?
69 Dietary Supplements Trigger FDA Crackdown: What's the Threat? (Product List)
70 McDonald's Sued by Consumer Group, California Mom: What's the Beef?
71 Sleep Deprivation Makes You Ugly, Say Swedish Scientists
72 Apparent Homemade Explosives Found in Conn. Home
73 Using direct laser writing to create 3D submicron structures
74 New hope for terahertz: New laser operates at higher temperatures than some thought possible
75 Bioengineers discover how particles self-assemble in flowing fluids
76 An electronic dance of spins and orbits
77 Wind turbines may benefit crops
78 New report outlines restoration activities to speed seagrass recovery in the Florida Keys
79 URI geologist develops improved seismic model for monitoring nuclear explosions in Middle East
80 Light dawns on dark gamma-ray bursts (w/ Video)
81 No asteroid particles found in second Hayabusa compartment, but more in first
82 Unstable Antarctica: What's driving ice loss?
83 NASA's Odyssey spacecraft sets exploration record on Mars
84 NASA scientific balloons to return to flight
85 Soil responsible for heat waves
86 Fatal floods in Africa
87 German research protects the Amazon rainforest
88 Meteorite just one piece of an unknown celestial body
89 Polar bears still on thin ice, but cutting greenhouse gases now can avert extinction
90 Arctic icecap safe from runaway melting: study
91 Satellites give an eagle eye on thunderstorms
92 Ancient forest emerges mummified from the Arctic
93 Wind, warmer water driving Antarctica ice loss
94 ThumbDrive inventor out to prove he is no one-hit wonder
95 Toshiba introduces enterprise-class solid state drive family
96 Sony and Sharp launch e-readers, tablets in Japan
97 High hopes, hard realities for India's 35-dlr computer
98 3-D spectacles get a fashion makeover
99 Older readers kindle fondness for e-readers
100 Tablets: Apple iPad has strong head start, but Samsung gaining ground
101 Emergency information could be transmitted around US via augmented GPS system: engineer
102 New report calls for online privacy bill of rights
103 Report: Policies to spur renewable energy can lower energy costs
104 Films for facades
105 2010 sees Apple at pinnacle of tech industry
106 S. Korea's Cyworld touts privacy in battle with Facebook
107 Japan eco-fair seeks to reach next generation
108 Judge grants bail to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange
109 Old catching up to young on US Internet: study
110 Facebook to suggest friends to tag in users photos
111 Software improves understanding of mobility problems
112 Hitachi develops recycling technologies for rare earth metals
113 Mobile Internet device performs unevenly in debut
114 Twitter valued in billions as popularity climbs
115 New chemical may lead to jet lag drug
116 Blocking the critical structure that lets cancer cells move--their feet
117 The fine art of producing chemicals and electricity: Researchers develop organometallic fuel cell
118 New discoveries make it harder for HIV to hide from drugs
119 Tunable plastic thermometers
120 Does fluoride really fight cavities by 'the skin of the teeth?'
121 Shellfish not safe to eat marked with warning light
122 Multiple personalities of an HIV protein
123 Champion hydrogen-producing microbe
124 Study: Green tea can alter how we perceive flavor
125 Anomalous Surface Compositions of Mixed Oxides
126 The sweetness of biodegradable plastics
127 100% of most challenging Christmas plastic wrapping could be recycled by new tech
128 Answering the catalyst conundrum
129 A new mechanism for reversible proteasome inhibition
130 Expert discusses using small-pore zeolites to remove troublesome pollutant from exhaust
131 Alternating stacks of planar cations and dipyrrole-containing anions provides concept for new materials
132 Wired up and ready to glow
133 Age doesn't matter: New genes are as essential as ancient ones
134 Extinctions, loss of habitat harm evolutionary diversity
135 Science of man-made life can proceed: US panel (Update)
136 New research shows dolphin by-catch includes genetic relatives
137 Shedding new light on embryonic development
138 Seaweed as biofuel? Metabolic engineering makes it a viable option
139 Feast, famine and the genetics of obesity: You can't have it both ways
140 Scientists see the light in bizarre bioluminescent snail
141 Study identifies multitude of genetic regions key to embryonic stem cell development
142 Opportunity leads to promiscuity among squirrels, study finds
143 The role of color in animal courtship uncovered
144 Study classifies and uses artificial proteins to analyze protein-protein interfaces
145 Scientist says he found Japan fish thought extinct
146 Blood-sucking superbug prefers taste of humans
147 Scientists decode secrets of a very common virus that can cause cancer
148 Soft substrate promotes pluripotent stem cell culture
149 'Green genes' in yeast may boost biofuel production by increasing stress tolerance
150 Plasma therapy: An alternative to antibiotics?
151 Genome code cracked for most common form of pediatric brain cancer
152 Emotional intelligence peaks as we enter our 60s, research suggests
153 Courts may not get last word in health care fight
154 Immune cell plays unexpected role in autoimmune disease
155 Study shows garlic could protect against hip osteoarthritis
156 New approaches refine molecular imaging for detecting cancer metastasis
157 Mom's voice plays special role in activating newborn's brain
158 Scientists discover powerful biomarker panel for the early detection of breast cancer
159 Alcoholics beware--genetic variation linked to liver cirrhosis in Caucasians
160 Lay counsellors may help tackle depression in resource-poor settings
161 Scientists identify the largest network of protein interactions related to Alzheimer's disease
162 California mom sues McDonald's over Happy Meals
163 Families have unhealthier diets than childless couples: study
164 Decades after childhood radiation, thyroid cancer a concern
165 Youth exposure to alcohol ads on TV growing faster than adults
166 Hemodynamic responses to the mother's face in infants by near-infrared spectroscopy
167 No change in health gap between England's richest and poorest: report
168 Liver cancer in cirrhotic patients effectively treated with radiofrequency ablation
169 Dig finds statue pieces in pharaonic temple ruins
170 Lost images of 'human exhibits' in Britain discovered
171 Teacher effort is linked to difficult students' inherited traits
172 Diversity training benefits can lead to career joy
173 Close proximity leads to better science
174 Census analysis: Nation's diversity grows, but integration slows
175 First World War Christmas truces uncovered
176 Royal head: Scientists identify murdered French king
177 Membership in many groups leads to quick recovery from physical challenges
178 New mathematics research proves there's plenty of time for evolution
179 Researcher finds power and corruption may be good for society
180 ILR research finds leaders don't rock the boat
181 Walkable neighborhoods richer in social capital, study finds