File Title
1 San Jose OKs state's toughest ban on plastic bags
2 Report: Transplant may have cured man of AIDS
3 Stem cell transplant 'cures' HIV: study
4 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' Film Trailer Transforms Apollo History
5 Docs Claim Transplant Cured Man of AIDS, But Experts Urge Caution
6 France's Versailles palace to host luxury hotel
7 U.S. expected to file Gulf oil spill civil case
8 The year in retweets: Oil spill and Justin Bieber
9 Unmanned Aircraft Tracks Arctic Seals, Sea Ice Decline
10 Florida scientists capture X-rays from lightning
11 Scientist says he found Japan fish thought extinct
12 Prayer Relieves Mind in Many Ways, Study Finds
13 Could Pomegranates Help Stop Cancer Cells?
14 FDA cracks down on illegal supplements
15 Healthy lifestyle, healthy eyes in old age
16 Cure for HIV Claimed But Not Proven
17 Flu Spreads Easily in High Schools, Study Suggests
18 Rise of the iKids: Schools test iPads in classrooms
19 Santa Clara County chooses smaller, cheaper ambulance company
20 Army to Deploy iPhones in Combat
21 Mark Zuckerberg Named Time 'Person of Year'
22 Is Political Philosophy Biologically Determined?
23 Facebook Reveals Top Status Trends of 2010
24 Top FAILS of the Year: Justin Bieber, BP Oil Spill
25 Man Says Twins Who Sued Facebook 'Backstabbed' Him, Sues for Settlement Money
26 Wind, Warmer Water Driving Antarctica Ice Loss
27 Scientists: It's Not Too Late yet for Polar Bears
28 Chavez Seeks Power to Rule by Decree for 1 Year
29 Judge Allows Tweeting From Assange Court Hearing
30 Climate Change Affects Toads, Salamanders: Study
31 Ion Torrent Seeks "Smart" Input on New Gene Machine
32 Russia Space Chief Calls Satellite Crash "Heavy Loss"
33 Pepsi Close to Sweetener Breakthrough: CEO
34 Liposuction, Laxatives: Military Struggles to Make Weight
35 Beauty and Your Sleep: Study Spells Out the Science Behind Beauty Rest
36 FDA Panel Reviews Health Safety of Mercury Amalgam Fillings
37 CDC: Tainted Food Sickens 48 Million People Each Year
38 Brr! Can Frigid Temps Lead to Weight Loss?
39 Cardiologists 'Shocked' That William Hamman Passed Himself Off as Doctor
40 Mom to Sue McDonald's in Happy Meal Battle
41 More Students Opting Out of Phys Ed Classes Despite Obesity Epidemic
42 Richard Holbrooke Dies After Suffering Aortic Dissection
43 Surgeon Creates Fingers for Toddler
44 Monsters-in-Law Wreak Havoc at Holidays
45 Some Painkillers Safer Than Others, Study Finds
46 Severe Stunting: Twelve Years Old Going on Five
47 Boy Suffers Internal Decapitation
48 Ocean may contain nuclear powered microbes
49 Clusterwinks bask in the afterglow
50 Medical science examines urban myths
51 Voyager reaches edge of solar system
52 Polar bears can be saved by emissions cuts, study says
53 Snails flash a green alarm light
54 Giant icebergs head to watery end at island graveyard
55 'Ice volcano' identified on Saturn's moon Titan
56 Non-native species cost 'British economy 1.7bn pounds'
57 Fish talks bring in tough quotas for Scottish fleet
58 Tests show head of France's King Henri IV 'genuine'
59 Viewpoint: Small steps offer no respite from climate effects
60 Patrick Moore to Brian Cox--A history of TV science
61 Electric motoring: a quiet revolution
62 Gulf of Mexico oil leak: US sues BP over oil disaster
63 US tax cuts: Senate passes compromise deal
64 Afghanistan conflict: Reports paint bleak picture
65 Social discontent rising in China, says report
66 Kenya election violence: ICC names suspects
67 Student fees protests: Does rioting change anything?
68 Larry King: Leaders, divas, and playing softball
69 Gawker hack triggers password resets at major sites
70 Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook named Time's person of 2010
71 Man admits role in iTunes and Amazon fraud
72 Mobile firm Three backs all-you-can-eat data tariff
73 Yahoo cutting its workforce by 4%
74 Kevin Macdonald's YouTube movie nearing completion
75 Facebook connections map the world
76 Shane Warne and Liz Hurley: Why do couples flirt on Twitter?
77 Cosplay: Video game characters go from screen to stage
78 Listeria warning to cancer patients
79 Government to press ahead with radical NHS reform plans
80 Clue to brain power of fighter pilots
81 Fifth 'end primary school obese'
82 Venus miss is a setback for Japanese programme
83 Impacts of Canada's oil-sands operations 'exaggerated'
84 Polar bears could survive on persisting ice
85 Invisibility rug hides 'large' objects
86 Close proximity leads to better science
87 Beamsteering for mobile devices could cut power consumption in half
88 New research shows dolphin by-catch includes genetic relatives
89 Ancient forest emerges mummified from the Arctic
90 Study: Gene markers may aid prostate cancer test
91 A positive mood allows your brain to think more creatively
92 New discoveries make it harder for HIV to hide from drugs
93 New method for making tiny catalysts holds promise for air quality
94 Feast, famine and the genetics of obesity: You can't have it both ways
95 Polar bears still on thin ice, but cutting greenhouse gases now can avert extinction
96 Study identifies multitude of genetic regions key to embryonic stem cell development
97 Protein disables p53, drives breast cells toward cancer transition
98 New miniature smart chip implant to combat chronic pain
99 Ability to recognize faces peaks in the 30s
100 Report: Transplant may have cured man of AIDS
101 'Shaky' plan: Quake experiments may lead to sturdier buildings
102 Nanoscale gene 'ignition switch' may help spot and treat cancer
103 Study improves understanding of method for creating multi-metal nanoparticles
104 Missing molecules hold promise of therapy for pancreatic cancer
105 Scientists see the light in bizarre bioluminescent snail
106 How hard are we pushing the land?
107 In past decade, clouds created positive climate feedback
108 Opportunity leads to promiscuity among squirrels, study finds
109 Cyclone lasting more than 5 years detected on Saturn
110 Nanomaterials in our environment
111 Researchers take molecule's temperature
112 Polymer scientists make imprint on nanolithography
113 An element of Nobel-ity: Michigan Tech's carbon connection
114 Scientists identify spontaneously chain-reacting molecule
115 Vibrating nanorods measure thin films for microcircuits
116 World's smallest battery: Charging makes nano-sized electrodes swell, elongate and spiral
117 Better batteries from the bottom up
118 Platinum-coated nanoparticles could lead to better fuel cells
119 Engineers discover graphene's weakness
120 Writing with a nanoquill: Dip-pen nanolithography with a porous tip generates nanopatterns with viruses
121 Web of international collaboration boosts worldwide nanotechnology research
122 Nano squid skin: DOD awards $6M for metamaterials research
123 Researchers improve efficiency of low-cost solar cells
124 Bad virus put to good use: Breakthrough batteries
125 How to make graphene with a pencil and sticky tape (w/ Videos)
126 Resolving the high pressure phases of calcium
127 X-rays from lightning photographed
128 Iridium is attractive for improving flash memory chips
129 NIST's new scanning probe microscope is supercool
130 Physicists propose mechanism that explains the origins of both dark matter and 'normal' matter
131 Fahrenheit -459: Neutron stars and string theory in a lab
132 Scientists discover fractal pattern in Scotch tape
133 Technique turns computer chip defects into an advantage
134 Free-Electron Laser goes over the rainbow
135 Physicists demonstrate teleportation-based optical quantum entangling gate
136 Theoretical physics breakthrough: Generating matter and antimatter from the vacuum
137 A flow of heavy-ion results from the Large Hadron Collider
138 World's first microlaser emitting in 3-D
139 Physicists discover ultrasensitive microwave detector
140 Molecular beam epitaxy facility to design custom materials for scientists
141 Optical lifting demonstrated for the first time (w/ Video)
142 Self-healing autonomous material comes to life
143 Elusive spintronics success could lead to single chip for processing and memory
144 Meteorite just one piece of an unknown celestial body
145 Satellites give an eagle eye on thunderstorms
146 Wind, warmer water driving Antarctica ice loss
147 Saturn's magnetic field inflated by hot plasma explosions
148 Learning from hot Jupiters
149 Elevated zinc concentrations in Colorado waterway likely a result of climate change
150 Deepwater lessons
151 Forging cloud anvils: Pollution particles enlarge and extend the lifetime of storm clouds
152 Malaspina 2010, the biggest ever expedition on global change, sets sail
153 Global eruption rocks the sun
154 Qatar-led international team finds its first alien world
155 The day the algae died
156 Giant ice volcano candidate found on Saturn moon Titan (w/ Video)
157 Hubble spots a celestial bauble (w/ Video)
158 Geologist's discoveries resolve debate about oxygen in Earth's mantle