File Title
1 Biz Break: Verizon vs. AT&T: Is faster 4G network a 'game changer'?
2 Google improves voice recognition
3 Sweden appeals UK granting bail for Julian Assange
4 Fed keeps policy on hold, says recovery too slow
5 Teen marijuana use up, alcohol use down
6 Canada military aids in rescue of stranded drivers
7 India selects 37 companies to build solar power plants
8 Star Explosion Shines Like Christmas Ornament In Hubble Photo
9 Obama administration wants Arctic seals on endangered species list
10 States Now Fund Most Embryonic Stem Cell Research in U.S.
11 Skywatchers Capture Gorgeous Photos of Geminid Meteor Shower
12 Animal rehab centers still working after BP spill
13 Environmentalists sue ExxonMobil over air laws
14 Hawaii's Magma Chamber May Be World's Shallowest
15 Possible ice volcano spied on giant Saturn moon
16 New volunteer program gives Chinese Americans tools for palliative care
17 UC regents OK cutbacks in retirement program
18 'Blackout in a can' on some shelves despite ban
19 Marijuana, cigarettes neck-and-neck for U.S. teens
20 N/A
21 Nonsmoking apartments still expose kids to smoke
22 More US youths smoking pot: survey
23 Health Tip: Make Small Changes to Cut Calories
24 Road Material in N. Dakota May Up Lung Cancer Risk: Study
25 Few Lives Saved by Ovarian Cancer Screening: Study
26 20 ways to never get cancer
27 S. African to double HIV patient treatment
28 WHO claims gains in global fight against malaria
29 Medicaid cuts: teeth pulled, transplant called off
30 Last-ditch method at fighting intestinal superbug
31 Voyager reaches edge of solar system
32 Ocean may contain nuclear powered microbes
33 Hungry Maoris burned forests to grow food
34 New thinking on asteroid belt
35 Life may have survived 'Snowball Earth' in ocean pockets
36 Voyager near Solar System's edge
37 Forensic Science Service to be wound up
38 Geminid meteor showers light up the sky
39 Sea lice 'not to blame for Pacific salmon decline'
40 Crop raiding African elephants are 'stressed out'
41 Flash new space tools to monitor lightning
42 Why haven't we found aliens yet?
43 Cancun concludes
44 City lighting 'boosts pollution'
45 Pompeii skeletons reveal secrets of Roman family life
46 UK Government websites may be next pro-Wikileaks focus
47 Google online search adverts 'dominant,' says France
48 Scratch codes aid malaria fight
49 The networking pioneers
50 What do Google, Ask and Bing search results mean?
51 UK among Europe's unhealthiest nations, report suggests
52 US healthcare law: Judge rules against key provision
53 Chinese archaeologists unearth 2,400-year-old 'soup'
54 Sri Lankan politicians to de-stress with yoga lessons
55 Roman-Era Statue Unearthed After Storm in Israel
56 McDonald's Data Exposed; Twitter Hacked
57 Jeopardy! All-Stars to Battle IBM Machine
58 Voyager 1 Spacecraft Near Solar System's Edge
59 Senate to Push Ahead on US-Russia Nuclear Treaty
60 U.S. Teens Using More Marijuana, Less Alcohol
61 Officials See Progress, Problems in Afghan War
62 High Seas Batter Royal Caribbean Cruise
63 Bush Shoe Thrower to Sue Iraq Prime Minister
64 George W. Bush: Stop Calling Them "Bush Tax Cuts"
65 Judge: Health Care Mandate Unconstitutional
66 Alzheimer's and the "Silver Tsunami:" Is America Ready?
67 Alarms Only Defense Against Carbon Monoxide
68 Good Cholesterol May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk
69 Is "Post-Abortion Syndrome" Just a Myth?
70 Scientists Discover Strange Solution to Intestinal Bug
71 Richard Holbrooke Dies of Aortic Tear: What's That?
72 FDA Warns Consumers about "Man Up Now" Supplement
73 Tobacco Smoking Should be Banned in Apartments: Researchers
74 Study Pans Ovarian Cancer Screening Usefulness
75 Congress Pushes One Last Earmark-Laden Bill
76 Kosovo's PM Behind Human Kidney Trade
77 Transcription factor clears protein clumps in Huntington's mice models
78 Deficits in number processing in children with ADHD and alcohol exposure: Similar but different
79 Champion hydrogen-producing microbe
80 Zebrafish provide new hope for cancer treatment
81 Researchers discover compound with potent effects on the biological clock
82 Enhanced brain-machine interface taps into additional senses
83 Gene information predicts survival time, possible new treatment options for lung-cancer patients
84 Iridium memories
85 Making wafers faster by making features smaller
86 Single quantum dot nanowire photodetectors
87 Robot arm improves performance of brain-controlled device
88 Attempting to predict epileptic seizure
89 Unique orangutan reintroduction project under imminent threat
90 The AVE pollutes 29 percent less than traditional trains
91 Vaccine boosts your immune system
92 New asthma research breaks the mold
93 Scientists identify how virus triggers cervical and mouth cancer
94 A protein called cFLIP makes tumor cells in breast cancer resistant to treatments
95 Environmental pharmaceutical contamination removed by Octolig
96 What "Pine" Cones Reveal About the Evolution of Flowers
97 The Sweetness of Biodegradable Plastics
98 Go ahead, drink your milk
99 High-Tech Software and Unmanned Planes Allow Scientists to Keep Tabs on Arctic Seals
100 Researchers open the door to biological computers
101 A positive step in the face of uncertainty
102 Scientists unravel more details of plant cell-wall construction
103 Opioid use associated with increased risk of adverse events among older adults
104 Assessing the environmental effects of tidal turbines
105 Capasso lab demonstrates highly unidirectional 'whispering gallery' microlasers
106 Calculating tidal energy turbines' effects on sediments and fish
107 A study analyzes the movement of tree sap
108 A new mechanism for reversible proteasome inhibition
109 Earthshaking possibilities may limit underground storage of carbon dioxide
110 Qatar-led international team finds its first alien world
111 UA Engineering Tests Underground Border Security System
112 100% of most challenging Christmas plastic wrapping could be recycled by new tech
113 Hubble spots a celestial bauble
114 UCI researchers find novel memory-enhancing mechanism in brain
115 Tiny channels carry big information
116 The ethics of biofuels
117 Alcohol consumption may increase amphetamine abuse
118 The effects of spirituality in Alcoholics Anonymous on alcohol dependence
119 The effects of Alcoholics Anonymous on women returning from prison
120 High activity staves off pounds, especially for women
121 Maintaining high physical activity level for many years lessens weight gain going into middle age
122 Use of methods to protect lungs after brain death increases number of lungs suitable for donation
123 Study identifies genetic mutations associated with tumor of adrenal gland
124 Neonatal intensive care in Mexico is cost effective
125 Antibiotic selection pressure and macrolide resistance in nasopharyngeal Streptococcus pneumoniae
126 Drinking alcohol during a rich meal slows down digestion, but doesn't increase indigestion
127 Submerging your feet in alcohol will not get you drunk
128 The key to being attractive (and looking healthy)? A good night's sleep
129 Sovereign's head identified after more than 4 centuries
130 18.3 million baby boomers could benefit from the Affordable Care Act
131 Fighter pilots' brains are 'more sensitive'
132 Choose a Movie's Plot--While You Watch It
133 More than 25 percent of teenagers have suffered cyber bullying in the past year
134 2 people receive kidney transplants in pilot program using CMU software
135 Walkable Neighborhoods Richer in Social Capital, UNH Study Finds
136 Study shows post-9/11 security zones blight landscape