File Title
1 Water Resources Played Important Role in Patterns of Human Settlement
2 Global Sea-Level Rise at the End of the Last Ice Age Interrupted by Rapid 'Jumps'
3 Recovering China's Past on Kenya's Coast
4 Archaeologists: Buildings Dating Back to 4th millennium BC Unearthed in Syria
5 2,300-Year-old Maya ruins destroyed for pastureland
6 Rapanui (Easter Island) Under Fire by Chilean Troops
7 Fish traps 'almost 1400 years old'
8 Heathen Buried in Iceland, 1,100 Years Post-Mortem
9 The Pharoahs' Pups
10 Was Anne Boleyn buried in the Tower of London and what were the alleged crimes she was accused for doing?
11 An amazing find of an Elizabethan 'visard mask
12 Peru: 'sensational' Inca find for British team in Andes
13 Evidence Suggests Cannibalism Among Native American Tribe
14 2,300 year old temple discovered at Thmuis in Egypt--built by Ptolemy II Philadelphus
15 Oldest mine in Americas found in Chile
16 Warring Greeks Find Peace in Ancient Egypt
17 Kings of Controversy: David and Solomon
18 Math Puzzles' Oldest Ancestors Took Form on Egyptian Papyrus
19 First Australians did not boost fire activity
20 Robbed burial cairn find at Dounreay nuclear dump site
21 Archaeologists Discover Two More Human Skeletons Accompanied by a Rich Offering at Chiapa de Corzo
22 Archeologist: Persian Gulf sites hint at prehistoric people
23 Did Climate Change Drive Prehistoric Culture Change?
24 Archaeologists warn of climate threat to past treasures
25 Newly discovered Iranian petroglyph panels under threat
26 Canadian scientists using ancient coins to map trading routes
27 Was Medieval England more Merrie than thought?
28 Ancient dewellings found in Georgia
29 Inequality drove ancient Peruvians to child sacrifice
30 Lebanon dig yields spiritual plate
31 5000 year old footprints found on Formby beach
32 Prehistoric cobbled road found in Jiangxi
33 Archaeologists: Pottery Jars and Statues Unearthed in South of Syria
34 The Antikythera Mechanism
35 A lost prehistoric Oasis in the Persian Gulf
36 Discovery Room-American Museum of Natural History
37 Roman Museum Saved In Canterbury, Kent, UK
38 Mexican Archaeologists Report Finding Prehispanic Objects at Nevado de Toluca
39 Police: Ancient Red Rock art vandalized for 'shock value'
40 Human bones found in Argentina more than 8,000 years old
41 Authenticity of Teotihuacan's "The Malinaltepec Mask" Verified
42 Exploring craftsmanship in the Bronze Age
43 Australian Indigenous Archaeologists' Association launched
44 What's inside? Sealed jar discovered at Qumran--site of Dead Sea Scrolls
45 Democratizing DNA Sequencing
46 Cloud Services Let Gadgets Punch above their Weight
47 Smart Phones Help Fight Bank Fraud
48 Analyzing the Unborn Genome
49 Stretchable Silicon Could Make Sports Apparel Smarter
50 A Magnetic Shortcut to Clinical Trials
51 Dim Prospects for Energy R&D Funding
52 Predicting Consumer Choices with Neuroeconomics
53 An Energy Boost for Ultracapacitors
54 Facebook for Work
55 The Browser Takes All
56 Quantum Dot Displays Start to Shine
57 Everything You Need to Know About Wikileaks
58 Cops and kids create Christmas candyland at make-believe North Pole
59 AP EXCLUSIVE: Pilot duped AMA with fake M.D. claim
60 Storms bring flood threat to Wash., Ore. rivers
61 NASA Picks 350 Small Businesses for Tech, Research Projects
62 Bluefin tuna catches to be reduced in Pacific: reports
63 406-pound tuna looks like record-breaker
64 China's Lofty Goals: Space Station, Moon and Mars Exploration
65 New York governor halts gas "fracking" until July
66 Enviro chief challenges India on green development
67 Meltwater Could Paradoxically Slow Glacier Flow
68 UN climate meeting OKs Green Fund in new accord
69 Analysis: On climate, the elephant that's ignored
70 Saturn's rings: Leftovers from a cosmic murder?
71 Drinking bust in park leads to police shooting
72 Sperm-Producing Cells Coaxed to Produce Insulin
73 Supreme Court to decide generic drug labeling issue
74 After expanding coverage, Mass. looks to cut costs
75 The decade's top ten new species
76 Cancun: The chihuahua that roared
77 Gene research gives hope for women with endometriosis
78 E-Mail Coupons: The New Way to Retail
79 N/A
80 Older Than Dinosaur, Tiger-Sized Predator Fossil Unearthed in Texas
81 U.N. Conference Adopts Modest Climate Deal
82 1,000 Flights Canceled After Chicago Storm
83 Dome Collapse Moves NFL Game to Detroit
84 Nadler: On Taxes GOP Are a Bunch of Gangsters
85 Google says the Cloud is our future
86 WikiLeaks backlash: The first global cyber war has begun, claim hackers
87 WikiLeaks backlash all bark, no bite: experts
88 Verizon Fixing Two-Minute Connection Delay for LTE Network
89 HTML5 on Android Samsung Galaxy Tab "disappointing" vs Apple iPad
90 The best tablet out there? Wait for it...
91 Apple Kills Jailbreak Detection API in iOS 4.2
92 Apple disabled jailbreak detection API in iOS 4.2
93 How the Grinch Stole the iPad
94 Futuristic weapon undergoes Navy tests
95 U.S. Navy tests a new Railgun
96 Navy's sci-fi railgun breaks record for most powerful gun on the planet (VIDEO)
97 How Saturn Got Its Rings
98 Demise of large satellite may have led to the formation of Saturn's rings and inner moons
99 Saturn's rings may be debris from doomed moon
100 5 Classic Children's Tales Reinvented for the iPad
101 The future of books is a real page-turner
102 Google platform brings e-book battle to Amazon
103 Can digital readers and books coexist?
104 E-reading growth a worry for book retailers
105 Booksellers going Google
106 Progress on e-reader front
107 Amazon Kindles cash from Wikileaks
108 Amazon's U.K. site selling WikiLeaks cable excerpts
109 Zoledronic Acid Found To Not Improve Breast Cancer Survival
110 How Tobacco Smoke Causes Disease
111 Sperm stem cells hope for diabetics
112 Sperm-Producing Cells Coaxed to Produce Insulin
113 Stem Cells From Testes May Cure Diabetic Men
114 Sperm stem cells can be turned into insulin-making cells to treat diabetes